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1990 Norton JPS F1

Update: 12.26.2010

1991 Norton John Player Special F1

Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Mileage: 1,360
Price: $45,000.00

One of only a handful (less than 5) said to be in the states, and 1 of 70 in the world is this beautiful Norton JPS F1 (F55). This is a stunning example of an already classic British motorcycle. Not many sport production motorcycles can command attention and respect like the Norton F1’s do, but when a company as special as Norton, builds a motorcycle of this caliber, people take notice.

This F1 is equipped with a 588cc, twin-rotor Wankel engine that produces 90hp and is said to be both smooth and powerful. Norton only produced the F1 in JPS racing colors and black and gold were the colors of choice.

From the seller:

This F1 Norton rotary machine is one of about 70 that were made in the early 1990s in Great Britain, very few of which are known to be in the US. It is a street-legal racing machine known for its high power-to-weight ratio.

The motorcycle is in very good condition with 1,360 miles. For additional pictures and information, visit www.nmsimons.com.

Bike is located in the Hudson Valley.

Serious inquiries only, and please include “F1 Norton” in the subject and your phone number in the body of your email.

Please email us with inquiries on behalf of the seller.



  • $45,000 for that! Put it next to a $1,500 SUZUKI Katana and they look identical. That’s the reason why they only shipped 5 over to the US, because they’re ugly and nobody would buy them.


  • before talking about norton some people must wash their mouth before…
    have you any idea of how poweful was the noron wankel engine on races??
    look here and learn:

  • Marco, ignore guys who have no ideas about wankel rotary engines and the power to weight ratio they offer. The F1 deserves to be called one of the best bikes ever. Wonder why discovery channel never thought of it.

  • I had an RX-7 with the W-engine and really enjoyed it. When I first read about the F1 in MC or CW, I was pretty impressed but never got to see one in person. This is a special machine but not sure of the asking price. It has the unique styling [the head lignt/front upper fairing tilted downward] with the JPS color scheme.

  • What do you know, it’s still for sale. Ugly and over priced, I’ll give him 2 grand for it…

  • Marco, Thanks for the link to the youtube clip, bad ass!

  • I cry when I see this bike.I had one I was setting up for racing.Had the engine speced to IOM settings,and I was building a race frame about half done and my shop caught on fire in 07 and I lost everything.Guess it makes this one worth more now that there’s one less in the world.At the time there were two for sale in England one for $28,000 and one for $36,000.Mine was frame #136.They have their numbers wrong though there were about 204 F1’s and F1 sports built altogether about 76 F1 sports.

  • i’m sorry Rod for your story…i hope you will fond the way to buy another one in the future…
    i have another one too…i live in italy and probably is the only one in my country….if you came in italy in the future and you want to ride it you are welcome 🙂
    PS i’m quite sure less than 204 f1 were really built..200 frames were built to have the omologation for racing purposes(an ex norton factory worker told me so…) but the complete bike really made were less
    (they not finished to build some F1 first model and transform them in sport and use some parts from spare)

  • What is all the fuss about This bike looks genuine. Norton lost money making these bikes.about 170 f1 made and about 70 f1 sports. The price is whatever you think its worth to you.The f1 sport is more ridable with twin SU carbs and less prone to over heat? I’ve had my F1 for 13 years and love it. The bike is not perfect but neither am I. Before you buy talk to people who has one and look at ” the rotary owners” web site. Engine rebuilds can be expensive Ride safe Andy from the UK

  • Toujours est il que ma NORTON F1 qui est classique a le numéro de série : 93 et a été importée en france légalement début 1991 parmi les 4 autres !


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