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Classic in the Making: 1995 Triumph Speed Triple for Sale

1995 Triumph Speed Triple R Side

We sometimes equate the idea of rare sport bikes with “expensive.” With exotic machines like the MV Agusta F4 or Ducati Superbikes. But for riders who don’t need 180mph potential or the expense of an Italian superbike, there are plenty of very cool machines like this early Triumph Speed Triple.

1995 Triumph Speed Triple R Side Engine

Construction magnate John Bloor basically resurrected Triumph in the 1990s with a range of sport, touring, and standard machines based around a pair of engines that could be slotted into a simple spine frame to create just about any sort of motorcycle the market demanded. This concept made it easy to develop new models, but the resulting bikes couldn’t be as refined or focused as purpose-built machines. But buyers were willing to trade a bit of performance for character and style and heritage.

1995 Triumph Speed Triple Clocks

The Speed Triple used the 885cc three cylinder version of the engine as opposed to the larger, 1200cc four that powered their sport touring machines. It was styled to evoke the naked sports machines of Triumph’s past, but with relatively modern performance. They weren’t cutting-edge sportbikes, but that wailing triple offered up soul in an era of boring appliances. Handling wasn’t really racetrack-ready, but the Speed works well for backroad blasts and urban assaults.

1995 Triumph Speed Triple R Side Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Triumph Speed Triple for Sale

Up for auction is a very rare motorcycle legend.  The model that impacted motorcycling for the new Triumph company, the SPEED TRIPLE.  In the mid-nineties, Triumph introduced the all new, 3-cylinder SPEED TRIPLE.  It came in two colors in ’95, black and this one, “Fireball Orange.” The SPEED TRIPLE proved to be their most loved model. It went fast, it stopped well, but most stayed in Britain and Europe. Here, it’s a very, very rare Triumph and your chance to own something your friend have probably never seen before.

This particular Speed Triple, a 900cc model, has a great history and documentation. It comes with a clean Texas Certif of title, current Texas license plate, VEHICLE HISTORY REPORT from NMVTIS showing its history from 1998 forward in Missouri and the Texas with no bad history in the 4-page report. You receive 6 pages of service records over the last three years to verify its up-to-date service. We replaced the aftermarket petrol tap with a new correct one. The bike shows 16,900 miles and has stock exhaust system, the optional “Seat Cowl” piece as well as the orange grab bar for use with passengers. 
Specs show it produces about 100 hp(98 ps @ 9000 rpm) through a 5-speed box which it delivers to the road through rare, three-spoke Brembo wheels. And this is a bike that’s 21 years old. No one will have anything this rare where you hang. Records, good history, rarity and a seriously fun ride all for not much money.
It is a used bike, sold “as is” to bidders only in the continental U.S.. We don’t crate, but we will recommend a shipper and expedite their shipment of it to upi at your exense. It is ready to ride and includes the factory rider’s handbook. The battery is fresh and the tires are very nice. The only damage we see is a bent in the side of the gas tank, shown in the images. It does not come with a tool kit and saddle appears to be very good without tears, etc. A bike this nice seldom comes along with this exclusivity, performance and importance as a collectors’ bike.
1995 Triumph Speed Triple Ding
It’s pretty easy to go on eBay or Craigslist and find a nice second or third-generation Speed Triple, but these early bikes are pretty difficult to find, especially in good condition. They were never sold in great numbers, have been pretty forgotten for a while now, and many have been well-used or neglected. These are normally priced nowhere near this bike’s 7,000 asking price but, aside from that slight crease in the tank, this one is in extremely good shape, and that shiny orange paint is pretty appealing.
I think probably the seller is aiming a bit high at that price, but that’s still pretty much chump change if you’re looking for a rare, fun motorcycle and are into naked performance.
1995 Triumph Speed Triple L Side


  • There is something about these that bug me… Maybe its because they just suck. Big time.

  • Yep, the truth is that the first generation Speed Triples are grossly heavy total pigs. One of the most unaturally balanced and awkward feeling modern bikes I’ve ever ridden. Very top heavy, enough to catch you out at first- you wouldn’t know unless you rode one. Hard to believe now that there briefly was a stock spec racing series for them- tons of crashes. The seller and Tad downplay the tank dent, but it is obvious evidence that that top heaviness likely caught someone out- did the clip on just rotate on the fork tube, or is the steering stop damaged? They’re not very good sportbikes, but hey, it’s “very, very rare”!

  • I have never ridden this model so my views maybe a bit subjective. The right side cases appear in photos as to have been sprayed. That plus the dented tank and 16k miles don’t add up to the $7k asking price. If I was asked my opnion on this bikes’ value I’d probably say $3-$3.5k. There are plenty of other much more potent “classics in the making” that can be had for this kind of scratch.

  • These bikes always catch my interest when posted. Been interestd for decades. Never ridden one so your comments are helpful. I either gel with a bike’s handling traits or it is a no go. Top-heavy handling descriptions have heightened my apprehension about considering this bike.

    The dent in the tank is a deal breaker for me even before getting to the asking price. When I started reading the post I was thinking ~$3500. Your posts are a reassuring reality check for me. Thanks guys.

  • Big Bang, what bikes DO you like?

  • I often see these bikes listed for sale, some in perfect shape with decent miles and prices vary between $2500 to $5500, they do look cool, one of the early Stretfighter, gotta give Triumph some credit for that. Good luck with the sale.

  • Had an ’05 and completely agree with the top heavy comments. They were a handful to throw around, but very rewarding to do so. They felt great in long fast flowing sweepers. Point and shoot tight corners? Not so much.

    The chassis preferred tires that were more rounded in profile than the pointy/ triangulated Dunlops that the series ran at the time. They got to be known as “Speed Wobbles” as they head shook their way down the straightaways in the ST Challenge series.

    The dent is fairly common for these bikes, including the Trophy/ Trident/ Daytona that all used the same tank and frame. When dropped the clip on would break away from it s stop, rotate and collide with the tank. Hard to find them where they have not been dropped because with a tall seat height and the 6.6 gallon tank carried up so high in the modular spine frame, they were a handful at slow speeds.

    But get them on a fast and flowy backroad and they would put a huge smile on your face. They made 70mph feel like you were doing ‘the ton”. $7k fun? No way. $2500-$3000 tops in this condition.

    The Triumph “Fireball” orange was a bit more rare than the Diablo black. It was a nod to the Laverda Jota according to Triumph’s marketing peeps. The Super III yellow paint was only for the UK and Canada, although there were 3 sets of bodywork in the Peachtree City warehouse in 1996. And I had one of them. I hear my bike is still running around somewhere in GA…

  • Water cooled, two stroke, lightweight, brick wall brakes,telepathic handling,aluminum frame, but meh, that’s just me and my opinion. What I don’t like are : heavy, wide, slow, ill handling, re-bar frames, mush brakes, or just plain ‘ole fugly…(in that order) BUT, I would love a late 80’s 500 gp bike, even in a horrid pepto bismol pink color…

  • “Three spoke Brembo wheels”? Is there such a thing?
    Very enthusiastic description. Last summer a perfect yellow Daytona Super III struggled to sell for $4,300. quite a bit more collectible than this. But this is ebay, lots of bidders with more money than sense . . .

  • SR88 – Most 90s Ducati’s Supersports had Brembo three spoke wheels
    My brother had the Sprint version of this bike with the fairing back in the ;ate 90s. I rode it a few times and although it was 11 years newer than my GPZ900 I thought the Kawasaki was just as good – both were big pigs

  • you misspelled “more money than brains”

  • Just to provide another take on these bikes, yes they are heavy, and they carry that weight high, but they are charismatic and reward committed riding. There are many faster, cheaper and otherwise ‘better’ bikes, but in my opinion, the Mk1 Speed Triple is a genuine classic – the looks, the heritage and the ‘heft’ of the bike makes it special. I know not all agree, and that’s fine, but in the UK there is a growing appreciation of them. This website, http://www.mk1speedtriple.co.uk and its Facebook page are worth visiting if you’re keen to know more.
    As for prices, well I notice this bike is not attracting much attention at $3900, but a Triumph dealership in England just sold a black 2,600mile, one owner, in genuinely as-new condition for £8500, (around $12,000)…

  • Well, the auction ended with a whimper . . . No bids.

    did you happen to live north of atlanta when you sold you 1995 s3?
    i bought one some time ago…
    i live south of ATL…
    still ride it and love it…
    great motor, sound, AND handling…
    really good road bike and handles well…
    def not a race bike though!!

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