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1985 Honda VF500R Interceptor with only 62 miles!

Update: Bike sold for $3,051.00

An unbelievable, 1985 VF500 Interceptor with only 62 miles since new! Located in Brooklyn, NY and for sale with a current bid of $2,500.00 and no reserve. If your a Honda fan, a collector or just have a thing for 24 year old bikes with 62 miles, don’t let this one pass you by. What are the chances of finding such a bike? The thing literally looks brand new! The paint still shines, the engine doesn’t look to have any dust on it the tires, exhaust everything still looks new. Anyone have the # for Barber Museum?

Have a look for yourself.

This is the RARE of the rare…this is a 25 year old brand new bike…still has the dealer stickers on it. The bike was bought for someone that never got to ride it…kind of tragic…long story…it sat in a heated garage for the last 25 years covered and fueled….meaning there isn’t a lick of rust or dirt on this bike…the bike hasn’t been restored cause it didn’t need it what so ever…its a BRAND NEW 25 year old bike!…its like looking at a time machine

I’m not even going to bother with top speed, type of suspension or who raced it. Bottom line-this is as collectible as anything we’ve ever posted.




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