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Gutsy Ghezzi – 2002 Ghezzi-Brian Furia

In operation just since 1995, Ghezzi-Brian has capitalized on Moto Guzzi’s long history beginning with the SuperTwin race bike.  Their naked-sport Furia served fans of the brand with a lighter street package which just happened to be a looker as well.

2002 Ghezzi-Brian Furia for sale on eBay

For ’02 the Furia used Moto-Guzzi’s oversquare 1064cc engine, with 87 hp, 5-speed transmission and shaft drive.  The backbone frame from Moto-Guzzi is updated with Paioli forks and G-B’s own monoshock swingarm.  The front end has a Buell-esque rim-diameter disk brake, and the muffler is crafted to echo the silhouette of the oil pan.

Coming out of Virginia, this Ghezzi-Brian has under 6,000 miles and looks complete and undamaged.  The owner states that this particular bike is a pre-production machine, perhaps it was the importer’s demo to entice dealers.  From the eBay auction:

-Exotic Italian design, totally stock from Moto Guzzi 1100cc shaft drivetrain
-Lightweight components: naked sport frame, perimeter front rotor, Ohlins shock, carbon fender, hand welded fuel tank & muffler, projector beam headlights
-This 2002 Furia was the prototype & the first model in the U.S. (production began in 2003)
-Velocity Motorcycles received this Furia & one Sport Twin

A long runner in the bespoke European segment, the Furia is still in Ghezzi-Brian’s catalogue, and is even available as a kit for an owner to modify their own Guzzi.  The fuel-injected drivetrain and strong chassis are known quantities and a good choice for a custom.  Ghezzi-Brian motorcycles have undeniable rarity, and some neat low-volume touches.  Just the thing for a Guzzi fan with exceedingly good taste.




  • For $12k you’d think they could take a pic of the right side.

  • Damn you RSBFS! I could have been blissfully ignorant of this bike being on the block had you not listed it here. I’m a big Guzzi fan (have a 73 V7 Sport in my bedroom and 2 early LeMans in the garage) and I’ve drooled all over the only Ghezzi Brians I’ve seen in person at Daytona years ago. Been wishing Guzzi would do something sporty themselves but Piaggio doesn’t want Guzzi to steal Aprilia’s sporty thunder.

    So now I have to plan a trip to Virginia and it’s all your fault! I have to quit visiting this site…

  • Not sure about the “complete” part, especially the first time you have to stop the bike…

    • Right side perimeter brake on the front. I is visible through the front wheel.

  • I don’t get it. All those sporty mods and then give it mirrors that look like part of a towing package.

  • The mirrors have to go. Same with the grab rail ad passenger pegs. The dash looks terrible. The finish on the motor looks like it was charred in a BBQ. But…… if you want a sporty, lightweight Guzzi, this is a lot closer than a Griso or Breva, and the Daytona’s styling was always a bit boxy for my taste. I love these Ghezzi Brians even with all their faults. But I totally get its not for everyone.

    Turbosmut – it has a single caliper/disk on the right side of the front wheel.

  • Guzzi’s from this period are notorious for having flaking engine paint. I don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks bad.
    Ghezzi Brian fit and finish isn’t the best. I’d rather have a nice V11 sport variant.

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