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Bimota May 1, 2010 posted by

Another Bimota YB7 for sale in the UK

1988 / 89 Bimota YB7 for sale in North Hampshire, UK.

So, during my quest for Bimotas listed for sale, I found another YB7 listed for sale in the UK on the Bimota forum:

I have a G plate YB7 for sale, lot of work done on it, new bearings, seals, tyres, exhaust valves etc. It’s in fair condition but is a devil to start; once it’s running it pulls well. I’m looking for best part of £1950.

Details are sparse, but it looks like very tidy bike.  For £1950 (approx. USD3000) it sounds like a decent deal? Click here to see the listing.

Just to get you in the mood, here are some tasty photos of other YB7s…

For even more pictures of the YB7, click HERE.

And let’s for a ride in Japan on the YB7’s bigger brother the YB6:


Honda April 30, 2010 posted by

1989 Honda Hawk NT 650 RC31

1989 Honda Hawk NT650 RC31 for sale and located in Osh Kosh (by Gosh), WI.

These have a cult following just like any other United States motorcycle sales disaster and it’s as strong as ever. The NT650 was Honda’s second go at producing a bike with the Pro-Arm Single Sided Swing-arm with the RC30 being the first. Internally at Honda they were called the RC31, but depending on their destination they were also called Bros (Japan) and Revere (Europe). Pumping 60 hp out of it’s V-twin, these make great city bikes and were formidable race bikes when properly outfitted. Although I’ve never seen one, Two Bros Racing made a body kit for these that looked like the RC30 back in the day. Imported to the states from 1988 to 1991 the majority of the Hawk’s were cloaked in that super rare Honda red color, but you’ll see some in “Tempest Gray Metallic” and “Candy Flair Blue” as well. As far as I can tell this is the first Honda Hawk NT650 to adorn the pages of RSBFS which makes me both proud to have posted the first one, but ashamed for not having one up before now.

Have a look:

Honda Hawk NT650 for saleHonda Hawk NT650 for sale

Quote from the listing:


So the owner doesn’t have much to say about his prized Hawk, but I’ve got you covered. Click here for more info on this rare bird.

Listen to it pur….. Ducati who?

If you are interested in contacting the seller of this RSBFS click here



Ducati April 25, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati Supersport 900 with low miles and in excellent shape!

1993 Ducati Supersport with only 7,589 original miles.

UPDATE: bike sold for $7,000

This one is said to be part of a larger collection in Torrance,CA, but by looking at the pictures it appears it’s a lost Duc in tall weeds… okay so that wasn’t funny. But, it does appear to be part of a car collection and not a bike collection. Hey, it was just an observation….

Listed and no reserve to stop you.

In 1993 these pumped out a whopping 78hp and a neck breaking 61 pound feet of torque (heck, I don’t think my 07 Civic has that much). Pimped out in traditional Ducati red this one appears to be as it left the factory. The 7,589 miles appear to have been very, very pampered as it still shines like it where sitting on the showroom floor. Although, not the rarest bike I’ve ever posted on RSBFS it slides in under the radar as a Gloria Gaynor ‘survivor’.

Have a look for yourself: Wait a second… is that Guido from the movie Cars in the background?

Quote from the listing:

I have owned the Ducati for 11 years. I purchased it from it’s original owner on February 27,1999. The seller was a Engineer and took real good care of it. He purchased the bike from European Cycles in Garden Grove, California. I purchased it with 7,000 original miles and now it has only 589 more miles. I own lots of vehicles and mainly used the bike as a display piece in my collection. This is a Collector Grade Ducati. It is probably one of the most original and well kept 1993 Supersport that you will find.

I like it and would be as proud to own it as the current owner.



Bimota April 24, 2010 posted by

Another 1989 Bimota YB7 for sale – in Oz!

When it rains, it pours and this time it’s pouring Bimota YB7s!  This is the 3rd YB7 that I have listed, but this one’s a tricolor version and it’s for sale on ebay Australia:


So there you have it.  Just want to add that there are a total of 321 YB7s made, and only 124 in this tricolor paint scheme.  A previously listed tricolor YB7 (also a tricolore) sold for AUD8850 (approx. USD8200), so I would be interested if this one fetches a similar price (current price is at AUD5000 – approx. USD4600).

Oh, . Cheers!


Bimota April 22, 2010 posted by

1988/89 Bimota YB7 for sale on ebay UK

1988 /1989 Bimota YB7  (with Yamaha FZR400 EXUP engine) for sale on ebay UK.

I’ve been looking out for Bimotas for sale in the US, but there isn’t much out there and most of the ones that are have already been listed here earlier.  That’s just a long winded way of saying here’s a :

Original 12,174 klms 7.564 Miles  on the clock.

Vin Number YB7-00106

Made for 1988 to 1989

Number 106 out of 321 ever made!!

Starts, runs and rides beautifully!!!

This bike is powered by an FZR400 Exup Yamaha motor, that had 68 hp. It has a 6 speed gearbox and were capable of 134 Miles per hour.

This is a RARE opportunity to own a very collectible bike at an affordable price.

This bike would also make an awesome “period 6″ pre 1990 classic race bike.

Yes, you read it right – it has a Yamaha FZR400 EXUP engine in it.  Incidentally, and interestingly so, Japan was and still is one of biggest markets for Bimotas.  Japan has different engine displacement classes, and the 400cc is the great divide.

400cc variants are rarely seen outside the domestic Japanese market, which does make this quite rare.

Its have lots of work done on it all new Brembo Brake pads, oil oil filter, new battery, it has some fairing damage.

The seller lists this as a 1992 model, but he/she also cleared stated in the description that the YB7 was only manufactured in 1988 and 1989.  Parts of the description are also suspiciously similar to what I wrote in an earlier Bimota YB7 listing:


Whatever the case maybe, the YB7 is a jewel, and with the current price at £1,500.00 (approx. USD2300), it’s worth a shot to place a bid and see where it goes?  Good luck and have fun!


Ducati April 16, 2010 posted by

1993 Ducati 888 del mondo Superbike SPO

1993 Ducati 888 SPO with a ton of spares and the stock parts as well.

I know I personally never get tired of seeing 888’s and like Jay said yesterday “when you are looking to buy one they aren’t available, but when you aren’t looking they are everywhere” Okay, so that wasn’t exactly what he said, but it was something to that effect. This one is perhaps a little more special than either of Jay’s, but only because I’m posting it this time around.. (hehe, sorry Jay) I’ve checked RSBFS archives and couldn’t find where this one had been posted before so here we go.

Located in Los Angles, CA is this 888 with 11,559 on the clock. This one has a laundry list of additions so read on.

-Marchesini Magnesium 5 Spoke Rims (same wheels Andreas Meklau used in 1993 World Superbike)
-Ducati Aluminum Sub Frame
-Ducati Magnesium Clutch Housing (888 Corsa Part)
-Termignoni Carbon Mufflers (European model with no clear resin finish for lightness)
-Fast By Ferracci Lightweight Clutch basket
-Fast By Ferracci Airbox
-Fast By Ferracci Chip
-Fast By Ferracci (Pro Italia) Rearsets
-Yoyodyne Titanium Rear Disc
-Carbon Fiber Rear Brake Torque Arm (Fast By Ferracci 888 Corsa Part)
-Carbon Fiber Fenders
-Carbon Fiber Muffler Hangers
-Carbon Fiber Instrument Surround
-Carbon Fiber Sprocket Cover
-Carbon Fiber Regulator Cover
-CRG mirrors

Now enjoy all of the add ons:

Now what I think is absolutely amazing, that hasn’t been mentioned yet, is that with this bike you get all of the stock parts that were replaced in lieu of the aftermarket one. That is worth a whole lot in my book.

So- per the seller:

Returning this bike to 100% stock would be a strictly bolt on proposition, if that was your intention. The key is that virtually all of the original parts come with the bike.

Now before you start clambering around for your check book or paypal password it should be noted that there’s no mention of maintenance on the sellers ad. Almost forgot, there is one other special thing about this sale.

the original Brembo wheels with the original (virtually unused) Michelin Hi-Sport tires still on them!

Beat that for a 17 year old Superbike!

Auction was started at $7,000.00 with a reserve so if you’ve been on the fence about either of Jay’s recent 888’s, but were needing a little something extra to make it happen……. this one might just fit. Jump on over to and give it a go. There’s more pictures as well.



Bimota April 9, 2010 posted by

1994 Bimota DB2 Tricolore in Wisconsin

1994 Bimota DB2 tricolor with 4,051 miles for sale in Madison, Wisconsin.

We’ve had several DB2s listed before, but none of them are of the tricolore variant which, whether you like it or not, is rather rare and hence desirable.

Rare sportbike, one of 34 tricolores in US. Ducati 904cc aircooled engine with Dynojet kit and opened airbox. 4,051 miles. Serviced by Ducati specialist. Dripping with carbon: cambelt covers, sprocket cover, vented clutch cover; also has: Termignoni carbon pipes, CRG’s Hindsight billet bar-end mirrors, billet oil filler cap & Euro switch, little flush Lockhart turn signals (fake carbon), evoluzione cyclesports’ regulator (with charger); Yoyodyne clutch slave; 916 SPS brake & clutch levers (and remotes), ss brake & clutch lines, Euro fairing w/parking light. Have similar quarter fairing, yet unpainted.

There’s no information that I can find to verify claims that there are only 34 of these in the US, but truth be told that I have only seen very few tricolors over the years.  There are several tasteful / de rigueur mods (such as the Termis…hmm!)  to the bike, so the asking price of $12000 is not outrageous, but definitely puts it at the higher end of the market – I guess the tricolore paint does demand a premium.

Update: The seller has sent the following information along to verify the 34 models stated. -dc

My source for the number of them is Bob Smith, then then-importer, who brought over 34 in a container. He had them painted in the pattern of the purple European
model, but in red-white-green. They were never sold in Europe (as confirmed by European members of the Bimota list), though there is a photo of one in the Bimota book.

Click here to see the ad on Craiglist


Honda March 28, 2010 posted by

1987 Honda CBR250 MC17 Hurricane – “Best In The World!”

Show winning 1987 Honda CBR250 MC17 Hurricane with 2000 miles on ebay – Best In The World!

Wow – the last time I saw a CBR250 Hurricane was…wait, I don’t think I’ve ever saw a CBR250 Hurricane in the flesh! Never mind…

The point I was trying to make was this bike really brings me back to my younger days when I would drool over the similar styled CBR600 Hurricane.  The Hurricane was significant in that it was one of the very first sport bikes to feature fully enclosed body work to tackle the issue of  aerodynamics,  and this design influenced sports bike styling ever since.

Now this CBR250 Hurricane is in mint mint mint condition – whether it’s “Best In The World” (a pretty tall claim) is your call:

Hello my name is Joe Fazio and I am the proud owner of a show winning 1987 Honda CBR Hurricane 250 MC17.. WORLD CLASS.

20,000 RPM redline, 4-cylinder, 4stroke, double over head cam, 16 gear driven….. 300pounds, 250cc/50 hp= 200HP per litre, on par or even better than new technology (1987), pure import, head to head with the 600cc sport bikes of its time….6-speed, titanium header, double disk brakes.. 2000 MILES… all stock and original except for the brand new set of Avon tires, front and back.

It is known to be the best vintage cbr250 in the world for the MC17 model.  It is Ultra Rare… and Almost none existent. (only made one year, and only available in Japan). also on top of all this it claims to be the fastest and most torque at the lowest RPM out of any other 250 4stroke produced. It starts first shot and runs amazing and like brand new in every way imagined.. totally mint without one flaw.

The bike is spotless and over the past winter was accepted into the Toronto Motorcycle International Supershow..where it came 2nd in its class in the Vintage Japanese Sportbike class out of many other bikes and was the lowest cc in the class by minus 500cc… (3rd was a slingshot 750, 1st was a gsxr 1000) to be honest i should of stole the prize haha but that just the way it goes, it was a great experience.

On top of being in for the award, it got excepted into a very special and most prestigious hall…The Century Of Motorcycles…. this hall made up 50 bikes that were hand picked by the producers of the show to represent a Century of motorcycles and mine was elected into this hall. I am from Toronto Ontario Canada and it is a clear title with the ownership and is ready to purchase and ride, or for your museum or collection…. this bike will never be for sale again in the way it is at this moment in time…It is a true piece of history..the one and only,………….serious buyers please.

So there you have it – the best CBR250 MC17 Hurricane there is in the world.  Seriously, it’s a super nice bike in near new condition. Whether it is worth the $15,000 asking price – well, I’ll just grab a coffee and watch the auction run.