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Moto Guzzi September 7, 2011 posted by

1995 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100

Not your stock Goose.  This Guzzi has a known history and a number of modifications that have made the engine a bit hotter than stock. The sport 100 was a nice bike but of course the V Twin was always underpowered compared to the competition.  Guzzi had a tremendous racing heritage but by the mid 90’s has lost their place.  Having said that this is a good handling bike that will be fun.

The seller shares the following:

Looking for the trickest Guzzi Sport 1100 on the planet?  This bike was ordered brand new from Action Sport Cycles in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1995 by my friend, Richard.  After a six month wait, his bike finally arrived and he took delivery.  He has owned it ever since and it has been babied beyond belief.  Through the years he has done the following mods:  The motor was removed and the heads were sent to Charlie Rice in Amsterdam, who is renowned as one of the world’s foremost Guzzi engine guys.  He re-shaped the combustion chambers, did some mild porting, installed stainless valves, and did a twin-plug conversion.  Twin-plug Dyna-Coils were used.  The crank was sent to Falicon and they gave it their “SuperCrank” treatment.  It was shaved, polished, and balanced and Carillo rods were installed.  A mild Rennsport street cam is now spun by a gear driven valve train (which replaced the cam chain and sprockets) and titanium pushrods were installed along with higher compression Ferracci pistons and rings when the motor went back together.  The bore remains stock.  The clutch came from Moto-International.  It’s beefier than stock but still has a nice, easy pull.  To take advantage of the motor mods, the carbs were replaced with a pair of Keihin FCR41’s with K&N filters, and the stock exhaust was replaced by a beautiful stainless 2-1-2 system by Rennsport.  The bike sounds great but is not too loud.  The carbs are jetted for our Middle Tennessee altitude and this motor is totally dialed in.  All these mods were made with the intention of making a strong, reliable, tractable street motor and the results are amazing.  Way stronger than a stocker but very fun, predictable, and reliable.  By the way, look at the motor pictures… the carbs are not drooping downward.  That’s the reverse slant Keihin designed into the carbs.  They are mounted correctly.   The suspension/wheels/chassis were all left stock.  The front rotors were replaced by a set of Italian Discotelli cast iron floating rotors.  The original Brembo calipers are still in place.  The White Power shock and Marzocchi forks are fully adjustable with the left fork handling compression while the right one handles rebound.  The front Michelin has about 90% left and the matching rear has about 70% left.  The original Rosso Red paint is still gorgeous and in excellent condition.  The only flaws are a small mark on the front fender and some mild pecking on the lower forks.  I could have painted those pieces but if I were buying the bike, I wouldn’t want anything touched.  I’ll let the new owner to make that call.  Richard installed a Sargent seat cover with the tri-colore patch and painted the front wheel black and the rear gold because he digs ’em like that.  I do too.  This bike has never been down, never raced, and has never seen a track day.  Richard was 42 when he ordered this bike in 1995 and has treated it responsibly and maintained it meticulously.  It has lived inside since new and has only had synthetic oil in it since break-in.  The shaft drive has been lubed every six months.  Included are the owner’s manual, shop manual, every receipt for every dollar he’s ever spent on the bike, including the original sales receipt, both keys, and the original tool kit. All the original pieces (carbs, pistons, cam, stock headers, air box, etc.) go with the bike.  Naturally, he has a clear title.  This is a rare opportunity to own a very special one-owner, collectible machine that has been babied and documented.  These don’t come along very often.  Lastly, there weren’t many of these Sport 1100’s built… this is the 17th one.  And this one looks much better in person than it does in the pictures, which isn’t usually the case.  I am always honest and accurate with my descriptions and plan to keep my 100% feedback rating.  Please feel free to call Rusty at 615 430 6252 with any questions.  Thanks for looking and good luck!

You can look at the eBay auction yourself after the link.

This is a great bike which will probably be a bargain for someone.  Picking a price can be tough s this will be rare with all the work which makes it a bit special.   I do wonder if the starting bid at $6500 is a bit high but am happy to be proved wrong.


Ducati July 21, 2011 posted by

2005 Duacti 999R For Sale in San Diego

Ross emailed me yesterday to alert me that his 999R is available on With just over 10k miles, this one appears to have been gently cared for amongst three owners in only 6 six years.

Update 8.4.2011: Price is now $13500!

From the seller:

Have been thankful to own one of the best V-Twin Superbikes ever made. I am not riding this bike as much anymore, and it is a shame for it to sit under a red cover and not bring joy to someone else. So time to thin the herd.

I am the third owner of this bike, bought it at 5K miles, and now it has 10,196 miles on it. Was pampered by its previous two owners. Have had all routine service done at the dealership (GP Motorcycles in San Diego), and this is where it is currently sitting for sale on consignment. Major service was done at 6k miles, and right before listing the bike, I changed all fluids, inspected the bike for any problems, and put on brand new Michelin Power Ones. A piece of mind for the new owner.
Never been down, and I have never had it to the track. Never even seen rain. Clean title in hand.
Two black keys, no red key.
A list of farkles:

-Full DP 57MM Termignoni Race Exhaust/Race ECU
-Acculign Rear Sets
-SpeedyMoto Kukri Clutch plate (Red)
-DP CF half clutch cover
-DP windshield
-CF hugger
-All Original CF fairings, amazing detail…
-520 Chain kit
-Evoluzione Fender eliminator
-Shorty CRG levers on clutch and brake
-Lightech gas cap
-Ohlins springs for 180-185lb rider (not installed)
-Suspension set up by Lee’s Racing, San Diego (I am 210lbs)
-Red, indoor DP “999R” cover…rare in itself
-Custom!! 3M clear bra on bike on 80% of the bike. No scratches or scuffs.
-Brand new Michelin Power One tires, less than a mile
-Have Accumate charger, and permanent attached battery lead for it.
-Full Ducati Workshop/Operator Manual CD, and Three ring notebook with all records, and printed workshop and operated manual

Also have:
-Full race fairings, never mounted. Painted like WSBK, stickered up.
-All original parts; exhaust, lic plate holders, Barnett clutch springs, etc.

Bike is listed at $14,999.00, but I am flexible, and I am open to offers.

A lot of members have been contacting me, and happy the bike has generated a lot of interest. I know Cali may be far for some of the East Coast members. For your piece of mind, I can have a Pre-Purchase Inspection done at the dealership, and scan you the results. There are threads on here for good shipping companies that can move the bike economically, and safely. I can ship the fairings separately to you as well.

This bike is awesome, and if you test drove it, you would buy it. If you drove it on the track, you would buy two…



Truly want the bike to find a good home. Again, bike is in sunny San Diego.

I like all the spares it comes with and the spare fairings for track days. It’s an R, someone should hit the track with it!

Thanks for the heads up Ross and good luck with the sale!


Ducati June 5, 2011 posted by

2007 Ducati S4RS Monster For Sale in San Francisco

I know we’ve had well over a dozen Duc’s in the pond in the last couple weeks, but when Eric emailed me about his S4RS I knew readers wouldn’t mind one more! The modifications to this bike are very well thought out and you can tell he’s taken very good care of it.

He has extensively outlined all the details about his Monster:

For Sale 2006/7 Ducati S4RS Monster Red 31,000mi $9000 obo

-Full Termignoni exhaust kit with Ducati Performance ECU and airbox
-Nemesis fully programable ECU installed with dual fuel maps switchable on the fly, one power/one lean for increased range, custom dyno tune from Desmoto in San Francisco
-Fully rebuilt motor at 12k service due to out of warranty crank damage, replaced with 999S crank, titanium rods and lightened flywheel
-Sigma slipper clutch with freshly serviced and installed clutch pack
-Cam timing checked during 30k service, all rockers ok, cams set to race spec tolerance
-Forks revalved by James Siddall of Superplush Suspension
-K&S mirrors as well as stock ones
-Carbon radiator covers
-Carbon tailsection
-Quick change rear sprocket
-Low mileage Meztler M5 tires
-Termignoni exhaust just repacked
-Stock front fly screen
-Stock exhaust with ECU
-Adult owned by rider with extensive Ducati experience
-Complete list of service records

I have straight up loved owning this bike. There are many who may scoff at a bike that has been ridden and maintained to a higher mileage than might be the norm but I would keep riding it if it was just a little bit bigger and would let me travel two up with more than a tankbag.

I am the second owner, the first bought it new and put 1300 miles on it after a year. I think of it as a ‘rescue’ purchase.

Bike performed flawlessly until the 12k service when we discovered a nut that holds the flywheel onto the crank had started to fail and had actually damaged the crank journals. As I enjoy a very close relationship with my shop, we decided to fix it a bit more decisively than was required as they do a lot of work on the race bikes owned locally. In went a 999S crank mated to
titanium rods and a lighter flywheel, cam timing was re set to match and off I went.

Of each generation of 4 valve Ducati motors, the ones with lightened internals, as with any of the R models are always noticeably lighter on the throttle, eager to spin up, and smoother everywhere in the powerband. This is the net result for the S4RS as well. The motor has been bulletproof for almost 20k miles now requiring only regular service, oil and tires which has put any of my own queries about reliability to rest just based off practical use. It is just a sweet motor to ride. The Nemesis ECU can hold two maps for use anytime which are changed by pressing the ignition button when the motor is running, the tach needle will blip up to a different number on the dial to indicate which map you are in. The default is for full power use and delivers normal RS range of around 100+ miles, and the ‘B’ map has shown me close to 120 miles of range on longer trips, is equally rideabe, just leaner. Though I have the baffles for the exhaust, the bike runs as it was intended by Ductai best with them removed. I rode 5 miles with them in before taking them out, it is just pointless as they castrate the bottom end of this bike, even with the stock motor.

A slipper clutch came with the bike and depending on where you ride most is either great or not. I’m just being straightforward about it as I have around 100,000 miles on different Ducati dry clutches and thats the way it is. I live in San Francisco, so when I just ride it out of the city I love it but when I do more stop/start riding it can be a chore as dry slipper clutches can get grabby around town. This one has a fresh clutch service and new plates.

I have used this bike primarily for local Northern California road riding and occasional longer trips, to be honest I’ve had it sitting in the shop for the last month looking for anything out of sorts on it before I sell it, hence the muffler repacking and clutch service, I really want someone to ride it that will enjoy it. Just starting it up for the first time in awhile makes me remember how special it is.

Why am I selling? At the time I did the motor work I thought I would keep it forever, as you do, but after trying to travel further and futher on riding trips I came up against the limitations of what this bike is meant for. No shocker there, but I need to be able to take my gal in comfort and dissappear for a weekend, and I already have a bike for track work.

Wear and tear on the swingarm is from the left boot, I added the Leo carbon shield to keep from melting the right one. Theres also a dent on the bottom of the exhaust header that hangs lowest under the bike, urban bump, one of which I’ve had repaired before but this one is smaller so it remains. I forget how many miles are on these tires as I’ve had less time to ride recently but it’s not much, they work brilliantly on the street and for my mind I really found them to be superior to the stock Michelins while still working well on cooler damp road conditions. Bike has always lived in a warm dry garage.

Thats pretty much it. I’ll be happy to field any questions at all or arrange to show the bike locally. If anyone has specific questions about the bike and how it runs you can call Desmoto in San Francisco directly, believe me they know the bike really well.

While many will note that the S4 uses the 4 valve Ducati Superbike motor, the RS was the ultimate iteration as it used the next generation 999 Testastretta engine. It also received Öhlins suspension front and rear and had radial brakes up front. To my mind, this is the baddest Monster ever offered so far, first or second generation.

And if you’re wondering what kind of thunder those termi’s make, here’s a clip I found on YouTube (not the seller’s bike):

Interested parties can email me directly or through his listing.


Reader Rides For Sale March 27, 2011 posted by

1990 Suzuki GSX-R750L For Sale in Phoenix

The last time Mike contacted us, he was listing his GSX-R 1100 that looked flat gorgeous. This time, he’s got another survivor for us in the shape of 1990 GSX-R 750. While this one has covered nearly 21k miles, you can tell it’s been well taken care of in that time.

quote from seller’s listing:

1990 Suzuki GSX-R 750 for sale. We picked this bike up off of a friend who was going over seas and needed some quick cash, so I will list as much information about it as possible. It had come from California as he had owned it for the last few years and was taken care of. We also checked the Vin with our local Suzuki rep and it cam up that it is a 49 state model. We have only had the bike for the last month, and I have put about 1k on it in a few trips up North. Runs well and really needs nothing. I will list below what the previous owner stated he had gotten done before he left and what we can visually confirm. The bike is actually really stunning as you do not see too many Suzuki’s in this color combo.

Low Mileage for the year, and well taken care of. Bike has 20,956 miles, and has newer tires with less than 500mi on them. Tires are Pirelli Diablos with a 180 rear. Forks seals were recently done, and carburetors run good for our altitude here. So no cleaning is needed. Bike is being ridden every few days. Chain and sprockets were done within the last 4000mi. Front brake rotors were upgraded to the drilled ones from later years, and we do have the originals. Frame and Swing-arm look to have been polished at one point and has some real luster to it! Looks good. Bike does have a Vance&Hines SS2r slip-on, but as far as we know all the internal carburetor parts are still stock. Rear turn signals have been relocated to under the tail section but have not been drilled into the plastic! Plug in’s for the front turn signals are still in the front but we do not have anything hooked up as we do not like drilling into factory plastic. We did get the passenger equipment with the bike, but it is not installed. Bike is factory Red/White/Black and has some real good shine to it. Bike does not have the rear seat as we did not get that, and it does have a Suzuki cowl on it. Bike does have a few nicks here and their, and I will post pics to show what I can find. The only real thing is that the left mirror housing is discolored and a little bit of the mirror at the bottom is discolored. I also noticed that some paint has lifted and was touched up right were the tank vent is. I will post a pick and we did not do the touch up! Fender has a few marks at the very front shown in pic. I just want to point out what I have noticed, as we have not done anything to the bike ourselves.

and had this to say about the final year of this body style:

The GSX-R750L was possibly the best of the oil-cooled models. Big changes included inverted forks and, importantly, a return to the long-stroke motor (the short-stroke wasn’t so good in race-trim but was OK for the road). Other modifications included a 4-1 exhaust, steering damper, 38 mm carbs (up 2 mm on the standard K yet 2 mm smaller than the RK), smaller valves, new conrods, lighter pistons, large capacity oil pump, larger curved oil cooler and the rear rim became the ‘standard’ 17″ x 5.5″ item. Power was up to 115 hp at 11,000 rpm while weight was down to 193 kg.

Drawing on the invaluable experiences gained racing, the 1990 model received many of the features of the race version GSX-R750R at an affordable price. The same long-stroke engine (70 x 48.7mm) of the ‘Double R’ became standard, with new pistons to match the new combustion chamber design in the cylinder head and strengthened connecting rods. New 38mm Slingshot carburetor, Curved-core Radial Flow oil cooler and stainless steel 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust per set were adopted. Both 41mm inverted tube front fork and remote reservoir rear shock became fully adjustable. Rear wheel rim was widened and equipped with Michelin radial tyres.

The bike sounds like a really honest example. While not totally stock, most modifications are period correct anyway. And with a buy-it-now of only $3500, I’d say this is a damn good price for a modern-classic rider that’s ready to go.

Good luck with the sale Mike!


Ducati March 9, 2011 posted by

1996 Ducati 900SS

1996 Ducati Super Sport 900SS

Location: Windham, ME
Miles: 5,300
Price: $3,200.00 B.I.N.

I don’t want any whining and crying over a 900ss hitting the pages of This looks to be a steal and anyone looking to enter the Ducati market on the cheap should take notice. I’ve consulted the powers to be and they all said this thing should be bumping $4,500 in price. I can honestly say that if I could sell one of my 4 I’d be all over it faster than a fat kid on cake-

Nice eh? I think I’d challenge anyone to find a nicer one for the money.

1996 Ducati SS900, 5300 miles, immaculate condition, matching numbers

Who cares if it only has 80 ponies, you’ve got 85 pound feet of torque on tap and that would surely take any slack out of your arms.

I’ve heard both sides of the story regarding the 900SS. One group says they handle like a hippo- the other side says they make great sport tourers. Either way, I’d rock this one all day long and wouldn’t care what anyone had to say about it.



Ducati March 3, 2011 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900e For Sale in Corvallis, Oregon

Update 3.30.2011: SOLD!

I was contacted by a gentleman near me when he spotted one of my oldest posts on the Yamaha YZF1000R that featured his bike listing from over 2 years ago. Turns out that not only is that bike still available, his MH900e is now for sale as well. Check it out:

From the seller:

Original owner, 2002 Ducati MH900e. The MH900e was the first bike sold exclusively over the internet and sold out (2000 units world wide) within hours.

This bike is #599 of 2000. Built in July 2001 and delivered in Oct. 2001. Only 1655 miles, completely stock and unaltered.
Fresh oil and brake/clutch fluid. New batteries, plugs, fuel pump and filter.

Also includes:

– Ducati carbon fiber body work by Carbon Dream (full set, new and never installed)
– Stainetune exhaust cans (new in box)
– Paulimoto clutch plate and spyder spring retainer (red, new in packages)
– Ducati Performance Parts – (all new and in packages)
– MH900e form-fit bike cover
– Chrome Belt covers
– Chrome 180 degree clutch cover
– billet brake/clutch levers
– Aluminum turn signals
– Aluminum mirrors
– Original shipping crate sides (2) with matching numbers
– Original shipping rear stand
– Commemorative etched plaque with bike, frame and engine numbers
– Commemorative MH900e key
– Commemorative MH900e T-shirt with matching number (new)

This is an all-inclusive package and I will not separate out individual items
$22,000 Now accepting offers over $17k

Serious inquiries only please.

As you can tell, he’s passionate about the bike and does a good job describing this model. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that comes as complete as this. Good luck to the seller,


Ducati November 22, 2010 posted by

Déjà vu – 2004 Ducati 749R

AMA spec 2004 Ducati 749R for sale in San Francisco, CA.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful Ducati 749R that was in our featured listing earlier, and if you missed the chance to snag that one, here’s another 749R up for grabs:

You are bidding one 2004 Ducati 749R AMA Spec Super bike. Engine has 848cc kit, Engine has only two track days since rebuild. Ducati carbon fairing kit, Full Termignoni exhaust system, Offset triple clamps, Over size radiator. Body work is in very good condition. One small scratch on left side of fairing. Have manufacturers cert of origin.

Just to rehash what Doug wrote about the 749R:

“In 2004 Ducati produced a road going pure bred race bike and called it the 749R. In typical Ducati fashion they made it a LE and liberally sprinkled it with high quality upgrades over the standard and S versions that were also offered the same year.

The 749R came standard with Ohlins 43mm, ti-nitride coated forks and radial mounted Brembos up front that complimented the fully adjustable Ohlins shock out back. Of course the HP was raised on the Testastretta V-Twin R version to 116 which is 13 more than the standard 749. Ducati put all of that power to the rear wheel via a race spec slipper clutch that was designed to handle the added HP and the demands of Super Bike racing.”

Now I won’t go as far to say this one has had a hard life, but it IS a track bike after all, so it’s definitely not pampered like the one sold earlier.  However, this one is, as claimed, to “AMA spec” (so does that mean it’s been raced?) with 848cc kit and some tasty high performance upgrades such as the full Termignoni exhaust.

If you’re in the market for a track bike and red-headed Italian V twins are your thing, then this one’s right up your alley.  

For me personally, this one with a starting bid of $11,000 is exactly $11,000 over my budget for a track bike.


Ducati November 10, 2010 posted by

2004 Ducati 749R #196

2004 Ducati 749R For Sale

Location: California, MD
Mileage: 12,241
Price: $14,000.00

Update 12.16.2010: Sold!

There’s little that gets the heart pumping faster than carbon fiber painted Ducati red in a limited edition Super Bike.

In 2004 Ducati produced a road going pure bred race bike and called it the 749R. In typical Ducati fashion they made it a LE and liberally sprinkled it with high quality upgrades over the standard and S versions that were also offered the same year.

The 749R came standard with Ohlins 43mm, ti-nitride coated forks and radial mounted Brembos up front that complimented the fully adjustable Ohlins shock out back. Of course the HP was raised on the Testastretta V-Twin R version to 116 which is 13 more than the standard 749. Ducati put all of that power to the rear wheel via a race spec slipper clutch that was designed to handle the added HP and the demands of Super Bike racing.

From the seller:

This “R” has been maintained throughout it’s life under the most scrupulous detail possible. I fully intended to keep the bike forever, but strongly believe these bikes should be ridden; not stored away to stare at.

Like most Ducati’s this one has a few personal touches to compliment an already purpose built motorcycle. My favorite has to be the full set of Ti Termi’s that allow it to breath and let us listen to that classic Ducati music the way it was meant to be heard.

ALL Books, Records, Keys (Red/Black)
ALL Receipts since new (GP Motorcycles/Moto Forza- San Diego, CA)
12k Service Complete (GP Motorcycles)
Full Termignoni titanium/CF Exhaust System (w/Baffles)- Rare ($4700)
EVR Slipper Clutch (replaced w/12,147 miles)
Cyclecat Billet DRS Rearsets (GP Shift)
STM Billet Frame Plugs- Full Set
Paulimoto Clutch/Brake Levers
Paulimoto Clutch/Brake Reservoir Covers
Sargent Cycle Saddle (Carbon FX Upgrade)

Per the owner, this one has never been down and as mentioned before it has been lovingly cared for since purchased new. These don’t come available very often and much less in this condition with all service up to date. So, if you’re in the market for something different I wouldn’t delay!

You can contact the seller via email at or by phone at