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Honda March 1, 2011 posted by

1993 Honda RS125 NF4 Described As “Museum Quality”

This is a fantastic looking RS125, Castrol replica!

Bike:  1993 Honda RS125

Miles:  0 (Since rebuild)

Price:  $5,500USD

Location:  Winter Haven, Florida

The seller states that this RS was completely restored and rebuilt by Rising Sun Cycles–a very prominent name in the U.S. two-stroke GP bike segment.  The paint for this bike, alone, came in at $4,500–ouch!  Anyway, this is a fantastic looking RS in, what looks to be, a Castrol scheme very similar to what Joey Dunlop ran.

The auction also includes:

Bike also comes with a complete roller, minus tank. There is also two sets of new bodywork and a ton of other spares, plus some new rains.

I have 2 complete extra motors, 1 new, 1 with time on it.

If you’re still reading this, you’ve probably started to reconsider your original assumptions after seeing the asking price.  The Museum Quality RS also comes with $1.2K-1.5k worth of spares, possibly more.  That being said, is the main bike shown here worth the remaining $4k?  Well, it would be very difficult to replicate the restored bike using the $1.5k and an additional $2.5k:  knowing what parts & labor would add up to at RSC combined with the purported paint cost.  If you’re in love with the NF4 RS125, or would simply like a living room piece and a track bike (with a little work) for the price of an older NX4 RS125; I’d say this auction should absolutely be considered.  The asking price is a bit startling, but with the whole picture and some math, it doesn’t sound that bad at all.  See this fantastic looking RS on eBay .


Honda August 17, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda RS125 NF4 On eBay

This is a fantastic looking NF4 RS125 on eBay!

Bike:  1993 Honda RS125

Location:  Lexington, Kentucky

This RS125 looks to be in very good condition being finished in a “House Of Color” (Kolor) candy blue scheme with silver Honda wings.  This RS hasn’t been run in at least three years but, was run at Daytona in 2005.  The spares included with this bike include an extra cylinder, plugs, sprockets, rings, fork seals, gaskets, clutch plates and some other items.

Because it’s been sitting for so long, and these bikes are so simple, I would suggest going through it before running it just to be sure everything is as it should be.  I think I’ve said it before but, these NF4 RS’s aren’t competitive with the ’95+ NX4 RS’s.  However, these bikes are less temperamental than the later bikes and make fantastic track day bikes or vintage machines if you have a sanctioning body that has a separate class for them.  The ’93 bikes wear the same front tire as the newer bikes but, have a smaller rear wheel (By a 1/2″).  Tires can still be easily sourced and I’ve actually been told that the larger size will fit on the narrower rim–however, I have no idea how that alters the handling.  These bikes are perfect if you want to play a Gran Prix legend on a budget.  Based on the condition and spares, I would expect to see this bike go for right around $2,500.  See other RS125s we’ve featured here.  See this RS on eBay .


Honda June 26, 2010 posted by

1993 Honda NSR250 Titled & Registered In Texas

Update 6.25.10: Now listed for $5500.

This is a freshly re-built MC21 NSR finished in Repsol colors.  Located in Allen, Texas is a 1993 Honda NSR250(R) that is titled and registered in Texas.  The seller states that this bike has a completely re-built motor, new chain & sprocket, new rear tire and a large number of spare parts including an additional motor.  The bike is finished in an incorrect for the year/generation, but correct looking, Doohan Repsol replica paint scheme.  The bike is priced at $7,500; This is the higher end for MC21’s, usually where we see low mileage, original, California registered examples but, as the seller says, it does come with a supposedly large spares package including a motor.  It would be interesting to know what other spares are included because, for me, an additional motor and some bits needs a bit more to constitute a ~$2,500 premium.

The MC21 was an advanced bike when released featuring a PGMIII ECU from the RC30, which was:

“coupled to throttle position and gear position sensors, controls both the timing of the RC Valves, air correctors and ignition advance to give outstanding low end tractability. The PGM-III features a true 3D ignition and a different map for each cylinder…the famous Gull-Arm rear swingarm was copied from the RS250 of Luca Cadalora, as was the frame design. Even the mounting point for a steering damper was kept in place! The body-styling was based on the 1988 and 1989 RS250’s, with just a few basic concessions like lights and a rear pillion seat!! The rear wheel diameter was decreased from 18″ to 17″ and widened to 4.5” to run the latest tyre profiles and compounds. The MC21 also now featured a closer ratio gearbox with a taller 1st gear and an improved shift mechanism.

This is the last year of the MC21 and a nice looking example regardless if it is original or not.  The Repsol scheme has easily become for Honda what Red is for Ferrari’s.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Honda May 9, 2010 posted by

1991 Honda CBR400RR Titled & Registered In California

Another very nice CBR400RR has popped up in Northern California this time!  Located in Dublin, California is a titled and registered CBR400RR with no mileage listed.  This bike features a 2007 CBR1000RR front end with radial brakes, Penske rear shock, HRC ECU, and the regulator/rectifier modification.  This bike currently has the CBR front end but an RVF400 front end is also available at a different price.  The seller states that this bike is an exceptional example but, does feature some nicks and blemishes.  Service history includes:

Both front ends have recently been serviced, re-sprung and re-valved by Aftershocks. New DID x-ring chain. The tank has recently been cleaned. The carburetors have just been completely gone through by Donny Babb at Modesto Ducati. This bike runs perfect.

The asking price for the bike with the CBR1000RR front end is $6,500 and $5,500 with the RVF400R front end.  Personally, I would buy the bike with the RVF front end, save the money on the purchase and possibly upgrade to the CBR1000RR front end sometime in the future as the RVF front ends are only getting rarer and the CBR1000RR front ends are only getting cheaper.

When these CBR’s were available, they had all the features of a big CBR just in a smaller package.  They feature a DOHC, four valve per cylinder, transverse four cylinder, four stroke, producing 53hp and rev’ing to 14,500rpm.  An aluminum frame kept weight down to 163kg and they featured a Showa adjustable rear shock and flat-side carb’s .  This bike is just as exotic to us American’s as any other gray import but, features the dependability of a Honda four-stroke.  See the 1994 example Jay posted not too long ago here.  If you’re interested-and as always, you should be–see this bike on Craigslist here.

EDIT:  The bike was on Craigslist but, kept getting flagged.  The seller has posted it on BARF and it can be seen here.


Honda May 7, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF400R NC35 Titled & Registered In California

This is NC35 RVF400R in Southern California.  Located in Orange County, California is a 1995 Honda RVF400R which is titled and registered in California.  We’ve seen a few 1995 NC35’s out of Southern California but, I don’t believe we’ve seen this one.  The seller states that the bike has been sitting in his garage for some time and will need tires and the assumed going through of a bike that has been sitting.   The bike does come with an extra set of plastics, a spare exhaust, and a Pit Bull rear stand.  It looks to be a dust but, pretty solid and unmolested example.  The pictures of the bike in the garage look to be genuine but, it should be noted for caution that the picture of the bike outside was sourced from Wikipedia.

These NC35’s looked–and ran–the part with 41mm USD Showa forks, a 17″ rear wheel, 30mm carbs and other upgrades setting it apart from the VFR400R that preceded it.  The asking price for this bike is $5,000.  See the other NC35’s from Southern California here and here.  See the example currently for sale on Craigslist here.


Honda May 7, 2010 posted by

1996 Honda RS125 NX4 In California At A Very Good Price!

This NX4 RS125 comes with a ton of spares and is priced very nicely!  Located in San Diego, California is a 1996 Honda RS125 finished in baby blue.  The seller states that this bike has a completely rebuilt, fresh, motor; new tires, new chain and many extras.  Looking at the photos this bike has an extensive spares package of consumables.  The photo shows five HRC pistons–if they’re all full and new–which, at $246 a piece retail, is $1,230 in spare pistons alone.  The photo also looks to show additional barrels, new and used, chains, sprockets, manuals and other assorted pieces.  Do the math, we’ve seen the bottom of early NX4’s at around $3,500-4,000 dollars for a bike in good condition with a decent spares package;  This bike is only priced at $3,500 and comes with over $1,000 in spare piston kits alone.  The ’96MY bikes are the last of the leaded head bikes but, the RS125 remained largely unchanged–there are some small changes–from ’95-present.  I honestly wish I wasn’t writing this post and were instead going to pick it up or calling for a shipper.  If you can live with baby blue or, can decently wield a spray gun have a look at this RS125 on Craigslist here.


Honda April 25, 2010 posted by

2008 Honda CBR1000RR Corona Extra Honda/Jake Holden Race Bike

If you had the chance to purchase a two year old CBR1000RR AMA Superstock bike for the price of a new one, would you?  Located in Los Angeles, California is a 2008 Honda CBR1000RR from the Corona Extra Honda team ridden by Jake Holden.  Here is what the seller says about the bike’s current set-up:

Super Stock Build Motor with a milled head, cam timing and undercut transmission. 350 miles since rebuild. 157 RWHP on SuperFlow with a well worn slick = Approx 180-185 RWHP on DynoJet with a newer DOT. Mapped for Sunoco 260 GTX 98 Octane. HRC ECU Power Commander III Power Commander Quick Shifter Ohlins 25MM Fork Cartridges (1.0 Springs) Ohlins TTX Shock (115 Spring) HRC Headers FMF Full Exhaust Quick Turn Throttle Vortex Rear Sets Vortex Case Cover Vortex Clip-ons Taylor Made Clutch Cover GPR Steering Damper Galfer Steel Braided Lines Front & Back Hotbodies Bodywork Hotbodies Speed Screen Stomp Grip CRG Folding Brake & Clutch Levers Vortex Fuel Cap Fully Safety Wired Spare set of Hotbodies body work in Corona Extra Honda livery included with purchase. Suspension set up for 200 lb rider. Never dropped or crashed.

This bike appears to be fairly the same as when it left the team just over two years ago.  It would be interesting to know the bike’s history with the AMA team but, it is known that this bike finished 8th in the 2008 Macau Grand Prix with rider Jeremy Toye–The Macau GP photos can be seen here.  This bike is priced at $12,000 putting it just above comparable amateur/club CBR’s which would be correct based on this bike’s history and it’s additional, big name, parts.  This is a race bike from a prominent team but, it’s at the point in it’s life where it’s most useful for amateur and club racing but, if a collector can snatch it up before someone who will actually use this bike in anger it should last like it is for some time.  See the Sport Rider article on this bike here.  If you’d like an AMA Supersport bike to call your own, see this one on the WERA forum here.


Honda April 2, 2010 posted by

1986 Honda VF1000R With 12,513 Original Miles

This is a fantastic looking VF1000R with low miles!  Located in Worcester, Massachusetts is a 1986 Honda VF1000R with 12,513 original miles.  The seller makes no mention of maintenance but this bike looks to be in fantastic, original, condition.  The only deviation from stock appears to be the Yoshimura exhaust system.

This bike was released during the height of Honda’s love affair with the V-4; it was released to win in production based racing classes worldwide.  The R featured carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass fairings, 41mm forks with air assistance and ant-dive, four-piston calipers on floating rotors up front on Comstar wheels and gear driven cams for better timing.  However well theses bikes were designed, the engineering did take it’s toll bringing the bike to 524lbs dry.  While they failed to dominate production based road racing, they still came out as trick as anything else production produced for the time.  Several of these have popped up on Craigslist recently and this one is the best example I’ve seen.  Thanks to Joe L. for forwarding us the link.  See this prime VF1000R on eBay .