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Honda May 7, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF400R NC35 Titled & Registered In California

This is NC35 RVF400R in Southern California.  Located in Orange County, California is a 1995 Honda RVF400R which is titled and registered in California.  We’ve seen a few 1995 NC35’s out of Southern California but, I don’t believe we’ve seen this one.  The seller states that the bike has been sitting in his garage for some time and will need tires and the assumed going through of a bike that has been sitting.   The bike does come with an extra set of plastics, a spare exhaust, and a Pit Bull rear stand.  It looks to be a dust but, pretty solid and unmolested example.  The pictures of the bike in the garage look to be genuine but, it should be noted for caution that the picture of the bike outside was sourced from Wikipedia.

These NC35’s looked–and ran–the part with 41mm USD Showa forks, a 17″ rear wheel, 30mm carbs and other upgrades setting it apart from the VFR400R that preceded it.  The asking price for this bike is $5,000.  See the other NC35’s from Southern California here and here.  See the example currently for sale on Craigslist here.


Honda April 19, 2010 posted by

Honda RVF400R Track Bike In Colorado

This is a seriously modified RVF400R finished in Rossi Repsol colors.  Located in Aspen, Colorado is a Honda RVF400R that is set up for race use but does look to have lights even though it isn’t titled.  It would probably be best to let the seller explain this bike:


This motorcycle was built from the ground up to be the fastest, lightest, best handling RVF400 in the USA. Purchased as a Japenese import from GPC Moto in Sacremento, CA in Fall 2003, this bike was completely stripped down and rebuilt by BRG Racing (also in CA). In a colaberative effort by BRG Racing, RLR Motorsports of England, and Jack Silverman Racing of Aspen, this bike took two race seasons and a total of six years to perfect.

-One of only three HRC Labratories Factory motors in the US. Purchased new in crate from Jack Silverman Racing, proffesionally broken in at BRG Racing, then tuned using many trade secrets and custom go-fast bits from RLR Motorsorts. ALL ENGINE INTERNALS HAVE BEEN CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN FOR DURABILITY.
-This bike was used as the prototype to develope the first and only reliable 1mm overbore kit for the RVF, which added 8hp and noticable torque.
-With over $50,000 invested, there is way too much to list, so please e-mail with questions and picture requests.


Now, this bike does sound to have some serious kit in it that I have no knowledge of so I’m not in a position to comment.  However, I can confirm that when you start making one off race parts the bill ads up quickly so it isn’t a surprise that the seller claims to have so much into this bike.  Sadly, the bike isn’t titled.  The asking price of $12,500 is  far higher than we’ve seen any RVF at but, again, this bike includes some very serious aftermarket parts and a substantial spares package.  If this project interests you, see this very beautiful RVF on Craigslist here.


Honda March 7, 2010 posted by

(2001) Honda RVF400R NC35 With California Title

We have seen several NC35’s lately but here is another one in California!  Located in North Park, California is a Honda RVF400R that is titled as a 2001MY.  The bike currently has 32,500km (20,194mi) and the owner states that he purchased it with 1,200km (745mi).  Within the last 1000mi the bike has had: “…valve adjustment, new clutch plates, fresh tires, fork rebuild, new Two Brothers carbon fiber exhaust can and a new chain.”  The bike also has a Ohlins rear shock and aftermarket rearsets.  This example is California titled and registered.  Stock, these bikes have adjustable front suspension, and with the Ohlins rear this one has fitted, make this a very nice handling bike weighing in at only 165kg.  NC35s have 17″ front and rear wheels.  This bike has a market correct asking price of $6,500.  See this NC35 on Craigslist here.


Honda February 13, 2010 posted by

1996 Honda RVF400R NC35 California Titled And Registered

We have seen a few RVF400Rs recently but here is another one in Mountain View, California.  This RVF400R is a track bike conversion having been returned to street use.  The seller states:

Tyga-Performance full RC211 kit (front, belly pan, sides and tail)
Tyga-Performance carbon fiber HRC style air box lid
Translogic digital speedometer (speedo, lap timer, temp gauge, gear indicator, oil indicator, fuel gauge, RPM read out etc)
NC30 (VFR) carbs
520 sprockets and DID chain
Michelin Power Race and Power One tires (120 and 160)
’06 GSXR600 complete front suspension. This includes powerful dual-piston radial brakes. Fresh Oil and GP piston kit installed by Evolution Suspension.
’06 GSXR600 rear shock. Re-sprung (1100# spring) and re-valved by Evolution Suspension.
All suspension set for a ~180# rider and massaged by Dave Moss.
Tyga-Peformance rear-sets
Drilled and safety-wired
Key-less ignition system

Extras include:
Single-sided Pitbull swingarm stand
VFR and RVF Haynes manual
Extra misc parts such as extra set of Tyga-Performance race body (front, belly pan, sides and stock RVF solo seat), VFR and RVF carbs, RVF headlights,
misc body panels and lights, and other RVF400 hardware

Important information regarding operation status:
Currently registered and insured.

The seller also states that the major issue with the bike is that the tank is heavily damaged, it still functions perfectly without leads but is still heavily damaged.

This isn’t an original RVF400R but, it has good accessories and good modifications.  If properly set up, the modifications undoubtedly make this an excellent performing RVF.  The seller states that this listing is only a feeler and with an asking price of $7,000; it appears a bit high even with the extensive modifications.  However, it would be a pleasure to ride this bike around California and if you’re in the market, you just need to put a value on that pleasure.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Honda February 4, 2010 posted by

1995 Honda RVF400R NC35 Track/Race Bike

How about a RVF400R track bike?  Sure!  Located in Oakland, California is a 1995 Honda RVF400R sold on a bill of sale only.  This bike has been raced in the AFM from 2004 through 2005.  The bike comes fitted with a Penske twin clicker rear shock, HRC velocity stacks, and a Yamamoto Spec-A exhaust–a very sexy shotgun design.  List of work and spares:

Suspension work:
Mar ’04 at Buttonwillow, Racetech added Gold Valves; compression stack CH 34 with a .15 preload.
Oct ’04 – Aftershocks added Racetech .90 springs, seals and 450cc 5wt oil (120 ~ 125mm from the top).

Apr ’05 – Aftershocks serviced shock

GP Frame & Wheel digitized the frame; it needed very little work or straightening.

Motor was gone through – no wear found. All the same, we replaced the following:
New valve springs and stem seals, crankshaft bearings & con-rod bearings, rubber carb boots, all gaskets, piston rings, all engine seals, new oil pump, spark plugs. Less than six race weekends on this motor. OEM parts purchased through GForce – I did the work.

BRG slotted cams installed <sweeet >

Sept ’07 – BRG tuned to run on stock airbox, no air-filter, with Spec-A Yamamoto Racing exhaust.
Has Factory jets, RLR Motorsports (UK) emulsion tubes, HRC velocity stacks.

On BRG’s (unforgiving) MD750 EC dyno with Factory software, it showed 52.3 HP with 91 oct pump gas.
(For comparison, Patrick Ho stated on BARF that a Performance Concepts FZR400 (413 cc) in prod trim typically showed 59 ~ 61 HP on Werkstatt’s EC977 dyno, while BRG’s MD750, (twin roller dyno), would read 10 ~ 12 HP lower.)


Haynes Manual
Pitbull stand, rear

Spare parts NEW:

Valve keepers (2)
Brake caliper seals (4 sets) 06451-KV3-406
Brake caliper seals (4 sets) 06451-KV3-405
Front master cylinder kit (1) 45530-KV3-305
Clutch springs (1 set – 3 springs) 22440-MR8-901
Throttle tube (1) 53140-KT8-710
Rectifier (Honda replacement for OEM) 31600-MV4-010

Spare parts USED:

A 3/4 exhaust system (uses stock front pipes) that original came with the bike.
ZERO – Moriwaki Engineering LTD, Suzuka Japan Duel exhaust, left side mount, shotgun (over/under) style.
Stainless steel pipes, cans (internally gutted) are (heavy) steel with carbon fiber covering.

Coolant overflow tank
Left, right passenger pegs
Rear AFAM sprocket – 40T (520)
Front sprocket – 15T
OEM fork springs
Throttle cables A & B
Clutch cable
Right side OEM rear set (bracket and brake lever)
Bag-O-used parts from engine rebuild

This appears to be a decent track or race bike if you’re into these 400’s.  A decent spares package to get you by, especially if you’re just out to track the bike.  The asking price is $4,950.  See the bike on here.  See more photos of the bike here.


Honda December 2, 2009 posted by

1994 Honda RVF400R NC35

Located in San Francisco, California is a titled and registered 1994 Honda RVF400R.  It looks to be in very good condition, it has gone down in the past but has been professionally repaired.  This RVF has 16,500km (10,252mi).  See sellers listing below:

Excellent Condition

16.5K Kilometers (10k miles)
Valve adjusted (11/11/2009)
Carb cleaned (11/11)
New spark plugs (11/11)
New Petcock (11/11)
New Battery (06/12)
New Rectifier (08/05)
Oil changed (11/05)
New Fairings
Traxton front and rear suspension


Rashed RVF aftermarket race fairings
dented, but funtional; gas tank
Pit-Bull stand
8 new spark plugs
Spare Petcock
Spare rectifier
New air filter kit
Extra seat
Hanes RVF Manuel

And some quick history of this particular bike:

I purchased this bike in May 2009. I rode it 5 times before letting it sit in my garage for 6 months.

I recently brought my RVF to BRG Racing in Concord, Ca for service (11/11), being that it was stored for 6 months. The owner KC and mechanics cleaned the carbs, adjusted the valves and put in new spark plugs. The RVF ran better than when I first purchased it.

I have logged a total of 350 miles since my 04/09 purchase. My work consumes me, so I really have no time to ride.

History emailed by previous owner:

It went down at Laguna Seca 5 years ago. Computrak measured and
Straightened(Front forks only…No frame damage) it so it is as good as new (have the receipt from them).
Bodywork is brand new. Tank was replaced after the crash (dented tank
Included along with the track plastic) but over the last 5 years has a few
Marks on it and one small paint chip (which my wife touched up with Subaru
Touch-up paint). The plastic is immaculate (it was all replaced after the
Crash). For a 15 yr old bike I think it’s in fantastic shape.

The asking price is $5,700.  So, the bike has some history, but it does look to get in great condition now.  How does it’s history change it’s current value?  See the bike on Bay Area Riders Forum here.



Honda September 17, 2009 posted by

1996 Honda RVF400R NC35 (Titled & Registered in California)

Located in Palo Alto, California is a 1996 Honda RVF400R NC35.  This bike is in track condition but is titled and registered in California with an asking price of $3,000.  This bike has been fully converted for track use: including, but not limited to, removal of the odometer, removal of all lights and key-less ignition.  See a partial description below:

1996 Honda RVF 400 NC35
~10K miles (the 14K shown on the title is in km, so you do the math) on engine
Clean CA title
Valve clearances checked ~4 trackdays ago.
Standard exhaust, with Arrow can.
NC30 (VFR) carbs
520 sprockets and DID chain. like-new
Michelin Power Race and Power One tires (120 and 160). like-new
’06 GSXR600 complete front end (not exactly sure on year). This includes powerful dual-piston radial brakes. Fresh Oil and GP piston kit installed by Evolution Suspension.
’06 GSXR600 rear shock. Re-sprung (1100# spring) and re-valved by Evolution Suspension.
All suspension set for a ~180# rider and massaged by Dave Moss.
Tyga front body kit, tail section is standard fiberglass RVF solo seat.
Tyga rear-sets
Drilled and safety-wired
Frame and bar-end sliders
Single-Sided Pitbull Swingarm stand included
Key-less ignition system. Flip the red switch and fire it up
VFR and RVF Haynes Manual to aid all repairs.
Red paint with white number plates

See this NC35 track-bike–that is legally eligible for being converted back to street use–on Bay Area Riders Forum here.



Honda July 25, 2009 posted by

Private collection in Florida

Located in Florida is an expansive collection for sale from a reader named Ozzie.  See each individual bike below for what he currently has for sale, and if you’re interested his contact information can be found at the bottom.

Yamaha TZR250 in black with an original 5,000kms (3,106mi), asking $7,500.


Yamaha TZR250 in red/white with an original 6,000kms (3,728mi), the asking price is $7,800.


Honda NSR250 SE with dry clutch and 17,000kms (10,563mi) for $8,500.

2582mc282582mc282 (1)

Two 1996 Honda RVF400Rs supposedly identical with 11,000kms (6,835mi) for $8,600 each.


Honda NSR250 SE with dry clutch, Magtek SP wheels, and 12,000kms (7,456mi) for $8,500.


Very rare, Honda CBR400RR for $6,900.


If any of these rare, and extremely nice, bike strike your fancy, contact Ozzie at

Thanks Ozzie!