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1996 Honda RS125 NX4 In California At A Very Good Price!

This NX4 RS125 comes with a ton of spares and is priced very nicely!  Located in San Diego, California is a 1996 Honda RS125 finished in baby blue.  The seller states that this bike has a completely rebuilt, fresh, motor; new tires, new chain and many extras.  Looking at the photos this bike has an extensive spares package of consumables.  The photo shows five HRC pistons–if they’re all full and new–which, at $246 a piece retail, is $1,230 in spare pistons alone.  The photo also looks to show additional barrels, new and used, chains, sprockets, manuals and other assorted pieces.  Do the math, we’ve seen the bottom of early NX4’s at around $3,500-4,000 dollars for a bike in good condition with a decent spares package;  This bike is only priced at $3,500 and comes with over $1,000 in spare piston kits alone.  The ’96MY bikes are the last of the leaded head bikes but, the RS125 remained largely unchanged–there are some small changes–from ’95-present.  I honestly wish I wasn’t writing this post and were instead going to pick it up or calling for a shipper.  If you can live with baby blue or, can decently wield a spray gun have a look at this RS125 on Craigslist here.



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