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Sport Bikes For Sale January 9, 2012 posted by

No Bids????? 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22

No Bids????? 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22

I don't know if I want to live in a world where no one is bidding on a perfectly good RGV.  What am I missing?  It has a title, it has some nice engine work, it comes with two sets of chambers and looks sharp.  Of course the paint is not original but it is one of better Kenny Roberts Jr. replica schemes I've seen.  Yeah, she needs some bits and pieces fixed up but no bids?

It is not a collector type bike but should be appealing to the guy that wants one that is ready to rock and roll for the street or track.    It looks like the engine work runs almost $2,300 alone.  From what I can gather the Fischer service is an engine exchange.  You send them your engine and they send you one back tuned to the spec you want.  What the actual Kit 3  includes I couldn't quite seem to find.  The seller says the bike also comes with two sets of chamber: Arrow and Jolly Moto.  Great to have two sets or a nice way to make a little $$$.

Look at that, it is gift wrapped for you.

The story:

1993 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22.  This is a complete running motorcycle with a clear Virginia title.  I imported it from England in 2000 and it has been sitting in my dining room since about 2002. It was a project of mine that is 95% complete but I lost interest.  Bike is in complete running, riding order but has minor work to be done on the bodywork and other areas.  Jetting needs to be dialed in but it runs very strong.  The pilot jets probably need to be bigger.  It starts easily on the third or fourth kick when cold.  Starts first kick when warm.  It has a Fischer Kit 3 engine (see this link: which is highly modified and very strong.  Cylinders are actually marked Aprilia (the Aprilia RS250 used the RGV engine with different markings).  The engine has less than two hours on it.  It has Tyga steel expansion chambers.  The chambers have minor rust but no dents.   New tires.  Body work is original but has been painted to resemble Telefonica Movistar graphics.  The graphics are decals painted over with clearcoat.  It looks nice.  It needs rear brake pads, the passenger seat needs the latch secured, fairing needs some fasteners, the rear fender is not on the bike.  I have it but it's cracked.  Turn signals need to be put on.  I can send detailed pictures to interested parties and will gladly show it in person to local buyers.  If you're local and very serious I will roll it out and start it up for you.  Bike is sold as is with no warranties.  Payment by certified check within five days of closing.  Buyer pays all shipping costs.  I also have an old set of Jolly Moto chambers that are included.  They are kind of banged up but will work fine.  Send your questions and I'll answer quickly.  I travel a lot so might be a little late answering but I will.

Some Tyga cans for your Arrows.  How about some nice short, black carbon ones to complete the replica look?  I'm still shocked someone has not thrown a single bid down.  Is the fact that the entire bike has been apart for powder coating and the engine swap scarring everyone off?   If the reserve is reasonable I'd consider this a nice find for someone that likes to tinker a bit.

Snap it up


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1994 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike – Sold Before We Could Post!

The RGV250 Lucky Strike holds a special place in 2-stroke sportbike enthusiast's hearts. That iconic paint scheme evokes all kind of GP racing fantasies that so many of us want to identify with. While these street bikes bear little actual lineage to the real deal, the weight, power, and smoke go a long way to making it feel real!

Unfortunately while we were working to put together a post for this example, it sold quickly for $5500. Congratulations to the buyer and seller.

Check out previously listed RGV250 Lucky Strike's for sale, and in particular Ian's Lucky Strike spotters guide.


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Your Eyes Aren’t Deceiving You: 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike (VJ22)

Your Eyes Aren't Deceiving You: 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike (VJ22)

{Note: Our research suggests this may be 1994 based on images in the brochure. -Ian}

Quick! Hit those sofa cushions and sell all the old gold jewelry you have laying around! You don’t want to let this amazing Suzuki RGV250 get away. 2,311km (1,435mi) Suzuki RGV250? Check. Rare Lucky Strike paint work with graphics on the frame? Check. Unmodified, excellent condition bike that was part of a display and is now in road going condition? Check. California title, registration, and plated? Check that as well!

I bet you've seen this paint scheme duplicated a hundred times.  Rarely is it done correctly.  It is easy to spot the real thing with the powder coated frame  replicating  the works RGV500's of Schwantz and Beattie.  I've never seen someone do a replica that took the time to powder coat the frame and dye the seat red.  Among Lucky Strike models these are indeed among the rarest.  Before you say it; yes,  there are the ubber rare Team Suzuki bikes (50) that went to Australia and the hundred or so Lucky Strike VJ23 "V" models.  Having said that, I've seen more 23 LS  "V's" running around the states than these.    I believe the production run on these was 500 and they would be the last until the VJ23 (T and V) Lucky Strikes in 1996.

Spec wise they are a standard Japanese domestic RGV250.  These are eye candy to hopefully entice you to buy more smokes!  The story I've heard is they were part of the contract attached to the sponsorship of the grand prix race team.  If true, I wonder why Suzuki took the time to make 50 in 1991 with Team Suzuki on them?

The seller provides an excellent description of the bike, and even drops a RSBFS link in the eBay ad (this one from earlier this year which is very informative on the Lucky Strike models). So without being redundant, here is the seller’s description:

“This is possibly the rarest version of the original factory Lucky Strike models -- the graphics extend onto the frame (powercoated), and was made in very limited quantities, perhaps between 300-500, for the Japanese Domestic Market in 1993 after Kevin Schwantz won the 500cc world title that same year with the Lucky Strike Suzuki team. Rare doesn't even begin to properly describe this bike -- this model is far rarer than any VJ23 SP Lucky Strike model, VJ21 Pepsi etc may never see another one, let alone for sale!

The bike is in museum-quality condition -- ALL original, NO modifications, just over 2300 kms on the odo, just amazing condition. It was in a private collection for much of its life, as a display piece. It runs perfectly, rides like new. It is restricted (as all Japanese market models are) to 40-45hp, and can be easily de restricted, but I thought it would be a shame on a rare model in original condition like this. Plus, even restricted, it will still do 90-100mph with incredible acceleration etc---unless you’re a racer, this will have plenty of power for street riding. It still has all of its JDM features - KPH speedometer, all labels written in
Japanese etc, it is exactly as exported.

Original paint and graphics are clean and in excellent condition -- other than replaced air filter, battery, some replaced fairing hardware (couple screws), rebuilt(original) carbs and new tires--- all parts are original! The bike sat for quite a while in a collection and was put “back on the road” in regards to any replaced parts. The bike does have a couple very minor paint dings or scrapes. There are a couple touched-up dings in the red paint, a couple digs in the graphics, some dings in the wheel edges and some scrapes at the very bottom of the fairing – all pictured below in detail. These are all very typical wear marks for a bike this age, with this mileage etc. The only unusual thing is that the bike is missing its clutch-side bar-end weight, but it is as-I received it.

Runs great! Starts 1st or 2nd kick, often without choke! Shifts nicely through all gears and doesn’t smoke too much without the choke on (perfect!). Always run with high-quality Yamalube synthetic 2T oil.

Best part of all ----the bike has current California registration, title and plates!! (registered as SPCNS with full VIN and engine #) This rare piece of sportbike history can be yours for the low BIN price –you would be hard pressed to find another one, in any condition, let alone this clean and original !! Frame VIN –VJ22A123XXX Engine: J2XX…”

Check out all those photos, the seller goes to great lengths to show you what little imperfections there are.  I'm only noticing a missing bar end and an added tank pad.  It does have some chips here and there but they are all pointed out.  Rare indeed but maybe ultra rare is a better description considering the stock condition.  Almost everyone add's something to an RGV over time but not on this one.  What you end up with really would be a nice bike to complete a collection.  Add it up:  rare model, stock condition and titled.  I think it would be an excellent way to make the 23 owners very jealous.

Make this bike yours today!


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Serious Smoker – 1997 Suzuki RGV 250 SP

It is only fair that I point out straight away that this is titled in California. Yup you read that right! This particular beauty being the export model with a claimed 70Hp which should make this bike very quick given its dry weight of under 300lbs. With the VJ23 was the introduction of the 70 degree V Twin which had previously been a 90 degree engine. The VJ22 engine was the basis for the RS250 engine. So how rare is this bike, well there were 357 V models out of a total VJ23 production run of 2218, so pretty rare. Of those 357 only 119 wore in Lucky Strike colors. This is the V model as the 240kmh speedo and the grey rear brake reservoir cap show. The stock bike had a black cap. If you go and inspect the bike then you will also find a black plate on the side of the headstock which differs from the non V model. There is much dispute over the power claims for the bike with the factory saying 70Hp and Japanese tuners putting the number closer to 54Hp. Either way you know it would be fun to ride.

The owner gives you quite a bit of history of this bike and is very careful to point out the minor flaws:

Export "V" Full Horsepower Model
The Japanese domestic model had lower horsepower, this version was considered an "export" model and therefore did not have any horsepower restrictions.
This is an original "export" full power model, not one that has been "derestricted" by swapping ignitions.
The "V" model is a limited production of 357 units.
70 degree engine layout, dry clutch, close ratio gearbox, 32mm carbs, electric start.
"V" model has a large black i.d. plate riveted to the headstock on the right hand side which designates it's an "export" model.
240 kmh speedometer instead of the 180 kmh
Rear brake master cylinder has light gray lid instead of black

Jim Lomas Stainless Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Mufflers
Magical Racing Double Bubble Tinted Windscreen
Stainless Steel Brakelines
The Wheels Were Powercoated Black From The Original White (because I don't like white, too hard to clean)
The Upper Fairing Bracket Was Painted Black From The Original Silver (because it looks cleaner black)
The radiator was repaired on the left side by the previous owner, see picture. Seemingly damaged in transport. But it does not have any coolant leak issues.

The paint is all original Suzuki factory Lucky Strike colors in near perfect condition,
It has a few very very minor flaws that are not that noticable which can be seen in the last 3 pictures pictures.
This is an original Lucky Strike bike, not a standard model with swapped or repainted bodywork.
Small scratches on the left side panel near the rear of the gas tank,
Small scratch on the front fender, and a 1/16" mark on the top right of the gas tank.
The paint is very glossy and like new!

Recent carb clean with new needle and seats
Compression at 146 psi on both cylinders

New NGK BR9ECMIX Iridium plugs
Michelin Pilot Race Tires with about 500 miles of usage
Rear 160/60 x 17, Front 110/70 x17
Motul 710 2T injector oil used

It has a clear CA title that is current to April of 2012.
The mileage is 6586 KM's which is approximately 4083 Miles.

Go on, hop on over to eBay and see the auction.

The pictures that have been posted on eBay are low resolution but you will note there is a link in the auction that will take you to a site with much higher resolution pictures of this rather gorgeous bike.

And the owner has posted a video so you can hear it:

The bidding already has the price at $10,000 and it has only just started. It may even make $15,000 by the time it is over as these do not come on the market very often. So if you want one you had better get over there and start bidding...


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Looking For A Winter Project? How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

Looking For A Winter Project?  How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

It is not the latest and greatest and it isn't a "10" but it does have the makings of a nice winter  project (aka wife evader).  It is in decent shape, it is mostly stock and complete, it does have a title and there is no reserve.  Read on if intrigued.

They were parallel twins before the V's came along.  Pictures don't tell the whole story but they are a good start.  I'm not noticing a lot of major corrosion but there will be some for sure on various bolts, brackets etc.  Rubber that old tends to be cracked or brittle as well.  Factor in all those little parts you know you will need when making a bid.

Not showroom quality obviously but not abused either.  If you are curious about parts, there is a decent supply of RG250 parts to be had.

If you do some research I think you will be surprised how many color schemes these things came in.  They included several Walter Wolf versions and my favorite, the HB Suzuki yellow and white.  There were not any major design changes from the RG's inception in 1983 to the last version in 1987.

The RG's details:

This is a rare Suzuki 250 Gamma. It is titled in Washington State as a 1984 but the VIN and the color and the specs indicate it is really a 1987 ( MK4.)
( You may wish to do the research)
I have owned the bike for 12 years. It is a Japanese import which I bought for my son on his 18th birthday. He only rode it for a summer then went to college and after that went overseas.
This is a great little bike. I start it up periodically and it is garaged but I don't ride it often. It runs and sounds great!  The condition is good but it does have some blemishes-it has a scrape on the engine case, ( pictured) a scrape on the exhaust pipe tips, and the lower fairing is missing ( almost impossible to find one)   The upper firing has some cracks and has been repaired. There is an oil leak from the exhaust pipe where it enters the engine but it is small. It only has the single seat. 19,875 kms not miles.
This bike would suit a two stroke enthusiast . It is fun to ride, runs well, and best of all is street legal. Everything works.


Obviously, if you were interested in this as a project it would all hinge on the price.  It isn't a basket case but if you are doing a full restore you'd have engine work, paint, worn parts and all those pesky clips, brackets, screws and hoses that would need to be replaced.  I'd ask about the missing fairing pieces as well. 

I've never paid too much attention to the older RG250's but I've seen a couple restored recently and they impressed the hell out of me.  If you can stay out of a bidding war on it I think you'd have a diamond in the rough.  Here she is.


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Another Suzuki RGV 250- This one’s a ’92 VJ22

Location: Niantic, Connecticut
Mileage: 15,500
Price: Auction, BIN $7,500

Here's another Suzuki RGV 250 much like the one posted a few days back on RSBFS. However, this is the VJ22, with a 90 degree V-twin two-stroke cranking out roughly 65bhp at 10,500rpm. It also has the super-trick looking banana swingarm and upside down forks (rare at the time). These bikes are lightweight machines with good power and superb handling.

Some more pics-

Details from the seller-

1992 Suzuki RGV 250N VJ22 with approx 15,500 miles. Current speedo is in miles (19K) but was changed from a kilometer speedo (21K) and have put 2700 miles on the bike since so the total mileage is just under 16K. The bike starts effortlessly on the first kick and runs very strong. Power valves cleaned religiously. Bike was tuned and set up properly for Jolly moto exhaust an runs strong and crisp as well as pulls extremely hard in the proper RPM range.

(Not sure if it was ever rebuilt but based on how tight and crisp it runs / feels perhaps may have been)

At some point – previous owner polished the frame and swing arm ( the nice banana one) to a very high gloss finish or it came from the factory (not sure but it looks very trick)

This bike is in execellent condition (see photo’s) and has some very nice upgrades. $4000 alone in upgrades

·         Ohlin rear shock --

·         Jolly Moto pipes with carbon silencers

·         Dymag wheels – ( very expensive)

·         New Pilot Pro tires – 110 front  = 160 rear 

·         New plastics ( not OEM but nice and well made)

·         520 chain / non o ring ( to fit 160 rear tire)

·         New brake pads

·         Steel braided brake lines -

·         Stock oil injection ( works perfect –low to no smoke)

·         New air filter

·         Rear seat cowl – impossible to find today rare –rare-rare.

Comes with CT Title and copy of CA title as it was properly registered in CA and now in CT. (registered and titled as a 1991 but quite sure it is a 1992 based on vin number research which BTW is (11 digit) also included is a repair manual cd , original exhausts and silencers , assorted sprockets , extra fuel tank ( black / purple) , Black and Blue passenger seat , two extra fiberglass side panels and two complete gasket sets.

Bike is fully functional with no issues and runs clean and crisp.

Note – This bike is very light and fast – not for the novice rider – the thing screams / once on the pipe .

Please feel free to ask questions -- Buyer must arrange shipping or is welcome to pick up in CT.

I will assist.  Good luck..

Final note: Please if you do not intend to buy please do not bid -- Thanks

By the sellers description, it looks like the bike has been titled in both Connecticut and California, a bonus for those looking for a bike like this. Clearly the bike has many modified or replaced parts, including new fairings, wheels, and exhaust. Some of the original parts are included if that makes a big difference to you. Also, the seller highlights that the frame and swingarm may have been polished at some point. The seller claims that the bike runs well and that is important, especially with a two-stroke with that kind of mileage.

The seller has it listed with a BIN price of $7500. Other RGV's have gone for this kind of money but with all of the replaced parts you will have to decide how much you're willing to drop on a bike like this. For me, the kind of power, weight and handling this bike can offer makes it worth a look. If you agree, check out the auction here!