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Honda July 2, 2015 posted by

Pocket Rocket – 1988 Honda NSR250R

1988 Honda NSR250R on eBay


The Honda NSR250R should be on everybody’s bucket list of bikes to own and ride before they die.  There’s nothing that makes you feel like you’re living your GP dreams quite like screaming to redline and feeling that 2-stroke powerband change your perception of 250s in an instant.   While 45hp might not seem like a lot (OK, it’s not)… there’s much more to this bike than just horsepower.  For starters, the NSR tips the scales at just 315lbs wet.  So next time you’re at the gym, pick up 135lbs and realize that’s how much LESS the NSR250R weighs than a typical 600cc sportbike.  With it’s light weight, attention grabbing powerband, narrow frame and short wheelbase, you begin to understand why these little 250s are a force to be reckoned with when the roads get twisty.  And then there’s the sound… that glorious, glorious sound.


The MC18 model here is the second generation of the NSR250R and it saw significant improvements.  The carb is 4mm larger and the engine management is improved for better throttle response over the earlier model.  Honda also moved the engine forward and lower in the frame which makes directional changes that much quicker.   The fact that these little gems were never officially imported into the US means that customs paperwork and titles can sometimes be an issue… but all of the hard work is done here.  The seller states that it already has a US title, has new fairings and comes with a generous assortment of spares.  So if you’re looking for a hassle free 2-stroke 250, now might be the time!  You can check out the auction here: 1988 Honda NSR250R on eBay

From the seller:

Very clean Gray Market Street Legal 250ccTwo-Stroke Sport Bike. Imported from Japan in June of 2000. All stock. Runs, idles, rides and stops as it should. Very strong pull when it hits the power band. No damage, rust or corrosion anywhere. All new fairings and paint on tank. Also includes original fairings and many spare parts including brand new brake pads, extra rotors, calipers, fork assy, speedo and more (see photos). The spare parts are included with the sale.


Pocket Rocket – 1988 Honda NSR250R
Yamaha February 8, 2015 posted by

The next contestant: 1990 Yamaha TZR 250

NOTE:  Previously listed back in September of last year, this TZR 250 sold for $7,7700 out of Florida.  It is now being offered in California with a Buy-It-Now of $8,800.   Links Updated – Marty/Dallaslavowner


1990 Yamaha TZR 250SP for sale on ebay

This is a 1990 Yamaha TZR250SP and according to the seller, the 1990 model year TZR250 is from the 3MA generation of TZRs which were unique with their reverse cylinder design/carburetors in the front and exhausts out of the rear of the cylinders. This is also the much rarer Sport Production version of the 3MA, which included USD forks and a dry clutch along with some other changes from the standard version.

tzr 6 tzr 5

 The last time this was posted I asked the question whether this would be a good “starter” 250?   The standard TZR250 has a general reputation of being one of the easiest 1990’s 250 to “get the best from”. Chassis, brakes and power are all supposedly well balanced which will allow a rider to focus on the upcoming road.  I had also read that two of the main TZR competitors have some odd handling issues; the Suzuki RGV has a reputation for head shake under mid corner braking and the Kawasaki KR-1S is supposed to have weird front wheel feedback so the TZR seems like a good option.  Then again, this is the SP version so perhaps this a bit more temperamental?

Here were some of the quotes from reviewers of the TZR 250;

  • it’s the perfect mix of race technology and practical useability.’
  • I really don’t think you can fault it – you can slam it into corners with the brakes full on and it’ll still go round, with the only protest coming from the tyres’
  • ‘More friendly than the others’
  • ‘Starts first time, the mirrors are useable and the seat is comfortable up to the first tank refill’
  • easy to clean, good pillion seat, luggage can be carried, lasts for ages.
  • ‘Bought by sensible people.’

Based on the comments that were received at the time of the original posting, picking up this bike as a first 250cc seems like a bad idea.  General consesus was that someone like me who is new to the 250 cc experience would be better off with the Honda or the Aprilia.   Of course this means this little bike will be available to other types of buyers such as a collector or someone looking to relive their 250cc riding days.

tzr 8

Overall this particular TZr250SP certainly looks to be in good condition and I think the bodywork is the best looking year for the TZR that I have seen.   The seller has posted a good number of hi-res pictures and it looks very clean, although some cosmetic defects are mentioned in the advert and I think I see some marks on the riders left mirror stalk.

– Marty/Dallaslavowner

The next contestant:  1990 Yamaha TZR 250
Honda December 20, 2012 posted by

Mini RC30: 1993 Honda NC30 VFR400r


The VFR400R – or NC30 as it is known in Honda parlance – is one of the more rare 400cc bikes we post on this site. These machines are coveted for razor sharp handing, decent V-4 power and the killer sound of a gear-driven valve train. The fact that these share a sillhouette (right down to the single-sided swingarm) with the larger RC30 does not hurt one bit!


This example is pretty clean. In fact, it is far cleaner than *most* NC30s I have seen. Like all NC30s, this one is an import; these were never officially brought into the US by Honda. Today’s model looks to have been imported from either Canada or directly from Japan. Under normal circumstances, Japanese imports tend to show oxidation and evidence of weather exposure. This one, however, looks quite good.


From the seller:
Here is a very rare to the U.S. 1993 Honda NC30 never imported to the states. This bike is very nice! The bike has 11,000 kilometers which equals out to about 6,000 miles. It starts easily with the choke and takes a little while to get warm, but once warm this baby is a blast! Idles very nice and runs thru all six gears very nice. The front and rear shocks are tight and nice. The brakes stop on a dime. All the lights and blinkers work perfect. This bike has no leaks and is ready for someones collection or to just ride the rarest Honda 400 crotch rocket in the United States. Please research this bike further to know what a gem it really is. Most of the ones I’ve seen are ragged out and beat up. I only have a bill of sale for this bike and some import paperwork. I usully put the plate from a Honda 600 I have to ride it to shows and bike nights. My buddy has a NC28 and its titled as a Honda vfr. Never tried to go thru the title process so please dont ask advice. NO TITLE just to be clear but the bike is clean and clear.


The seller points out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to rare, grey market import bikes. While they are rare and unique, they also present a special kind of headache when it comes time to try to register it for street use. Depending upon the state and the level of patience with bureaucracy, this might just be a track-only machine for some.


This auction is one right now, and the bidding has been nonexistent. The opening ask of $4,500 is not too far out of whack, but with a reserve in place and a BIN set at $10,000 it appears that the seller has hit the holiday egg nog early. I can only imagine that bidders interested in this machine are scared away by the huge BIN number. Take a look at it here and then let us know what you think. What should a clean NC30 without title run these days?


Bultaco June 8, 2012 posted by

Spanish Streaker! 1978 Bultaco Streaker 125

For Sale: 1978 Bultaco Streaker 125

The Spanish are a rabid lot – they love their motorcycle racing more fervently than any other nation I have witnessed. That country has also produced its fair share of racing greats: Sito Pons, Dani Pedrosa, Ángel Nieto, Jorge Lorenzo, Àlex Crivillé and Álvaro Bautista just to name a few. On the motorcycle constructor side, the Derbi models dominated small bore 50/80cc racing, and Montesa was another succesful and popular make. Adding to that legacy is the Bultaco brand, producers of sportbikes, racers and off road machinery.

The seller lists some great info on the history of the Bultaco name and brand. Let’s just say that if you are not familiar with this historic marque, I can tell you that it is NOT named after a delicious edible wrapped in a hard or soft shell (and usually filled with beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato). Cutting the story short, Bultaco was built around racing; when Montesa closed its racing division, that workforce started out on their own – and won. Even the company logo represents racing, and was based off of a rider’s hand motion to the pits: all is well.

From the seller:
You are looking at an exceptionally clean and completely original 1978 Bultaco Streaker motorcycle that has only 712 original miles on it. This is the first year that they were made and they were only made for three years. This bike starts on the first kick and runs great. It has the original blue California plates and is current until December of 2012. This extremely rare bike is in exceptional “original” – not restored condition for a 34 year motorcycle. It is very difficult to find these Streakers and even harder to find an original one. Every single part is original, including the paint.

This bike only has 10 horsepower but it will do 75 MPH – it’s is so much fun to drive and see peoples responses. When I take it out everyone says that they have never seen one before and they love it. This is the only Streaker I have ever seen in the flesh in my 40 years of being around motorcycles. They never come up for sale and those that have them – keep them and do not ride them.

I know this bike probably belongs on our sister site Classic Sport Bikes For Sale, but I just couldn’t pass it up. This 125cc two stroke is a great little bike and very rarely seen in the US. To find it in California with plates and a title only heightens the rarity. If you are into smokers that you cannot find in the States and do not see every day, this little beauty has your name on it!

This auction is on right now, and the price remains low: the current bid is only $2,325 with reserve still in place. This will never be in RC30 territory in terms of price OR speed, but it is rare and certainly has a good look to it. For more pictures, more stories about the history of Bultaco and to bid on this original collectable, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Yamaha May 27, 2012 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 in Florida

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

What better way to celebrate a US national holiday than by drooling over a bike that never made it to these shores in the first place? Today’s machine is an all original Yamaha RZ500 – stone stock as claimed by the seller – with only 25,000 KM on the clocks.

The RZ500 was the GP fantasy bike for the everyman – provided you resided in a country where these grand machines were imported. With 500cc of V4, two-stroke goodness, the RZ delivered on the promise of performance and noise. Pitted agains the likes of the Suzuki RG500 Gamma and the Honda NS400R, the RZ500 held up well and continues to be a dream bike for many.

From the seller:
I am a long time bike collector and am paring down my collection. What you are bidding on is an unmolested survivor from 1985. It has the original turn signals, reflectors, exhaust pipes, wheels, forks, fairing, and air boxes. It also has the solo seat cover with the 2 up seat underneath. It is as close to box stock as you are likely to find. Most have had the fairing, forks, wheels, pipes, and all sorts of things replaced, repaired, or modified. The only changes from stock are an aftermarket windshield and stainless steel brake lines. There is a crack in the tab that holds the solo seat cover on that is shown in the photograph. There is a small crack above the right mirror that didn’t show up well in the photos.

At the most recent 25,000 km inspection the following work was done:

Major 25,000 km inspection

Adjust Autolube pump

Check operation of YPVS valves

Replace coolant

Replace brake fluid

Replace spark plugs

Rebuild and Sync carbs

Change transmission oil

Replace fork seals and oil

Adjust steering head bearings

Clean fuel petcock

Replace air filter

Replace battery

Included with the sale are a few spare parts that I have accumulated over the years. A spare set of wheels and tires, front fender, fork legs, tail fairing, and an electronic version of the shop manual (also a printed copy if I can find the darn thing).

This bike is a real treasure. Good luck with the bidding.

RZ500s do not come cheap. Prices have risen considerably in years past, and a plated and titled stocker is worth its weight in gold. Given, the plates and title do not mean a thing for the few million residents of California, but for most of the nation this is a real grey market bike that you can own, register and ride.

This auction is on right now, and the current bid is up to $7,000 with reserve still in place. Bidding has been moderate to heavy at this time, so don’t expect to pick this one up for a song. Still, there are too few RZs in this country to start with, and even fewer in stock condition. If that means something for you, this is the bike you have been waiting for. Click the link to jump over to the auction, and good luck!


Honda March 9, 2012 posted by

Little Smoker: 2001 Honda NSR150 SP Repsol Edition

For Sale: 2001 Honda NSR150 SP Repsol Edition

Now here is a bike that you just don’t see every day. Never offically imported into the U.S. but very popular in home markets as well as the Pacific Region, this NSR150 looks like a 500cc GP bike in 33% scale. With that single-sided Pro-Arm rear suspension and striking Repsol livery that looks like it came right of Mick Doohan’s racer, this NSR150SP is a good looking bike!

I must admit that I’m not a huge fan of all the faux carbon fiber on this particular bike – but you can’t deny that the bike certainly looks good in the pictures. With very low miles and no significant damage, this is a unique machine that can be ridden on the street or tracked if you have a local, tight and twisty circuit. While there is not a lot of power (reports vary from a low of 28 to a high of 39 – depending upon the country of manufacture), there is also not a lot of mass; dry weight is listed as only 122.4 Kg (about 270 lbs).

From the seller:
For the well informed bike enthusiasts and discerning collector. Almost flawless, museum quality sportbike from Thailand. 4,334 miles with all new OEM bodywork, mirrors, etc. NO TITLE, bill of sale only. Show stopper if you ride it to your favourite bike hangout, or a jaw dropper in your garage when your buds come over. This model was sold in Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

From the seller:
Information from Honda Brochure;

Honda’s famous 2-stroke NSR Racing Technology has proven its superiority in the World of Grand Prix racing over the past two decades, has been transferred onto the road with the NSR150 SP. It is an introductory level machine featuring the sporting good looks of the famous Repsol Honda NSR in its traditional Repsol colors. The light weight and low seat height of the NSR SP will give riders of all levels of ability a feeling of confidence and satisfaction that only this type of motorcycle can. The NSR SP is a unique blend of sporting and aggressive good looks and user friendly simplicity. The water-cooled 2-stroke 149cc power plant is easily started, and once kicked into life runs smoothly from idle through to maximum revs. The power delivery is spread evenly throughout rev range and the six-speed gearbox is light and easy to operate.

Model Name:
NSR SP 2002 Model

Engine Type:
2 stroke – single cylinder crank case reed valve water cooled engine, RC valve


Compression Ratio:
6.8 : 1

Maximum Power:
39.5 ps/10,500 rpm

Maximum Torque:
2.75 kg-m/ 10,000 rpm



6 gear Wet multi-disc clutch

Dimensions (mm):
685 x 1,970 x 1,060mm

Wheel Base (mm):

Seat Height (mm):

Fuel Capacity (litres):
10.5 litres

Front Tyre:
90/80 – 17

Rear Tyre:
120/80 – 17

Rear Suspension:
Monoshock/Pro Arm

Front Brakes:
Dual piston Caliper – 296mm

Rear Brakes:
Dual Piston Caliper – 220mm

Dry Weight (kg):
122.4 Kg

According to one report I read, a NSR150 currently holds the 175cc record at Bonneville at just under 100 mph. That’s not too bad for a bike with a tiny piston and not much HP. Good aerodynamics are the key to achieving those types of speeds!

But I have to think that the real use for an NSR150 is on the track. Here is an Australian track-day video to prove the point. The NSR150 in the video is not the same bike, but gives you a great idea of the potential of this little buzzer on a tight circuit.

This auction is on right now and the opening bid was a very reasonable $2k (plus reserve). Bidding has been very light thus far, which is interesting. Sure, this is more of a toy for most riders (although I would have killed to have this as my “learner” bike when I first started out) – but one that could certainly embarrass larger machines in the right conditions. For many more pictures and details, click the link and jump over to the auction!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 7, 2011 posted by

Alpha Gamma: 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

For Sale: 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

From the great state of Pennsylvania comes this fantastically clean Suzuki RG500 Gamma. Now mind you ALL Gammas are objects worthy of our lust, but here is one wearing less common livery (ranking right up there with the Walter Wolf variety in rarity). The bike is very well kept, tastefully modified, and available to the highest bidder. Happy Holidays indeed!

Much has been written about these fabulous square fours, and I KNOW the folks reading this board have a hankering for that smell of smoke in the early hours of morning. This RG is as imported as they come (probably snuck over the boarder from Canada as a used bike), as the US shores never held open arms to this, or any other street-going two stroke from the early 1980s onward. I do so love the look of those upper pipes exiting the seat cowl. I look at this bike and say to myself: Someday……

From the seller:
Heres a VERY nice 1986 Suzuki RG 500 GAMMA up for auction.It looks like new + runs better than it looks! It has the rare black/red/white color combo…only 60 out of 650 or so GAMMAs came in this color when originally imported into Canada….its even rarer then the Walter Wolf (at least in this hemisphere..maybe europe had more) It has most all of the Rick Lance mods that make the bike much faster,better handling + better stopping then a totally STOCK Gamma is…Tommy Crawford pipes,tri-pod air box mod., floating EBC front rotors + calipers,wider more modern tires,in-line petcock mods, etc…etc..this bike FAST as F— when you hit the powerband + is NOT for the faint of heart! If you never rode a Gamma..your in for a BIG treat!! Tons of FUN! comes with clear title.

Additional info:
Bike also has a FOX racing shock+ resevoir ,fully adjustable / Lance strut NEW….tires are 120/V-17 front 160/v-17 rear,great shape,engine is ported/carbs. modified to flow more air/fuel, this bikes performance + looks are exceptional!! buyer will NOT be disappointed!

It is not often that we find a RG in the States with a title in this kind of condition. When we do, they invariably do not last long. Today’s RG has the added benefit of being sorted and nicely updated – reference Rick Lance mods and parts, as Lance is the guru of the Gamma. This auction has just started and your chance to own this beauty before Christmas is now!

So what price do you place on the rare, exclusivity that is an RG? This auction started with an opening bid of $3k and very quickly jumped up to $9,689 by the time of this writing. The reserve is still in place, and the BIN number is set at $15,500. While high by many counts, this appears to be the new going rate for super-clean RGs and RZs these days. No doubt that values of these bikes are on the rise given the ever growing polulation of Priuses in our EPA-choked and limited world. For more info and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck, and don’t forget to tell ’em you found it on RSBFS!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 16, 2011 posted by

US Import: 1985 YAMAHA RZ 500

For Sale: 1985 YAMAHA RZ 500

From the great state of Ohio comes this interesting RZ500. Yes, it only takes one quick glance to realize that the painwork is not stock. Glass half empty folks might worry that this could indicate something is lurking underneath the new skins. Glass half full folks might see it as an opportunity for a nifty new paint job like this one. Either way, the bike looks to be solid and presentable. Besides: it smokes like a chimney and rattles and pops like Hell’s own popcorn maker. What’s not to love?

With a speedo calibrated in kilometers and showing approximately 22,000 miles, this bike is an import that has some decent mileage on it. That really attests to the rideability of these fabulous 500cc V-4 two strokes. There is no real information as to the status of the engine (if it had a rebuild recently, etc), but top-end rebuilds are not terrible on these models, and far cheaper than a similar performance four stroke.

This has got to be one of the best shots in all of motorcycling. I love the look of the tail section on these bikes, and with the four pipes sticking out shotgun style I can practically hear the staccato of each cylinder in turn. Is that castor oil that I smell? Imagine the 16-inch front wheel skimming the pavement, the tach swinging above 7 grand as the bike comes on the pipe.

From the seller:

So here we have a rare and very desirable bike not normally available in the US. We have a willing seller who does not know a lot about the bike, but is open to answering questions as best he can. We have an auction underway, and moderate interest thus far. If you are looking for that next great project, this might just be it!

This auction is on right now, and bidding is only in the $3,100 range with a reserve still in place. RZ500s have gone for as much as $15,000 – $20,000 in perfect condition, with average units moving for approximately half that number or less. For more information and your chance to own this retro-rocket popcorn machine, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!