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Yamaha July 17, 2022 posted by

Miracle (1/4) Mile – 1985 Yamaha V-Max

The V-Max needed just a hair over ten seconds to muscle its way into North American hearts, and was in the showrooms for a surprising 35 years.  Somewhere between classic and vintage now, this V-Max pushes all the right buttons, provided they are in a straight line.

1985 Yamaha V-Max for sale on eBay

Hamamatsu had a pretty good take on road racers and dirt bikes, but blueprinted the Venture touring bike V-4 for the V-Max.  With revised cams and heads, and a neat intake cross-flow called V-Boost, 145 hp were on call, pretty big stuff in 1985.  An early adopter of the airbox-in-the-tank-cover, four gallons of fuel were under the seat, and the low-fuel light wasn’t just a suggestion.  The rear tire width was increased to 150mm to help it last, and the shaft drive was lengthened to tame its on-throttle rise.  Faux air scoops make their intent known almost like a diagram.  Handling was the loser in the compromise, but the marketing team had some of us in the crosshairs.

Presented by a Miami consigner, this V-Max looks to have been cared for and lightly used with 12,722 miles.  Some corrosion is present under the clearcoat on alloy components, but considering the age it’s in amazing shape.  Raised white-letter tires will ring a bell with musclecar and bike fans, but might want to check those date codes.  A couple of notes in the eBay auction –

V-Max in fantastic original survivor condition. Super low miles. Everything works as it should.  This bike had a fastidious owner that took extremely good care of it mechanically and cosmetically.  Buy with confidence.  These first year are shooting up rapidly now.

The V-Max had some presence in Yamaha’s line-up from 1985 until 2020, with a recession holiday in 1987.  Everything was built if not leading edge on the V-Max, beefy and bigger than you would’ve thought, except for the 10-and-change second dragstrip times.  If your two dimensions are X and time, the V-Max might still be the machine.



Miracle (1/4) Mile – 1985 Yamaha V-Max
BMW July 1, 2022 posted by

Murica Buddy – 2007 BMW R1200S

Just in time for the long weekend is an R1200S in stars and bars.  The biggest S had a just a three-year run but provided plenty of fireworks.

2007 BMW R1200S for sale on eBay

Though engineers on the R-side knew the S1000RR was in final production engineering, they made one last set of tweaks to the flat twin superbike.  The cast backbone chassis was replaced by a front and rear trellis, each locating a Telelever front and Paralever rear suspension.  Less weight was good and more power was had with the 1170cc hex-head engine, with four valves per cylinder and 12.5-to-1 compression resulting in 122 hp.  320mm brakes and 17-inch wheels were sportbike norms, along with BMW standard shaft drive, with available ABS and heated grips.

Presented by a pre-loved specialist in suburban Milwaukee, this R1200S looks good and has low miles for the ask.  Often a custom re-paint gets started with a mishap, so it’s good to see the title marked clean.  Tires look recent and this bike has ABS and heated grips.  Likely related to the scuffed right cylinder, that damaged seat fairing could be replaced and the usual black or silver might not even require matching stripes.  Notes in the eBay auction –


Light and powerful as Beemers get, the R1200S would still be top in-house dawg but for the HP2.  With its focus on stability and longevity, it didn’t worry about liter bikes from other shores.  If ridden as intended, this example will be in many pictures with strangers, who probably won’t know of its particular claim to fame.  Enjoy the Independence Day holiday as safely as possible !


Murica Buddy – 2007 BMW R1200S
BMW June 20, 2022 posted by

Lucky 13 – 1994 BMW R1100RS Battle of the Legends Racebike

Pro race bikes don’t often change hands, and with BMW’s only occasional presence on the grid, even rarer with the rondel.  Today’s single marque racer is an R1100RS which evidently used to have Dave Aldana’s race numbers and still has his signature

1994 BMW R1100RS Racebike for sale on BaT

AHMRA folks close to BMW proposed a support race series for 1992, starting during bike week in Daytona and visiting classic tracks like Loudon, Mid-Ohio and Sears Point.  The R1100RS was the second bike used in the series, with 90 hp ( in street trim ) and four valve heads.  Then-new Telelever front end reviewed better than the shaft drive and Paralever rear, but both became BMW standards.  The fairing folded over the adjustable clip-ons and provided the rider a healthy amount of personal space.  – Lowers – were available as a factory option but not to the Legends racers.

With the same custodian since 1995, this RS might still be on its first post-race owner.  Certain real-world changes have been made, with bar-end mirrors, luggage rack, bags, and Corbin seat.  These oilheads don’t need much but at least the fluids ( if not the tires ) were changed.  For a race-used 30 year-old, the condition is amazing.  Standardized descriptions get priority over owner comments on BaT, but check out more pictures – here -.

Organizers drew the -70’s riders back with all expenses paid and matching bikes, even race leathers.  Aldana was one of the top riders in the series, and won two of the three weekends at Daytona in 1994.  The series had a four year run, and showed the new Beemer in a sporty light.  The warm silver paint is distinctive even without the series graphics.  A great riding collectible for fans of the brand and Dave Aldana.


Lucky 13 – 1994 BMW R1100RS Battle of the Legends Racebike
Moto Guzzi June 15, 2022 posted by

Medium Rare – 2003 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

Moto Guzzi’s V11 Sport constituted the lion’s share of their bikes from 1998-2006, and came with various names, colors, and small fairings.  Though not a special edition, today’s 2003 is more designer vanilla bean than plain vanilla, and looks very good with a small wind deflector and heat wrap on the pipes.

2003 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport for sale on eBay

The V11 Sport could be described as big all over, with pictures dominated by the 5.4 gallon tank and each cylinder displacing 532 cc’s.  It’s 91 hp is merely generous, but the 69 ft.-lbs. of torque make their case at just 6,000 rpm.  40mm of Marzocchi have a massive look, with a nifty front fender design to protect the extending USD fork legs.  Located by the cast red frame connectors, the shaft drive and monoshock try to hide behind the XL Lafranconi silencers. Even the seat looks like it could almost hold two without uncovering the pillion.

Liking the head guards and K&N filters a lot more than the wrapped headers, but it’s true the wraps do contain some of the heat.  Even if there is hell to pay when they finally come off, the total polishing time will probably be about the same as if they had never been.  Otherwise it’s very tidy, just moderate miles and no apparent damage.  Bar end mirrors sharpen up the looks a bit, but a new ( and matching ) front tire would really make the sale go.  Notes from the eBay auction:

Exceptionally nice condition, pre-lambda (O2 sensor) model and has one of the rarer color combos available. The bike has never been down or knocked over but do expect to see normal wear from use. The headers are lava wrapped to keep some heat off your legs. The rear tire is new but expect to replace the front in 1,000 miles or so. Grips have been upgraded along with the mirrors on the bar ends. All service is up to date and everything works on the bike from front to back so turn key and ride on!

For all the current Guzzi models and branching into the cruiser segment, they’re still an occasion when sighted and wear their quirks in honor.  Luckily the brand was supported and continued by the Piaggio conglomerate.  A nice round number for the buy-it-now, not overly priced these days, but the Make Offer button might get a push before that.



Medium Rare – 2003 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport
BMW May 8, 2022 posted by

Stealth Fighter – 2007 BMW R1200S

Though succeeded by the R1250RS displacement-wise, the R1200S is still the most powerful and sportiest BMW twin, save the very special edition HP2.  Here’s a nicely tended example just down the road from RSBFS world headquarters, and the fade-out silver and black wouldn’t attract any attention except with a radar gun.

2007 BMW R1200S for sale on eBay

BMW wangled a pair of chain-driven cams into each head and using a nicely oversquare design with 12.5-to-1 compression, cooked up 122 hp.  A six-speed and Paralever shaft drive transmitted those ponies to the 180mm wide rear tire.  With the Telelever front end, the front damper looks a lot like the rear, a prototypical shock absorber.  320mm brakes could be had with ABS, and the diet designers put the R1200S on made them that much more effective.  The upper-only fairing flows into the tank as on the R1100S, and cuts an adequate but efficient hole in the airstream.

This seems to be a one-owner bike, and was ordered with all the good stuff – Öhlins, ABS, and 6-inch rear wheel.  Thinking the Remus / Laser exhaust was a later addition, along with the Power Commander to make it worth the while.  With newer tires and battery the next owner will be ready to rumble.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Extremely rare and desirable 2007 BMW R1200S, only imported to the US in 2006 and 2007, this silver one is 1 of 100 in the US. And NONE of those have these black wheels. If you are looking at this ad you know exactly what you are viewing! I’ve had a couple of the R1100S bikes, and while good, cannot match the lighter weight and increased power of this thoroughbred.This incredible bike has only 14,100 miles, this one has the optional and desirable Ohlins suspension front and rear, and 6″ rear wheel. This impeccable bike has been garaged and on a battery tender since day 1, and has never been dropped.

Thousands in extras, including FULL aftermarket exhaust – Remus header pipes and Laser mufflers ($2,000 total), plus Power Commander V (professionally tuned and dyno’ed) to suit the exhaust modifications. 122HP / 83 ft. lbs. of torque. At 480 pounds wet, this bike flies and will surprise you. Yet may be setup for sport touring with BMW’s optional side cases. Recent Michelin tires and battery – this needs nothing to go NOW. The only cosmetic issue is one of the decals on the tail section is peeling. Easily replaced. There’s not a scratch on this bike anywhere. Yes I have the factory passenger pegs.

I just installed the useful and attractive TechSpec Snakeskin tank pads for grip and looks.I have a 3-ring binder of information and receipts of all options and work performed on this bike. I have brand NEW uninstalled Heli-bars available for an extra $150. I’m 64 and a life-long BMW motorcycle enthusiast, having owned nearly 50. I am only selling to ‘thin the herd’ and getting down to one bike, my 2017 BMW R1200R, which is more comfortable for my aging body.

The R1200S was a high water mark for oil cooling, but BMW was just about to hatch the S1000RR so it was never expected to be a long term affair.  Long-lived when well maintained, which is a good thing since they are practically a cult classic at this point.  With a nice combination of build and updates, sharp condition, and make offer button, this R1200S could the next owner’s ride into the sunset.


Stealth Fighter – 2007 BMW R1200S
BMW April 15, 2022 posted by

Silver Meteor – 2007 BMW K1200S

Unlikely as it would be to see a shaft-drive Beemer with a stretched swingarm and a stance that says “staged !”, it’s even more surprising that those wild Bayerischen built it themselves !  For just a few model years the R1200S made a flat out name for itself, though this Miami example looks to have been ordered with every option and then pampered for under 6,000 miles.

2007 BMW K1200S for sale on eBay

BMW had a 1200cc four in the stable for several years before the K1200S, but the new model was optimized for power – with 13-to-1 compression, electronically controlled ignition and injection, and 167 hp.  Torque was prodigious at 95 ft.-lbs. but peaked at sporty 8,250 rpm.  BMW’s  new Duolever front end used a double-wishbone system to isolate steering and braking forces.  The Paralever rear was stretched to accommodate the superbike power, with a wheelbase some four inches longer than a more track-oriented sportbike.  As speed helped the K1200S feel like lighter than its 500-plus lbs., the slippery bodywork masked the land missile’s velocity.

Presented by a used moto boutique, this K1200S is a premium build, with ABS and electronic suspension adjustment.  The brushed Remus exhaust plays well with the silver bodywork, and might be the only mod aboard.  Despite a liberal slathering of protectant, this -S looks great and the dealer has these comments in the eBay auction –

This K1200S is in great condition, always kept in the garage, no accidents nor major dents or scratches and a clean title.

It is a very comfortable motorcycle, with symmetrical deeply padded seat sitting positions to the handlebars and the pegs are positioned just right, to create a real all-day riding position. A design screen with full benefit of its protection from windblast, while mounted clocks show all the necessities, including a gear indicator and fuel gauge.


Bonneville regular Andy Sills was enlisted by BMW to take a new K1200S out to the salt flats, the fall before the 2006 model year would ship.  A stock class record was ratified, the average of two runs just equaling the 173,68 mph mark set by Ernst Henne’s supercharged BMW streamliner in 1937.  Rather than four miles of full throttle, hoping this example will just get the occasional blast down the connector, maybe as Andy set another record – with a fearless pillion.


Silver Meteor – 2007 BMW K1200S
Moto Guzzi April 10, 2022 posted by

Retro Sport – 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

Moto Guzzi has long been mining its prodigious past in search for models, and the modern V7 joined the line-up in 2009.  This updated limited edition Racer whisks the rider back to when a helmet and leather jacket were all that was required.

2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer for sale on eBay

The V7 Racer shares quite a bit with Lino Tonti’s 1971 creation, mid-size V-twin, shaft drive, unfaired, and even the wheelbases are within a millimeter.  But the substantially new engine for 2013 claimed 48 hp, and reviewed as feeling like more.  Torque was optimized and allowed the use of a 5-speed transmission.  A single front disc is a big 320mm, which will do better than 1971’s drum, with just 401 lbs. ( dry ) to slow.  Almost the inverse of the -70’s finishes, the Racer’s frame is an accent color, with the large chrome tank, with black fenders and laced rims.  The tank only appears to be secured by a very vintage leather strap, with racing number plates completing the picture.

Offered by an Indiana consignment dealer ( which also has cars and a museum ), this Racer has just 3,188 miles and looks excellent.  The solo seat cowl has been traded for a dual seat, which doesn’t spoil the looks, and passenger pegs have been added.  Discoloring on the pipes seems out of place for so few miles, but can probably be polished up.  Highlights from the eBay auction:

  • Classic Cafe Racer looks meet Moto Guzzi reliability and rideability
  • Beautiful Chrome Gas Tank with Leather Strapping
  • Rich Deep Red Frame, Swing Arm and Accents
  • Iconic Fuel Injected 744cc V Twin Design
  • 5 Speed Transmission
  • Adjustable Rear Bitubo Shocks
  • Production Number 377
  • Only 3,138 Miles
  • Rare Limited Production Model
  • Super Clean Example with no damage or issues
  • Freshly Serviced and Ready to Be Enjoyed
  • The V7 Racer is simply beautiful to ride and look at, this is the one you’ve been looking for!

Total edition numbers are hard to nail down, but with the company’s production figures hovering around 7,000 per year, it’s unlikely you’ll see yourself going by.  The buy-it-now seems ambitious for a basic 750, though it is newer, hardly broken in, and a limited edition.  Worst the Make Offer button can do is generate crickets.  Just the thing for a Guzzi fan or someone with a sportier bike that’s a little much for a coffee run.


Retro Sport – 2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer
BMW April 6, 2022 posted by

Bespoke Beemer – 1991 BMW Martin / Brune K1

BMW’s flying brick has only occasionally been the basis for sport bikes without a touring bent, but here’s a K1 engine in a French-built chassis, organized by the German performance specialist Brune.  Even the paint on this perfect example was a moment, BMW M-Power colors as applied by Azola Cycle Colors.

1991 BMW – Martin / Brune K1 for sale on eBay

The K1 was a great choice for this build, with Bosch injection and the four-valve head it was good for 100hp and 74 ft.lbs. torque.  Georges Martin’s craftmen made some magical welds on the nickel-plated chassis, with an alloy tank and streamlined pillion cover.  Motorad Brune chose Forcelle Italia forks to allow a quicker wheel change and the W-P monoshock controls the shaft drive better than the original K1 part.  The 5-speed reminds us that this is an early 1990’s machine, though the Brune choice of brakes and wheels are a serious update.  Would love to get this K1 on a scale to compare with the original.

While the clocks indicate just over 25K miles, the auction states 28,000 – and neither number seems possible if the paint hasn’t been re-done, as claimed.  Many auctions say they have been on display for years but appear to have been rolled out of dusty storage, this one claims to be ridden occasionally but looks museum ready.  Too much comment to share but here’s a snippet from the eBay auction –

This bike has been part of the seller’s collection for a while and is ridden on a regular basis, although not that much overall. It runs and rides with absolutely no issues. Again, everything on this motorcycle is original to the Brune, including the exhaust system. The seat is also in original condition and is beautiful.

The machine has had absolutely no restoration performed to any part of it. The paint on the tank, fairings, side covers, and cowl is original, and have never had any type of paintwork or touchup. The bike has never been in any type of accident or been dropped at any time. The machine has 28,000 original miles on it, and is in perfect running condition with a compression test having being recently performed. The condition of the engine finishes, is very nice, with the aluminum and cast parts being particularly beautiful for their age.

The seat is original and in perfect condition, and the rear cowl is easily removable, allowing for two up riding. The wheels are original to the Martin Brune, and are also in very nice original condition. All of the mechanical components have been checked over to ensure they work properly including the clutch and brakes, which were recently serviced and adjusted. The fuel injection system was also completely gone through this season, and there is a new battery installed. 

Seen on RSBFS pages ten (!) years ago – here – this build was clearly subsidized by a serious fan – the Brune kit cost about as much as a new K1 donor, and then had to be professionally built.  Not sure where the reserve will fall, but this K1 might come in below cost – if thirty years of inflation and the value of opportunity are considered.  At once a BMW performance statement and 90’s period item, this is one BMW that will put the next owner in the “ride or show” dilemma.



Bespoke Beemer – 1991 BMW Martin / Brune K1