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Sport Bikes For Sale June 12, 2012 posted by

Same Bike Different Look: 1991 Suzuki RGV250

Same Bike Different Look: 1991 Suzuki RGV250

This isn't the usual sort of RGV we  feature  but it has some nice features if you are looking for a stroker to get out and enjoy what it was built to do; scream its' guts out.

What caught my eye:

1.  A title

2.  A nice set of Sugaya race chambers

3.  Modern Tyga bodywork.

4. Derestricted

I've noticed Tyga bodywork is selling quite nicely.  What do you guys think about the looks?  I'm old school.  I think the Suzuki employee who sat down and drew up the RGV250 did a hell of job.  Anyone wanting a more modern look though doesn't have much of an alternative.  Somehow I think the Tyga stuff makes it look somewhat generic.  Opinions?

It's a 1991 so you get the banana swing arm everyone likes.

The info:

1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22a.  Japanese Import.  Clean Florida title/registration with frame VIN.  Not a salvage or frame swap.  Sugaya pipes, SP top end, wet clutch, Aprilia Full Power kit race ECU from a cup bike (plug and play), unrestricted carbs, woodcraft racing clip-ons, Tyga Performance GP Bodywork with HID headlight.  I have most of the original parts and spare power valves.

I had it imported in 2009 and had it cleanly titled by a lawyer, and rode it weekly until 6 months ago.  Treated with nothing but the best oils (Motul).  The GP bodywork is not installed on the front end, still in box.  Probably time for new chain/gears/tires.  Mechanically the bike works perfectly.  Sad to sell it as it's my dream bike I had so many plans for it, but I'm never riding a bike again.

The Sugaya's are a nice touch.  They are the standard everything is judged against with VJ22's.  They came with very flimsy tin mufflers and they are always beat up.  I don't know if I've ever seen and pair not dented.  There are plenty of alternatives out there for different mufflers.

Everyone likes a box goodies.  Be sure to read here because he explains the mileage.

Comes with a whole box of goodies!  Stock rear bodywork, stock subframe, tanks, spare parts, and the rest of the Tyga kit.  Oh and PS, the mileage is unknown, the clock was busted and I needed one to get the bike titled.  Purchased one off ebay UK.  It reads 31k+ but that's not actual.  No idea what the bike actually has.  Less then a few thousand since last top end rebuild I do know that 🙂  It takes the same kit as the Aprilia Cup RS 250 race bike.  They can be had all over the USA for $300 shipped and it's so easy you can do it while pumping for gas.  Well not literally, but it's easy.

As valuable as gold?    I think so.

If breathing two stroke fumes hasn't rotted your brain, you may remember this bike made an appearance on RSBFS back in 2010. The asking price was sky high at the time.

There seems to be plenty of interest in auction but the reserve has yet to be met with only a couple of days remaining.  Jump on in if you are interested.


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Suzuki Track Weapon: Race Kitted 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP (VJ23)

Suzuki  Track Weapon:  Race Kitted 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP (VJ23)

We've had a decent amount of VJ23's grace the pages of RSBFS and of those, we've had some ultra rare "V" models.  This might be a first though, a fully track prepped 23 and prepped with a lot of true kit parts; not to mention some expensive aftermarket items.  Not everyone wants their 23 hidden away to only come out on a sunny 80 degree day.  If you want a track ready 23 then you better pay attention.  Maybe the van in the back gave it away for the U.S. hopefuls but this bike is in the U.K.

Lets get to the goodies:

Suzuki RGV250 VJ23 Championship Winning Bike

Reluctant sale of my beloved race bike which includes the following;

Suzuki kit Race engine new fitted with;
Suzuki racing crank new
Suzuki kit race ignition
Suzuki kit quickshifter
Suzuki racing carbs big bore
Suzuki race dry clutch
Suzuki kit electrics and quick turn throttle
Sugaya race exhausts
Brembo racing front master cylinder
Ebc racing brake discs
Moto gp mpg rebuilt front forks with ohlins internals
Rear thumb brake
Carbon fibre full fairing
Carbon fibre tail piece
Carbon fibre ram airbox
Carbon fibre exhaust brackets
Carbon fibre front wheel Dymag
Ohlins racing rear shock
Pair of magnesium wheels Dymag 3:5frnt 5:5 rear
Pair of brand new racing wet tyres
Race screen

2 pairs of standard race wheels
Spare swingarm
3 spare barrels
Various gaskets
Loads of other spares all included


Oh my!  Would you like some carbon with your 23 sir?  God only knows how much it cost to get the race bodywork duplicated in carbon fiber.  You better not crash the damn thing!


I'd be curious to know about the big bore carbs.  I can't say I've ever heard of a 23 with larger carbs.  It looks like it might be lacking the kit air box.  Check on the CDI as well as there are several Suzuki kit items and Sugaya race boxes available.  Some were designed for standard fuel and others for avgas.  There are several modern alternatives out there as well.  It doesn't look like the kit gear box is on the bike either.  The last few I've seen on Yahoo Auctions Japan have been listed for well over $1500.

Sugaya's are the exhaust of choice on most VJ23's.  They ran a successful race team in Japan in the mid/late nineties.  The pipes are still available by special order by the way.  They don't sell the CDI's anymore though.

If you'd like your hot little hand there then you better bring the check book.  The asking price is 6,500 GBP or roughly $10,000.  The seller is open to offers though.  That might seem like a lot but you have to admit that is one unique track bike.

Click it to hit the track.


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Short But Sweet: Titled 1992 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

Short But Sweet:  Titled 1992 Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

An eagle eyed RSBFS reader spotted this lonesome picture of an RGV looking for a new home and sent it our way.  Normally I'd skip posting a bike with a single photo but this darn thing has everything a perspective RGV owner would be looking for.  It has low mileage, is close to stock but derestricted, is titled and the asking price is sane.


Here's the info:

1992 Suzuki Rgv250, VJ22 RGV250 N Blue White Fresh Rebuilt motor Sugaya Race Pipes TZMike carbon Silencers 22D30 SAPC (full power) 34mm carbs Fully derestricted Michelin Pilot Sport tires New Chain and Sprockets New Battery Legal Title Registered Bike runs very strong.


Now, the ad states the mileage is 2,400 miles.  I'm going to assume that is not correct since the engine has been rebuilt and it needed new running gear.  I know this paint scheme is not one of Suzuki's greatest achievements but fluorescent colors are back baby, if you haven't noticed. On the bright side (get it?) it does have the "gull" arm everyone likes.  The chambers may indeed be Sugaya's but the mufflers usually attach with springs.  It is a common mod to add a plate so they can accept modern mufflers.


The asking price is a reasonable $5,000.   The listing is on Cycle Trader and you can see it here.





Aprilia April 15, 2012 posted by

Mailbag Monday

Another bursting at the seams week at the mailbox for us! Thank you to all the sellers and submitters who emailed.

Have a good week,


We'll start with this great spot from Garrett on Denver Craigslist for this 1986 Suzuki GSX-R Limited. 5200 miles and $8200.

Next Dan spotted this 08 Aprilia RSV 1000R Bol d'Or. While under the awesome war paint it's a regular RSV, there were supposedly just 200 of these produced world wide. Plus the 76th running of the Bol d'Or endurance race was this past weekend.

Patrick sent us this custom 1980 Honda CBX in Florida. A very trick ride to be certain!

Jason emailed to alert us that his 1990 Honda MC22 CBR250RR is for sale in Ontario, Canada. Just 441km's and asking $8200 CAD. Good luck with the sale Jason!

Scott spotted this 1987 Honda Hurricane 600 in Philadelphia. Picture isn't great but shows promise at just $2k.

Next up, Rob emailed us his 1994 Honda CR500 super moto. Normally I wouldn't post this kind of thing but I have to admit I'm quite intrigued as to what this 500c 2 stroke, street-legal, monster must be like to ride! Good luck with the sale Rob.

Dan email us his 1984 Kawasaki Ninja 900 in Tulsa, OK. Many extras and luggage include for $3500. Good luck with the sale!

Russel email us this 1989 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21 for sale in Florida for $5500. It's a project that is "99%" ready and needs the carbs installed. Looks good enough to find out more though.


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New To These Shores: 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23

New To These Shores:  1996 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23

Finally, something that pollutes!  This nice 23 has apparently just hit the United States and the seller is ready to part company.  It is only going to have a bill of sale but other than that, it appears to be an excellent example of a VJ23.

I'm not noticing a single thing changed from stock.  It looks like it even has the original rubber brake lines.  Often the rear seat disappears and the bungee hooks get cut off the rear sub frame.  As you can see, it is all there.  Boat anchor exhaust is in place.  Mileage is nice and low;  approximately 6,000.  You will see some melting of the belly pan in one picture.  I have seen that before on 23's.


With the oil injection system still there just add gas and go.  My advice, leave it there.  Unless you are heading to the track I really don't think it is worth stripping it off.  I have on mine and it is just a royal pain carrying oil everywhere.

The specifics:

Hello All,

Up for auction is my 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP. Over the years I have had the pleasure of owning many "grey market" 250cc 2-Stroke street bikes (4 NSR's, 8 TZR's, 5 RGV's,) and by the far the 1996 RGV250SP is the best of the best. This particular bike I brought over from Japan a few months back and what you see is the condition it came from Japan. It is bone stock, is not all rusty & crusty like many of the Japan spec bikes. By no means is this a show bike, It is an original 16 year old machine that has scratches etc. The only real body damage is on the left side panel in the area that is essentially under the bike it looks as if the exhaust pipe heated up the plastic and did some melt damage. Take a look at the pic for clarification. 

The current mileage is 10,200 kilometers (6000 miles), the bike starts and runs O.K., there is no rust in the fuel tank, tires have plenty of tread, all of the electronics work as they should. All in all a nice dailey driver. Bike will come with bill-of-sale. I can prepare and crate the bike for price of materials and deliver to port of Oakland, California or San Francisco for shipment. Why am I selling it? Need funds to complete my race bike for AFM this coming season.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks and Happy Bidding!


You probably noticed the seller stated it runs "OK".  I don't think I'd panic too much,  generally every two stroke will need a little tuning to your local environment  (elevation, humidity, etc.).  Keep it stock and you will enjoy the hell out of this bike!  If you have derestricting in mind:   the yen is killing the dollar and to top it off,  prices for chambers and cdi's has skyrocketed lately.  I do have some 23 kit bodywork I'd like to unload though if you want to go all the way!


I'm liking the price point on this one.  The seller has a BIN of $7,250.  A little leg work on the paperwork and you'll be a happy camper.


Don't think, don't tell the wife, just buy it.





Sport Bikes For Sale January 25, 2012 posted by

Early RGV For The Taking: 1990 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21

Early RGV For The Taking:  1990 Suzuki RGV250 VJ21

Pay attention if you are in the market for an early model RGV as this auction is for keeps.  Yep, no reserve for this 1990 VJ21.  They may not have the lust factor of a VJ23 but they are easily just as rare.  I know we all want the latest and greatest but a nicely tuned VJ21 will easily run with any other grey market 250.  I've seen/read about a couple of highly tuned 21's in the UK that have no problem on the track either.

Let's get the negatives out of the way since this auction will have a winner.  There is no title and it has been resprayed.  Titles can be had but respray's always make me wonder.  Was it an artistic decision or a decision based on need?

The bike is in need of a thorough cleaning and inspection but I'm liking the general condition of things.  To bad we can't see under the bodywork.   Can you believe these bikes are 22 years old now?  I'd be willing to bet some rubber bits,  cables etc.  are past their prime.

It does have a set of after market chambers chambers on it.  They went for the VJ22 look with both exiting on the right side.  You might notice "JMCA" on the cans.  I used to think that was a brand  but it is actually a Japanese  regulatory group.  Sugaya did make a set that exited like this on the right side but their cans usually are attached by springs.  They did  make "street" versions that had slip on cans for the the VJ22 and VJ23 though.

What else could be more fun than stripping an RGV down in your garage this February?


From the seller:

1990 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ21 with 9000 kilometers ( 6000 miles ) Bikes condition is above average and it is complete , original ( except for the exhaust , carbs and front fender ) and very clean.. Transmission and clutch work great and bike operates at the correct temperature. All fluids changed and oil injection is in tact and operational. Original body work in great condition - at some point along the way it received a respray but done well..

Bike starts easy ,idles well but has a flat spot at mid rpm -- Cleaned and adjusted carbs - seemed to help - They are 34 mm and need some fine tuning ( I will leave that to the more experienced)

Power valves clean and fully operational .Front and rear calipers are in great condition and I believe the pipe is aftermarket  ..

No reserve..

Can provide video of the bike starting and running upon request..

Sold with Bill of sale only -- sorry no title


I'm guessing this was a domestic market RGV since the seller says the 34mm carbs were not original.  Domestic market bikes got chocked with the 32mm units.  It's nice that the oil injection hasn't been removed as that is a pain to reverse.

You can always spot a VJ21 from a mile away with those mirrors.  Uh oh, one is broken.  That isn't bad luck is it?  I'm just trying to scare you away because I'd like to snap it up.


Click here for the auction.