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Wolf Pup: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf

 Wolf Pup: 1987 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf  


I think we have another collection completing bike here.  Rare model, rare special edition of that model and extremely low miles for the model year.  You may notice the is no "V" at the end of the RG:  back in 87 Suzuki's two stroke 250's were parallel twins.  Claimed power output was the usual 45hp that every Japanese spec 250 from every manufacture seems to magically make.  The Walter Wolf RG250 was actually available in two color schemes (just like it's big brother), the dark blue seen here and also what Suzuki called "silver green".  I really don't know the export history on these bikes but I know the Walter Wolf RG500 experts told me red wheels were a sign of a Japanese home market bike.  


Still has those pesky stickers.  I give people credit who hold on to these bikes and don't change a thing on them.  I don't know if I could excersie that much self control.  You'd have to hide my wallet because I'd be racing to throw a set of pipes on a two stroke.  


You may notice the full fairing.  Depending on the market, the RG250 commonly came with just a half fairing.  It is a much sharper looking bike with the full fairing in my opinion.  The WW RG250 also came stock with the solo tail.  

From the auction:  

You are looking at a very low mileage pristine example of a Walter Wolf Edition RG 250, the nasty little brother of the legendary king of the hill, the RG 500. This bike is unrestored, original and looks and drives like it was new. The motorcycle had just under 4000 km when I bought it and it now has 4181 km, or under 2600 miles. It has just gotten a fresh tune-up at the dealership, including a complete carburator clean-up and adjustment, new fork seals and oil, brake adjustment and even a little rubber piece that was missing under the tank was ordered from suzuki and replaced. Obviously all parts used were OEM Suzuki. The tires are in very good condition as you can tell by the pictures. Mechanically the bike is perfect, including chain, sprokets, bearings, cables etc, probably all original as far as I can tell. The bodywork is in SUPERB condition with the exception of a crack in the upper right fairing. Close up it is visible, but standing next to the bike it goes unnoticed. Esthetically I would give the bike a solid 9 out of 10 even if there is a major crack in the body work. That's how clean it is. I comes with the original tool kit and original Walter Wolf key. This bike would make an amazing addition to any rare bike collection, and is not pricey enough not to enjoy every other weekend or so without killing yourself with guilt. Obviously it will only go up in value as one of the rarest bikes around, and in such great original condition. The ultimate Christmas gift for a gear head or collector?  




I'm split on the price.  The auction has a buy it now price of $7,900 and an acution starting price of almost $5,000.  I've honestly never seen an RG250 close to either one of those prices.  I understand this is a special edition with extremely low miles but is there much demand for the smaller Walter Wolf?  I think that sort of price shuts out the buyer with casual interest and limits it to just collectors.  Money is money though and all you need is one guy who's got to have it.  If you're that guy, you can .
Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, here is a home market Walter Wolf RG250 with gold wheels and black seat instead of the red wheels and seat.  You are on your own, I don't know which freakin market these bikes belong in.








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N2010 RG/RZ Gathering @ Barber Motorsports Park

Attencion!  I have a special treat for fans of two strokes on our companion site, Rare Sport Bikes. Even though the site is still in beta, I just posted my report after returning from the RG/RZ gathering held during the Barber Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park.  After burning the midnight oil here in the plush RSBFS offices, the pictures and text are up.  Jump on over here and enjoy.


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Nice Cup Bike Package On Ebay: 2000 Aprilia RS250

Nice Cup Bike Package On Ebay:  2000 Aprilia RS250

I was in a store today and they already had the Christmas decorations up in one section.  This tells me one thing;  it is not too early for any of us to ask for a Christmas present.  If you would like your present to include power valves, expansion chambers and a stout frame then this may need some wrapping paper.  Right off the bat this seems like a nice package deal.  The seller has started the bidding at $3,500 and has a buy it now price of $4,500.  Not a bad price to get you out on the track on a stroker.  It sounds like the bike has some really nice suspension upgrades.  Maybe hidden in all the text though is the fact that the engine is completely stock.  That is really nice if two strokes are new to you.  It will give you a nice base line to start from and saves you from overly peaky power from port jobs gone bad.  To be honest, the stock Aprilia has enough power to give most of us more than enough thrills on the track.

Pictures please:

The details:

 I was going to race it next year but realized that's just not going to happen. I've done three track days on it since I bought it three years ago. When I bought it the previous owner had just done a top end and he said the bottom had a few track days on it.  Motor runs perfectly as you can see from videos.  Stock bodywork is a little rashed from lowside but totally useable.  Catalyst composites bodywork is in excellent shape.  Mileage is unknown since the dash is not the original but everything is maintained meticulously.  Over $2k in spares.

Bike is located in Thibodaux, LA.

Premix only. Here's the details about the bike itself

2000 Aprilia RS 250
• Forks revalved for 180lb rider with titanium nitride coating
• Ohlins shock sprung and valved for 180lb rider
• Vortex clip-ons
• Woodcraft rearsets
• Frame and swingarm powder coated black
• Carbon fiber tank with anti slosh foam
• Radial front brake master cylinder
• Braided steel front brake lines
• Full floating Brembo front brake discs
• HH front pads
• Ohlins steering stabilizer
• Toggle switch in place of key for ignition
• 520 non o-ring chain with aluminum rr sprocket
• Arrow pipes
• Motor is all stock and super reliable
• Catalyst Composites bodywork in excellent condition
• Fully safety wired
• Michelin Power One tires with 1 day on them
• High flow air filter


  • 3 spare clip on tubes
  • 4 spare vortex clip on bases
  • 2 extra sets woodcraft rearset bases plus 1 more right base
  • 3 spare shift rods
  • assorted other rearset bases and pedals
  • Spare throttle tube and cable
  • 4 clutch cables
  • power valve cable
  • throttle cable
  • set of spare fairing stay ears
  • gasket kit
  • 4 steel clutch plates
  • 7 fiber plates
  • 2 complete clutch kits (1 Barnett, 1 Aprilia)
  • right side engine cover
  • used but useable reeds (3 sets carbon, 1 stock)
  • stock front brake lines
  • plenty gearing
  • 10 new plugs
  • jet kit
  • about 20 exhaust gaskets
  • clutch perch
  • clutch lever
  • new chain
  • 6 used cylinders in need of replating
  • 2 useable heads
  • Various fasteners, bits and bobs
  • 2 stock brake levers
  • 4 more clutch levers (1 is a shorty)
  • 3 powervalve wheels
  • 2 powervalve covers and several gaskets
  • 2 conrods
  • 2 used powervalves
  • 2 used petcocks
  • several head and base gaskets
  • bearings and seals
  • fairing clips
  • Suzuki stator and left side cover

Quite a nice package to get you started.  Actually just enough to get you hooked so you start spending more money.   If the Mrs. doesn't think this is a good Christmas present then just buy it now and consider it a mental health present.  .

The bike at speed at a track day:


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1997 VJ23 RGV250SP Lucky Strike

1997 VJ23 RGV250SP (Gamma) “V” Model in Lucky Strike colors

Location: Choctaw, Oklahoma
Mileage: 7,600
Price: $15,000.00

This one was submitted to us and I found it a little odd that our resident RGV owner, Ian, hadn't dug this one up yet. I started looking into it and at the time of this write up there were only 57 views on it. Only 57 views and it was thrown our way on Friday 10.1.10! Sort of odd don't you think? I can only assume that the title of the classified ad is holding it down.

Ever wanted to own a Sport Production model VJ23 RGV 250? Now is your chance! These are probably the second rarest production Suzuki only to the ever elusive GSX-R 750RR. Most of my RGV buddies tell me that these "should" sell in the $12,500 range and anything more than that is out of line, but of course either of them own one 😉

I personally think these are as nice as any production racer replica and I would be proud to own it. However, at $15,000 I'm going to enjoy it as a spectator. The owner quotes some pretty specific numbers regarding production and horsepower; none of which I can confirm or deny. I suspect it will make for a pretty good discussion at this weekends RGV/RZ gathering at Barber.

This one has a mere 7,600 miles on it and looks to be in stellar shape. Quoting one of our older posts: "If you don't like the price of this one, you can wait for the next one." Obviously, these don't come around that often so If you've been looking, look no further.

#VJ23: 1996-1997: Quoted power; 1997=70hp from the very rare 'SP' model (sports production) with new 70° V-Twin engine “V” model. According to Suzuki there were only 357 of these models produced, 119 were pink, 119 blue/white, and as shown 119 in the Lucky Strike paint. According available documentation there are approximately 20 VJ23 all color schemes currently known to exist world-wide. Five (5) in the US. This bike is “Mint” with approximately 12390 KM or 7600 miles on the clock. Includes, rear pillion, owners and service manual. As this bike was never exported to the US, it has been titled and tagged in Texas as a “constructed vehicle”. Asking $15K, or best offer.

The seller has his number listed on the ebay classified ad if you're feeling Lucky



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Across The Pond: 1996 RGV250SP (VJ23)

Across The Pond:  1996 RGV250SP (VJ23)

When I say across the pond, I mean way across the pond.  This one is hiding out in Singapore.  I can't beat around the bush with this one.  This bike is seriously over priced for anyone in the US market.  The seller is asking low mileage,mint and stock condition price.  This bike just isn't one of those bikes.  On top of that you would probably have at least $1,500 worth of shipping to deal with.  Now with that out of the way it does happen to have a couple of interesting features. 

If there is one bike I know in and out, it is a VJ23.  I spent a good 5 years rebuilding mine and tracking down info, parts and race kit accessories from Japan.  One rumor I had heard was that they used to reprogram the restricted CDI's and turn them into full power one's.  This bike's CDI has apparently been brought up to Sugaya R2 specs, which is one of the most sought after full power CDI's for street use (it will still run your lights and oil pump).   The seller states that the bike has a pressurized gas tank.  I'm not sure what good that would do without running the pressurized air box.  The two are designed to work  together and are race kit items from Autorimessa (sometimes known as Racin Function) who made the official race kit for the VJ23.  A lot of people seem to think Sugaya made the kit parts for the 23; not so.  Sugaya ran a successful race team and builds excellent pipes and CDI's for the 23.  On the subject of pipes, this 23 has the stock pipes but they are gutted to give the bike more power and work with the full power CDI.  Nice but they weigh an absolute ton.  They are excellent boat anchor material.

This 23 is also sporting a different front end than the one it rolled out the factory with.  At this price, I consider that a big no, no.  If the price was lower I would say no big deal.  I've seen quite a few front end conversions done on the 23 lately.  Lastly, this baby has seen some serious miles; 59,000 of them.  I'm not sure what to think about that one, I don't know if I've ever seen a 23 with that many miles.  In all fairness the bike does look like it has been taken care of but when the asking price is $15,000 you have to wonder.  I would ask about the paint as well.  Is it an orginal Lucky Strike?  With that many miles I would assume it was a respray to look that nice and new.

Up for auction is a 1996 manufactured Suzuki (VJ23) RGV-R 250 SP in Lucky Strike colors.

Accident free and it just passed inspection in the strictest country in the world – Singapore!

Instrument cluster reads 95,000km but the engine has been recently rebuilt with new factory bearings, gaskets, seals, blocks, cranks, con-rods, pistons, rings, clutch pates and springs. Bike is still running in!

Changed all coolant, fuel and oil hoses too.

Recently installed new Discacciati slotted rotors, Goldfren HH pads, Hel SS brake hose, Bridgestone Battlax BT-003 street racing tires, Marchesini Expada rims, Tokico 4 pot radial with Nissin radial brake pump, Showa USD fork.

Pressurized fuel tank, kit rear set, throttle setup and carburetors. Reprogrammed CDI, same power output as the Auto Rimessa 9SS and Sugaya R2!

Will include an Auto Rimessa carbon pressurized air box, gutted factory chambers and tuned end cans.

Bike has been tuned, acceleration is phenomenal (front wheel lifts off when power valves opens) and tested top speed is around 240km/h and the bike is still pulling strong.

The suspension is currently tuned for an 80kg rider and mountain roads.

It might sound expensive, but given the extensive work done to it, it's condition and taking into consideration that it is a really rare bike, it is really worth every penny


Just so you guys know, Autorimessa never made a kit carbon airbox, it was very then fiberglass.  If it is carbon it must be a copy.  I bet you are assuming I would say stay away from this bike.  Well at this price I would wait and see for sure.  If the bike hangs around then it might be worth talking with the seller and seeing what kind of deal could be worked out.  They are rare bike's  (if I remember correctly, less than 3,500 were produced) and if you want one to ride and not as a musuem piece than maybe it would be worth a longer  look.  .

As always,  if anyone has questions about 23's  feel free to ask.  I know sometimes info on them can be hard to come by or confusing.


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Double Take: Another 1993 RGV250 W/Telefonica Graphics

Double Take:  Another 1993 RGV250 W/Telefonica Graphics

In the span of just two weeks we've had two 93 RGV's appear for sale in Telefonica colors and both are on the west coast.  I had to go back and look at the old post to see if this was possibly a resale of the first bike for sale.  It is not.  Cali residents take note, it has that precious California title and registration, pollute away! 

At first glance it sure appears to have everything and a little more to enjoy a RGV.  The Jolly Moto pipes are a nice touch and the Dymag wheels couldn't have been cheap.  One thing that caught my eye right away was the swing arm.  Either this is an earlier 1991 model or a 91 banana swing arm was put on the bike.  That is an extremely common mod for RGV's since everyone loves the look of the earlier swing arm.  The other thing I noticed was no mention of if this is a restricted domestic model RGV or a full power export model.  I'm just guessing here but since it has the Jolly Moto pipes on it, I'm going to say it is currently at full power spec.  Generally you have to have the bigger carbs and full power CDI to get aftermarket pipes to work properly.

 From the ad:

93 RGV 250 street legal 2-stroke registered in california. This bike is extremly rare! It is fun and handles better than almost anything out there. This is a v-twin GP bike never sold in the US . Comes with many extras, Ohlins rear shock , Dymag magnesium wheels , Jolly Moto pipes, steel braded brake lines, 2 extra sets of plastics , extra sprockets stock wheels, stock pipes, and factory maintanance manuel. Please no low ballers , don't ask how to get yours registered. no free rides , Serious inquiries only has appx 11000 miles. I dont ride her much and have other projects I'd like to work on.

So how much overtime do I need to pull to ride away with this thing?  The seller is asking $7,500.  That is definitely on the high side considering what I've seen for sale lately.  Everything is more expensive in California, isn't it?  In my opinion the CA title would bump the price up some but would only matter to a California buyer, as other states aren't as restrictive.  The wheels are a nice touch as are the pipes.  The problem is that in this price range buyers are usually looking for stock and extremely low mile bikes.  Also as good as any respray may be it usually detracts from the price of a bike.  As usual it is a decision though.  For that price, do you want a bike that is legal, in good condition and has some nice upgrades or do you want to hold out for that bike that has been sitting in someones garage for years that has been untouched.  That could possibly be a long wait.  This RGV  is ready to go and can be found on the Bay Area Craigslist.