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Ducati posted by

1977 Ducati 900cc Supersport


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

For sale: 1977 Ducati Supersport 900cc Bevel Drive

What we have here is what many would regard as THE Ducati superbike. You would be forgiven if your preference runs towards a Desmosedicci or a 1098R; the modern bikes are, after all, higher performance offerings. But back in the mid 1970s, this bike was as good as sportbikes could get: big torquey motor, agile chassis, good brakes and gorgeous Italian styling.

From the seller:
Up for auction is one of the nicest restored Bevel Ducatis you will ever see! This bike was completely re-built and restored in the late 1990s and then not run at all until I purchased it in 2006 (it had only 222 miles on it when I purchased it).

The bike was completely stripped down, and the engine was completely re-built. The previous owner nickel plated the frame. The bike was re-painted and the seat re-upholstered. Also, a new windshield was installed. The brakes were re-built, as was the clutch, and a Lucas RITA ignition was installed. The dash was replaced and the engine cases, fork triple trees, Borrani rims and fork sliders were polished. New Works Performance gas shocks were installed. The wheels were re-built with stainless spokes. Conti exhaust was polished and re-chromed. Billet oil filter cover. Chrome/stainless hardware was installed throughout bike.

I have done the following work during my ownership:
· The frame was chrome plated since the nickel plating was failing in spots.
· Turning indicators were installed
· Carbs were stripped, cleaned and re-built (40mm Dellorto PHMs)
· Installed power cone air filters, but bike also comes with velocity stacks for show
· Installed extended clutch actuator arm and new cable
· Brakes bled and new fluid and seals. Stainless brake lines for front and rear
· New dual rate springs for forks, along with new fluids and seals
· Installed billet adjustable pre-load fork caps (stock caps come with bike)
· Installed O-ring chain, new front and rear sprockets
· Installed new Dyna “red” coils and new spark plug wires and caps
· CRG mirrors installed
· Custom billet RITA ignition fabricated (pic is of old plastic cover)
· Billet O-ring oil dipstick/filler plug installed
· New battery
· Billet engine breather tower installed

This beauty does not necessarily score top marks for originality. The chrome over previously plated frame does detrack from strict collector value – although the bike gets an A+ for presentation. There is no denying that this bike makes a very tasteful statement, and is certain to get you noticed at the next place you stop.

So how much does the appearence of this bike add to it’s value? The seller has some firm ideas. Bidding is over the $10k mark for this low mileage bike, with the reserve still in place. However the BIN price is listed at a cool $27,000. and watch the fun!



  • In renovating the bike, it appears the current and previous owners have caused $10k worth of damage. Less than 5000 miles from new, really? For superficial reasons, the 76 and 77 years are considered the least desirable of the wire wheeled 900SS Ducati so this one is getting a big biscuit. Just the thing to go with the custom Harley….

  • I love it when the originality nazis come out and pontificate about how unoriginal a bike is. This bike at least has been ridden and not locked up in some collection or museum, as pristine, original bikes tend to be. Anyone who has ridden vintage bikes is well aware that there are many techical updates that can be made to make them much more enjoyable to ride regularly, and while this bike has gone thru a bit of cosmetic alteration, it remains a true representation of the original and is somthing to be enjoyed on its own terms.

  • Oh, and I forgot to add, chroming a structural component, such as a frame, may weaken it. Nickel plating is not as bad if the original steel alloy is of sufficient strength, such as the Rickman brothers did back in the 60s and 70s. This bike has been both nickel plated and chrome plated. Is that one of the technical updates you allude to Phil? Chrome is very hard but brittle, so cracks easily under stress and so enabling corrosion underneath. You are quiet right that this bike has been ridden and not locked away; that is why it is not pristine and has had to be rebuilt twice.
    You are also right that it is a true representation of the original, and it is no doubt a fine ride, but if you want collector prices, then you want collector quality.

  • No,, I was thinking more of more sophisticated electronic ignitions to avoid the fierce over advancement of the electronica ignition, o-ring chains and cog conversions, modern paints, dual rate fork springs, adjustable preload, gas shocks, modern tires, teflon lined clutch cables, led lighting…now as to chroming weakening the frame, I assume you refer to hydrogen embrittlement, something I would not expect to be an issue with an metal object designed to absorb the stresses of a motorcyle frame..remember, older bikes had chromed, spoked rims and almost all bikes have chromed fork tubes, one of the most stressed parts of a bike..

  • Great to here all the arguing about what I consider to be one of the finest examples of a 900Ss I have seen – which is why I bought it. When it arrives in Australia it will be ridden on a weekly basis just like my 73 sport , 74 Laverda 750 SFC and my 84 MHR. Let’s see who paid too much for these types of bikes in 10 years time. Ride them , don’t store them.

  • Congratulations, Brett – that is one beautiful bike!

  • Mike
    Thanks. The previous owner has told me how he spent most of his time arguing with the originality nazis but the reality is if you are going to ride these bikes like the deserve , they need to be updated to suit the times. It always make me laugh at how we love modern Ducatis that are highly modified but then don’t want any changes to the older bikes. Bike should be here in 2 weeks. Can’t wait.

  • Hey Brett – feel free to drop us a line once the bike arrives. I would love to hear your riding impression!

  • Picked the bike up last week from the shipping company. A bit dusty but very impressive condition. A good wash , oil change and battery charge and it started second kick. I was too excited to wait until I got it registered so I took it for a quick blast around a local industrial estate near where it is kept. Wow. This is without a doubt the best bevel twin I have ever ridden. Sure it’s not the most original but I can tell you it has been put together by a very smart mechanic. Will give more impression after I ride it further. I will probably get the frame painted back to original silver though – way too shiny.

  • […] in December, RSBFS posted this absolutely stunning example of a classic Ducati bevel drive. It was noted then that the bike, while not strictly original, had […]

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