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National: 2012 MV Agusta 1090RR Brutale America

Mike 3

Let’s just pretend that you’ve got your Super Dave Osborne stunt costume hanging in the closet with no place to go. Or, if you’re from another generation entirely, how about some Evel Knievel stars and stripes on leather? If so, we’ve go the perfect bike for you. Boisterous and bad in a user-friendly sort of way, the Italian-born MV Agusta 1090RR Brutale in rare “America” livery is the ideal accompaniment for those fourth of July rides in full regalia.

2012 MV Agusta 1090RR Brutale America for sale on eBay

The heart of the Brutale 1090RR is the famed MV Agusta radial-valve inline four similar to what is found on the F4 series – but punched out to a larger (1078cc) size. With a sophisticated Weber-Marelli sequential multi-port fuel injection system, the aforementioned 4 valves arranged in a radial manner (thanks to Ferrari F1 team engineering) and a 13.0:1 compression ratio a rider can expect nearly 160 robust horsepower at the ready. Coupled with a chrome-moly trellis style frame and a huge aluminum rear single-sided swingarm, the Brutale strips down the essence of the F4 1000 much like the Ducati Monster stripped down the respective Supersport and Superbike models. With an upright seating position and not much bodywork to speak of, the Brutale is a standard motorcycle on steriods; a powerhouse of style and substance.

From the seller:
This is for a MV Agusta 1090 RR Brutale America.
Original Owner bike is Mint showroom condition
Extremely Rare only 7 brought into USA

Sale comes with a brand new tank to be used with ethanol. The new gas tank is worth $3500.
A GREAT COLLECTOR BIKE Ready to show , put in a collection , or Ride .
No tech specs given , a true MV fan knows.

Everything on bike works as new . NO issues! ORIGINAL TIRES
Mint Condition NO dings dents scratches rust or corrosion .

Thank you for purchasing a really cool bike!

Say what you will about the livery, but the Captain America coloring book approach really stands out. The Brutale tends to become invisible in the more common black scheme, and even the plain white lacks any great visual panache. But this star-spangled banner approach ensures that you are seen as opposed to simply being heard. Again, match up your very best Evel or Super Dave outfit for maximum effect. As for rarity, there is no denying that for a factory paint job this ranks up there. Has anyone reading this RSBFS post ever seen one in the wild? Unfortunately rarity of color scheme on what is not exactly a hotbed of collector activity does not automagically turn this beautiful Italian supermodel into an RC30 or NR750.

There is scant time available on this auction, and with a Buy It Now just a hair shy of $12k, it remains to be seen if this very cool bike will find a new home. The market has been strong in the first quarter of this year, so it will be worth watching. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


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Handsome Brute: 2007 MV Agusta Brutale 910R for Sale

Tad Diemer 9

Launched at almost the same time, MV Agusta’s Brutale has always lived in the sleeker F4’s shadow. Styling aside, it was just a little bit lower-spec, a little less focused, a little too practical. Like that’s a dirty word. I happen to love the design, although it’s hard to argue that the F4 isn’t a better-looking bike. But you have to suffer for that sublime style. The fact is, as much as I love the F4, it’s hard work: the riding position puts lots of weight over the front wheel, the pegs are high, and the suspension is stiff. The Brutale, while by no means plush, certainly can feel that way after spending time on an F4. Which makes sense, since the F4 was designed for the track. For the road? It honestly doesn’t get much better for canyon hooliganism than the Brutale.

Like the original F4 750, the Brutale 750S was considered by some to be “too slow,” as if 127 high-strung horses in a lightweight naked bike with a nearly dirt-track riding position isn’t a recipe for a good time. The 910R seen here followed the original Brutale and displaced… 910cc. At 136hp, claimed power isn’t up all that much, but midrange is improved and honestly, it’s all the power you need in a naked road bike. Seriously, who is riding these things and really thinks they’re not fast enough? Sure, moar power is great and all, but the later 1078 and 1090 versions just seem like overkill, making the 910R the Goldilocks of the Brutale range: not too fast, not too slow. Just right.

The seller of this very clean example mentions a Titanium exhaust, and it looks like a set of beautiful headers and a de-cat link pipe have been fitted, but the bike retains the original “shotgun” style end-cans. Not the worst choice, as the aftermarket never really did come up with anything that looks quite as elegant as these slash-cut bits, although the actual openings in the ends do look kind of… inadequate. But if you’re worried about a lack of noise, trust me: this one probably isn’t all that quiet.

The only problem I see here is a lack of a Power Commander. MV’s of this era can generally use fueling help. They’re typically very lean through most of the rev range, then run overly rich at the top end. It makes sense, given limited development resources and the fairly crude technology available when the bike was introduced, but an aftermarket fueling module and some dyno time gives the instant response and fluid midrange the bike was always designed to have. It’s perfectly rideable without one, but is well worth the investment.

From the original eBay listing: 2007 MV Agusta Brutale 910R for Sale

Selling an MV Agusta Brutale 910R in excellent condition

KBB value at $5880 without considering the premium extras we have here. Price firm.

With top notch quality accessories
1. Titanium exhaust
2. Stock carbon fiber body parts (from MV Agusta)
3. Rizoma mirrors
4. CRG clutch and brake levers
5. MV Agusta cover and upright stand
6. Trickle charger

Title status: clean 
Transmission: manual 

Never down or raced/tracked. Low miles:4890 !!! 
Serviced at Ducati dealer every time.
Have the stock exhaust as well.

Have title in my name.

Good to know the title is clean, but did the seller really need to tell us the transmission is a “manual”? Does a constant-mesh, sequential gearbox even qualify as a manual? The seller also seems pretty impressed by all the “premium extras” included but honestly, this is basically a stock bike, by MV Agusta standards. And that’s really the appeal of this one: it’s clean, looks very sleek in the unusual black, and hasn’t been messed with too much, although the missing Power Commander is something I’d rectify as soon as possible if it were mine. Is it worth the maintenance hassles? Well that’s a different story: a Street or Speed Triple certainly handles as well, has plenty of character, and is much easier to maintain. I’d like to say those bikes are less expensive as well, except at the moment they’re not: the asking price for this particularly nice Brutale is $5,999. That’s pretty much bang-on for a good 910 these days, but Brutales in general are a screaming deal, considering the looks and performance. Anyone have $6,000 they can loan me?


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Brutally Handsome: 2007 MV Agusta Brutale 910R for Sale

Tad Diemer 2


MV Agusta’s Brutale represents the sane and reasonable option compared to their take-no-prisoners F4. Limited development budget meant the bike shared plenty of the fully faired machine’s DNA and it used a similar, if not identical frame, single-sided swingarm and wheels, along with a slightly detuned version of the radial-valved inline four. But the Brutale used a less ass-roasting shotgun exhaust set up, and dropped the gorgeous, Tamburini-designed fairings and clipons for a sleek headlamp and a tapered handlebar. Considering the brutal ergonomics of the F4, this is a good thing if you want to ride your exotic Italian, instead of just display it.


The original 750 was considered by many to be a bit underpowered, although I suspect many of those people are size queens: the early Brutale was still plenty fast, considering the upright riding position and lack of wind protection… The later bikes like the 1078RR and 1090RR really might have been a bit too much, leaving the 910R like this one as the “just right” middle ground. Handling is excellent, with quality suspension at both ends, and the 136 claimed horses of the 910R will keep you very entertained.


The Buy It Now price is listed at $6,700 for this example, which is on the high side for a Brutale but, considering the low miles and claimed condition, seems reasonable. If you’re looking for a good deal on a truly exotic nameplate, the Brutale represents a very good deal at the moment, at 2/3 the price of a comparable F4 but with ergonomics that will let you actually ride the thing without murdering your back or crushing your fingers against the fairing when you try to maneuver it at low speeds.


From the original eBay listing: 2007 MV Agusta Brutale 910R for Sale

In like new condition under 4,600 original miles. The bike does not have one scratch, chip, dent or scratch, adult owned garaged and covered all its life, comes with a bit of carbon fiber, (solo rear seat cover and rear tire hugger) has frame sliders, battery tender lead, new tires Avon 3D super sport front and rear….also included is the single sided rear stand, stainless steal rear wheel nut and front axle nut removal socket, two keys, factory manual and tool kit, clear title on hand… you will not find a nicer or cleaner Brutale, won’t be disappointed.


Like a great many Italian machines, these are beautifully designed but sometimes indifferently assembled. Get a good one, and you’ll be looking at a champagne motorcycle on a beer budget. Get a bad one and it will eat you alive, trying to keep it running, and with MV being in-and-out of solvency over the past decade or two, parts availability can be spotty. If something’s not in stock at your local dealer, assuming you have a local dealer, the wait for parts to ship from Varese could be long. Especially if you happen to need something during August, when the factory is likely to be closed…



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Bargain Exotic: 2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 for Sale

Tad Diemer 5

2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 L Side

This entry may reignite the endless “what exactly is a sportbike” debate, but I’d argue that the MV Agusta Brutale is far more of a legitimate sportbike than a Ducati Monster or some other built-to-a-price bike designed to trade on an exotic name with parts-bin engineering. The Brutale is a full-on sportbike, fairing removed. It’s far less extreme than the F4 on which it is based in terms of ergonomics, but isn’t watered-down much at all.

It was almost unavoidable, really: in the same way that Triumph’s Street Triple ended up being far more aggressive than competitors from Japan simply because Hinkley’s budget was too small to create an entirely new bike. Triumph and MV Agusta simply did what you or I might have done with a crashed Daytona or F4 and pulled the shattered fairing, fitted comfortable bars, moved rearsets to a less punishing position, and called it done.

2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 Front

The suspension could perhaps have been tuned a bit better for the new weight distribution, but is undoubtedly high quality, with almost ridiculously beefy 50mm front forks. There isn’t much room to move around on the bike: the seat sort of wants you to stay where you are and won’t let you slide forwards or backwards much and the ride is stiff, but feels very well controlled at all times.

And, because of its exotic name and initially high costs, many have been absolutely babied, making them an excellent buy on the second-hand market.

From the original eBay listing: 2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 for Sale

Here is an extremely clean and original Brutale for your consideration. 

3200 miles with light use by an older gent owner. Sensible modifications include CQ mid pipe (Cat removal), removal of license plate hanging apparatus and large turn signals (bike has LED taillight with integrated indicators) 

Ferracci adjustable billet rearsets. 

Light custom accents include: Suede seat, Tommaselli grips, powder coated and machined heel guards and frame guards, custom plate holder, Carbon fiber passenger seat cover. Omission of passenger pegs – all original parts available. 

Bike had recent spark plugs, correct AGIP oil and filter service, brake pads, front & rear, complete injector removal and service. 

Bike is in excellent condition, paint on body panels, trim, frame, wheels is all excellent. 

This is a blisteringly fast (135hp) bike that has a comfortable upright seating and handlebar position…fantastic for weekend rides or commuting. It’s not uncommon to find Brutale owners with 20k – even 30k + miles on these bikes. 

2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 Rearset

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of “moar noise” I’ve yet to see an end-can choice that really replicates the slash-cut style of the stock pipes, although a cat-delete mid-pipe like the one on this bike will free up a very expensive-sounding snarl from the radial-valved four. But you really don’t need to do much of anything to these: they’re pretty great right out of the box, with quality components, and plenty fast. Deleting the hideous stock mirrors is a great start, and even though it’s probably a little bit gauche, I actually like the suede seat. It might impede side-to-side movement if you like hanging off in corners, but I’m sure you could find a second-hand stock seat for days when you want to corner-carve instead of pose…

And this will definitely do both. It makes plenty of power for a naked bike and the suspension has the chops to keep it under control.

Brutales are available for a song right now and are virtually indistinguishable from new bikes to the average onlooker. They’re beautifully engineered and very well finished bikes: up close, the details impress. The hard parts are very robust, although some details can require attention: headlight lenses can, um… fall out, and you should make sure the rear hub has been updated, since earlier examples did sometimes fail.

So this may not make a great everyday bike, and you should plan to spend some money on upkeep, but when properly maintained, these are pretty spectacular bikes and should be able to embarrass more than a few sportbikes on road, track, or anywhere top speed isn’t an issue.


2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910 Dash

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Oro Or America? Your Choice. 2004 MV Agusta Brutale Oro and 2006 Brutale America

Ian 1

Oro Or America?  Your Choice.  2004 MV Agusta Brutale Oro and 2006 Brutale America

Good news for those of you that like it naked and exotic (who doesn’t huh?).  A couple of nice limited edition Brutale’s are looking for new owners.


Of course I have to start with the Oro.   Everyone knows when you see “MV Agusta” and “Oro” together it is a good thing.  Just like the limited edition F4 Oro’s the Brutale Oro’s got the good stuff; nicer suspension, sprinkles of magnesium parts, detail upgrades and of course more engine.  Here is the official list of goodies.

The details about the bike for sale:

The Serie Oro was an MV Agusta factory limited edition special. It was offered for one year only in 2004. Total production was limited to 300 machines for world wide distribution. The USA received only 22 units total according to the Cagiva importer. This Brutale Serie Oro is number 189. The authenticating gold plaque for this serial number can be seen on the upper triple clamp.

The standard 750 Brutale was in many respects a better handling, more refined machine than the larger displacement versions. The Serie Oro carried this refinement even further. This was accomplished through the use of exotic light weight materials in key components. Notably, the swingarm, swingarm support plates, triple clamp, and wheels are all Magnesium. The Serie Oro also came with a Ti Nitrided 50mm Marzocchi racing front fork.

Beyond the already high spec components that came from the factory on this rare machine, MV Agusta offered Brtuale owners a few more exotic parts. This Serie Oro includes the full titanium exhaust ($4,000 by itself) and Eprom chip. Also included is the Ohlins Brutale F4 rear shock ($1,500). This shock is unique to the Brutale. It was made specifically for the Brutale Serie Oro 750 and is no longer available from MV Agusta or Ohlins. 

This Serie Oro has 6000 miles on it now. It looks like new. It runs like new. The stock exhaust is on the bike now. I can put the Titanium exhaust on at no charge at the buyers request. In either case the Ti exhaust goes with the bike. This Serie Oro has the following upgrades:

Power Commander, Matris steering damper, Sato rearsets, Ferraci frame plugs, CRG mirrors, Omega eng. metal quick release fuel line fittings, fuel injectors were blueprinted by Doug Lofgren at Ducati of MN (this improved throttle response and really improved fuel consumption), billet exhaust hangars, front and rear wheel stands, C/F Corse fender. 15 tooth front sprocket.

Tires are decent but I will put a new set on prior to sale of the bike at no additional cost. Original tires are Michelin Pilot Powers. They work excellently on this bike. This bike sold new for $29,000 before any upgrades. The listed upgrades cost an additional $8,500. Someone is going to get an increadible deal on a very rare and beautiful machine. All maintenence has bee done before recommended intervals. This bike needs nothing. 

MSRP was originally almost $29,000! 

Oh my!  Let me gather my thoughts.  That is simply art and on a naked bike you get to show it off.


If it is a limited edition it must have a badge.  I haven’t followed Brutale resale prices closely so I’m probably off on guessing a price but I would think it would be somewhere in the low 20’s, possibly high teens.  This one is rare, clean, has low miles and some nice upgrades so I’d assume the reserve would be on the higher side.  document.write('');You can take a look here.


How about an “America” in of all places: Kuwait.  Go figure.   That isn’t exactly next door but there were only 300 of these kits produced so if it is a must have it’s time to call your local shipper.   The seller does state he is willing  to ship world wide.

Unlike the Oro the America was not a separate model but rather a kit you could order to add to your beloved Brutale.  There were two kits to choose from, the basic and full option.  This bike appears to have the full option kit.  Click here for all the details on it from MV.

Goodies from the kit include:

  • Carbon Fiber front mudguard
  • Carbon Fiber dashboard cover
  • Carbon Fiber oil cooler guard
  • Carbon Fiber ignition switch cover
  • Carbon Fiber right side air-box panel
  • Carbon Fiber left side air-box panel
  • Red/White/Blue painted plastic fuel tank
  • Carbon Fiber right side fuel tank panel
  • Carbon Fiber left side fuel tank panel
  • Carbon Fiber right rear cylinder cover
  • Carbon Fiber left rear cylinder cover
  • Blue right and left painted plastic tail section panels
  • Red “Alcantara” front seat
  • Blue “Alcantara” rear seat
  • Carbon Fiber taillight surround
  • Carbon Fiber upper chain guard
  • Carbon Fiber lower chain guard
  • Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum front wheel rim
  • Silver Marchesini ten-spoke forged aluminum rear wheel rim
  • Engraved plaque with the number of the bike and matching “Limited Edition” certificate


I think the America one ups the Oro in the looks department (excluding those Ti pipes for course).  My eyes have grown weary of all the red MV’s, it is nice to see something a bit  different like the America.  What I failed to find was an original price for the kit.  Nothing from MV Agusta is cheap but I’m curious what these ran originally.  Any RSBFS readers in the know?  If you are game for some long distance shipping document.write('');take a look here.

The rest of the eye candy:


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