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Carbon to the Core: 2018 BMW HP4 Race

With the exception of the swingarm, engine, chain and paint, basically everything about the 2018 BMW HP4 Race is made of carbon fiber. Bodywork? Check. Wheels? Yep. Frame? You bet.

2018 BMW HP4 Race for sale on eBay

That’s right, the frame is made of the black stuff, molded using a special technique to increase rigidity and strength. The wheels, too, employ a special weaving method, lending strength to their lithe waist band. The result is a bike that tiptoes across the ground at 377 pounds with a full tank.

Just 750 of these bikes will be sold worldwide, with 215 horses and a full complement of World Superbike-worth suspension and electronics. This bike is number 240, and sits at BMW of Manhattan, where it will be on display until the 17th of November, after which it can be taken home.

From the (short) eBay listing:

Number 240 of 750 units worldwide.
For track use only.

Additional taxes and fees may apply. Contact dealership for additional information and details.

*Vehicle in stock and on showroom floor for display until Friday November 17th.*
*Vehicle cannot be delivered/picked-up before Saturday November 18th.*

It isn’t likely that a bike this collectable will ever get ridden in true anger, but BMW said when it was launched that the oh-so-delicate carbon parts were designed such that the least expensive and important parts would fail first if you prang it, saving the frame and wheels. Don’t ask us what that means.

Still, if you have $78k lying around, you could do much worse for your coin.


  • I think it’s awesome that BMW is pushing their bike efforts and WOW what an amazing machine! I was at Newport Ducati recently and checked out the newest Panigale with the carbon frame, carbon wheels, etc., I believe the price was 80K for that one as well and of course it was already sold. I just can’t imagine flying through the canyon’s or even a track day on a bike this pricey and once you damage the carbon frame, then what? I’m holding out for the new V4 Panigale, hopefully it’s not some crazy asking price! Can’t even imagine what the insurance will be on these carbon fiber framed bikes, maybe that’s why no one rides them.

    • Carbon fiber mountain bike frames have been proven to be stronger than their aluminum counterparts, at least when twisted or torqued. They’ll deform and take their shape back way after aluminum frames have bent or snapped. Whack it into a curb and you’ll be in trouble, but it should stand up to a lowside or highside almost as well as aluminum or steel.

  • No carbon fiber brake rotors?? ….

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