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Honda April 22, 2016 posted by

Gen 1 – 1984 Honda VF500F Interceptor

Not long before the flights of 600cc sportbikes started pounding these shores, Honda started a handling-centric mini-frenzy with the mid-80’s Interceptors.  They were light(er) in weight and had 4-valve V-4’s, with small frame-mounted fairings and little belly scoops.  Serial number 18 and possibly the first delivered to the U.S., this VF-500 has been cared for and thoughtfully photographed.

20160422 1984 honda vf500f left

1984 Honda VF500F Interceptor for sale on eBay

20160422 1984 honda vf500f right

20160422 1984 honda vf500f front

Tucked into an early double cradle frame, the 498cc water-cooler generates 70 hp, transmitted by a 6-speed transmission.  The 37mm air-adjusted forks lead Pro-Link monoshock rear to the fray, with triple 255mm discs firing the retro-rockets.  Handling is aided by 16-inch front / 18-inch rear stagger.

20160422 1984 honda vf500f binnacle

20160422 1984 honda vf500f left engine

Looking surprisingly cherry for its indicated 27,303 miles, this VF500F has no bids but a serious buy-it-now.  The owner promises the following in the eBay auction:

First year and First generation 500 interceptor. This little jewel just happens to be frame number “18”… That’s right the 18th 500 Interceptor ever built… Not only that, but according to the Honda Micro Fiche this is the very first VF500 imported into the USA…

20160422 1984 honda vf500f right seat

These little baby interceptors have developed quite a cult following… probably the best of the first-generation interceptors… This beautiful little bike was owned by a motorcycle industry journalist from brand-new… It has been meticulously well-maintained and is in absolutely bone stock museum quality condition… It even has the stock grips, stock turnsignals, bodywork, and stock mirrors still on it… Almost impossible to find them in them in this condition…

this bike runs fantastic…

20160422 1984 honda vf500f left front wheel 

20160422 1984 honda vf500f right rear wheel

Soft-focus photos, nice as they are, beg for more history or suggest an in-person inspection.  Maintenance-free as these V-4’s can be, some repair records might be available.  Having the first customer VF500F in the country would be important to a collector.  If it all checks out, there’s a very good-looking Interceptor at the end of this rainbow…


20160422 1984 honda vf500f cockpit

Gen 1 – 1984 Honda VF500F Interceptor
Honda October 13, 2014 posted by

Fast Freddie: 1984 Honda VF500 Interceptor Spencer Replica

Update 10.13.2014: We last saw this bike for sale in 2012 but it’s back on eBay with an opening bid of $1,900, from the original seller I believe as well. Thanks for the heads up Marty, -dc

I bet at first glance you thought that was an old NS/NSR of some sort. For the most part we lust after close to stock two wheeled rarities here at RSBFS. Generally the more you modify a bike the more it appeals to just you. Every now and then though someone gets it right and I think we have an example here. Would your first guess have been a 1984 VF500? Liar! Yes, I know it isn’t even a two stroke (like Spencers GP bikes) but excluding the chambers poking out it is a darn good replica.

As always, I wish there was more info:

1984 Honda vf 500 interceptor. Built as a tribute to Freddie Spencers gp racing bikes. Many custom and vintage parts, new tires, brake pads, ss braided brake and clutch lines, nissin brake and clutch master cylinders, tons of suspension mods. More pics can be seen at bradwsm flickr.Pictures with the number “1” in plate are the most recent, all pics are of the actual bike. This is not a show bike and it is titled and registered, so there are some scratches and imperfections

Be sure to check out his Flickr page. It has more pictures of the bike and some of his other projects that look quite interesting. It looks like he is working on a four stroke powered KR replica.

I’d love to see it without the bodywork. Is that a NS400 swing arm? It cracks me up how race like the little Interceptor looks: A+ in my book. I’ve been a Honda hater for years but I love this thing.

He has an auction going and a BIN of $3,500. Now of course the book value is way below that but that really doesn’t sound like a bad price for a unique bike like this if the attention to detail on the build is good.

Check it out.


Honda January 9, 2013 posted by

Clean Survivor: 1984 Honda VF500 Interceptor with 2,410 miles!


If you are looking to add something period-specific to your collection without paying crazy money and breaking the bank, this just might be for you. Known in the day for raising the bar in the middleweight class (remember when a middleweight was only a 500?), the smaller Interceptor features a jewel of a V-4 motor housed in a Superbike-inspired chassis. A sportbike with a V configuation motor that is NOT Italian – who would have thought?


The mini-ceptor was thrust upon the scene where air-cooled Kawasaki GPz 550s ruled the streets. Yamaha uppped the displacement ante with the FJ600, but it was Honda who threw technology at the problem of performance and created this liquid cooled gem. This particular bike sports only 2,410 miles on the odometer, and from the few pictures looks to be in pretty good shape with plenty of records.


From the seller:
have a 1984 honda interceptor 500 showroom condition with 2410 miles clear iowa title stored indoors and in perfect shape $3500. i have all service records and dealer welcome letter. carbs have been completely gone through all new bowl caskets and carb boots. new front fork seals / oil and filter and valve adjust. never laid over pipes are perfect. these are becoming collectors items and you will not find many with this low of miles.

the $3500 is what it is listed for local , the reserve is MUCH lower then that . for what i have it set at i am giving this away !


The very early release VF500 Interceptors had a bad habit of destroying crankshafts, but this was very rapidly handled by Honda under warranty. You might want to check the ‘net to make sure the engine number puts this unit in the clear just to be safe. Beyond that, given the miles, the condition and the price, can you really go wrong? Check it out here, and let us know if this is the type of survivor you like to see here on the pages of RSBFS!


Honda August 11, 2012 posted by

High School Memories: 1986 Honda VF500F Interceptor

High School Memories:  1986 Honda VF500F Interceptor


Ah, the memories.  I can still picture it clearly.  I’m walking out of my last class of the day and a rather good looking girl is waiting for someone to come pick her up.  Her knight in shining armor roars around the  corner on his gleaming, red, two wheeled beast;  a VF500.  He is dressed to impress;  tank top, shorts and flip flops.  Clearly, this girls standards were to high for me.

Now it was shortly after this that I discovered RG500’s and wondered why in the hell would anyone want a VF?


So why bother with a basically ordinary bike?  It is a survivor baby.   “Ordinary” bikes in this condition are a true rarity.  This one has just over 10,000 miles on it and really does look showroom fresh.  I think they’ve aged well and still appeal to the eye.


I wasn’t kidding, it really looks like it came out of the showroom this year.


This thing had to be tucked away in a garage for many years; absolutely zero sun fade.  It is a one owner bike and has sat since 2009.   The seller states is has had the carbs cleaned and runs like it did back 1986.


The bike has a BIN of $4,900.  I doubt many will ante up that much for a trip down memory lane but the seller is open to offers.  All they can say is no.  Be sure to check out the auction as the seller as multiple pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Click it for the VF.






Honda January 21, 2010 posted by

1985 Honda VF500R Interceptor with only 62 miles!

Update: Bike sold for $3,051.00

An unbelievable, 1985 VF500 Interceptor with only 62 miles since new! Located in Brooklyn, NY and for sale with a current bid of $2,500.00 and no reserve. If your a Honda fan, a collector or just have a thing for 24 year old bikes with 62 miles, don’t let this one pass you by. What are the chances of finding such a bike? The thing literally looks brand new! The paint still shines, the engine doesn’t look to have any dust on it the tires, exhaust everything still looks new. Anyone have the # for Barber Museum?

Have a look for yourself.

This is the RARE of the rare…this is a 25 year old brand new bike…still has the dealer stickers on it. The bike was bought for someone that never got to ride it…kind of tragic…long story…it sat in a heated garage for the last 25 years covered and fueled….meaning there isn’t a lick of rust or dirt on this bike…the bike hasn’t been restored cause it didn’t need it what so ever…its a BRAND NEW 25 year old bike!…its like looking at a time machine

I’m not even going to bother with top speed, type of suspension or who raced it. Bottom line-this is as collectible as anything we’ve ever posted.