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The one you’ve been waiting for – 1989 FZR1000

BEAUTIFUL 1989 FZR-1000 on eBay


We’ve seen a rash of FZR-1000s here on RSBFS lately and I dare say that this is the nicest one yet.  This 1989 model was crowned as “Sportbike of the Decade” by Cycle World and for good reason.  While the GSXR-1100 and ZX-11 were adding horsepower and weight, the FZR-1000 was getting more and more focused.  It was certainly still a contender for the top speed numbers, but was quite a bit lighter on the scales and that resulted in a more balanced machine.  The red, white and blue color scheme is beautiful and it shows off the sexy Deltabox frame perfectly.  For those looking for originality, this one appears to still have the factory signals, mudflap and chain guard, which is pretty rare these days.



 The seller’s eBay listing is almost completely void of any details, but the pictures do a lot of talking.  You can check out the listing here: 1989 Yamaha FZR-1000 on eBay

Beautiful example of the late ’80s model FZRs…low mileage, paint and bodywork in outstanding shape! Needs tires and could use a carb-sync/tuneup. New battery and all electrical and mechanical working great! Real head turner.

Oh, and it’s only 5 minutes away from me.  I feel an argument with the wife coming on…


  • The front brake calipers look to have been replaced off a later model Yamaha, likely the YZF1000 “ThunderAce”. Fox shock is a nice upgrade also.

    Beautiful FZR, GLWS!

    • I did just notice that one of the EXUP decals is missing from the right side. Strange.

    • That’s the way that they came

  • Love this site. I’ve bought 4 bikes that you’ve pointed out to date, thanks for that! I’ve been looking for one of these but damn reserve auctions drive me nuts. Wish people would just start the bidding at their low #. I get it but its a pain in the a**. Oh well…hopefully it stays reasonable! Nice clean find though!

    • I have one for sale in Arizona, if you want to come take a look at it. It is even more original than this one.
      No aftermarket windshield, exhaust or anything.

  • My favorite Yamaha paint scheme EVAR!!

  • What’s not to love? This bike is awesome!

  • DAKOTA.. send address so i can seeit in arizona ? where phoenix?, tucson.. letmwe know thanks

  • Hey Dakota, shoot me the info bud. Built a pretty cool little collection there for a bit through this site. Had a ZX7R, Cool little small RC30 (a VFR400), older CBR900RR, RS250, couple ducati’s…bunch of cool bikes but my divorce made me clean house. That said, time to rebuild as it’s FINAL last week :). Looking for a pre ’90 GSXR (750 or 1100), another Zx7R, an FZR1000. No 2 strokes for now. Want to spring for an OW01 or RC30 but need to sell my ducat’s first. Anyway, shoot me a note at adamttromp@yahoo,com.

    PS. I owe this site for all the help buying and selling so I’ll make sure to pay it forward shortly. Thanks again.

  • I have ridden VFR/RVF 400’s and they are nothing like an RC30.
    When you ride an RC30,there is a whole sense of occasion.
    It’s a unique,special,experience that only a hand built machine from Honda/HRC can evoke.

  • I hear you…didnt mean to compare, just hear it called a mini RC30 from time to time. Fact is I was an ape on it anyway with my height :). I actually had the pleasure of riding a RC45 in AZ once. Guy I bought a car from had one and threw me the key. Tried to buy one from the guy in FL I bought the other bikes from (off this site) but couldnt put the deal together. Either way, it was such an amazing machine, wish I could of tried a couple laps at willow or even angelas crest on it but I recall it well…I’ll get one, just need to stop getting divorced, HAHAAHA! I just want the FZR and others as they were the bikes of my ERA and a bit of a nostalgic thing…to each his own.

    • Yeah, motorcycles (more than one anyway) and wives usually don’t go well together. Once I really planted my foot in my mouth when I mentioned to my ex-wife,”These motorcycles (3) will probably be here long after your gone”. Ouch, I paid for that.

  • Hahahaha. Love it! Too funny 🙂

  • Can’t quite put my finger on it, but this, to me, is one of the best looking Japanese bikes EVER built. It is elegantly brutal! This exact model & color is my favorite. Whomever gets this one is getting a nice machine. I’d change the calipers back, though.

  • 100 % sure fire way to stop getting divorced, dont get married…

  • A huge thank you once again to this site and my new friend Dayota. I polished her up last night and I’m going to take her for one last ride before parking her in the house and leaving it for one son one day. Rebuilding my collection of bikes that I loved 20 years ago, starting w this one.

    Thx again for coming to CA and thank you RSBFS for putting us together. Love this site, 🙂

  • Adam…pictures man! Pictures! If you got that bad boy home in 3 days and it was all that, with delivery!!! Amazing success story. Would love to hear more details

  • I’m too much of a rookie to post pics, not sure how. She’s a 100% original FZR1000, stock signals, exhaust, etc. A Small oil leak but I can fix that. I’ll keep this one unless I find an Ow01 to replace it one day 🙂 Dare to dream!

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