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If You Must Smoke- Titled ’89 Honda NSR250 MC18


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Location: Lady Lake, Florida

Mileage: 10,606

Price: Auction, $5,000 BIN

Why are these bikes so cool? Is it the paint? The weight? Power? The fact that they sound like ladyfingers going off in a tin can? Maybe the lure of the exotic? It’s hard to say. But cool they are. Whether the NSR like the one above, or an RGV or TZR, the two stroke 250 is just straight awesome.

This particular bike is the NSR250 MC18. With the PGM II intake technology, it was cutting edge back in the day. The bike cranks out about 45hp and weighs a little under the 300 lbs mark.

From the seller-

The second version of the MC18 PGM II. Also known as the R5K model. This model uses a key and not the “chip”.  This model went on sale February 10, 1989 in Japan. Color; Terra Blue and White.  10,606 miles (17,070 Km).  Well maintained Honda 250cc sport bike that is a blast to ride because of its smaller physical size, very light weight, and high revving engine.  Japan-market model not imported into the U.S.  Does have a clear Florida title.   95% stock (changes: new windscreen in smoke color and 2 flag stickers on either side of headlight – some pictures show an orange windscreen that was replaced).  Bike is part of a museum collection.  Bike was “put away” 5 years ago by a certified Honda mechanic with 40 years in the business – Correct fluids drained, tank and exhaust system fogged with oil, all joints and cables lubed, etc. (note; there is no battery in this bike but it is easy to get one).  All you need to do is put in a battery, gas up, check auto-oiler, and fire it up to go.  There are very few small nicks on the paint.  However, the front cowl is cracked as did all 250s from this era did.  This CAN BE REPAIRED if you feel the need, but it does not affect performance or drivability.  All in all, a beautiful bike that is really fun to ride.

And the pics-

Now this bike ain’t perfect. The seller points out the crack in the front cowl, replaced windscreen, some extra stickers. It also needs a battery. But overall, if as described, you should be able to be up in riding in a short time. The seller is asking $5k to buy it now. Many of the later version of these go for much more (say an SP) and some for less. The seller seems to be starting at a reasonable spot. And it has a clear Florida title.

So if you have always wanted to own one, this could be that one. To make up your mind, go check out the auction!



  • ” However, the front cowl is cracked as did all 250s from this era did.”

    No they didn’t 😉

  • Looks like the wrong bolt in the front cowl caused the crack. Shouldn’t it have an allen type head with a collar?

  • Yes – a chrome round head allen with a stand-off/collar so youcan’t over tighten it.

  • […] killer 250 two stroke. I love it when these pop up. RSBFS featured a good looking NSR250 MC18 a few days back and now we have this – an ’89 TZR250 3MA with the rare and awesome […]

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