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Green Machine: 1991 Kawasaki ZX7R-K

Kawasaki built the ZX7 line for what seems like the last third of the last millennium, ending its run with a reputation for being smooth, comfortable and reliable, but behind its 750cc-class competitors as a track bike. The reputation gained by the later bikes belies the roots laid by the 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7RK. An out-of-the-box racer, the K bikes had 39mm Keihin flatslides, a single seat subframe and adjustable suspension and were a little more than 10 pounds lighter than the standard bikes.

1991 Kawasaki ZX7-RK for sale on eBay

This example looks very well kept, and the odometer shows fewer than 6,000 miles. The pictures leave some detail to be desired, but the fairings appear to be blemish free and the running gear is used, but not filthy. It has an aftermarket Muzzy pipe, but the ad doesn’t mention whether the stock piece is available.

From the eBay listing:

1992 zx7r-k model for sale. Very low miles, very nice condition!! Have not seen another one in as nice of condition ever! No scratches, no seat wear, never dropped, abused or raced since owned by me. Bought bike in 06 with 3,500 miles and been in heated garage ever since. Just had carbs rebuilt and tuned…..bike runs amazing! Will not disappoint! $500.00 non-refundable deposit.

The buy-it-now is set at $9,000, steep for a used sportbike, but the K bikes are rare as hen’s teeth, and a cool alternative to the more numerous GSXRs and CBRs.


  • No ‘Kawasaki’ decals on the tank; is this paint scheme legit for an RR?

  • You’d think a repaint done without any correct graphics would be kind of obvious, and at least mentioned by the seller. “Have not seen another one in as nice of condition ever!” Ummm, well, sorry we all have seen much nicer examples. Wonder what lurks underneath that bodywork. A huge devaluation to any collector because of that glaring lack of originality.

  • This paint is not even close to being original. Repainted wheels, tank, tail section (non matching green), missing decals everywhere. I’ll bet it was a track bike and had the speedo disconnected during sessions. So no true idea of how many miles are really on it. The tank does look like an original aluminum one from the look of the welds though. Great basis for a restore or track bike or golden era racer. That said these are among the best looking bikes Kawasaki produced and K’s are getting rarer and more appreciated for the era they belong to. RC30/45’s are insane money now, OW01’s are going there, ZX-7K’s are sure to follow so 9K could be a reasonable ask for this.

  • Iconic sports bikes has a beautiful K and an N listed at present. How this poor example made it here is confusing. Sure it’s worth something but the listing isn’t accurate and lacks integrity from the seller.

  • I have requested information from the seller multiple times (since Thanksgiving day) regarding repaint and race/track day history. They have been largely unresponsive. Only comment is that it has not been down in their possession and that the title is not salvage but cannot get any other information. Will not comment on original plastic, why the repaint, was it raced, etc. No seller history, lack of response, buyer beware.

  • Guys…”be warned” and in an effort to be fully transparent…I made a couple low offers on it but 0 response. So…first off, you think they would respond and as much as I wasn’t willing to pay 9K, my offers were fair considering the fact that the only thing that pulls me to think it’s legit is the Vin tag and the hole in the side fairings to adjust the carbs. And yes, ZX7R’s are doing great in value, hell…we just sold a Zero mile one for 34K and I told myself I’d never sell it…in fact, I recall all types of chatter saying I was a stupid for paying so much at Mecum but fact is…it was for me and I it’s one of the most important sportbikes that I wanted for my Personal Collection. I soon realized that 0 mile bikes aren’t for me and when someone wanted it MORE…off she went. Anyway, back to the warning. I bought a nice ZX7R about a year ago through this site in fact. 9K miles and a big dent in the tank but pretty good shape…$4-500 to rebuild the carbs, a new tank was 1900 (new in box), a amazing paint job (I’m a perfectionist) was 3500 including wheels and frame, tons of old stock new old stock parts for 1000’s, a oem exhaust and dad Carry Andrew at Hypercycle make sure the motor was good to go (Before we had a shop of our own). Point is, I’m into that bike for 18.5K and it’s still in 100 pieces so if you’re going to restore one like this, just know it’s a labor of love and not profit….AND…I have another almost new fuel tank for this very same bike but it’s not cheap as neither was mine! I’m not a buyer any longer so best of luck guys and feel free to reach out to me for spares if you pick it up as I have doubles of a slew of parts 🙂

  • Anybody else look at that repair bill? $735 labor to rebuild the carbs? Hokey smokes! I’ve been out of the business too long. As a Honda wrench and service manager back in the 80’s, we used to rebuild four cylinder carbs for less than $150. If I could get people to pay me close to that kind of money, I think I would quit my job and start wrenching on bikes again in my home shop lol. Lesson- don’t store your bikes with fuel in the carbs. Run em dry..

  • I hear ya bud. Gas was 90 cents, an RC30 could be had for 10k and minimum wage was under $3 bucks :). This new gas is havoc and I mean garbage to carbs after a while…turns to green muck! Definitely drain your carbs or run AV gas if you’re going to store them. 100 octane seems best as anything too high burns away at seals and such and anything out of the pump turns to Ghost Busters slime.

  • There’s definitely some value there. Most of these bikes
    were stripped of their part. For years the parts were worth more than the bikes were. Prices have come up considerably in the last few years. Just going by the photos which there’s not enough of, there is a lot of correct parts on it. The forks, tac, tank, plastic and fiberglass tail. Exhaust hanger is wrong. Who knows what’s under the plastic lots of hard to find pieces if there not there. Just sucks to really make it look correct it would need a complete paint job and a sticker kit for RD and that done right is going to be expensive. On a side note motorman if you have a list wrote of of spare parts shoot it over to me. Will work for parts.

  • Not to hijack the post but it will help whoever’s thinking about building one of these. Spares off the top of my head are a like new fuel tank and I mean near perfect (aluminum), a proper exhaust hanger….bunch of little bits such as a fairing stay, headlights, etc. I’ll put something formal on our site once I get through it but if there’s something specific you need, let me know bud.

  • This bike was just flipped on eBay a few weeks back. Think the final open auction bid was a couple grand less. This is a rough example which is definitely going to have a lot of problems. Parts are about as close to free as you are going to get for the J and L bikes right now. Specific to the R is primarily the carbs, gas tank, solo cowl, one side fairing, the exhaust hanger, shocks/forks, subframe with the rest of the parts being the exact same as the J non-R bikes.

  • Aside from the “where did all the decals go on this never raced, never dropped” bike, you know there’s a “truthiness” problem when the seller claims “Bought bike in 06 with 3,500 miles and been in heated garage ever since” and then he posts pictures of the bike being stored in an open-air carport

  • Looks like it’s the same seller in both auction. Zero feedback.

  • Ya, if you look at the bid history for the first time he had it for sale, the winning bidder had 0 feedback and won the bidding at $7100. Then it is re-listed for $9000 by the same seller. It’s pretty obvious what the seller was doing.

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