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The King in Yellow: 1996 Ducati 900SS/SP for Sale

Not too many bikes look good in yellow, and that very short list is mostly made up of Italians, Ducatis in particular. Red may be the most traditional color for Ducatis but the 916, Panigale, and this 900SS/SP look so striking in the bold yellow seen here, especially with the half-fairing that reveals most of the classic, air and oil-cooled v-twin. Most of the half-faired bikes here in the US were the lower-spec CR model with much more basic suspension, but some apparently did come that way from the factory, and I’d definitely configure my dream-build SP that way. Yes, I do have a dream-build SP, and it’s basically this one, with a two-up seat.

The Supersport was a mainstay of Ducati throughout the 90s, and was available in 900, 750, and even 400cc flavors, depending on the market. Here in the US, we got the 900, although 750cc examples do show up for sale from time to time, apparently sneaking in over the border. The 900SS came in two flavors: the SS/SP and the SS/CR. The motors for both versions were in an identical, as was most of the bodywork. As mentioned earlier, bikes could be had with a full or half-fairing and the SP generally had a carbon fiber front fender for, you know, weight savings. The aluminum swingarm doesn’t look quite as trick, but probably offered a greater performance benefit.

The biggest difference was the suspension. The CR or “cafe racer” came with non-adjustable suspension, because apparently cafe racer people don’t really care about handling all that much? Anyway, the SP or “sport production” came with a fully adjustable Showa front end and shock. Parts are completely interchangeable, so some CRs have been updated, but this example does have the plaque on the top triple that indicate this is an original SP.

It’s not completely stock, with a white frame, solo tail, and graphics meant to evoke the very limited-production Superlight, along with a low-profile LED taillight instead of the chunky 90s piece, but this 900SS still has the brackets for the passenger pegs, so it would be a relatively simple thing to put it back closer to stock. The Öhlins shock is a welcome update and the bike appears to be very nicely put together, as long as you’re okay with the non-standard paint.

From the original eBay listing: 1996 Ducati 900SS/SP for Sale

1996 Ducati 900 Supersport SP Half Fairing Monoposto 

I’m selling my 1996 Ducati 900 Supersport SP.
The bike was rebuilt by Johann Kaiser of Moto Motivo in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2017. 
The bike is powered by a 904cc desmodromic V-twin paired with a six-speed transmission. 
It features yellow bodywork with a white-colored trellis frame, and features include new Brembo brakes, upgraded Ohlins rear shock, cast aluminum wheels, and a carbon fiber exhaust and fenders.
The bike has a clean NC title in the seller’s name.
Has been garaged and has about 1000 miles after rebuild, and runs great.

You can find the bike on Moto Motivo’s website:

As mentioned above, I have a soft spot for these bikes. I’m a huge fan of the engine and the looks are a little bit retro and a little bit modern at the same time. It’s not really sleek, but solid and handsome, a practical sportbike that doesn’t overwhelm with power but can still handle well enough to entertain. With nice, original examples beginning to increase in value, the $6,000 asking price is a steal, if it’s anywhere near as nice as it looks in pictures. I’d look for a set of classic Termignoni cans to really finish it off and just enjoy the two-valve boom and midrange shove while bombing along a set of canyon roads.



  • The ‘96 Supersports came with an oil temperature gauge which this doesn’t have. Also, therewere no white frame bikes produced in ‘96.

    • Oh, it’s obviously not original, nor is it meant to be: the LED taillight hidden there and the white frame and black wheels… It’s more a custom/restomod/Superlight homage.

  • Unless I’m not seeing it, I guess you don’t need a tail light in North Carolina?

  • I think its a narrow led strip just above the license plate, you can kind of see it in the last pic

    Looks like the standard unit was removed completely and the license plate was moved up a bit, also the black plastic license plate assembly seems to be trimmed down a bit

  • Ah yes… I see it now.

  • I can only think of two bikes that look good in yellow, the 91-92 Superlight, and the 95-96 Triumph Daytona1200 / Super III.

    This is a super nice homage to the superlight, but wonder if the mods (although very tasteful) hurt this bikes value.
    If I was going to restomod a 900ss I’d probably do something g similar.
    Wish I had some extra motorcycle money stashed !

    • The mods are tasteful, but of course then you need to find a buyer with similar taste… I think you’re right in theory that they reduce the value, but at $6,000 I’d prefer this as well. And I’d add the T595 Daytona to the list of cool yellow bikes.

  • Great bikes. Superlight, or clone, takes the yellow cake!

  • Strange exhaust. Appears they just cut off one of the pipes to make a half baked 2 into 1 ?

    • Not sure, I know there were several two-into-one exhausts available for Supersports and Monsters years back, although that particular end-can does look suspiciously budget.

  • I like my 748 in yellow

    • I mentioned the 916 in the original post. If I get around to owning a 748, there’s a very good chance it will be yellow.

  • It’s gospel truth on the SuperHawk FB group that the yellow bike is the fastest.

  • GuaCaMole made a 2-1 system, but that doesn’t look like it.
    Too bad it isn’t running a spaghetti system.

    • It looks like a DanMoto can on there. For $6k I’d just live with it and keep an eye out for a set of Termis and a spaghetti system on eBay.

  • I’ve said before on this site — white-frame Ducatis are always cool.

  • This bike is SOLD!

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