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Unretouched – 2005 BMW R1100S BoxerCup Replika

The BMW BoxerCup had just a couple of appearances at Daytona but sparked a lot of interest in the Replika, an R1100S with a nice factory option package.  This is number 504 of a around 550 made, and looks excellent with under 13,000 miles.

2005 BMW R1100S BoxerCup Replika for sale on eBay

BMW developed the R1100S for the 1998 model year and equipped it with their 1085cc four valve boxer, good for 98 hp.  The 2004-5 iteration has a second spark plug which makes for a smoother running engine at Euro 3 leanness, though torque and power numbers haven’t changed.  The BCR sports longer fork tubes allowing greater lean angles, and Öhlins dampers on the Telelever front and Paralever rear.  House brand 320mm front brakes have 4-piston calipers.  A Laser underseat exhaust is part of the Replika package, as are the carbon head covers and engine fairing.  A special factory ECU chip was generally installed by the servicing dealer.

The one owner was evidently unimpressed by BMW’s list of optional goodies, looking very stock with excellent cosmetics.  The limited pictures are at least a conversation starter.  From the eBay auction:

2005 Ultra Rare BMW r1100s Boxer Cup Race Replica. There were only 550 of these motorcycles produced in the world, and only 300 of them were shipped to the United States. This motorcycle is number #504. The motorcycle is a single swing arm, drive shaft driven motorcycle. The odometer reads 12,849 original miles. I am the original owner, since I bought the motorcycle new. This listing will also include the owners manual, a leather riding jacket, two sets of gloves both cold weather and summer, and two helmets. One needs a new visor cause a clip that holds it in broke from the visor. It has relatively new tires, the original seat has been recovered by Sargent Seats, and it has a fresh oil change. This bike is crazy fast and so much fun to ride. It handles like a dream.

A pretty nice run for the R1100S, though the BCR came toward the end and the R1200S was introduced in 2006.  Replikas are most often well maintained and lightly ridden, and demand a premium.  Here again the ask draws attention to the “Make Offer” button.  If a detailed inspection and maintenance records pan out, it could be a nice value.


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  • Unlike 2003 & 2004 year models which came numbered with a certificate and a plaque the 2005 bikes weren’t numbered from BMW. AFAIK, the actual production number and number of the 2005 BCRs is ambiguous. I call bullshit on the seller’s number claim unless there’s factory documentation supporting the claim. It appears that what the seller claims to be #504 is an actual production date 05/2004.

    While laser exhaust was OE part on 2005 BCR, stock suspension was Sachs and not Ohlins. There appears to be scratches on right side CF valve cover protector and the little feeler under the right footpeg is missing which is usually a good indicator that the bike has been down.

    The BCR produces 98 hp at approximately 500 lbs hence I would not go as far as calling it “crazy fast” but it is extremely stable in corners. With just basic observations from not so great fleabay photos and lack of mention of any service records this is a $5k bike for someone who just must have the ‘05 BCR. I’m not a fan of two color wheels and the unimaginative paint scheme of the ‘05 preferring a much more attractive (IMO) appearance of the ‘03/‘04 model year (for US market)

    At $8975 the seller is out of touch with the market. The R11S resale market is currently soft as Charmin taking the BCRs with it.

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