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Time Capsule: 1984 Honda VF1000F Interceptor


When the original “V45” Interceptor was launched, it created quite a storm. Moving the sport bike world from air-cooled, two valve per cylinder stone age technology, Honda’s revolutionary VF lineup offered v-four sophistication, including four valve technology and liquid cooling. Following the introduction of the original 750cc model, Honda released the mini-ceptor (500cc) and the VF1000. With rampant changes in technology over the coming years, the VF1000F was relatively short lived. The replacement – the VF1000R – had a foundation in the 1000F but with full fairing it celebrated Honda’s endurance racing success. The more naked 1000F showcased the motor as centerpiece, and still looks great today. This bike has fewer than 1,100 miles on the odometer.


1984 Honda VF1000F time capsule on eBay


From the seller:
This motorcycle was purchased from the original owner in July of 1986. It had a little over 1000 miles on it, and to date has 1092 miles. Its been kept in my home in a heated garage and has been extremely cared for.

The motorcycle is in showroom condition, has no oil leaks, rust in the tank or carburetor issues. It not only looks brand new, it runs like new. If your a serious collector and you want the BEST 1984 1000 Interceptor, This is it!


The 1980s were a golden age for sport bikes. Yes, performance progress continues to this day (at a dizzying rate!), but the new wave decade brought more two-wheeled diversity and experimentation than any other before or since. Honda was leading the technology battle, and probably introduced more innovation during this period than any other manufacturer. This particular example is a time capsule of the breed, and deserves to find a good home. If you are looking for a neo-classic collectible, this might be up your alley. Just bring your wallet; prices have changed a bit in 30 years. Check it out here. Good Luck!



  • WOW ! A picture is really worth a thousand words . This low mileage is incredible . As much as someone could say that this is high $$ for an Interceptor…….. try to find one like this somewhere . I would be surprised if any still exist in a crate anywhere …..so this would be the next closest thing to that . I mean it looks like it stepped out of an 80s brochure . The original finish ia apparent everywhere . If you had to buy one and restore it $$ would add up faast if you wanted it to look like this one .
    Two things to think about (never dissuaded me personally) are that these were early models and had teething problems . So to stay on top of things invest in a top end oiling kit (your cams will love you) . It is worth the couple hundred $$ . I also would recommmend full synthetic oil if you really care about your ride . Finally keep an eye on the cam-chain tensioner . If you stay on top of things these bikes will last and give you years of enjoyment . However if you neglect them and don’t pay attention to each specific model of the early V-Fours such as the Interceptor 500 , 750 , and the 1000….as well as the Magna and Sabre series …..you will be left with a very expensive paper weight on your hands .
    With the1985 VF1000R and cam gear driven cams it started to get better (some 1000Rs did have some issues with early prematre cam wear (start with good oil for sure) and carried through with the 8′ VF750 Interceptor , RC30/45 up until present day VFR800 with VTEC and fuel injection , etc.

  • Dear gosh. I just don’t know what so say other than… wow. It’s so beautiful. I stared at this bike at the Honda dealership for hours back in my high school years.

  • It is a beautiful bike, but——if I am going to spend $17k on a bike, it’s not going to be an interceptor!!

  • Love low mile bikes. i have my share of them, but always like to here the stories of why someone chooses to look at it more than they did ride it. If I was a interceptor guy. I’d pay the money just to have that clean of an example.

  • 14 hours left and not a single bid. Even the starting price seems high, from my limited knowledge, despite how beautiful a bike it is.

  • I tend to agree with Damon here . Seller should have had a lower starting price to encourage bidding . I respect if he has a high reserve set for it . Otherwise you waste all that time creating your auction and scare away bidders with too high an opening bid .

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