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Yamaha May 18, 2020 posted by

Featured Listing: 1987 Yamaha FZR400 in Arizona

Update 7.6.2020: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

This gorgeous little JDM ripper is an RSBFS alum, listed here in late 2017 by our buddy Gary out in Utah. Today, it makes a triumphant return, this time in Arizona and bearing its correct model year. Japanese market 1WG models are rare as hen’s teeth as it is, and this one ups the ante with its unobtanium blue bodywork  and stellar condition. Gary has always been a fastidious and particular collector, and the current seller clearly carried on that proud tradition.

The Yamaha FZR400 is a gem of a motorcycle in any guise, with a rev-happy water-cooled four banger pushing around a gorgeous aluminum frame. Club racers loved these things when they were new, and you can still catch them tearing up AHRMA grids today. As with any welterweight ripper, they require handfuls of throttle and reward bravery and momentum with millimeter-precise handling.

The bike appears to have been treated to new tires in the current owner’s care, and he has added just shy of 1,000 kilometers. It remains in incredible condition.

From the seller:

1987 Yamaha FZR 400 1WG , approx 10,399 KM or 6,461 Miles. I take it out at least once a week in AZ. Rare blue JDM bike, Very clean, Japanese tank sticker, Excellent running condition, Excellent overall condition, Everything works like new, New Tires, Previous owner’s recent refresh includes: replaced front master cylinder with new OEM, Engine covers (caps) replaced with new OEM, New fuel petcock, New fork seals, New battery and fluids. All fairings, exhaust, and components not mentioned are 100% factory Yamaha original parts. No rust in tank. No paint touch-ups. Very minor normal light wear. Some corrosion on top of motor. Clean AZ title. $7600

The bike is also listed here on Craigslist, where seller Chris’s contact info can be found. In these trying times, we can’t think of a more entertaining way to practice physical distancing.

Featured Listing: 1987 Yamaha FZR400 in Arizona
Yamaha March 10, 2015 posted by

Cult Classic – 1988 Yamaha FZR-400

1988 Yamaha FZR-400 on eBay


The Yamaha FZR-400 has always been popular with the RSBFS crowd and this one appears to be a gem.  It was known for it’s light weight and great handling around the track.  Unfortunately this means a lot of them have been very well used in just this manner and when they do show up for sale they have evidence of a hard life.  They’ve been modified, parts don’t match, fairings are barely hanging on, etc, etc.  However, this one looks like it has had the easy life.

With barely 2000 miles and looking bone stock (down the reflectors and exhaust) this example appears to have survived unmolested and in great condition.


The seller’s eBay description appears to indicate that it came from a collection and probably only saw the sunniest of days and easy riding.  You can read more from the seller’s actual eBay action seen here: 1988 Yamaha FZR-400 on eBay

This bike is in great condition. Runs like a champ, I use non ethanol gas to keep the carbs happy.  Very Rare to find one in this condition. I am only selling to thin the herd. Clear Georgia title in hand. Have original owners manual. A $500 deposit will be required within 24 hours of the end of the auction.  Buyer will have to arrange the shipping if not local but I will assist.  



Cult Classic – 1988 Yamaha FZR-400
Aprilia June 27, 2012 posted by

End of Month Mailbag

Good morning guys! Here are your latest submissions for this Tuesday. (Facebook readers: click through to see all the bikes!) Enjoy the rest of your week,


Motion SBK for sale

Let’s get things started properly with this Motion SBK Ducati 1198 built by Brad Miller. Thanks for the forward Jason!

rz350 for sale in Canada

Tom sends us this Yamaha RZ350 for sale in Canada. At $3500 this could be the deal of the day.

Greg spotted this sharp FZR400 for sale in Washington for $3500.

Bol d'Or for sale

Rob has emailed his Aprilia Bol d’Or which is for sale in the bay area. His listing on BARF states it has about 16k miles and the dealer selling his bike is asking $8995. Good luck with the sale!

Dan sent us this 1998 Ducati 748L for sale in Wisconsin for $4800. This is the Neiman Marcus edition. With just 14k miles this looks like a buy at that price!

suzuki gs700es for sale

We’ll continue with this unusual 1985 Suzuki GS700ES “tariff” bike for sale in San Francisco. In 1984 the GSX750 was facing stiff import duties being over 700cc, and the GS700ES is essentially the same bike with 50cc less displacement. Good luck with the sale Robert!

Next up from Sandro in Portugal is this 1981 Honda CB900 F2 Bol d’Or. Two in one week is unusual?! His has 84k kilometers but looks restored from the pictures. Asking price is €3250.

From Tub we have this very unusual MV Agusta 50cc minibike. According to his listing the minibike was built by MV Agusta for Phil Read, who won the 500cc championship for them in 1973. Thanks for the forward!

Coby spotted this 1987 Ducati Paso that needs resurrecting. The ad states it’s been sitting for 10 years but looks pretty decent in the photos. Under 10k miles for $2500 in Ohio.

Here’s a 1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona RS for sale in Los Angeles with 10k miles for $11500.

FZR for sale

How about an FZR with 73 original miles? For sale in North Carolina for $3800. Thanks for the spot Oliver!

And finally, Chris sent us this sharp 1986 Honda VFR750 for sale in Texas at $2500.

Bimota March 25, 2012 posted by

Monday Mailbag and What are You Shopping for this Spring?

Good morning! Here’s the latest submissions, Facebook spots, and reader rides to go with your morning coffee.

This week I’d like to hear what readers are shopping for this spring and see if we can’t find some good examples for the blog. Leave a comment below, no registration required.

Have a great week,


First up is a reader ride from Ayden with his 1989 Honda MC18 NSR250. Located in Santa Barbara, this bike has less thank 7k miles. Good luck with the sale!

Next up is this Bimota Tesi submitted from Peter. As with most Bimotas this one has hardly been touched with just 88 miles. Buy-it-now is at $36k.

Also in the nearly new category is this 1994 Ducati 916 with just 388 miles.

I know Rem will dig this one, a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 with less than 10k miles. Thanks for the submission Ryan.

And here’s a complete looking Yamaha FZR400 spotted by Garrett on Craigslist for just $1850.


Sport Bikes For Sale November 1, 2011 posted by

Clean, Original ’89 Yamaha FZR 400

Location: Southern California

Mileage: 18,980

Price: Auction, currently at $2,800

Here’s another opportunity to get yourself a clean, original Yamaha FZR 400. A champion in the handling department that was only brought to the states for the 88-90 model years, the FZR 400 remains an excellent bike that can be a good platform for the beginner or the advanced rider to the track hound. And don’t think the 400cc engine is a huge issue. A racer I knew had no problem keeping up with the 600’s at the time with correct tuning and some minor performance upgrades.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

For Sale: 1989 Yamaha FZR 400 Motorcycle. Its in perfect running condition and is in excellent cosmetic condition. Has 18,965 miles on it. Was purchased a year ago, and has only been ridden occasionally, and always garaged. It has new tires on it with less than 500 miles, i would like to sell it with everything additional that I had purchased to upgrade the bike but never got around to doing it. The bike has had no mods done to it, its completely stock form. Since i have owned the bike it has not been down, I never took it to the track I only used it for a few weekend rides and to commute to work.

This bike was previously owned by a Professional Motorcycle racer that collects Yamaha Motorcycles and had the bike completely gone through and replaced every part he could and tuned by his mechanic. 

Bike is registered in california and the registration is current.

If you know anything about bikes, you know this is a true collectors bike, but also a great beginner bike which is why I got it. 

Additional Items:

FZR 600 Front End, R6 Master Cylinder and Calipers (This was to upgrade the brakes on the bike to dual pot calipers)

Upper and Lower Fairings: (I wanted a completely stock set to have in case i painted it, but i never got around to doing that)

Rear Fender (If you wanted to trim the rear fender, but have an extra as stock)

Spare Front Wheel

Rear Subframe (I was gonna modify the existing with a different rear seat, but wanted a stock one to return to stock condition)

There’s not a lot of pictures-

The bike appears to be a stock unit and the seller highlights extra parts and plans for modification that thankfully didn’t happen. While technically those parts may improve the performance of the bike, they also may not. The FZR 400 was a great handling bike stock and they are becoming collectible. I would want to keep it factory stock, but the parts are there if you want them. Mileage isn’t too bad for the age so not a major concern as long as maintenance history is strong.

I would expect this bike to land somewhere around $4k. Looks like no reserve so we’ll see where it goes. These are great bikes, so if you have any interest you should give this auction a look.


Reader Rides For Sale August 23, 2011 posted by

1990 Yamaha FZR400 For Sale- Unmolested, clean and original owner!

1990 Yamaha FZR400 with less than 5,000 miles for sale by the original owner!

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Mileage: 4930
Price: $4,800.00

This is one of ‘those moments’ in life where you are either ‘in’ or ‘out’- Any unmolested, low mileage 21 year old motorcycle is considered rare by Anyone could have bought one of these in 1990 for $4,000.00 dollars. Anyone could have bought it and not ridden it, but a scant 234 miles per year. However, not everyone can own one now- Thus my statement “You are either in or out.”

From the seller:

I am the original owner of this motorcycle. The bike has never been crashed or dropped. The bike has never required any major repairs just normal maintenance. I have done all of the maintenance and service on this bike myself. The bike is in excellent condition and runs good. I have decided it was time to find the FZR a new home and make some space in the garage.

The bike was in storage for 15 years. The tires are not worn out and do not show any signs of cracking, however they were last replaced in 1993.

The bike was brought out of storage and serviced October 2010. The following service was performed and the bike is in good operating condition.
•Engine Oil / Filter
•Brake Fluid
•Cleaned carburetors

I am including the following extras with the bike:
•Factory Service Manual
•Bagman 14 liter tank bag
•Swing Arm Stand
•Tank Cover
•Lower Cowl Cover
•Corbin Seat
•Extra set of Front Brake Pads

I’ve only seen one other 1990 FZR400 in this kind of condition and I sold it to an all Yamaha collector last spring. For those that remember- mine had a few more miles on it, but everything else was pretty much the same.

A 21 year old anything, from the original owner, doesn’t come around often so if you’re even thinking a little about a FZR400 now is your chance because you may never see it again.

If you can’t tell by now- I like this machine and think it will make a fine addition to any collection worthy of having it.

You can contact the seller at:

Good luck with the sale-



Sport Bikes For Sale July 7, 2011 posted by

Great then, Great now: 1988 Yamaha FZR 400

Location: Brazil, Indiana
Mileage: 4,597
Price: Auction, $2,550 No Reserve!

I can only imagine that about everything that can be written about the FZR400 has been written here at RSBFS. The limited time in the US market, the weight, handling, and power for a 400cc machine. Thing is, regardless of when they were written, all of those factors will always remain the same. So its a good bike, a great bike actually. Well worth the many words that have come before on RSBFS and will undoubtedly come after.

Here’s a fairly detailed description from the seller-

Well, this is it. Selling my last motorcycle. I’ll turn 67 this year and it’s time for someone else to have this little jewel of a bike. I bought this from the original owner back in 1994. It had 3,350 miles on it then. So, I’ve put roughly 1,650 miles on it in the nearly 17 years I’ve owned it. But, I had lots of bikes to ride – Honda ST1100, CBR 1,000, CB 1, CB 1100F, Kawasaki ZX-11, Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special and TZ 250, along with a couple others. But, this one was always special. It feels light as a feather and has an engine that will put you down the road in a hurry once you pass about 10,000 RPM. It redlines at 14,000 RPM. The bike has never been down and has never seen a track day. The original owner was in his thirties so it’s not been flogged by anyone. Engine runs strong and smooth. I checked the license plate and the bike has not been on the road in ten years. It’s never spent a night outside. It still has the original Bridgestone tires which you should replace if you are going to ride it. Lots of tread left, but give them their due, they need replaced. When I put it away the gas tank was drained and oiled and the carbs were also drained. When I washed out the old oil and put new gas in this weekend she fired right up with a jump start. Fresh oil and filter too. Battery shot and discarded. I may get around to replacing it this week. She always shifted smoothly and the clutch was in excellent condition when it was last on the road. There are a couple of screw fasteners missing and one ear on the tank cover is broken off. I have it if a person wants to work on a repair. It was that way when I bought it and it’s never been a problem. I think there is a crack on one of the fairing ears fasteners in front. But, again, it’s never been a problem. As you can see, it has a Corbin seat on it. It was there when I bought it. I think I do have the two piece factory seat but there had to be a modification made to fit the Corbin seat and the factory two piece can’t be used. I’m going to quote some specs from the Cycle Guide magazine you see pictured. The bike weighs 385 pounds. The engine is an inline four with a bore of 56mm x 40.5mm stroke. The compression ratio is 11.5:1. I’ve never had a problem with it pinging if you use good gas. It has a 6 speed transmission. The gas tank holds 4.6 gallons, including a 0.9 gal. reserve. Top speed is 133 miles per hour. Quarter mile time is 12.82 seconds at 102.5 MPH. Average fuel consumption is 41 MPG. Twin disk brakes up front and a single in back. For pure pucker factor the ZX-11 could not be beaten. But, this little sweetheart would bring a smile to your face when you pushed the RPMs up as you leaned it over in the curves. It is so light you know you are in control. It was given a quick wash today before pictures were taken. It should have a good detail cleaning as it’s been sitting for quite a while. It’s not perfect. There are some places in the metal finish that could stand attention. But, for a 23 year old bike, it looks mighty fine.

I live between Terre Haute and Indianapolis, just a few miles north of I-70, in case anyone would like to come and take a look. Over the last eight years I’ve sold all of the other bikes on ebay and all buyers were happy. This is a nice one you will have to look a long while to top. It’s a real auction. Starts at a penny and no reserve and no Buy It Now price. If you live a long distance away I’d be willing to drive up to 200 miles to meet you somewhere. The charge would only be $0.30 per mile, round trip. Feel free to ask questions or for more pictures.

Here’s some more pics-

The only major modification I see on this bike is the Corbin seat, which I’m guessing is actually way more comfortable than the stock seat. The seller also mentions some missing fasteners and and a broken tank cover tab. And the battery needs to be replaced, which it sounds like the seller is taking care of.

So while there may be some issues with the bike the miles aren’t high and if it runs strong, it could be a great riding bike. These bikes may not have caught on in the states, but like I said above, they are well regarded for a reason. For a shot at this one, check the auction out! Oh, did I mention there’s no reserve?


Reader Rides For Sale May 1, 2011 posted by

1989 Yamaha FZR 400 For Sale-

1989 Yamaha FZR 400 For Sale

Location: Newport Beach, CA
Mileage: 13,500
Price: $5,000 B.I.N.

Following on the heels of Mike’s FZR 400 post is yet another fine example of a timeless machine. Can you feel my love for FZR400’s?

As Mike mentioned in his post, I’ve owned, raced and been enamored with these most of my adult life. It all started in 1990 when I purchased my first sport bike, a 1987 Kawasaki 750R Ninja. My riding buddy had a brand new 1990 FZR 400 with a Vance & Hines Super Sport exhausts. That sweet sound had me at “Hello!”….er…… 14,000 rpm’s. 14k isn’t a big deal today, but back in the day that was balls out and screaming. Okay, so it only screamed to 135mph, but it was touted as the best handling sport bike ever made and can still hold it’s own to this day.

From the seller:

Here it is!, A vintage “hard to find” Yamaha FZR400 Exup / california model. only 13,500 miles !

recently bought & Need to sell for sanity reasons,,, , Needs rightful owner.

Runs Great! Looks Great! no need to say more….

This one looks to be in pretty good shape considering it’s 22 years old. So, if you’re in the market for a nice ride that is bullet proof and sounds like a million bucks-