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KTM April 12, 2011 posted by

Two Of Austria’s Finest: 2010 Red Bull And Akrapovic RC8R’s

Two Of Austria’s Finest: 2010 Red Bull And Akrapovic RC8R’s

Throw obnoxious graphics on something with two wheels and you got me. I’m an out of the closet poser and love bikes like these. From the looks of it though, I’m probably in the minority. I get a feeling the RC8’s aren’t selling all that well. I’ve seen these limited editions floating around at dealers but haven’t seen many resales. Maybe the dealers just aren’t being realistic with their prices. In any case, they are at least some nice eye candy to take your mind off work.  Does your boss know you visit RSBFS on his dime?

In can be yours for just under $19,000.  I think KTM hurt themselves by not racing the bike here in the States.  If you are marketing a race rep it just seems logical someone should be out racing it professionally.  Win or back of the pack you need to be out there.  Hopefully the economy will pick up enough for them to start having a presence here in road racing.

I haven’t really read or heard a bad thing about them but I just get a sense there isn’t a whole lot of demand for the bike. 

KTM has gone for the futuristic look.  No analog tach for you my friend.  if you’d like to take it off the showroom floor.


If caffeine isn’t your thing but hand made exhausts are then maybe an Akrapovic RC8R would make you smile.  Same bike as the Red Bull bike, just different clothes.  If you don’t mind seconds, this demo bike will not lighten your wallet as much as the Red Bull bike.  The asking price is $16,500.

Love it or hate it, you can’t accuse KTM of copying anyone else’s styling.

 If you dated a Playboy Bunny would you want her wearing overalls?  This beautiful exhaust gets hidden under the RC8R’s bodywork. 


 I’m trying to think what kind of smart ass custom plate you could put on there.  .


KTM January 17, 2011 posted by

2010 KTM RC8R LE Red Bull


7 miles

Louisville, KY

Those of us familiar with the off road scene are well versed regarding KTM’s offerings, but a KTM on RSBFS? YES! I would like to digress before I even really get on track; most of us lament the near extinction of two strokes, so let’s take a moment to pay tribute that to a manufacturer that has proudly and courageously flown the blue smoke banner almost single handily (albeit off road). My guess is that if two strokes ever make a comeback in street bikes (ie – clean burn technology), KTM will be the manufacturer to do it.

Now on to the bike – KTM has never been accused of lacking power and this bike is no exception pumping out 170 ponies from the 1195cc 75 degree twin – 15 hp more than the standard RC8. All the standard high componentry is there – Marchesini wheels, Brembo monoblocks, and adjustable ride height via eccentric adjustable frame pivot. For all of you techno junkies that can’t get enough stats, KTM offers an excellent brochure on their website. It doesn’t help team orange when their euro neighbors at BMW hit a home run with their own supersport offering, but this bike is hardcore nonetheless. The company mission statement is to offer race ready bikes to the masses, who can argue with that? From the seller:

This is one of 25 imported to the United States. This particular model is number 8 of 25. This bike comes with the Clubman Kit, which includes a full Akrapovic ti exhaust system (not installed). This bike is brand new, never titled or registered. We also have the Akrapovic limited edition model in stock (4 of 25), as well as two R models and two base models. Call if you are interested in these other models

Like most LE offerings these days, this bike will not sell at MSRP (the BIN is already $3k below). , and help support a motorcycle manufacturer that has a primary focus on MOTORCYCLES.


Exclusive December 23, 2010 posted by

Reader Ride: 2008 KTM SuperDuke R For Sale

Steve has alerted us that his 2008 KTM Super Duke R is now available for sale and with only 4k miles! The R model is up 10% in horsepower, has the Akrapovic exhaust fitted as standard, and numerous other little tweaks to make this bike a great trackday option.

Update 12.28.10: Sold!

Steve says:

Here is a 2008 KTM Super Duke “R” with 4,000 miles. I have completed all the necessary modifications with no expense spared, to make it run and perform as it was intended from the factory. Full Akra titanium exhaust, Yoyodyne slipper clutch, Power Commander 3, custom CNC aluminum Motohoolagan/K&N air box with all block offs, custom mapped, Rizoma mirrors and Rizoma LED turn signals, Corbin seat, suspension dialed in by Race Tech. All work performed by factory KTM mechanics and ridden with respect by a 58 year old man. If you are looking for a true exotic at a fraction of the price and something you don’t see every day, here it is.

And here is the MCN first ride test from 2008:

Good luck with the sale Steve!


KTM August 19, 2010 posted by

Waiting For A New Home: 2010 KTM RC8-R Akrapovic

Waiting For A New Home:  2010 KTM RC8-R Akrapovic

Not sure if this was a demo bike or just not someones cup of tea.  With only 936 miles on it you basically have a brand new RC8-R for the taking.  A dealership has listed the bike and can be contacted for more info.  Bidding has begun on the bike and it has a buy it now price of $21,999.  Not $22,000 but $21,999.  See I was going to buy it but that last dollar really turned me off.  If you aren’t familiar with the Akrapovic Edition be sure to check out KTM’s website for the details.


Here are some more visuals:

Now time for some audio. Red Bull Edition but with an Akrapovic exhaust. Throaty to say the least.


KTM August 3, 2010 posted by

2010 KTM RC8 Red Bull and Acrapovic Special Editions

2010 KTM RC8 Red Bull and Acrapovic Special Editions

Decisions, decisions.  What a fun decision it will be though.  I haven’t seen a lot of these for sale to it’s a decent find to find two together.  If you aren’t familiar with them, they are both lighted modded versions of KTM’s RC8.  Both have Akrapovic exhausts, modified valve timing and thinner head gaskets.  Enough to give you a nice little jump in horsepower to go along with the good looks.  KTM claims 10 more hp and 7.5kg lighter weight on the Akrapovic edition.  I’d assume the Red Bull edition would be similar.

From the auction:


Is it a bad sign that the dealer  can’t spell Akrapovic correctly in the auction?  I’m not the world’s best speller but looks bad when you are advertising a high dollar motorcycle.  As of this writing the auction only has  two days left and bidding appears brisk.  At over $14,000 the reserve had not been met.  Trolling the internets I found another at a dealer listed for $24,000 so the reserve probably has a ways to go. 



KTM June 16, 2010 posted by

2009 KTM RC8 W/Custom Red Bull Graphics

2009 KTM RC8 W/Custom Red Bull  Graphics

Almost but not quite.  I bet you thought it was a Red Bull Edition like me at first glance.  Not that this bike isn’t rare in it’s own right.    The seller  states that KTM only brought 50 RC8’s into the US in 2009.  This is only the third one I’ve ever seen for sale.  If you are curious, compared to the Red Bull Edition, you are missing the orange frame, minor engine mods and official Red Bull color scheme/graphics.  The bike does have an Akrapovic exhaust although I don’t know if it is the titanium version as on the Red Bull.  Don’t frown though this bike has quite a few extra goodies thrown in.

Extras include:

  • Akrapovic Full Exhaust System
  • KTM FLASH to properly tune with exhaust
  • Giles Black fully adjustable foot controls
  • Race Air Filter
  • Carbon Fiber rear fender
  • Carbon Fiber front fender
  • Pazzo black front brake and clutch lever
  • KTM black race fuel cap
  • KTM orange front brake resevoir cover
  • KTM orange clutch resevoir cover
  • KTM orange rear brake resevoir cover
  • KTM smoked windscreen
  • KTM orange rear bike stand
  • KTM orange front bike stand
  • KTM bike cover
  • Rear fender eliminator kit
  • One tooth less front sprocket
  • Black and Orange rear sprocket
  • Custom made Red Bull fairing graphics
  • Custom number graphics
  • Custom lover fairing graphics

It looks like from a quick search a standard 09 RC8 had an MSRP in the high teens.  As of this writing the bidding was up to $10,000 and the reserve was still on.   As usual it will be interesting to see where it ends up.   Is the economy hurting higher end bike prices or will the rarity keep the price up?  You can check out the auction.


KTM May 24, 2010 posted by



First one I’ve seen for sale.  Number 20 or 25 worldwide.  Give the dealer a call, they claim to have a Red Bull edition as well.  Rarity isn’t cheap: they are asking $28,000.  Here is a link to KTM’s page for the bike.  Upgrades appear to be the exhaust system and the Jeremy Mcwilliams replica paint.

Check it out on Craigslist Los Angeles here.


KTM December 3, 2009 posted by

2009 KTM RC8 with only 220 miles for sale on ebay…

I’ve seen this one listed before on ebay but first time we have posted it here. They didn’t sell it before but that doesn’t mean you should stay away. This is one awesome machine.

It is located in California and you can

What makes the KTM special? I think MCN said it best:

“…the RC8 is simply stunning and for all the right reasons. Its engine is powerful and usable; handling shames Japanese and Italian superbikes; looks totally different to the norm but is, oh so appealing.”

2009 KTM RC8 for sale on ebay

This bike is also rare in that it is white, has only 220 miles and comes with “AWESOME QuatD Exhaust”. More from the ebay listing:

“You are bidding on a very rare White RC8. Very few, if any, of these beautiful machines were brought in to the US.

This bike includes the AWESOME QuatD Exhaust which retails for $2799…this thing sounds like no other exhaust in the world and gives this bike a noticeable boost in power.

This bike comes with the full remaining factory warranty and has only 220 miles.”

If I were shopping for a sportbike at this price point, it would definitely be on my list.


KTM September 13, 2009 posted by

2009 KTM RC8

Located in Fresno, California is a 2009 KTM RC8 with 1,700 miles.  A few days ago, Doug posted a RC8 on eBay with a buy-it-now of $26,000.  This one is priced at $16,000 and appears to be legitimately coming from a dealer in Fresno, California.  I fear that the eBay ad may have been fishing to see if someone would actually pay $26K for a RC8–as the $16k bike is coming from a dealer, it would be interesting to know what private party values currently are.  The seller states that the bike has $6,000 in extras including a full titanium exhaust.  See the Craigslist ad here. See the dealers website here.