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Honda July 21, 2022 posted by

Honda Gone Wild – 1990 Honda Hawk GT 650

Image 1 - 1990 Honda Hawk GT 650

Honda Hawk GT 650

To the untrained eye, this bike can easily be mistaken for an SV650 or GS500. The exposed aluminum frame and body lines are definitely similar but the single-sided swingarm is a dead giveaway.

I would’ve loved to sit in the room with the marketing and engineers teams who opted to move forward with the Hawk because it certainly must’ve been an interesting conversation. Regardless, I think Honda had nailed the right combination of engine, chassis, and aesthetic much earlier than some of the other manufacturers.

Image 8 - 1990 Honda Hawk GT 650

The side profile reveals a couple interesting aspects of the Hawk. First, the design is very clean and subtle. Everything is tidy and there is nothing that looks like an after thought. The next piece I found unique was the riding position. The pegs are up and slightly back and the bars are fairly low and far from the seat. While the bars can be adjusted, it was clear Honda wanted to make this a capable canyon carver. An extremely narrow profile makes it easy for anyone to easily transfer weight and move around on the bike. The final and most intriguing aspect is the use of a single-sided swingarm. Single-sided swingarms are synonymous with European makes and Honda. Honda definitely has the engineering know-how to execute this but it’s odd they chose to actually use one.

Image 81 - 1990 Honda Hawk GT 650

The most vulnerable spec for the Hawk is the power. ~40 hp to the wheel is nothing to write home about but this is a relatively old motor that lived in the Shadow 500 before it found a home in the Hawk. Coming in a bit over 400 lbs wet didn’t help the Hawk’s case but as a total package there is an argument to be made.

Image 21 - 1990 Honda Hawk GT 650

No action on this auction which starts at $3K. Considering the mileage, condition, and price this could be a very interesting addition to any collection. Any aged Honda is pretty cool if you ask me. If you’re expecting crazy values in the future I wouldn’t hold my breath but it’s hard to go wrong for $3K.


Honda Gone Wild – 1990 Honda Hawk GT 650
Honda February 23, 2022 posted by

1989 Honda NT650 Hawk GT For Sale on eBay!

1989 Honda NT650 Hawk GT For Sale on eBay!

Location: Plainfield, Illinois
Make: Honda
Model: Hawk NT650
Mileage: 5,285
Price: $6,000 B.I.N.

From the seller:
1989 Honda Hawk GT 650
1 owner
In storage since 1995 brought out in 2021
Runs and drives
Clean body not one ounce of rust

Pretty darned spiffy- don’t you agree?

Honda Hawk’s are always a crowd pleaser and this one shouldn’t disappoint the fan boys and fan girls. Even though the seller is vague on details, the less than adequate photos can tell us a little bit more. The seller states it was in storage for roughly 25 years (ouch!), but was recently (assumed) brought back to life for the “headlight on” photo op.

Since the seller didn’t say- all potential buyers must assume a whole lot of rubber bits will need replaced like tires, radiator hoses and fork seals just to name a few, as well as a few metal bits such as a chain, perhaps some cables and bearings? Of course we’d like to see the inside of the fuel tank and perhaps a little more info on how it was stored because you know . . . Lacquer and all that yucky stuff.

However, the seller does state “Not one ounce of rust!” and the photos (when zoomed in) support that comment. You *may have to spend a few pennies, some time and a few beers bringing it up to road worthiness, but it appears you would have an amazing base to start with. The frame is oxidation free, the paint still shines and I don’t see any body damage.

While standing around the corporate offices yesterday one of our more distinguished employees made the comment “Better pictures would be worth one thousand more on the B.I.N. price!”

What do you all think?
-Buy it and ride it?
-Buy it and sit on it while making vroom, vroom noises?
-Buy it, fix it and sell it?

Where ever your thoughts land you can Make the jump here-



1989 Honda NT650 Hawk GT  For Sale on eBay!
Honda July 19, 2016 posted by

Low-Mileage Cult Roadster: 1989 Honda Hawk GT for Sale

1989 Honda Hawk GT R Side

I’m really shocked there are any Honda Hawk GTs running around still so few miles on them at this point. After all, that’s kind of why you generally buy a Honda, right? So you can ride the hell out of it, without worrying about failing voltage regulators, expensive and frequent valve-adjustments, expensive parts… The bike may look like Honda was trying to create their very own Monster, they way they were trying to beat the 916 at its own game when they released their VTR. Except that the Hawk GT was released in 1988, so it was really more like Miguel Galluzzi saw the Hawk and thought, “What a great idea!” And then proceeded to sex the concept up and use it to save Ducati from financial disaster…

Performance specifications seem pretty tame: a very optimistic 58 horsepower from the 647cc twin, with a top speed of 107mph. But those numbers don’t tell the whole story and the Hawk GT has plenty of Honda racing heritage built in. Designated the RC31, which should give some hint of the bike’s engineering, it also included that very spiffy, Elf-Racing Pro-Arm swingarm. That trick piece is really the only obvious indication of the quality hiding in this modest machine.

1989 Honda Hawk GT Rear

The 52° v-twin may not scream performance, but the smallish displacement kept vibrations to a minimum, and it had liquid cooling and three-valves per cylinder. Power was definitely modest but so was weight. Suspension is a bit budget in stock form, and the bike earns praise today for its nimble handling and stability. If you’re of the “it’s better to ride a slow bike fast” mentality, you’ve found the perfect bike, as the Hawk GT is a simple, lightweight machine that rewards skill and can, in the hands of a good rider, embarrass much faster machinery on a tight canyon road.

This example has just over 4,000 original miles on it and is in completely original condition, although it doesn’t have to stay that way…

1989 Honda Hawk GT L Side

From the original eBay listing: 1989 Honda Hawk GT for Sale

Ill health forces me to sell my original red 1989 Honda Hawk GT650 motorcycle, in excellent condition with very low original mileage. The (desirable) carburetor re-jetting was done by the local Honda dealer. The rear tire has been replaced (due to age of the original). Has original toolkit and manual. Local pickup only.

New, the Hawk GT was a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none, which is a big reason it didn’t sell well here in the USA. But the basic goodness of the package allows you to build it to match your tastes. Want to race it? Bolt on some RC30-styled Airtech fairings, swap in the front-end from a CBR600, and build up the motor a bit. Looking for a canyon-carver? Set up the suspension properly and fit some grippy brake pads. A fun commuter? Fit a windscreen. Or just leave it alone. But above all: ride it. These are unlikely to be especially valuable for a while yet and it seems a shame to let one of these sit when it could be out there, doing what it does best: a little bit of everything.


Low-Mileage Cult Roadster: 1989 Honda Hawk GT for Sale