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Sport Bikes For Sale September 5, 2010 posted by

Titled and Derestricted 1994 RGV250 (VJ22) In OR

 Titled and Derestricted 1994 RGV250 (VJ22) In OR

It looks like someone was a fan of Kenny Roberts Jr.  Remember when Suzuki actually had a competitive GP bike?  Yeah, it has been a while.  It looks like the owner of this RGV has done the majority of the work for you on this one.  It is titled and derestricted,  the two biggest issues RGV owners have to deal with.  Don't panic about the Aprilia carbs and CDI.  Suzuki actually supplied RGV250 engines for the Aprilia RS250 so everything engine wise is interchangeable.  The bike also has a banana swing arm on it.  These means that either this is actually a 1991 or they have made the swap from the braced arm of the 94 to the popular banana arm of the 91.  It is also sporting an upgraded exhaust system which is nice if you are on a budget.  The stock ones are practically anchors.

Details from the ad:

I have for sale a 1994 RGV250 vj22. the bike is in great condition and is titled and registered in OR.
LIst of things done to bike
-TYGA expansion pipes
-Aprilia RS250 34mm carbs
-Aprilia cdi(23d70)
_serviced powervalves
-movistar /telefonica race paint scheme
-new brake fliud reservoir
- all new fluids
- always run on 40/1 castrol tts with premium gas
-new brake fluid front and rear

The asking price?  $4000.  All in all I don't think that is too bad of a price considering what you are getting (title, derestricted). Of course we don't know the mileage and pictures never tell the true story of the condition of a bike.  If upon personal inspection or better photos I think this one could be a keeper.  Warm up the leg you use for kick starting, no electric starting here. Check it out here.


Sport Bikes For Sale August 24, 2010 posted by

70 Degress Of Two Stroke Fun : 1997 Suzuki RGV 250 SP VJ23

1997 Suzuki RGV 250 SP VJ23 for sale on ebay

All I can say is here it is if you've been holding out for a clean VJ23.  I didn't say it would be cheap but here it is.  What is really unique about the bike is that this thing is bone stock.  And I mean stock, it doesn't even look like the grips have been changed.  If you are in the market for a 23 this is a double edged sword.  On one hand you are getting a bike that is close to showroom fresh.  On the other hand you could easily be spending another $1,500 on derestricting it:  if you want it at it's full potential.  On a side note, prices for full power CDI's and pipes have skyrocketed on Yahoo Auctions Japan and other resellers.  Before  judging the price on this bike factor in the other costs if you are after the extra ponies.  No mention of a title but the bike is plated.  It should be question one for the seller though at this price point.

Mmmmm pictures:

Here is my 1997 Suzuki RGV 250 SP vj23 this bike needs no description. For those who are looking for a RGV-250 SP   know what it’s about.

Perfect and in pristine condition.

THIS BIKE IS EXTREMELY RARE.  (I am the only owner)  An absolutely stunning example of an all original Sport Production, Racing Replica,  imported by SUZUKI OF MEXICO from Japan for the Mexico MOTOR SHOW 1997

Take note the bike is 9.8 on 10 and cost me a lot of money to make sure it will be perfect. It drive perfectly and all original. It starts and runs perfectly, no issues to be worried about.  It is ready to ride and be enjoyed.  NEVER been abused, raced o drag

the bike had 2 issues

1. - some minor but annoying scratches on the front section and the front left turn signal

2. - The front right caliper wet’s (moisture) the brake disc, due to a aged O-ring in the piston caliper, very easy to change

the bike looks new and runs awesome.


THIS BIKE IS EXTREMELY RARE.  (I’ am the only owner)  An absolutely stunning example of an all original Sport Production, Racing Replica,  Imported by SUZUKI OF MEXICO from Japan, for the Mexico MOTOR SHOW 1997

I was a former SUZUKI DEALER and got this piece as a sales history award

I receive the bike with 0 kilometers so I really know the history on this bike, right Know It’s only 5,400 kilometers or 3,200 miles on it!

Always serviced by Suzuki Technicians and with Motul oils and fluids.


I've hinted at it a couple of times; the price.  The auction is ongoing but the seller has also listed a buy it now price.  Are you holding on to your wallet?  $14,500 and it can be yours.  On one hand that is outlandish.  On the other hand he is pricing in the pain in the ass factor of getting a clean/low mile VJ23 into the United States.  You can find an extremely clean VJ23 in Japan for $6,000 to $7000.  Then you have to factor another $1,500 for shipping.  Another $500 if you are going to have someone break down the bike for shipping.  There will be fee's to be paid at customs as well.  You could easily be in for over $10,000 and you have to be squeezing your cheeks for months worrying if the bike will get through customs and once home worrying if you can get a title.  It can be done cheaper but it is a gamble.   All that being said, I still think the price is a bit high.  That price might be appropriate if this was the ultra rare V model (only a few hundred made and derestricted) in say Lucky Strike colors.  I can vouch for the VJ23 though, they are a blast to ride.  The engine is strong, the chassis is rock solid and there is that exotic factor.  I spent over 5 years restoring mine so I'd be more than willing to answer any questions you might have about these bikes.  If you are ready to throw down some cash, you can find this 23 here


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1988 Ikuzawa-Honda (Harris Engineering) RS600DE

This is a Ikuzawa-Honda RS600DE in quite nice condition on eBay!

Bike:  1988 Ikuzawa-Honda (Harris Engineering) RS600DE

Location:  Boyne City, Michigan

Mileage:  TMU

The seller states that this RS600DE is a one-owner bike, with the seller purchasing it from Ikuzawa himself.  This bike has only been run four times on the track.  The bike looks to be in very good, original, condition.  However, brake fluid has been split by the front master and rear master causing some discoloration and paint peel.  The rear swing-arm pinch bolts have also cracked the swing-arm on both sides.  I imagine Harris Engineering could reproduce you a swing-arm if you were inclined to run the bike again.  The seller states that this bike has only been run four times on track but also lists the mileage at 2k miles.

From what I can gather, the RS600DE is a parts bin bike with one-off bits where nothing OEM would fit.  The frame is a Harris Engineering unit while the motor consists of a Honda XBR500 bottom end & head with a XL600R barrel and HRC cam.  The rest of the bike is surprisingly sourced from a Suzuki RGV250, primarily, with the rear wheel assembly, front forks (The example on eBay shows conventional forks instead of USD units), front wheel and fairing (modified).  See a data sheet here (This data looks to be based on a single while the bike in question is a twin).

We aren't privileged with many Harris specials on the open-market here in the U.S.A. but this one doesn't disappoint.  The only issues are the two small cosmetic ones and the cracks on the rear swing-arm.  The swing-arm issue could be resolved with a new one or, possibly, a repair depending on the integrity of those points.

Bid on this Ikuzawa-Honda on eBay .


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Clean Late Model RGV250 (VJ22) Down Under On Ebay

Clean Late Model RGV250 (VJ22) Down Under On Ebay

This little beauty comes to us from RSBFS reader Rick.  He is lucky enough to live in beautiful Australia and have a nice clean, low mile RGV for sale.  You see very few unmolested RGV's nowadays but this is one of them.  Rick states she is bone stock and he likes it that way for rideability.  Having owned a few RGV's I can state he is absolutely correct.  It is fun to add pipes and open up the air boxes etc etc but you end up tinkering around a lot.  When they are left stock it's add gas and oil to the oil tank and you are good to go.

Here she is:

The listing is currently set up with a buy it now of close to $4900 US with the current exchange rate.  The listing also has the make an offer option.  Maybe you can convince the Mrs. it's time for a nice Australian vacation and you can pick up a nice souvenir while you are there. .


Quick Spot June 3, 2010 posted by

1992 RGV250 For $4000 In IL

1992 RGV250 For $4000 In IL

Advertised as stock and complete.  Seller states he has all the plastic plus some extras.  The bike does look stock from the pictures but the paint might be a respray.  It doesn't seem to exactly match any RGV paint from 1992.  It does have the swingarm everyone loves so much.  Seller doesn't say anything about a title.



You can find it onChicago Craigslist here.


Quick Spot May 11, 2010 posted by

1994 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma VJ22 In Washington State

This looks like a very nice looking RGV250 VJ22!  Located in Seattle, Washington is an untitled 1994 Suzuki RGV250 Gamma with some new parts and spares.  The new parts consist of brakes, tires, chain and a titanium bolt kit; the spares are extra stock and aftermarket bodywork.  The seller states that this bike does run but, needs to be tuned correctly.  The bike also has an aftermarket exhaust fitted which, has Leo Vince stickers fitted to the carbon silencers--did Leo Vince make a system for the RGV?  This is a nice RGV project that will take some work to make it perfect but, the asking price is a realistic $2,500.  See this bike on Craigslist here.