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Suzuki June 2, 2011 posted by

Putting the “SP” In Special: 1991 RGV250SP Gamma

Putting the "SP" In Special: 1991 RGV250SP Gamma

Wow!  A RGV buyers dream is hiding in Oregon.  Being an RGV guy this one immediately caught my eye.  How does 1,450 miles, titled and SP sound together?  Sounds like time to write a check to me.

Plain and simple, this is the sort of RGV you hold out for.  It has super low miles, it has a title and it is an SP.  It also has one of the best color schemes to come out of Hammamatsu.  The owner knows what he has too, so hopefully the price is not in the stratosphere.  It looks close to stock as well.  I'm only noticing the bar ends, the windscreen and maybe braided brake lines.  Of course the pipes catch your eye.  They are not the traditional stacked RGV pipes but rather Tyga side by sides.  They give the bike a more modern look but maybe loose a little of  the classic RGV lines.  I can't quite make out if they are stainless or mild steel.  If they are mild steel remember they require regular up keep to keep them looking good.  Keep them bathed in WD40 and it will help keep the rust away.

Looks just as good from the back.  The old VJ22's have held up well with time.  The barely look dated to me.  If you don't keep up with RGV's, the SP gives you the usual sort of upgrades.  More adjustable suspension front and rear.  A close ratio gear box with dry clutch (which have been fetching close to $1,000).  A different CDI and straight plug heads are also included.  It might be worth finding out if it was a domestic market SP or and export model SP.  I believe they would differ in CDI and carb size.  Can't remember for sure though.  SP's in Japan were still covered under the 45hp limit.  Remember, if you ever need info on RGV's head over the RGV forum, it is a library of RGV info.

What would you pay for it?  If it looks as good in person as it does in the photos I would think the price would be pretty darn steep.  I wouldn't be surprised if the owner is seeking close to $10,000 considering everything it has going for it.  I know it is a buyers market right now but considering the model and condition I wouldn't let it go for much less than that.  I know I'd sure like to have it hanging out it my garage.  !


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1989 Suzuki RGV250 SP

I think this is a rare find, a new never started RGV250 from 1989.  These 250 2 strokes are nigh on race bikes for the road and to find one is such an untouched state is remarkable.  Personally I have always wanted to lay my hands on a KR1-S but a tidy little RGV would always do.

A few words from the seller:

New 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Kevin Schwantz Pepsi Edition. This bike is NEW never started or had gas in it. Mirrors have never been mounted, and will come with the bike. The optional Suzuki rear stand in the pictures will also come with the bike. Bike has all the manuals, tool kit and extra sticker kit. I don't have a title for this bike. Bike is sold with a BILL OF SALE ONLY! Check out my other auctions for more race parts and bikes or check us out on the web. Payment must be received no later than 7 days of auction close. Payment must be a bank transfer or cash only. Bike is sold as is so ask questions before you bid.

The asking price of $15,000 certainly is higher than you would expect for an RGV250 but for one is this condition it is difficult to know.  The bike also has Kevin Schwantz's signature which adds a certain something.  Personally I would not mind having this little beauty in my garage.  A bit of research shows that this bike has been on and off for sale for some time which makes you wonder if the seller is not overly keen to sell rather wants to hold out for the price.

For those who wonder what a 2 stroke like this sounds like, this YouTube clip should give you some idea.


Reader Rides For Sale April 26, 2011 posted by

1996 Suzuki RGV250SP w/ CA title For Sale

1996 Suzuki RGV250SP For Sale

Location: Brentwood, CA
Mileage: 4,220
Price: $8,000.00 should buy it

Update 4.26.2011: Auction is back, but now with a buy-it-now of $9500. Link updated at the bottom. -dc

First and foremost I need to thank my brother Larry for the heads up on this machine. Usually he only sends me lies and falsities, but today he sent the good stuff. I will say it was not without some doubt. When I received the text I anxiously pushed the 'open' button and couldn't believe my eyes, but quickly realized who it was from. Brushing it off, but still secretly curious, I jump on the auction site and start key wording to find it. As I suspected, it wasn't there so I had another look at the text and was getting ready to swype 'another lie eh?' but, I noticed the seller has it listed in the ebay motors> parts & accessories category. It's a good thing I didn't out and out call my buddy a 'Liar!' because that would have warranted an apology on my part. If you know me you're well aware that those don't come easy from my stubborn as a Mule personality.

Okay enough with story time and on with the show-

So, do you love it or hate? My first response was 'Cool, it has the 90's style graphics and that is totally hot!'. My other brother Larry's response was 'I don't care for the color scheme- it's too girlie looking...' Either way it looks super nice for a 96 model coming from Japan only 9 short months ago. Corrosion is a huge problem in Japan and when you're able to find a smoker without corrosion it's big deal to us here at the HQ's.

You are looking at a 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP (Vj23A) that I brought over from Japan about 9 months ago. It only has 6800 original kilometers. I have fully de-restricted the bike with the OEM Suzuki 42E10 CDI along with the proper jetting, chambers and airbox mods. Bike runs strong and hard. Although the bike only has 6800 kilometers I did go to the expense of installing a brand new top end. The motor is as fresh as they come. The nice thing about this bike is that is is all original and it is VERY unusual to bring a bike over from Japan that is so absolutely free of corrosion. The owner must have kept the bike indoors all the time because all the fasteners are mint and original, look at the pictures. When I got the bike it had been lightly dropped on both sides. The left side was a bit worse so I replaced the left side mid panel with a nicer used panel and a rear left side exhaust hanger. The right side mid panel was lightly scuffed and originally it did not bother me but I did end up finding a clean un-rashed right side panel that will be included with the bike, it is currently over in Japan. All in all the bodywork is very good for an original set that is 15 years old. Underneath the skin though this bike is stellar. When I got the bike I could tell it had never been kept outdoors and when I went to give it a detail the bike became amazing. I spent a weeks worth of elbow grease and she looks like new. Only cosmetic issue is the left side brace on the swing arm has a crack from the bike being dropped and the silencer in turn hit the brace. Completely cosmetic and is behind the silencer. I do have the original set of chambers that came with the bike if you want to install them to have it completely stock. The chambers on the bike are the Sugaya street set. The bike is titled and plated in California (see the vin plate pic). Insurance is cheap because it is 250cc's. The picture of the needle/seats is the wrong ones that are in the bike now. They weeped fuel (btw the carbs are perfect internally, again no corrosion, rare). I replaced them but they are not correct. I have ordered another set directly from Japan so they will come with the bike as well. The tires on the bike are still the original units. I do have a brand new set of Bridgestones in the correct original size that will come with the bike as well.
Don't know what else to say. If you are looking for a super rare unmolested original condition RGV250SP then this bike is for you. Having owned 6 TZR's, 2 NSR's and 2 other Vj22 RGV's I can say with experience that this is THE 2 stroke repli-racer to own. It outperforms all the other makes in every category hands down. I have tons of pics so contact me if you are genuinely serious about winning this auction, and if you want to talk about the bike I would be glad to answer any questions.

Totally impressed with the amount of disclosure by the seller- Kudos!

These are said to weigh in at just a tic under 300# dry, have a claimed 62hp and if the ring-a-ding isn't enough noise for you it's an SP so you get the lovely dry clutch rattle.

New tires, new float needles, a tremendous detail job, no corrosion and let's not forget the special piece of paper- Chaching!

I'm guessing at $8,000 this one will sell before the auction ends so don't delay. Update a few hours later: Looks like it's probably gone already! -dc

to scoop this one up.



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Southern Hemisphere SP: 1993 Suzuki RGV250 SP

Southern Hemisphere SP:  1993 Suzuki RGV250 SP

I know whenever I get an email that starts with "G'day" it's going to be interesting.  My Aussie hook up  Chris has come across a nice find for you guys located in the southern hemisphere;  a completely stock 1993 RGV250 SP.

 Do I need to post another picture?  I know this is what everyone is after.  Complete RGV250 dry clutches have been selling for over $1000 for quite some time now.  They really do make the bike.  That rattling sound combined with the pop,pop,pop of the engine is sweet music.  You also get the larger 34mm carbs and derestricted SAPC.

Any two stroke with the original pipes and cans is a rare find.  The pipes can easily double as a boat anchor.  Keep it stock though and you will have no issues.  Just add gas and oil and enjoy the ride.

The other benefit of the SP, more adjustable suspension front and rear.  Probably still too softly sprung for the bigger boys.

From the auction:






I was wrong, this one is available to anyone willing to foot the bill for shipping worldwide.  This isn't a museum piece though, it has been ridden.  It is past the "I'm scared to ride and scratch it" stage with 20,000km's.  With the dollar doing its' best impression of a lead balloon, the $7,500 AUD BIN price is pretty much $7,500 American.  You don't stumble across SP's every day though so I can understand if you are tempted.  .


Quick Spot January 4, 2011 posted by

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike? Don’t Be Late For Class

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike?  Don't Be Late For Class

I know anyone who is shopping for a RGV250 or a Lucky Strike RGV250 is cringing right now.  Sellers:  buyers need photos and lots of them, especially when you are dealing with a model like  a Lucky Strike RGV250.  This may be the most copied paint scheme on the planet.  It is extremely difficult to find the real thing nowadays.  Even more rare is finding one that has not been modified.  I normally wouldn't post a bike with so few pictures but I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about what to look for if you might be looking for a Lucky Strike RGV250.  RGV's are the one area I can claim some decent knowledge so let's do a little Lucky Strike RGV Class 101.

To be honest it is difficult to even find a photo of a stock Lucky Strike RGV250 on the net.  This Youtube post is the best example I've seen in a while.  Not stock are the solo tail cover (ultra rare and a great find if you come across one), the Arrow exhaust and the Motul, Michelin and NGK stickers and the Schwantz signature.  Excluding those items it is a great example of what a home market Lucky Strike RGv250 should look like.  When I say "home market", I'm referring to Japan.  There were a certain number of resprays done in England by the Suzuki importer there.  I guess I'm a snob, I don't consider those true LS RGV250's.  A Japanese spec Lucky Strike will be restricted to 45hp, as well, since they were home market bikes.  Lucky Stirkes are not SP models.  They will have the less adjustable suspension and no remote reservoir for the rear shock.  The Lucky Strike edition was simply a paint scheme.  If want that cool dry clutch you have to stick with an SP.

Here is the info from the ad:

1992 suzuki rgv 250
factory kevin schwantz with registration
super sweet light and nimble
this bike screams
if your reading this you already know
im looking for best offers
this bike is rare
xtra rebuilds/ rims/parts and pipes and factory manuel
make me a serious offer and i will write back
bike has been well kept and always garaged

 The photo is so poor, it is hard to judge the bike.  What I notice right away is it almost looks like the stickers say "Team Suzuki" instead of "Lucky Strike".  Suzuki ran those stickers in in the GP's in countries where you could not advertise tobacco.  Obviously, if the stickers do say that, this is not an original LS.  The wheels are also the wrong color for an original LS.  I will hedge my bets though, if the stickers are correct (some have been added though) and for some reason the wheels were painted or changed it could be an original LS.  Then again I'm noticing three louvers on the tail section.  Three louvers are a sign of 1991 model.  1992 onwards have two louvers.  See how it turns into detective work?  Now, would I totally dismiss this bike?  If I was a collector, yes.  If I'm just looking for a nice RGV I'd at least make a call.  In my opinion that title is worth more than whatever paint is on the bike.  Like I said the LS RGV's were just normal RGV's excluding the paint.  You could even argue they are less appealing because they are  restricted in stock form.  With some planning and some $$$ you can get a nice Lucky Strike spray done yourself.  If you'd like to know more about this particular bike you can find out more here.


Some review material for Lucky Strike RGV Class 101

A few nice pictures of 1992 VJ22 LS.  Solo tail, end cans and a few small stickers are not factory original.  As I mentioned above the solo tail cover was a factory made item and is uber rare.

 I honestly don't remember is these were produced in 1991 and 1992 or just 1992.  A real one must have the banana swing arm that wasn't produced after 1992 (Honda sued them over a patent infringement).


 If you ever see one that looks like this snatch it up as fast as you can.  I believe only about 500 were produced in 1994 for the Japanese market.  Still a VJ22 but with the updated Lucky Strike paint work.  

1996 VJ23 Lucky Strike.  It was produced in both the restricted "T" model and the derestricted "V" model.  If you think about it, as rare as these are, we've seen a lot more of these VJ23 LS's lately than the older VJ22 LS's.  Which would you rather own? I know, I know....both.


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RGV For The UK, It’s Coming Sometime Maybe! 1996 RGV250SP VJ23

RGV For The UK, It's Coming Sometime Maybe! 1996 RGV250SP VJ23

Does anyone get referance in the headline?  One more hint, this is one VICOUS RGV.  Just my lame attempt at trying to make a UK connection.  Enough of me screwing around.  This 23 isn't in the U.S., it isn't stock and the paint isn't original.  Turned off?  I sure as heck hope not, this 23 is niiiiiice.  In my opinion it has been very tastefully upgraded.  If your interest is peaked you might have to make a quick friend in the UK as the seller isn't open to overseas bids.  Stop frowning and enjoy the pictures!

First off,  the bike has been derestricted properly with a Sugaya R2 CDI (considered the best non-racing CDI for the 23) and Sugaya pipes (again considered the best among most 23 owners).  It sounds like he has also set up the air box to "V" model specs.  Not a complicated procedure but the "V" model has some different hose routing into the air box.


That's not a stock Suzuki shock hiding in there.  Check out the list below for all the goodies he has added to the bike:


 Here for sale is my  RGV 250 SP VJ23.     1996

 If your looking here then you should know the spec of these bikes.

Lucky Strike paintwork. Dry clutch, Close ratio gearbox, kais re-valve and re-sprung forks

Sugaya race pipes, Sugaya R2 derestricted ecu box, derestricted airbox, pipercross air filter,

WP steering damper, special clock bracket, Braided brake lines, GSXR 6 pot calipers,

Brembo master cylinder with folding lever, folding clutch lever, Nitron track rear shock  ( cost £500 plus and done hardly any miles ),

Small indicators, harris fuel tank cap, Rear wavey brake disc,  £500 spent on Ti fasteners,

Dunlop Alpha 10 tyres ( done 80 miles ) The bike has 1015 km on the clock, Mot,d, taxed and V5 in my name.

The bike was imported approx. 3 years ago by fastline and has had 1 previous owner before myself.

The bike is in immaculate condition. It is running a daytime mot at present. (as headlight is not present with Lucky strike fairing/ but standard bodywork comes with std fairing and headlight )

Here is a list of spares I am including in the sale.

Full bodykit in original colours ( minus front mudguard )  excellent condition.

Standard unrestricted exhausts with both std end cans and swarbrick carbon cans. excellent cond

Rear foot peg hangers , rear pillion seat , std indicators , std rear shock , std front master cylinder and clutch lever , Head light/clock bracket and headlight unit, White mirrors .

Std sapc control box and std carb jets.

The bike is as you can see excellent condition. It has been run on fully synthetic 2 stroke oil.

The bike is very very light and very powerfull and is immaculate.

Viewing can be arranged. No scammers. Strictly no timewaters.

£300 Deposit to be paid within 2 hours of auction end via paypal, ( sorry but, I don’t want to be messed around ) Balance on collection. ( cash ) within 5 days.

Any questions please ask. No overseas bids. No overseas postage. less than 10 feedback please contact first or I will remove bid.

Bike is advertised elsewhere and may be removed from auction.

 Just to add that the lucky strike paintwork is on genuine suzuki panels and not pattern/ fibreglass panels.

Tasteful carbon cans.  The stock ones weigh a ton.  The stock pipes and mufflers are more suitable as boat anchors.  Those pipes will cost a good $1800 dollars to have made nowadays.  Yes, Sugaya will still make pipes on a special order basis and no they don't produce CDI's anymore.


 A little extra stopping power courtesy of a GSX-R.  Like almost all Japanese home market bikes the 23 forks are softly sprung stock.

This thing is barely broken in with 1016KM's on it.  I can't see a single draw back with this bike other than it is out of reach for most of us here in the USA.  Starting bid converted is roughly $9,300.   While I do not know the seller personally I do know he is a long time member of the RGV forum on .  I've been a member for years and can honestly say it is one of the most helpful forums out there and is filled with a good group of guys with a wealth of knowledge on everything related to RGV's.  .

The man who made the Lucky Strike RGV250  famous in Japan, Noriyasu Numata.  He won the All Japan Championship in 96 and piloted the RGV250 in the GP's for two years in Rizla colors.  He is seen here with a the 1994 works RGv250.  He  died a few years ago testing tires in Japan.