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1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR (yes, the real deal)

This is the last year for the true, factory race, 7RR’s


These are getting super hard to find and this one looks to be in pretty good shape.  The miles are a little high at 26,000, but hey, it’s 14 years old.  This one has some very tasteful upgrades that include PM Chicane wheels, Muzzy exhaust and a Double Bubble wind screen.  It’s for sale on ebay right now so if you are in the market for one of these don’t let it get away. 

  What sets these awesome bike apart from their ZX7R siblings is the following:

Keihin Flatslide Carbs as opposed to the standard CV carbs. 
Close ratio gear box and slipper clutch.
Adjustable rear swingarm pivot.
Adjustable steering head angle.
Adjustable front suspension with more compression and rebound (Fork tubes slightly bigger than stock zx7r).
Upgraded front calipers.

The 96’s are my favorite of the 7RR’s I only wish I could bid to win.  This one isn’t a Garage Queen as it has plenty of miles on it so you shouldn’t feel bad about riding should you win the auction.  At time of this posting the bid was a measly $1,000.00, but the reserve wasn’t met.  I would suspect this one will fetch somewhere in the $5,000 to $6,000 range, if the seller will let it go for that. 



  • […] condition of this 7rr is amazing! I posted a 96 7rr a few days back that was in good shape, but heavily modified. This one appears to have all of the […]

  • I bought this beautiful specimen. It may look great here but when it got to me it was pretty badly banged up. I torn it down and there were patch marks on the inside of the fairings. The upper fairing mount was broken and zip tied in place. There were scratches and cracks on almost every piece of plastic. The footgaurd was snapped off. The forks are all nicked up and there is a pretty bad nick in the swingarm. The bike was definetly laid over and the previous owner denied it. I have been a cycle mechanic for 9 years. I think i know better. He said it had to be the shippers. Be thankful it wasn’t you who bought this wreck. Don’t misunderstand, i probably would have still bought this if i did know the condition. But i paid $5200 plus $700 to have it shipped from Ca to Pa. Sucker!!! Thanx for listening. Don’t make the same mistake i did.

  • sorry to hear about your misfortune with this 7rr. I had a similar situation with my 400. Listing was for a all stock, perfect shape 400 with 1 crack in the upper fairing. It was listed as the “needs nothing, but a rider” sales pitch. Being the sucker for 400’s that I am I bid to win and I won alright. I won a bike that had been sitting outside for who knows how many years and every piece of aluminum is oxidized, has a huge valve cover leak, rotors are warped, the list is endless. Needless to say, I kept my mouth shut and sucked it up because I knew the risk when I bid. I want to trust everyone until I have a reason not to so it’s my own fault I guess. So I’m slowly buying parts when I see them, but not before I request hi-res pics of the parts – up close no less 😉 Good luck with the 7rr and when you get it all cleaned and fixed up shoot us some pictures of it. Should you ever need to sell it hit us up and we’ll post it for free.


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