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Handsome Brute: 2007 MV Agusta Brutale 910R for Sale

Launched at almost the same time, MV Agusta’s Brutale has always lived in the sleeker F4’s shadow. Styling aside, it was just a little bit lower-spec, a little less focused, a little too practical. Like that’s a dirty word. I happen to love the design, although it’s hard to argue that the F4 isn’t a better-looking bike. But you have to suffer for that sublime style. The fact is, as much as I love the F4, it’s hard work: the riding position puts lots of weight over the front wheel, the pegs are high, and the suspension is stiff. The Brutale, while by no means plush, certainly can feel that way after spending time on an F4. Which makes sense, since the F4 was designed for the track. For the road? It honestly doesn’t get much better for canyon hooliganism than the Brutale.

Like the original F4 750, the Brutale 750S was considered by some to be “too slow,” as if 127 high-strung horses in a lightweight naked bike with a nearly dirt-track riding position isn’t a recipe for a good time. The 910R seen here followed the original Brutale and displaced… 910cc. At 136hp, claimed power isn’t up all that much, but midrange is improved and honestly, it’s all the power you need in a naked road bike. Seriously, who is riding these things and really thinks they’re not fast enough? Sure, moar power is great and all, but the later 1078 and 1090 versions just seem like overkill, making the 910R the Goldilocks of the Brutale range: not too fast, not too slow. Just right.

The seller of this very clean example mentions a Titanium exhaust, and it looks like a set of beautiful headers and a de-cat link pipe have been fitted, but the bike retains the original “shotgun” style end-cans. Not the worst choice, as the aftermarket never really did come up with anything that looks quite as elegant as these slash-cut bits, although the actual openings in the ends do look kind of… inadequate. But if you’re worried about a lack of noise, trust me: this one probably isn’t all that quiet.

The only problem I see here is a lack of a Power Commander. MV’s of this era can generally use fueling help. They’re typically very lean through most of the rev range, then run overly rich at the top end. It makes sense, given limited development resources and the fairly crude technology available when the bike was introduced, but an aftermarket fueling module and some dyno time gives the instant response and fluid midrange the bike was always designed to have. It’s perfectly rideable without one, but is well worth the investment.

From the original eBay listing: 2007 MV Agusta Brutale 910R for Sale

Selling an MV Agusta Brutale 910R in excellent condition

KBB value at $5880 without considering the premium extras we have here. Price firm.

With top notch quality accessories
1. Titanium exhaust
2. Stock carbon fiber body parts (from MV Agusta)
3. Rizoma mirrors
4. CRG clutch and brake levers
5. MV Agusta cover and upright stand
6. Trickle charger

Title status: clean 
Transmission: manual 

Never down or raced/tracked. Low miles:4890 !!! 
Serviced at Ducati dealer every time.
Have the stock exhaust as well.

Have title in my name.

Good to know the title is clean, but did the seller really need to tell us the transmission is a “manual”? Does a constant-mesh, sequential gearbox even qualify as a manual? The seller also seems pretty impressed by all the “premium extras” included but honestly, this is basically a stock bike, by MV Agusta standards. And that’s really the appeal of this one: it’s clean, looks very sleek in the unusual black, and hasn’t been messed with too much, although the missing Power Commander is something I’d rectify as soon as possible if it were mine. Is it worth the maintenance hassles? Well that’s a different story: a Street or Speed Triple certainly handles as well, has plenty of character, and is much easier to maintain. I’d like to say those bikes are less expensive as well, except at the moment they’re not: the asking price for this particularly nice Brutale is $5,999. That’s pretty much bang-on for a good 910 these days, but Brutales in general are a screaming deal, considering the looks and performance. Anyone have $6,000 they can loan me?



  • To my eye these are the sexiest naked bikes, but before you buy one, ride it. I’ve said it before on here and I’ll say it again – I couldn’t own one because its so uncomfortable – not the high pegs or other usual sportbike fare – its the angle of the seat which ends up encouraging your jolly rockers to become way too intimate with the gas tank. Its horrible on this bike, you’ll constantly be pushing yourself back in the seat. I was happy to get off the thing after 20 miles and never wanted to ride it again.

    Beautiful bikes though and I dig the understated color on this one.

    • I have not had that problem with the Brutale, but my rides have been limited to short blasts. I’d also note that I don’t slide forward on the F4 either, but it seems to be a common complaint. I’m pretty tall, so it might not be an issue for me because there’s not much room for taller guys like myself to move around on it anyway. I’d also add that the Brutale’s seat is very high: great for cornering clearance, lousy for parking lot K-turns and vertically-challenged riders. if you’ve got short legs, definitely try before you buy.

  • Good info. Fortunately for me, my commute is just about 20 minutes! Seriously, I have never been one to ride for extended periods — a quick blast up the road (or to work) and I’m happy. I was just thinking if I sell my 2nd generation Tuono (a nice but slightly heavy bike) and my 81 Honda 900F I might get one of these. It would kind of fill both roles.

  • Tell you what Tad, you take the train to san diego and let’s get it for a shop bike. You have to ride it back up here to MDR though 🙂 Do we have a deal ??

    • I’m sure I can be pretty easily talked into it.

  • David, I was searching for a 2nd gen Tuono Factory but ended up with a Brutale 1090RR. I never did get a chance to test ride the Aprilia but did spend a day on 910S that Tad is also familiar with. That bike has a heavily modified fuel management system and the throttle response was fantastic through the entire range. Tad is correct in stating that these do need modified fuel management precisely to deal with the issues described. I am very happy with the Brutale and wouldn’t kick the 156 horses that the 1090RR out of the stables, but the V2 Tuono Factory is still on my bucket list….

  • BTW, a pre purchase inspection is definitely in order. These older Brutales have weak rear brakes. Simple bleeding doesn’t always do the job, so count on swapping out the rear master. I am not sure if these still had the rear hub issues (IIRC, all MV 4 cylinders did up until MY 2010) but its a $500-$600 for the Mitchy hub and then time to install it. Other than that, the B4 is a pretty stout bike…

  • tirefriar, I have a love/hate relationship with the Tuono. It is very competent and never does anything it shouldn’t do (like my 900f!). But it’s oddly uninspiring. If I pulled about 50 pounds off of it I bet it would seem more dynamic!

  • I have purchased this bike but still awaiting delivery.
    These comments will be closed by that time.
    I have researched the known issues with these and will track down the needed parts to do the job.
    I will likely raise the final gearing as these seem to be geared low to preserve front tire life.
    It is interesting to compare the bore and stroke of the various bikes to get a feel for the type of power delivery they have.
    This also creates a challenge when dialing in a fuel map. I spoke with Don at Yosh some years ago about the GSXR1100 series bikes. He said they had built an overbore 750 using 1100 sleeves and a custom block and rods to make it all work. He said it made 160hp. This engine very nearly matches that formula. I contacted DynoJet regarding the commander for this bike and they are unavailable. Perhaps one will turn up. The MV factory was supposed to supply a chip with the pipe. Not sure if this bike has it or not. Time will tell. Best Regards, Lance

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