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Ducati September 20, 2018 posted by

Featured Listing: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore for Sale

The Ducati Monster was aptly named: it was the ultimate parts-bin special, with a frame from the 888, and the air and oil-cooled two-valve engine from the 900SS, along with some non-adjustable suspension and other bits Ducati had lying around: aside from the dash, tank, and seat, just about every part of the Monster was already sitting on a shelf. In fact, Ducati's intent was to use their liquid-cooled four-valve engine, but a warehouse full of unused 900SS engines and additional profit they promised sealed the deal. Which means that, when they finally slotted their superbike engine into the frame, everything had come full-circle for the Monster, and this Featured Listing S4RS can be seen as the ultimate incarnation of Galluzzi’s original vision, which was sketched over a photo of an 888 sans bodywork.

The two-valve Monster worked great at a time when there really was nothing else on the road like it, other than the retro-styled Triumph Speed Triple. Sure, there had been sporty nakeds previously, but in the era of the sportbike, the Ducati was something fresh and new from the Italian company, a practical exotic.

But by the 2000s, plenty of other manufacturers had jumped on the bandwagon and were making much faster, more modern bikes. So in went Ducati’s liquid-cooled four-valve, in this case, the 998cc Testastretta version, distinguished at a glance by the triangular oil-cooler beneath the radiator that adds a bespoke touch to a bike that otherwise remained true to its parts-bin roots.

The result was a huge bump in power: the original two-valve engine is rich in torque, but you’re really looking at 75hp at the wheel from a healthy example. In this application, the Testastretta made a honking 130 claimed horses, kept vaguely in check by the Öhlins suspension. Unfortunately, although the later Monsters actually used the frame from Ducati’s ST bikes that offered more stability than the original 888 part, the power really overwhelmed the chassis, and the riding position was not ideal for controlling what really was a pretty wild ride. It ended up being a bit less refined than bikes from Aprilia and KTM, but it's really no contest in terms of curb appeal and, while the dynamics are ultimately limited, it's great fun to hoon around on!

The bike is currently in Canada, and the listed 18,500 kilometers equates to 11,495 miles, so it’s certainly no garage queen, but has obviously been well cared-for. And while it’s not hard to find Ducatis with far fewer miles, the big question is, “would you want to?” If you plan to simply display your bike and wait for it to increase in value, sure, a 900 mile bike makes sense. But sitting or occasionally running doesn’t really count as exercise, and a bike with a few more miles under its belt might be better for those looking to ride as well as collect.

From the Seller: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore for Sale

Showroom condition. Needs nothing. Collector owned. Runs perfectly. #130 of 400. Eligible for BC Collector Plates in about 4 years. Arrow Full Carbon Fiber Exhaust (personal opinion- it sounds a million times better than the Termi that is more common. A fairly representative video link is ). Power Commander III Ohlins suspension Brembo brakes CRG levers tail tidy and bar end mirrors

OEM parts (exhaust, levers, etc) included in sale.

Originally a USA bike. I imported it 4 years ago. Currently plated in BC and bike is located in Victoria, BC.

No trades. If ad is up it's still available. Low balls will be ignored.

Thank you for looking.

The $15,500 CAD asking price equates to just a shade over $12,000 USD and occupies a bit of a middle-ground in terms of S4RS Tricolore pricing. Certainly you'd also have to consider shipping and all that if you plan to bring the bike back to the US, but I think it's a good bet that, down the road, this will be one of the most collectible Monsters. Contact Mark with your interest.


Featured Listing: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore for Sale
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That Bike is a – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty #253

As special editions go, the Fogarty Monster is more than just paint.  Starting with the 916 powerplant, adding a catalogue of carbon bits, then the bold graphics, and finally a nicely designed number plate including Carl's signature, it's a nice tribute.  The 4-time WSBK champion started with Honda but achieved all of his championships with Ducati.  Flexible like a Monster, he also won at Isle of Man, Le Mans, and managed the Petronas FP1 team.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right

2002 Ducati Monster F4 Fogarty for sale on eBay

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left lights

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy tank

Ducati made the water-cooled 4-valve engine available in the Monster starting in 2001, answering calls for more power with 101 hp.  The steel trellis frame adapted from the ST4 is up to the task, helped by the 43mm inverted Showa forks and aluminum swingarm with adjustable Sachs monoshock.  The two-into-two exhaust ends with carbon guards and Termignoni mufflers.  Brembo brakes all around, dual 320mm floating front disks and 245mm rear.  Carbon highlights are everywhere, the fender, mudguard, radiator shroud, air scoops, cam belt covers, side panels, clutch cover, chain guard, and chin spoiler, so much it's a real statement.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left cockpit

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right front wheel

Looking great for its 5,700 miles, this S4 appears stock except for the blingy reservoir caps and absence of mirrors.  The owner has also added a chassis lighting kit, there's just not all that much you can improve on a Foggy.  Some I've seen have a monoposto seat fairing, but this one has a biposto ( carbon look ) seat.  From the eBay auction:

I just got a great deal on a Jeep and now need to sell my bike so you get a great deal on my S4 Monster Limited Edition Foggy. Check out all the cool detail and stock carbon fiber, its too much to list everything. I put my hand on the exhaust after a long ride and can't even feel the heat.

ONLY HAS 5,600 miles and climbing because I do ride it but it is in near-mint condition. This motorcycle needs absolutely nothing and is 100% ready to ride. She has been meticulously cared for and I just installed a light kit that makes the bike even hotter.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left front wheel

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right rear wheel

Sweet handling and light weight made the extra ponies in the S4 a real bonus.  Milder cams and careful ECU programming resulted in a wider torque band, making the bike more fun in town and out in the country.  The 916 mill was helped by the lack of bodywork and overheating worries became occasional instead of constant.  One of 300, the Fogarty commemorative will always be as rare as Monsters are commonplace.  The drivetrain updates and nice components make the S4 a keeper, without even factoring in the Foggy edition paint and carbon fiber everything.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left muffler

I can almost forgive the guy for selling to buy a jeep, but he's out in Illinois and it's toward the end of November after all.  The lights, well...


That Bike is a – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty #253
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Fascination Fogarty – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy #019

After Carl Fogarty retired his 916 racer with 4 Superbike World Championships, the Ducati factory released a 2002-only Monster S4 commemorative edition which are quite rare with total production of only 300 and highly regarded as the first water-cooled 4-valve Monster.

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy front

With 101 hp and just a bikini fairing, the S4 is study in contrasts, the short Monster wheelbase but the booming 916 cc engine.  Developed on an ST4 frame, it's a monoposto but with a relaxed seating position, the bars mounted to the tops of the triple clamp.  A neat carbon chin scoop under the horizontal cylinder, but not much cover for the water pump and radiator.  Running gear is more standard early 2000's Ducati, 6-speed straight cut gearbox, dry clutch, nice 320mm front disks and 245mm rear.  Almost all the external accessories are carbon, headlight fairing, cam belt covers, side covers, and various guards - even the Termignoni's  - help keep the weight around 400 lbs.

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy cockpit  20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left detail

20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right engine detail  20150726 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy seat

Number 19 0f 300 with just break-in miles, this 13 year-old machine appears super nice.  Only two owners to date, and the sale includes front and rear pit stands, and factory cover.  Red and black keys shown ( plus spare key ), so no immobilizer issues.  From the eBay auction:

#19 of 300. 1 of 300 worldwide and 1 of 75 imported into the U.S. This is 916cc 4-valve water-cooled engine mounted to an ST frame to handle the increased power. 110hp/66 ft lbs torque. 2100 miles since new and in near-mint condition with very minor imperfections as one would expect for a Quality motorcycle. This motorcycle wants for absolutely nothing and is 100% ready to ride..Fresh oil and service 6/23/15. It comes with front and rear stands and the red cover and all three Keys. I am the second owner of motorcycle.

It's mid-summer and likely too hot for much sport biking, but this would be just the ride across town for an ice cream or down to the beach, while celebrating one of Ducati's great champions...


Fascination Fogarty – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy #019
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Beauty revealed – 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tri-Colore

This naked superbike appeared recently and expired without a bid.  When it was re-listed, it seemed worthy of a closer look.  An bikini-faired 998 Superbike, the numbered edition Tri-Colore was only available in 2008 and shares a lot of the go-fast engineering from the faired 998's.

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore right

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tri-Colore for sale on eBay

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore left

With 130hp pushing a sub-400 lb machine, the S4RS has mountains of power.  With modern fuel injection and water cooling it's still rideable around town ( even more so if you add a tooth to the rear sprocket ).  Very easy on the eyes, the gold trellis frame complements the forks and exhaust, and makes the tri-colore tank sing.  All the beauty hidden on the Superbike is shown - the curved water and oil radiators with little carbon bumpers, the carbon cam belt covers, single-sided swingarm, and the spindly cast brackets for the radial disk calipers.

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore left front  20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore binnacle

Appearing on the lot of a powersports dealer in North Carolina, this S4RS looks excellent and has just a few mods, a slightly larger windscreen, Arrow mufflers, and left saddlebag.  From the eBay auction:

Some of the most sought after Ducati models are the striking ´Tricolore´ versions. Produced in limited quantities, this bike represents the best-of-the-best and can now enjoy legendary status!

This bike is pre-owned, with only 13,828 miles. Maturely owned, this bike also includes a record of service, owner’s manual as well as Service and Parts catalogue on CD. Both keys are included as well as the code card that has the electronic and mechanical codes needed for service. For added traveling convenience, a saddle bag is also included; genuine Ducati product!

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore rear  20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore tank

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore left rear wheel

Though the subsquent 1100 had more displacement, the S4RS was a very special Monster, one of two 4-valves and the most powerful naked bike in the Ducati line until the 1200 arrived last year.  Perhaps not as much cachet as the 2001 Carl Fogarty championship commemorative, but the tri-colores also have a special place in Ducati history...



Beauty revealed – 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tri-Colore
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Featured Listing: 2002 Ducati Monster “Foggy” S4 #220/300 available in California

Update 7.17.2014: This bike is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

2002 Ducati Monster S4 Foggy for sale

Today's Featured Listing is this great looking Ducati S4 Fogarty edition. We highlighted a 2 mile example not so long ago and if the asking price was keeping you away, today's Foggy is more attractively priced at $7500 (which is half the original MSRP by the way). With only 6k miles and a recent service, this one is ready to go. Key differences in this edition include a larger rear sprocket for quicker acceleration, a modified airbox and ECU bump horsepower 9hp, and suspension components that are visually unique to the Foggy. If you're interested in further information on this bike, check out the seller's AutoTrader listing.


We'd like to thank Lorraine for supporting the site by purchasing a Featured Listing. Email me if you're interested in getting your bike Featured on RSBFS.



from the seller:

If youre looking for a unique bike with a story to tell, here it is. With the Carl Fogarty special edition S4 youll get a piece of history along with a beautifully built, great handling bike at a super price. A tribute to the 4-time world champion there were 300 manufactured with fewer than 75 shipped to the US.

6,089 miles original owner. Number 220 out of 300 manufactured. 6,000 mile service just completed by Desmoto-Sport, San Francisco. Carbon fiber extras. Never been down, super clean. Have all original parts, keys, code card, manuals. Front and rear stands. Clear title. $7500 obo. See at Desmoto-Sport. Call 415-552-7729 or stop by 220 9th St, San Francisco.

I have it located at the shop because they are the best for helping you with the details and they did the service. But its for sale by owner, and if you have questions about the bikes history or why I am selling, please get in touch. Long story short, I want it to have a good home, sorry to see it go. But I'm flexible on the price, so give a call and make an offer.

Featured Listing:  2002 Ducati Monster “Foggy” S4 #220/300 available in California
Ducati April 22, 2014 posted by

2002 Ducati Monster Fogarty Edition #240/300 with just 2 Miles!

2002 Ducati Monster Fogarty Edition For Sale

While many will view this bike as another manufactured "limited edition" bike by Ducati, for Foggy fans it probably doesn't matter. Naturally it wears custom decal work specific to this edition. It's also based on the S4 Monster that features the detuned 916 superbike motor, so it's not lacking in the performance department considering it weighs a mere 415 pounds. With only 300 produced for worldwide consumption, it is a bike you're not going to see very often either. Advertised with just 2 miles, it's likely destined for a collection somewhere. But sometimes I like to play devil's advocate and speculate that if you were in the market for a new Monster, would you pause to consider a new, vintage one instead? Opening bid is $10k reserve not met. Leave a comment with what you'd pay and if you'd keep it low miles or treat as new to ride.


2002 Ducati Monster Fogarty Edition for sale on eBay


from the seller:

Ducati Monster Fogarty edition #240/300. Only 2 miles on the odometer. Single owner, clear title. Never dropped or damaged. Original items not pictured but included: carbon Termignoni exhaust, front and rear wheel stands, bike cover, mirrors, manual and both keys.



2002 Ducati Monster Fogarty Edition #240/300 with just 2 Miles!