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Suzuki April 21, 2010 posted by

Titled 1994 ? Suzuki RGV250SP ? on Ebay

Titled 1994 ? Suzuki RGV250SP ? on Ebay

Did you notice the question marks?  Well, I have a lot of questions about this RGV up for auction on Ebay.  My biggest question is: is this really an SP?  As it sits in the pictures, it is not.  I do not see the dry clutch (mentioned in the text) nor do I see the adjustable suspension.  You usually see a dampener hanging off the rear left of the bike.  I'm also pretty sure that is 1993 bodywork not 94.    I hate to pile on but VJ22's do not have electric starting as stated in the auction (VJ23's do).  The mileage is stated at roughly 2,500 miles.  If correct, it looks like those were a rough 2,500.  My advice would be to ask the seller a lot of questions before bidding so you know what you are bidding on.

Now with that out the way the bike does have some good points.  The obvious one being a title.  That allows you to sleep at night knowing you can get the bike registered.  The bike is also sporting some Sugaya aftermarket pipes.  They may look different because they are the side by side style instead of the normal stacked pipes.  Sugaya pipes are highly regarded among RGV owners.  It looks like the seller has some extras to go along with the bike as well.

The bidding has already started and seems very active for a bike with a lot of question marks, dust and rust.  I'm a firm believer that a bike should be cleaned up before listing.  The seller has a Buy It Now price of almost $9,000.  I will be kind and say that is optimistic at best. I hate to be a bit of a downer on this bike but the information provided doesn't quite match up with what I'm seeing in the pictures.  Take a look at the auction



Suzuki March 31, 2010 posted by

1991 Suzuki RGV250SP Titled on Ebay

1991 Suzuki RGV250SP Titled on Ebay

Here it is, back by popular demand of RSBFS readers.  You may remember this RGV250SP from a couple of months ago.  It got a new owner but is back for sale.  In my opinion this is one of the most desired RGV models out there.  First it's and SP (dry clutch, close ratio gearbox, adj. suspension, rare).  Second it has the banana swing arm and third it has one of the most popular paint schemes on a RGV.  Maybe the best feature though is that it is titled: am I correct?  It appears to be in good shape with low mileage (considering age) but the seller states if has a few bumps an bruises.

From the seller:

For sale is my 1991 Suzuki RGV250SP. Yes, this is a real SP w/dry clutch, close ratio transmission, fully adjustable suspension, larger carbs etc etc. Bike has a total of 9300 original kilometers. Bike is all original in rare unmolested condition. This was originally a Japanese spec bike but I have updated it with a  European spec de-restricted SAPC unit.  Only known issues are leaking forks seals and the right turn signal doesn't work (burn out bulb?)  All in all this is a nice original bike. It is not perfect, has a few nicks,cracks and dings hear and there but for a 20 year old bike it is very nice.  It is plated and registered here in California and the registration is current and up to date.

It will be very interesting to see what this

.  It has everything going for it except maybe mint condition status.  The first time around the asking price was $4200 w/non functioning clutch.  One small note: in one photo on the old posting the bike has a different tail section on it. If I remember correctly that tail piece with the white background is off a standard RGV.  I'm not hinting at a great conspiracy but might be worth asking about.  One nice thing about RGV's is that there is a large supply of aftermarket goodies that are readily available thanks to the internet.  I've seen anything from bolt on stuff to race prep engine work.  So if you get tired of your boring SP there is plenty to spend your paycheck on.  Unless you are holding out for an ultra rare SP2 it's time to raid the savings account.

Here is some fun viewing to get you in the mood to bid.  It is the promotional video for the standard 92 RGV.


Suzuki March 24, 2010 posted by

1991 RGV250 VJ22 Titled on Ebay

1991 RGV250 VJ22 Titled on Ebay

Now we are talking, something without valves, something that eats a little of the ozone layer away with each ride.  This is a 1991 RGV250 even though the Ebay title says 1990.  Let me get you bidding right away: yes this bike is titled. Now you can take a breath and read on.  I like what the seller has done with the bike.  He has upgraded the power-valves for you, which had a problem of grenading on the early RGV's, it's got a nice set of Tyga rear sets and a nice set of Tyga pipes.  He also resisted the urge to spray the bike in Lucky Strike colors which I've rarely seen done correctly.  It also has the banana swing arm that so many people like.  Honda sued them for patent infringement shortly after this model came out and the banana arm was gone by 93.  The mileage may seem a bit high but you have to remember these bikes are getting up there in age and if it has been maintained I wouldn't sweat the mileage.

From the seller:

up for auction is a 1991 rgv250 vj22. this bike has fresh top end and the power-valve replacement upgrade that faulted the factory models. it has new tyga pipes and silencers, tyga rearsets and a 1500 dollar paint job . the bike runs perfect, and everything even the oil injection works. it has clean calif title and registration that is current. it is the new zealand model that retains the 17 digit vin. new tyga windscreen the bike runs like a scolded dog, pics speak for themselves. brand new tires dunlops chain and sprockets.and the miles are 22000 kilometers

I can sum this bike up on one word: tasteful.  If you've been on the market for an RGV I suggest you take a good look at this one,  it's got a lot going for it.  Check out the bidding

.  If you aren't up on RGV's or have questions about them I highly recommend visiting as it is a wealth of information on every model of RGV.   Someone buy this thing; it is worth it just for the amusement of pulling up to a stoplight and having the guy in the car next to you yelling that your bike is broken because it is smoking.


Aprilia March 17, 2010 posted by

2000 Aprilia RS250 Street Titled & Registered In Illinois

This is a fantastic RS250 available in the Midwest!  Located in Chicago, Illinois is a 2000 Aprilia RS250 with 3,646 original miles.  The description is sparse but it does have all the important information:  Titled & registered, original street bike, and low miles.  This bike is originally from Germany and looks fantastic in the photos.  This bike also looks to be fitted with aftermarket expansion chambers and silencers.  The asking price is at the higher end--but I believe to be close to market correct especially moving into spring--at $9,750.  Doug posted a fist gen. with similar mileage that was in California for $8,300.  These RS250s are fantastic machines and I wouldn't expect to see them depreciate due to lack of market demand.  These second generation machines ('98+) feature a 72bhp, two-stroke, V-Twin capable of pushing the bike to 130mph.  When released, the RS250 was tied with the Ducati 916 for the most ground clearance of a production machine and, at 309lbs, this bike can flick side-to-side as fast as the rider dares.  These have fully adjustable front & rear suspension, a dash that reminds you when services are due, rev light, clock, lap timer with storage for forty laps and a max. & avg. speed calculator.  The RS250 is full-size and will fit anyone accustomed to pretty much anything that ends in RR.  If I've sold you, which I hope I have, see this bike on Craigslist here.


Suzuki March 16, 2010 posted by

1988 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ21 Schwantz Pepsi Replica NIB!

Alright, so this doesn't appear to come with the box but this RGV is as new as they get!  Located in California is a 1988 Suzuki RGV250SP.  The seller, RMD Motors, sums it up very well "This bike is NEW never started or had gas in it."  The photo shows a bike which can match this claim.  This is the first year of the RGV and also the first SP, featuring a dry clutch as the most distinguishable difference.  These early RGV's have a 17" front, 18" Rear, combination.  This bike is pure eye candy and deserves to be in a glorious living room--if possible.  No asking price is listed but, if you have to ask...  No title information is given but I don't think it would make a serious difference with this bike other than to tack a few thousand onto the total price.  See this RGV on RMD's website here.


Suzuki March 5, 2010 posted by

1998 Suzuki rgv250 vj 23 in Lucky Strike racing colors!

1998 suzuki rgv250 luck strike edition vj23 for sale on ebay.

Located in Visalia, CA is this pristine, low mileage all original example of a classic Suzuki. I added a lot of the pictures from the auction, but there are more to be seen. The seller also lists his phone # for any interested parties.

Last year one of these came in at #5 on the RSBFS "Top 5", most viewed postings and I can see why. Last years bike had an asking price of $16,000.00 bucks so it may have made the list because everyone was looking for gold plated parts. However, this one has been listed with a reserve and currently sits at $2,247.00 with the reserve still on. Based on past RSBFS Lucky Strike listings I can only imagine this one will need to exceed the $10,000 mark to be within the atomic range. I'm guessing closer to 14g's and it would be sitting in your living room. I know these are as rare as any that we post on RSBFS, but the prices that the Lucky Strikes command is really hard to digest. I think I'd take my 10,000 go buy a NSR and have 4,000 to play with, but I've been known to be a bit of a cheap skate too.

Quotes from the auction:

All oem, all original with 2,600 miles. Everything works perfect and the bike is a 9 out of 10 to play it safe. New Dunlop Sportrax tires and 520 gold chain. No dents, scrapes, or bruises, runs and operates perfect. Fuel tank had some very light rust inside and was sealed with Caswell two part epoxy for good measure.

. It's listed as a 7 day auction and it will have about 5 1/2 days remaining by the time you see this on RSBFS. So should you decide that you absolutely can't live without a Lucky Strike rgv vj23 you will have plenty of time to count your Benjamans before the auction ends.

I almost forgot... Has anyone else noticed that sometimes the emblem on the gas tank reads to the rider and other times it reads to the front of the bike??

Here's a RGV at idle for your viewing pleasure: