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2003 Honda CBR150R With 250 Miles On eBay

This is a low mileage example of a very nice looking CBR150R.

Bike:  2003 Honda CBR150R

Mileage:  250mi

Price:  $1,000 Starting bid with reserve

Location:  Hillsboro, Oregon

This CBR150R has exceptionally low miles and looks to be in very good condition.  However, the reason for the mileage is more obvious when the seller mentions that the bike only has a Thai title with no U.S. title or registration.  We’ve only featured two other 150R’s in our history with one being registered in California and another being unregistered and living in Idaho.  This bike looks to be in fantastic condition with no major defects as one would expect from a 250 mile bike.  With the CBR250 becoming an official import to the U.S. for 2011, this bike finds itself in an interesting position of only being a collector bike.  If you have an affinity for Honda’s or the CBR line in particular, this could be a great addition to the collection.  Being as there really hasn’t been a huge number of these for sale, I would say that this bike will probably go for around $2,000–Let’s see if eBay proves me wrong!  See the bike on eBay .



  • Just wait for the CBR250 thats prob why it’s forsale.

  • This was so diffrent with CBR 150 last generation. This version is looks so small where compared with new CBR 150, but with the same engine power.

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