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Honda posted by

Fast Freddie: 1984 Honda VF500 Interceptor Spencer Replica

Update 10.13.2014: We last saw this bike for sale in 2012 but it’s back on eBay with an opening bid of $1,900, from the original seller I believe as well. Thanks for the heads up Marty, -dc

I bet at first glance you thought that was an old NS/NSR of some sort. For the most part we lust after close to stock two wheeled rarities here at RSBFS. Generally the more you modify a bike the more it appeals to just you. Every now and then though someone gets it right and I think we have an example here. Would your first guess have been a 1984 VF500? Liar! Yes, I know it isn’t even a two stroke (like Spencers GP bikes) but excluding the chambers poking out it is a darn good replica.

As always, I wish there was more info:

1984 Honda vf 500 interceptor. Built as a tribute to Freddie Spencers gp racing bikes. Many custom and vintage parts, new tires, brake pads, ss braided brake and clutch lines, nissin brake and clutch master cylinders, tons of suspension mods. More pics can be seen at bradwsm flickr.Pictures with the number “1” in plate are the most recent, all pics are of the actual bike. This is not a show bike and it is titled and registered, so there are some scratches and imperfections

Be sure to check out his Flickr page. It has more pictures of the bike and some of his other projects that look quite interesting. It looks like he is working on a four stroke powered KR replica.

I’d love to see it without the bodywork. Is that a NS400 swing arm? It cracks me up how race like the little Interceptor looks: A+ in my book. I’ve been a Honda hater for years but I love this thing.

He has an auction going and a BIN of $3,500. Now of course the book value is way below that but that really doesn’t sound like a bad price for a unique bike like this if the attention to detail on the build is good.

Check it out.



  • Awesome Job!…… very clever thinking!

  • StunnIng job. Exotica through a lot of parts bin ingenuity, hard work and inventiveness. Love the comstar wheels, brakes and swingarm. A bargain. Would love to ogle it in person.

  • WOW ! This guy has talent ! I checked out his Flickr page . He is one multi-talented dude ! That is who you want to build you a custom bike . The Freddie GP Bike replica is the business ! Great job ! 🙂

  • I’m glad you guys all enjoyed this one as much as I did. What do you think about the price? Reasonable?

  • I gather Ian , you the author of this lovely tribute machine ? I think the price is fair and decent for a machine like this . I bet the money comes nowhere near the hours and effort involves to create it ! Looks like some VF1000R parts in the recipe …or are they NS400 parts too ?

  • I’m just the lowly RSBFS scribe you wrote the post. It would be cool if the owner posted a comment about what went into the bike.

  • bradwsm is a member of the dotheton forums and there is an awesome writeup on the build, its really something else. i can’t seem to find the bookmark for it atm. If I had the cash I would be honored to own this machine

  • Yeah if you like it do check out DoTheTon Forum …just Google it . I actually joined . There are some really creative people on there and they are very passionate about their and other peoples projects . You can learn alot and be inspired there very easily …then make a coll project that ….winds back up here on RSBFS ! Full circle …whatta small world it is ! 🙂

  • Jeeze, that seems really, really well done. If it handles anywhere nearly as well as it looks, $3500 seems like a steal to me. Beautiful workmanship.

  • Swingarm appears to be one of the VF1000 variants–can’t remember exactly which.

  • Ian…a Honda hater? How is that possible?

  • That guy cranks out some tuff stuff.

  • For the first time on this site, I made a bid. This bike is SICK.

  • David , Please let me know if you win this bike . I tried to contact the seller and he seems a little elusive . I just wanted to ask him a few friendly questions as I plan to do an RS850 build using a VF1000R motor and maybe fabricating (not me , my welder..) an aluminum frame and fuel tank . I liked this build and I wanted to know a bit about the bodywork as it would nearly be the right style for my build idea . It is quite an inspiring bike as it is a great mix of stuff all put together from Honda products as previously mentioned her by other posters .

  • I like it. I had an ’86 500. I’d pick this one up and ride it, but a bike this inexpensive isn’t really worth paying to ship from FL to my home in Vegas.

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