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Sport Bikes For Sale December 31, 2011 posted by

Smaller Sword: 1983 Suzuki 750 Katana

For Sale: 1983 Suzuki GSX / Katana 750
Update 9.16.2011: Back on eBay!
Update 01.02.2012: Not everyone’s cup of tea but we like it, and it’s back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

Named after the famed Samurai sword, the Suzuki Katana was cutting edge in terms of style and performance. While most folks flocked to the Katana 1000 and the later 1100, there was another, smaller Katana cut from the same cloth: the 750.

The 750 was never as popular as its bigger brother, and thus fewer bikes were made. Obvious differences – besides engine capacity – included the color palette. While the original Katana 1000 was silver/black and the ’82 was silver/blue, the 750 was available in this striking silver/red color combination. This particular bike includes the very rare (and very period correct) Lockhart lowers. While not stock, they certainly enhanced the look of the bike, and are very hard to come by today.

From the seller:
This will be an incredible find for some lucky person. I bought this bike from the original owner back in 2002 after looking for this bike for about 5 years previous. It is the last bike out of my 80’s superbike collection.

This is a completely original 83 Katana 750 with an original aftermarket Lockhart lower. This bike is incredible and runs fantastic. It turns heads and is going to be in the International Motorcycle Show “Classic Bikes Display” on the east coast in 2012. (If the new owner wants to display it). These bikes (1100,1000,750 Katana) were only sold for one year in the US and the 750 was the rarest of the three.

The bike has been very well maintained, Tires and chain have low miles on them. Clean gas tank. Battery Tender included

Although not as desirable in the showrooms, I would expect this “baby” Katana to pull its own weight and then some in the collector market. Given the scarcity of these smaller models, coupled with the rabid marketplace interest in early Katanas, this should be a fun one to watch.

The current auction price is only just above $2k, and the reserve has not yet been met. Anything below $4k would be an utter bargain on this bike, and I expect it to bring much more upon auction close. Bidding has been relatively brisk, so there is definite interest in this machine. Check it out, and let us know what you think. Click here to jump over to the auction. Good luck, and be sure and let us know if you win!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 8, 2011 posted by

Things People Find In Barns: 1982 Suzuki Katana 750 W/682 Miles

Things People Find In Barns: 1982 Suzuki Katana 750 W/682 Miles

People will put the damnedest things in barns won’t they? I really doubt this was found in a barn but it sure sounds better than finding it under a tarp in a carport. Obviously this isn’t as lust worthy as a mint 1100 Katana but with this mileage it truly is a rare find.

How can a bike designed in the early 80’s still look futuristic? I think this is another of those bikes that if they would modernize the suspension and brakes and toss injection in there, would sell with no problem. The Japanese stuff has become way too cookie cutter this days.

Here is the scoop:

Up for auction is this Canadian version of a 1982 Suzuki GS 750 Katana with 1100 original km’s ( 682 U.S miles ). A true barn find in its original condition, paint is in excellent condition, there is a very minor scratch on the top of the tank and another near the right lower side from being moved around in storage over the years, both very small and insignificant. The engine covers are also beginning to oxidize from sitting for quite some time but could easily be restored without much effort. there is some small speckled rust around the foot pegs and rear frame area but absolutely no pitting, very minor. The carbs have been flushed the bike fires right up but could probably use a thorough cleaning. It has new tires, original a key and a clear Oklahoma title. This is a real gem of a classic 80’s Hans Muth designed Katana, definitely has some collector value with the extremely low mileage. A rare find indeed!

Who gets to 682 miles and says, “Yep, that’s enough!” and puts it away? I would understand if it had zero miles. It’s all to your benefit now.

That oxidation really isn’t bad at all, especially if it sat outside. I think I’d be more curious about how all the rubber bits have held up. Metal is relatively easy to bring back to life.

Check it out here.


Cafe Racer July 14, 2011 posted by and Weekly Recap!

It’s that time of the week again where we like to show you what is going on over at the sister sites of RSBFS. This week, ClassicSportBikesForSale and CafeBikesForSale offer us some sweet bikes. Over at CSBFS, we have a medley of 80’s sportbikes, one of which will have you feeling the need… for speed. Also, take a look at a minimalistic Kawasaki that can be found on CBFS. Scroll down and have a look!

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Sport Bikes For Sale February 13, 2011 posted by

1982 Suzuki GS KATANA 1000

For Sale: 1982 Suzuki GS KATANA 1000

Times appear to be very good at the moment for those wishing to collect an early 80’s Suzuki Katana. RSBFS staff have posted several of these recently – some in great condition, some not so great condition – after a long dry spell. This particular bike appears to be in excellent, although not completely original, shape.

The Katana was first unleashed upon an unsuspecting public in 1981. These models can be identified by the sliver/black color scheme. In 1982, the bike was resyled in the silver/blue color you see here. Both bikes sported 1000cc, air cooled, two-valve motors – although in subsequent years that was bumped to 1100. This bike is missing the passenger seat strap, sports a Vance & Hines aftermarket exhaust, and appears to have extensive polishing done on the wheels, forks/trees, and engine cases – but otherwise appears stock.

From the seller:

Whether a 1000cc or an 1100 model, whether a first year or subsequent, these bikes simply turn heads like no other. They are increasingly rare (especially in decent condition), and a great example of a collectable mass-produced bike. Bikes are in demand, and there exists a hungry public. Pricing continues to stay reasonable – for now – but as always, the cleaner bikes will fetch more green.

Most Katanas of this era will bring $5,000 – $6,000 in reasonable condition. This bike is currently at $3k, with the reserve not yet met. This is still bargain country for the ride, and I would recommend you get in early if you want a piece of this one. For more details or to get your bid on, click on the link and . Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale February 11, 2011 posted by

North of the border: 1986 Suzuki GSX750S Katana

For Sale: 1986 Suzuki GSX750S Katana

At first glance, this bike appears to be a very clean early 80’s Suzuki Katana, similar to what we saw in the US. Upon closer inspection, however, some things are very different. 750cc? U.S. Katanas of this body style were only 1000cc. And what is going on with that front headlight??

This, avid RSBFS readers, is a rare (non-existent in the US) 750 Katana with a pop-up headlight. As you can see in the picture above, the headlight retracts into the fairing, giving this Katana an eerie, hawk-like appearance. Other key details in this picture include the fact that the motorcycle is allowed in the house – a key to preserving a bike of this vintage during winter weather!

From the seller:
Rare Canadian version 1986 GSX750S pop up headlight, K & N Dyno carb kit, Iridium plugs with dual Accel super coils and 9mm Accel wires, Emco cone filters, Supertrapp 4:1 stainless steel header, new hydraulic clutch seal and Kevlar plates.Bike comes with stock exhaust and owners manual.Bike is in Vancouver,Canada and I can help getting it to a shippers dock or deliver it to Blaine, Washington for a small fee.Shipping is not included.Bike is sold as is.Please email if you have any questions or need pictures.This model was only available in Japan,Europe,Australia and Canada.Really stands out of the crowd.You can check online to see specs of this model Suzuki.A lot of the mechanical parts are comparable to the regular 86 suzuki gs750 and the GSXR models. This bike is 25 years old has signs of regular use.It has never been layed down.It comes with a clear title.

For all the people that asked about shipping to the United States.You have to check with U.S Customs about duty.They will give you all the information.Also for those that inquired about shipping companies.I have had friends that used U-Ship and they have had good luck.I can bring the bike across the border to Blaine,Washington for a small fee, but the paper work must be in order to do so.

To answer the question about what is a pop up? This was a nick name given to these bikes because the front head light pops up like those from a 80’s corvette or the 80’s firebird’s and trans am’s

These earlier Katanas definitely had a style all their own. And this particular bike is even more unique, given that none were imported into the States. If you like to roll your own way, and would prefer to never see someone else on the same bike at a gathering or ride, this just might be your opportunity. Besides, this model is already housebroken!

To check out all of the details on this wonderful, gray-market bike, click the link and . Good Luck with the bidding and importing!


Quick Spot February 10, 2011 posted by

2004 Suzuki GSX-600F Katana With Less Than 200 Miles

This seven year old Katana has seen less than 200 miles!

Bike:  2004 Suzuki GSX-600F Katana

Miles:  <200mi

Price:  $5,000 USD

Location:  Vancouver, Washington

Now, this isn’t a very collectible bike (To mainstream collectors…) but it has been hardly used in the last seven years.  The seller states that this bike has been in storage for years, features some after-market parts such as a Yoshimura exhaust system, and that offers will be considered.  The last bit of that sentence is the most important, the asking price of $5,000 makes this Katana the most likely candidate for the “Most expensive 2004 Katana in the U.S.” competition.  KBB retail (For what it’s worth) for this bike is $3,015.  Granted, KBB doesn’t really apply to the majority–any–of the bike featured on this site, including this one, but a $2k premium is all the money for a bike with less than 200 miles.  This bike probably isn’t the only forgotten Katana with low miles, so keep that in mind if you’re interested.  The bike does have some after-market parts and stickers–for some reason–which doesn’t inflate the value at all, but if your significant other wants a bike and you know that they probably won’t ride it anyway, this bike might be perfect for you if you can get it for a good price.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Sport Bikes For Sale January 25, 2011 posted by

Living on the Edge: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000S

For Sale: 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000S

For all of you RSBFS fans who think that the staff spends a little too much time and attention on ’90s bikes and newer, here is a GREAT classic from the 1980s. When the Katana was released, it up-ended what everyone thought a sportbike should look like and put Suzuki on the forefront of style and design. Powered by an updated version of the GS 1-liter mill, this two-valve, air-cooled motor was as strong as anything offered in the day.

This particular Katana – a 1982 model – is in about the best condition I have seen for one of these bikes. Far too many Katanas were hot-rodded, used up, and then discarded. Finding something in this shape is really quite rare.

From the seller:
This beautiful motorcycle was used in shows. It has upgraded adjustable rear shocks & front fork brace to improve handling.

Bike is garage kept and covered and has never fallen over. Original seat, windscreen and exhaust were taken off 20 years ago to preserve condition.

Front turn signals were relocated European style, to prevent people from passing too close and breaking them off during a show; can be put back to original position if so requested at completion of sale.

Chain was replaced due to lack of use. New chain is “O” ring type.

Engine is free of oil leaks from top to bottom. Gas tank has no rust inside. All controls electrical & mechanical work.

New Battery and tires.

So where should this auction be in terms of price? Well, if we look at the meager pickings of similar auctions recently (RSBFS posted this Katana HERE, another one HERE, and another ’82 model was auctioned off at the Mid America Auctions event in Las Vegas a few weeks ago), ratted out “survivors” cross the block in the $4k – $5k range. This bike is far from ratted out, however, and should easily bring more than that.

This auction is going on right now, and the entry price is still quite low at $5,000. Get in while you can, as this one will go quickly and is sure to appreciate over time! Click here to .


Sport Bikes For Sale January 8, 2011 posted by

King of the 1980s: 1983 SUZUKI KATANA 1100

For Sale: 1983 SUZUKI KATANA 1100

As far as mass-produced sportbikes go, this is the Bigfoot of the motorcycle world. Rarely seen, and often only in grainy pictures, the Katana 1100 rocked the press and public with wild styling and power to match. Designed by the legendary Hans Muth and powered by a bored-out version of the air-cooled, 2 valve GS mill, this bike was a real head turner. Unfortunately, our seller has provided only marginal pictures of this mighty beast.

From the seller:



There is so little information in the ad or the pictures, one would be forgiven to ignore this bike. Still, it is a true icon of the power era of the 1980s, where style and originality was as important as performance. And just so you can see what a Katana REALLY looks like, here is a stock photo of an original bike.

So what is this motorcycle equivalent of Sasquatch worth? This is a hard call. In prime condition, these bikes will pull in upwards of $8k+. But that is for museum quality hardware, which this bike is not (you can see that despite the poor photography). However it still is a Katana, and still remains a desirable motorcycle as evidenced by the high number of bids thus far. Perhaps Step #1 would be to contact the seller for more pictures.

Bidding is currently in the $2k range, which is a bargain for this collectable. For contact info on the seller and to see all the details,