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1989 Honda NT650 Hawk GT For Sale on eBay!

1989 Honda NT650 Hawk GT For Sale on eBay!

Location: Plainfield, Illinois
Make: Honda
Model: Hawk NT650
Mileage: 5,285
Price: $6,000 B.I.N.

From the seller:
1989 Honda Hawk GT 650
1 owner
In storage since 1995 brought out in 2021
Runs and drives
Clean body not one ounce of rust

Pretty darned spiffy- don’t you agree?

Honda Hawk’s are always a crowd pleaser and this one shouldn’t disappoint the fan boys and fan girls. Even though the seller is vague on details, the less than adequate photos can tell us a little bit more. The seller states it was in storage for roughly 25 years (ouch!), but was recently (assumed) brought back to life for the “headlight on” photo op.

Since the seller didn’t say- all potential buyers must assume a whole lot of rubber bits will need replaced like tires, radiator hoses and fork seals just to name a few, as well as a few metal bits such as a chain, perhaps some cables and bearings? Of course we’d like to see the inside of the fuel tank and perhaps a little more info on how it was stored because you know . . . Lacquer and all that yucky stuff.

However, the seller does state “Not one ounce of rust!” and the photos (when zoomed in) support that comment. You *may have to spend a few pennies, some time and a few beers bringing it up to road worthiness, but it appears you would have an amazing base to start with. The frame is oxidation free, the paint still shines and I don’t see any body damage.

While standing around the corporate offices yesterday one of our more distinguished employees made the comment “Better pictures would be worth one thousand more on the B.I.N. price!”

What do you all think?
-Buy it and ride it?
-Buy it and sit on it while making vroom, vroom noises?
-Buy it, fix it and sell it?

Where ever your thoughts land you can Make the jump here-




  • It won’t sell at that price. I just don’t think Hawks are there yet.

  • @Shawn……I agree……even the VTR1000 Superhawks aren’t going for that kind of money…….

  • If it does sell at that price, we are all screwed, because that means prices have gone insane in the last few years. In 2017 I found a non-running Hawk on Craig’s locally. A machinist had it, and made rear sets, lowered the bars, made a fork brace, and had a Fox out back. Clean bike, just needed the pilots cleaned, a battery and new choke tubes. I only paid $600 for it – yes $600, and not realizing how cheap it was, sold it for about $1,800 later in the Summer. It handled and sounded great, but was just too slow. Even in 2017, I didn’t understand that bike prices were climbing (they had been so cheap) and of course things went nuts after The China Flu.

    But I still think this seller is an opportunist crook, wanting $6,000!

  • When new, these bikes were Honda being Honda and kinda being genius while also missing the point. The motor was the huge let down. Architecturally it shared ties with the PC800 which was itself a very confused design. 3 valve heads?! Even worse was the no power character. But at the same time that chassis and swingarm was brilliant. Such a confused thing. An the market responded predictably. $6k here and now? it is as confused now as it was then.

  • I agree with Gary, and I have a relatively stock and low mileage Hawk GT. If this bike fetches $6k I will be putting mine up for sale!

  • I see a couple fairly nice Hawks around the midwest that are being sold for around the $4k mark and being marked down from there. $6k is a big ask for a bike that will need a thorough going over to be road worthy.

  • way to high. and whoever bites at this – ride it . get the aftermarket tune set up. its a great platform to mod or keep stock

  • I got mine around 1997 – it was sort of a re-entry bike, after years away from the sport. As others have said, they needed lots of upgrades, but decent pieces from other Hondas were cheap, and the process was fun. There was even a subscription newsletter, organized group meetups, etc. I’ve had a few four cylinder bikes, but since the Hawk it’s been twins for me. Friends told me when I bought a 2001 SV650 that I’d never ride the Hawk after that, but it wasn’t the case. Properly set up for my weight (light!) the NT650 is unique and fun – I still have it. Still have my modified SV too, for the same reason, and the fact that they were both cheap to keep. And they’re good company for my Ducatis. Twins all.

  • Yeah, I had always wanted to see what the fuss was about with these, and of course mine was offered so cheap I had to buy it. But I’m 5′ 11″ and 185 and with the lowered bars and rearsets, was very cramped! Then I took it out after getting it running and ran her through the gears and hit a whopping 60 mph . . . talk about being underwhelmed. I then realized why they didn’t sell, too expensive and too slow.

    But sure wish I had it to sell now, I foolishly gave it away in 2017.

  • Easy guys, he’s asking $6K. I wouldn’t get to excited until it SELLS for $6K. If it does, well . . .
    However, if you really want to see a crazy market just go to Bring A Trailer. Some people there have more money than sense!

    • Very well said, Jess and I couldn’t agree more.

  • “Bring a Therapist”

  • If you think “Bring A Trailer” is bad, look at the selling prices at Mecum. And don’t forget to add 12% plus the Mecum registration fee.

  • Bought my 90 Hawk w/2000 miles used in 95 for $2600. With the Dynojet & Supertrapp I put on it, it was as peppy as the SV650 I got in 04 after the Hawk was wrecked. Loved that bike, thin as a bicycle, the swing arm & wheels gorgeous.

  • The Hawk wheels have not aged well IMO. They look very 80’s like something off of a Pontiac Grand Prix/ Grand AM. However Hawks look pretty modern still with a VFR 800 rear wheel conversion and F2/ F3 front wheel conversion. Made a big difference in making the handling even sharper with a wider selection of tires.

  • High bid was $2,256.00, reserve not met. -dc

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