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Kawasaki March 29, 2010 posted by

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR with only 762 miles!

1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1 with only 762 miles and 100% stock!

Located in Marrero, LA is this pristine 7RR N1 Homologation Superbike. Since I started writing for I’ve mentioned several times that my two favorite bikes are N1’s and FZR400 ‘s. The N1’s are the pinnacle for me and the 400 are a very, very distant second place. I’ve been in love with ZX7’s all my sportbike life, but have yet to own one. I’ve come very close to buying one, but have never pulled the trigger. When Les sent this one in today I was beside myself trying to decide whether I should post it or contact the seller and ask “what’s it going to take to put that in my garage?” But, since I have a better half, I decided to run it by her and see what the reaction would be. Not much to my surprise, there was a lot of mumbling, a few choice words about me and my bikes, I also heard something about diamonds, but couldn’t quite make it out. Needless to say, I’m posting it instead of contacting the seller.

I’m guessing most people would agree, even if you aren’t a Kawasaki fan, that the 7RR’s have something about them that says ‘I’m fast’. The design is aggressive and it has a certain flare about it that no other bike, in my opinion, has. These came from the factory with adjustable swing arms, adjustable steering head and 41mm flatslide carbs. The N1’s didn’t get the luxury of the aluminum gas tank like the previous years, but as mentioned did have more adjustable parts which included better suspension. If you are unfamiliar with Team Green Machines here are a few of my favorite websites that talk extensively about the 7R/7RR’s. First up is the evolution of Kawasaki’s Homologation Supebike. Next up is one of my favorite ‘eye candy’ sites regarding my favorite Superbike.

The seller didn’t put many pictures up on the auction so you’ll have to contact him should you be interested in seeing more.

Quotes from the auction:


Okay, so not many pictures and not much to say, but in all actuality what can he say other than “Sweet and being sold as new!” I have to believe if I didn’t just buy another 400 I’d be in the ring, but as it sits I’m out on this one. It is being offered with a starting bid of $8,000.00 and I have to believe the reserve is somewhere around $10,000.00. Hopefully, this one will be bought and enjoyed or put in a museum for everyone to enjoy.



Ducati March 28, 2010 posted by

2001 Ducati 748R with only 214 miles!

2001 Ducati 748R dressed in yellow with only 214 miles.

Okay so I’m not that verse on 748R’s, but I do know that these are equipped from the factory with a racier engine, carbon bodywork, Ohlin’s on both ends, 5 spoke marcheesy’s and I think these have adjustable steering heads. I tried to research these, but theres not a ton available without digging super deep in to the Google archives. What I really wanted to find out is what these cost when new. and being offered for $8,250.00 and with only having 214 miles seems like a steal. I can’t imagine a Bologna ‘R’ version being offered for less than $20,000.00. A few press releases that I did read said that this was Ducati’s most advanced motorcycle they’ve ever produced up to that point. Where am I going with all of this gum flapping? Why in the hell would you buy one of these and not use it? A $12,000.00 dollar hit in 9 years for 214 miles of riding bliss…. Granted I’m not a Ducati freak by any stretch, but this has to be a blast to ride and it’s begging me to do so just looking at the pictures. Where the hell’s my jacket and helmet?

Speaking of pictures have a look for yourself:

A very special motorcycle. #1000, New 748R, 214 miles. PERFECT.

Obviously, the seller doesn’t have much to say about his wonderful, well preserved motorcycle. But, in all honestly what can he say? It’s freaking brand new, he’s taken all of the depreciation on the noggin and it’s PERFECT! I’m not down with any yellow Ducati and this one is no exception to me. But at $8,250.00 I think it’s a steal considering all of the other tired, race 748R’s are still fetching 7-8g’s. This one is ready to rock-n-roll!



Ducati March 18, 2010 posted by

1994 Ducati 888 SPO #31 Of 100 On Ebay

This SPO has some use but it looks to be in very nice condition!  Located in Wrentham, Massachusetts is a 1994 Ducati 888 SPO with 20,700mi.  The seller has owned this bike since 2002, says that it’s always been garaged, and has received regular servicing. 

Ducati 888 SPO Limited For Sale

The modifications are:

1. Fast by Ferracci (FBF) light flywheel

2. FBF alloy vented clutch cover

3. FBF carbon fiber silencers and hangers

4. FBF kevlar brake lines

5. FBF Smoked windscreen

6. Carbon fiber counter shaft sprocket cover

7. Upgraded battery and voltage regulator

8. Upgraded chip

9. 45mm Farne exhaust

10. White Brothers steering dampener

11. AFAM 39 tooth rear sprocket

12. Race Tech fork springs woth gold valves

13. Cast iron full floating front rotors

14. Fresh Michelin Pilot Powers with only 450 miles

15. Trimmed undertail

The bike has three spider cracks in the tail, scratches on the shifter & foot peg from a tip over, dent in the exhaust pipe from the same tip over and the wheels have been powder coated black–I also believe the front number plate isn’t correct.  This looks to be a pretty straight forward, used, Ducati with plenty of life and enjoyment left in it.  The condition of this bike allows you to actually enjoy an 888 SPO without the nagging feeling of the odometer approaching another millennium–or it’s first. 

If you’d like to enjoy the last of the


Ducati March 15, 2010 posted by

1994 Ducati 888 SPO In California

Just in is another 888 SPO for sale!  Located in Mountain View, California is a 1994 Ducati 888 SPO.  The wording in this ad is a little odd but, as with any rare bike, contact info is all that is really needed which this ad has.  The seller states that this example has 2,500mi on it since the motor was built by a local Ducati dealer.  Built as in built to the hilt or, rebuilt?  Anyway, this bike also has new tires, brakes, chain and some new paint.  The seller also states that this bike has some small blemishes from a tip over during an earthquake.  Stock exhaust and an aftermarket system are included in the sale.  The asking price is $8,500.  This SPO dosen’t have a perfect history, or the best price, but it’s still a–possibly–very nice SPO in California!  See this bike on Craigslist here.


Ducati March 10, 2010 posted by

2000 Ducati 996 SPS In California!

This is one of the later Ohlins equipped 996 SPSs!  Located in Mountain View, California is a 2000 Ducati 996 SPS with 4,500 original miles.  The first year SPS bikes, 1999, featured Showa front forks but starting in 2000, they were equipped with Ohlins front forks.  The SPS bikes also featured Ohlins rear shock, Marchesini magnesium five-spoke wheels, adjustable steering head, a power bump to 123bph and the Ohlins front forks with a titanium nitride coating.  This example has also been fitted with a Termignoni system and carbon silencers, carbon front fender, and carbon rear fender (aftermarket as opposed to stock?).  The asking price is $12,000.  If you’re looking for a piece of Ducati Homologation history and the last of the SPS’s before the switch to R models; see this bike on Craigslist here.


Ducati March 5, 2010 posted by

An unbelievable 20 Homologation Super Bike collection being auctioned

20 Homologation Super Bikes for sale!

A HUGE thanks to Matt for submitting this to I’m not sure how he found it, but it is a Super Bike Collectors dream come true. This auction consists of 20 factory homologation Super Bikes that cover the past three decades and a WSB winner to boot. Depending on what your cup of tea is there is something for every homologation fan. There are four 888 SPO’s, three regular RC30’s, a RC45, a 916 SP3, Desmocedici RR , three OW01’s, a ZX-7R K2, a 996R, a RC51 done up in Castrol racing colors and it has Colin Edwards signature, R1 SP2006 and a uber rare all white RC30 that is said to be 1 of 30. The bad part about this post is that this auction is taking place in the United Kingdom. I know there are some collectors that follow RSBFS that are probably chomping at the bit if they weren’t already aware of this auction. Some of these bikes are basically unobtainable by all standards, but yet here they are for the taking.

What I find crazy about this auction is that none of the bikes have bids on them yet; so either this auction is being kept relatively quiet or it’s a sealed bid type of auction. Whatever the case may be pull up a chair and grab your favorite adult beverage because you’ll be here a while. I think I’ve looked at it no less than 5 times in 4 hours. I just can’t get over it.

Check them out and lets see some comments:

One of the nicest collections we’ve ever had on RSBFS and you can view them all here.



Harley Davidson February 6, 2010 posted by

Rare 1994 Harley Davidson on ebay

1994 VR1000 with only 120 miles is up for grabs on ebay.

Now, before you all go waving your arms and shout: “Harley don’t make sport bikes!”, please read up on the VR1000 as listed on the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame website.  Or check out another VR1000 listed on here previously.

With that knowledge in hand, I present you a :

The 1994 VR 1000 was the first pure racing motorcycle Harley-Davidson ever built. Every other Harley racer, from 1915 through 1993, had been a modified production machine. The VR was purpose-built from the ground up.

Milwaukee has never been comfortable with the concept of purebred competition machines. Eighty years earlier the founders had ‘been dragged mumbling into the racing game, convinced of its necessity only after Indian had captivated the sporting enthusiasts of the 1910s and 1920s.

But once installed in the Milwaukee hierarchy, the racing department proved itself a continuing resource of team spirit and public good will. People rode their motorcycles to the races, and supported their favorite riders and manufacturers.

Harley-Davidson had maintained its support of dirt tack, the traditional American fairgrounds racing, and built a few XR 1000 production-based roadracers. But nothing on Milwaukee’s menu suited the demands of Superbike racing in the 1990s. At the upper outposts of “street bike” competition, the track-wise roadsters weigh 375 pounds (170kg) and produce 150 horsepower. Handling and braking factors are tuned to millisecond response margins. All of which is enormously expensive to achieve.

With some money in the bank, Harley decided to build its second eight-valve racer, with an American engine, chassis and brakes. Engineer Steve Scheibe headed the team, and called in experienced help from NASCAR and Indy Car racing. The project took five years and produced a double-overhead-cam, 60-degree V-twin, with 4-valve heads, Weber-USA electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling. Power went by gear to a multi-disc dry clutch and through a 5-speed transmission.

The first bikes used a Penske inverted fork and Wilwood six-piston brake calipers. The road model carries an Ohlins fork with titanium-coated stanchions. The body work is constructed of carbon fiber, and the factory listed the dry weight at 390lb (176.9kg). The production schedule was set for 50 copies of the VR 1000, the price of each listed at $49,490.

The VR first appeared on the racetrack for the Daytona Superbike race in 1994.

There were few illusions about the early chances, and teething problems were anticipated, but the motorcycle handled remarkably well. Top speed was not at the level of frontrunners, though rider Miguel Duhamel turned in good results on some of the tighter circuits. Results for the 1995 season were disappointing, and rider Doug Chandler had difficulty coming to

terms with the machine. National dirt track champion Chris Carr was also on the team and showed a quick learning curve.

Rumors circulated during the offseason that management disputes in Milwaukee cast doubts on the future of the VR 1000. The factions split as they had a half-century before; the economic rationale perceives big-league factory racing as large expense versus small return. The sporting enthusiast segment says racing pays huge dividends in public relations, and puts the company logo on television. And wins hearts and minds.

This is a great example of 1 of the 50 motorcycles built to homoligate the VR-1000 for the AMA race circuit.

Now, I am probably one of the last Harley fans on earth, but I must say the VR1000 is one special Harley that I would not mind having – and I didn’t even know that only 50 were made! Any serious collector should have one of these in their collection (0r museum)!


Kawasaki January 31, 2010 posted by

1991 Kawasaki ZX 7R Ninja K1

1991 Kawasaki ZX 7R (k1) model for sale on the Houston, TX Craigslist.

We’ve had a few of these over the past few months pop up on our site and I never get tired of them. This particular one was forwarded to us by JC, a regular RSBFS reader and scout. Thanks for the hook up!

The 7R/7RR Homologations are getting a little long in the tooth by today’s standards, but they are still my personal favorite bike of all time. The 96 7RR’s are at the top of the heap for me, but when I come across THE one, regardless of year, that is in the right place, has the right price and the timing is good, I’ll be a proud new Papa 🙂 But, until that day comes I’ll continue writing about them. So here I go…..

This K1 model has been enjoyed over the past 19 years with 31,573 on the odometer. That seems like a high number upon first glance, but it only averages out to 1,661 per year and that is almost an insignificant amount. I think I can do that many miles a year in my sleep.

From looking at the pictures, it doesn’t seem to be in too bad of shape cosmetically and it does have a tasty Hindle exhaust. It also has one of those “go fast” stickers on the tail section that is sure to add a few extra ponies.

Here’s what the owner has to say:

This is one of the 1991 limited edition motocycles. Comes with the aluminum gas tank and performace carburators. Has a few scratches but is in good condition. Has 31573 miles. Engine sounds GREAT and it may need a minor tune up.

I know these are temperamental bikes having the FCR’s and that issue is only compounded by the Hindle exhaust. But in the right tuners hands and an hour or so of Dyno time these will absolutely scream and still hang with most of today’s bikes. Give the pictures a once over and judge for yourself.

Most of the average 7R’s we’ve seen as of late have been priced between $5,000 & $6,000. However, this one is at $4,500.00 and is probably where it should be considering the mileage and current running condition. So perhaps you need a good solid base for a restoration project or maybe you already have a K1 and need some parts, either way this one seems as though it could fill the need. Here’s the link to the Craigslist ad.