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Another NEW racebike?! 1983 Yamaha TZ250K


Today’s brand new racer is brought to us by the same dealer selling this new Honda NSF250R. It seems incredible that this bike is even available, much less still for sale in the US. Located in Southern California (where every day is a great track day!), this is one very clean, very chic vintage TZ racer. How can one seller have so many great bikes? Some guys seem to get all the luck. But if you act soon, you could be the next (first?) lucky owner!


From the seller:
New 1983 Yamaha TZ250K located at our shop in California. This bike is NEW, and comes with the full factory spares kit. As you can see in the pictures, there are some scratches on the bike from sitting around all of these years. We removed the front brake pads, because the brake was locked up from sitting. This is a very rare find! If you looking for a good investment, this is it. Ever wonder were all the old racers went in the USA? Most were exported to other countries. If it does not sell here in the states, for sure it will end up going overseas. Ask questions and look at the pictures carefully before you bid. Bike is sold as is, no returns! Sold with a bill of sale only, No title. I can export this bike no problem. I have all the import docs needed to export this bike.


With no odometer or hobbs meter, it is very difficult to tell if a bike has been used or not. This one looks very clean, but could it have been cleaned up after the fact? Did Yamaha safety wire their bikes from the factory? Could all of the superficial damage on this bike occur from storage and transit issues? As a potential buyer, I woudl be concerned as to how to verify it is really new. I have no reason not to believe the seller – but would love to know how to check for something in this situation. How would RSBFS readers verify authenticity?


The opening ask for this bike is not cheap: $17,200. There is a BIN on the auction as well, and like the auction for the above mentioned NSF250R, it is set as the same as the opening ask: $17,200. Any way you look at it, $17,200 seems to be the price for this one. Check it out here. RSBFS nearly never sees this kind of hardware in this sort of condition – if this is your kind of thing, take note and act accordingly. Good Luck!



  • How to verify it is new? Interesting question. In addition to a careful inspection for road or track dirt & grit anywhere, I guess you could pull the heads and look at the piston crowns. Maybe pull the pipes and look at the piston skirts for wear. Pulling the cylinders might be too big a step, but that would give you a good look at the skirts and bores. Another possibility would be to look for wear in the pivot area of the clutch and brake levers. It would be interesting to hear what other readers suggest.

  • From the discoloration on the rotors, I say it has been used.

  • I raced these (TZ’s) in the 70’s and yes they are safety wired from the factory and they do use “copper” safety wire. I dropped by and saw this one and it is pretty much as the owner describes. The tires have been scrubbed in (not at full lean angle) and it is also common for them to be ridden at the factory after assembly. AND…it comes with a full spares kit (that’s worth a bundle). This seller has some VERY interesting connections to some VERY important older GP race motocycles… at a price (Can you say Roberts, Spencer, Abe?) Google RMD Imports/Motors and pick out a little something for yourself.

  • Thanks for sharing your expertise, Slangbuster. +1 for the past racing history on these, and +1 for seeing this one in person. We appreciate your comments.

    Readers take note: We have an expert in the house!

  • Raced and been around TZ’s most my life. Started in the early 70’s. Raced WERA and AMA now AHMRA. I raced along side some of the best of the day.

    This is a good example of a Yamaha TZ250K. Only problem, it’s definately not new by a long shot. A bit rough for the asking price of almost 17.5K.

    If you look at the tank vent closely you’ll see bubbling around it which is a sure sign of fuel spillage from higher octane leaded fuel premix of the era. No nubs on the slicks and probably have been replaced by now for cracking around the sidewalls.

    Pulling the cylinders is not a tough job by any means but without measuring the bore, you wouldn’t be able to tell anything, other than is was fired up. This was done at the factory before they were shipped, to seat rings and seals. You can check the cylinder head for coking, which is a sure sign it was used.

    Right now, seals for the mono and forks would be in question. Definately need replacing and spares are very hard to come by for this model as well as others.

    There is also discoloration of both front and rear brake rotors from heat. Grips are slightly worn and yes, it still has the copper safety wiring but this was easily duplicated and the norm during this era.

    The reason why copper was used; it was easier to break loose in the paddock for quicker service and was used normally, like stainless steel safety wire is today.

    It’s not what I would call an immaculate, new TZ and certainly not worth the money that’s being ask for it.

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