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Sport Bikes For Sale February 6, 2021 posted by

Flog It Like Foggy: 2002 Ducati M900 S4 Monster Fogarty Edition

It almost seems sacrilege to take one of the most successful Superbike riders of all time and honor him with a naked cruiser. But that is exactly what Ducati did for Carl Fogarty in 2002, bestowing his name onto a special edition Monster with serious potential. Only 300 units were made available worldwide, making these rare by nature.

The Fogarty Edition Monster was based on the vaunted S4 platform – essentially the love child of a Ducati 916 and the more pedestrian S2 (with some ST parts thrown in). The outcome was Superbike potential in a more street friendly package, with upright seating, a wide flat bar and improved ergonomics over the race replica. To this Ducati added the usual farkles including Foggy livery on the tank and the lower edge of the windscreen. Bespoke carbon side plates are more subtle, but clearly call this out as a Fogarty Edition. Finally, there is a badge on the top of the tank highlighting Foggy’s (and Ducati’s) #1 status, and within that badge the unique number of each particular bike. Today’s example is #196.

From the seller:
Up for sale is my 2002 Ducati S4 Foggy Edition. Very clean and always stored inside. I believe there were only 300 of these made and only 75 of them were imported to the U.S. Currently has aftermarket rear sets and clutch cover. I have the stock rear sets and stock clutch cover as seen in pictures. This bike also comes with original Foggy bike stands and bike cover. Manual is included as well along with the Red Key. Only selling because I am moving and need to downsize.

Besides the carbon and the livery, the only change made to the S4 Fogarty Edition is the rear height; the Foggy model sits slightly higher than the standard S4, presumably to quicken the steering and possibly to add more ground clearance. Other than that, it is a graphical exercise in color, carbon, and signature. Most of these bikes were destined for collector spaces, although a few have been ridden. Todays example shows nearly 5,000 miles – great to see these fantastic bikes being ridden!

Bidding on this bike has crossed into $8,500 territory with several days remaining on the auction. These have generally traded in the $11k and above price bands, so it is possible we are seeing a bargain in the making. There is no sign of a Reserve, meaning this bike is going home to the highest bidder. There are some great qualify pics of this unique machine, and you can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


Flog It Like Foggy: 2002 Ducati M900 S4 Monster Fogarty Edition
Ducati April 17, 2020 posted by

Featured Listing: 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty

Update 7.31.2020: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

It was never going to be sufficient for Ducati to commemorate Carl Fogarty’s contributions to motorcycling with yet another race replica superbike with faux sponsor livery. Sure, go ahead and remember Ben Bostrom and Troy Bayliss with tarted-up 999Rs, but Foggy deserved something altogether hairier. Until Jonathan Rea came along in 2018, he was the winningest World Superbike racer ever. When this 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty was built, he was a man without equal in motorcycle roadracing.

The 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty is a perfect tribute, with special paint, upgraded suspension bits, carbon Termignoni cans and carbon trim pieces, the Fogarty’s “Foggy Eyes” logo and a 916 Desmoquattro engine that was warmed up to about 110 horsepower. In short, a brawny, aggressive hooligan machine that was more about encompassing who Foggy is than giving you the tools to emulate his corner-speed-first style.

This one is number 12 of just 300 built, one of 225 never intended to make it to the United States. It has Metric instrumentation with only 13 original kilometers. To say it’s mint is a bit of an understatement. From the seller:

2002 Ducati S4 Fogarty
Vin# ZDM1RB8S02B007442

– Limited edition S4 Fogarty to commemorate Carl “Foggy” Fogarty
– only 300 made, number 012 of 300
– 1 of only 225 sold over seas, imported to the United States
– Metric instrumentation
– Only 13 kilometers (just over 8 miles)
– super bike motor, 6 speed
– professionally “gone-through”/got running/checked over, ready to go
– New battery, belts replaced, new spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump
– tank/throttle body/injectors/hoses cleaned and adjusted if needed.
– light weight, lots of carbon fiber
– only minor blemishes from storage, sitting. No major damage of any kind
– extra black key as well as red key for maintenance/diag

Asking $16,900 $11,900

You’re not likely to get another chance at one of these soon, if ever, and you certainly won’t get a crack at one this nice. And all that special is listed at just $16,900 $11,900.

Featured Listing: 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty
Ducati January 17, 2017 posted by

1998 Ducati 996 Factory Superbike!

This is the sort of bike that sets the offices of RSBFS buzzing. Feast your eyes on an actual *factory* race bike. Not an RS version of a street bike. An actual “we are the Ducati factory and we are going racing…” sort of race bike. And not just any factory bike, but one piloted by the redoubtable Troy Corser. In fact, this is likely one of the machines that he rode in the ’98 season (back to WSBK after an unsuccessful stint in 500cc class) – in a year where he narrowly missed the title. A crash in warm-up during the last round of the season resulted in broken ribs and a missed opportunity, relegating Corser to 3rd in the overall standings behind Carl Fogarty and Aaron Slight.

1998 Ducati 996 Factory Racer for sale on eBay!

When it comes to race bikes, rare is not enough. You need details, authenticity, and – where possible – proof. Since factory racers are not governed by motor vehicle registration bureaucracy in the same manner as a street machine, there is always the challenge of originality. It doesn’t help that racers are constantly being modified during a season (and this one continued to race), further muddling the trail. With a signed letter purportedly outlining the provenance of this historic machine, a matching chassis number complete with NCR markings, and enough carbon fiber and electronics to make mere mortals weak in the knees, this bike certainly looks the business.

From the seller:
engine 004945

Bike sell directly throught DUCATI SPA to DUCATI CORSE in November 1999
we have got documentation and use for Troy Corser
After Ducati rent to team R&D BF racing team with Aoki and Romboni for the season 2001 and finish De Cecco bought through ds Ducati Mr.
Ciabatti to make run Blora Paolo in the italian CIV
It has been kept in dry and ready to race condition.
And,this is not 996RS,It is real factory bike.(Totally different to RS,specially computer device,fork,brakes,engine..etc..)

bike is in italy, more picture avaitable

For most of us, this is an unusual bike that almost never surfaces. It is, in many ways, a holy grail of bike spotting. But unlike many of the collectables that we show on this site, this is not exactly something you can throw a leg over on a ride to 7-11 for a Slurpee. This is a purposeful track machine. But who would really risk this bike for a basic track day? Would you dare try to race it? The lack of spares is concerning, but the inability to replace the bike itself would scare me silly. All of which – more or less – makes this a wonderful piece of indoor artwork.

This is one of those “better bring your wallet” sort of situations. The ask for this rolling, booming, rib-breaking time-slice of WSBK is a cool $65k USD. That is actually not as sky-high as some race bikes we have seen in the past, but certainly a goodly chunk of change. Prices do not include transportation fees either. Located in Italy (where else?), this bike will need to be shipped assuming the buyer is not local. A very sweet reminder of WSBK dominance, this Ducati 996 factory racer is waiting for your call!


1998 Ducati 996 Factory Superbike!
Ducati November 18, 2015 posted by

That Bike is a – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty #253

As special editions go, the Fogarty Monster is more than just paint.  Starting with the 916 powerplant, adding a catalogue of carbon bits, then the bold graphics, and finally a nicely designed number plate including Carl’s signature, it’s a nice tribute.  The 4-time WSBK champion started with Honda but achieved all of his championships with Ducati.  Flexible like a Monster, he also won at Isle of Man, Le Mans, and managed the Petronas FP1 team.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right

2002 Ducati Monster F4 Fogarty for sale on eBay

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left lights

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy tank

Ducati made the water-cooled 4-valve engine available in the Monster starting in 2001, answering calls for more power with 101 hp.  The steel trellis frame adapted from the ST4 is up to the task, helped by the 43mm inverted Showa forks and aluminum swingarm with adjustable Sachs monoshock.  The two-into-two exhaust ends with carbon guards and Termignoni mufflers.  Brembo brakes all around, dual 320mm floating front disks and 245mm rear.  Carbon highlights are everywhere, the fender, mudguard, radiator shroud, air scoops, cam belt covers, side panels, clutch cover, chain guard, and chin spoiler, so much it’s a real statement.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left cockpit

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right front wheel

Looking great for its 5,700 miles, this S4 appears stock except for the blingy reservoir caps and absence of mirrors.  The owner has also added a chassis lighting kit, there’s just not all that much you can improve on a Foggy.  Some I’ve seen have a monoposto seat fairing, but this one has a biposto ( carbon look ) seat.  From the eBay auction:

I just got a great deal on a Jeep and now need to sell my bike so you get a great deal on my S4 Monster Limited Edition Foggy. Check out all the cool detail and stock carbon fiber, its too much to list everything. I put my hand on the exhaust after a long ride and can’t even feel the heat.

ONLY HAS 5,600 miles and climbing because I do ride it but it is in near-mint condition. This motorcycle needs absolutely nothing and is 100% ready to ride. She has been meticulously cared for and I just installed a light kit that makes the bike even hotter.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left front wheel

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy right rear wheel

Sweet handling and light weight made the extra ponies in the S4 a real bonus.  Milder cams and careful ECU programming resulted in a wider torque band, making the bike more fun in town and out in the country.  The 916 mill was helped by the lack of bodywork and overheating worries became occasional instead of constant.  One of 300, the Fogarty commemorative will always be as rare as Monsters are commonplace.  The drivetrain updates and nice components make the S4 a keeper, without even factoring in the Foggy edition paint and carbon fiber everything.

20151117 2002 ducati monster s4 foggy left muffler

I can almost forgive the guy for selling to buy a jeep, but he’s out in Illinois and it’s toward the end of November after all.  The lights, well…


That Bike is a – 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Fogarty #253
Sport Bikes For Sale October 23, 2015 posted by

Malaysian Exotic: 2003 Petronas FP1 for Sale

2003 Petronas FP1 R Front

The result of a project originally intended to develop a Moto GP bike, the Foggy-Petronas FP1 is basically the roadgoing homologation version of the World Superbike GP1. Interestingly, while 100 of the 150 bikes made should have been available for purchase, it turns out very few were actually sold to customers. Several years ago, a stash of bikes was found squirreled away in England, and legal wrangling is currently underway to get the bikes released into the wild, but this is currently one rare bird.

2003 Petronas FP1 L Rear2

But really, who cares right? After all, the Carl Fogarty and Petronas’ racing efforts were doomed from the start. Right after the bike began its career in 2003, the displacement limit was increased to 1000cc’s, leaving the 900cc Petronas largely uncompetitive. By 2006, after just three years, the plug was pulled and that was basically it for the bike.

2003 Petronas FP1 Tank Detail

But while its racing career was disappointing, this is still quite literally a race bike for the road, and every bit as special as the RC30 or OW01, with quality components and the nimble handling of a real thoroughbred. Powered by an 899.5cc three-cylinder with a counter-rotating crankshaft that produced 127hp and an ungodly wail. Videos of the roadbike do exist and this is one of those bikes that may be worth it for the sound alone. The exhaust note is very raw and the whole thing sounds like the internals are all made of titanium, or some other, even lighter material. Etherium maybe.

2003 Petronas FP1 L Rear

And as a connoisseur of tachometers, I really love this one: so many modern bikes have their tachs set low and out of the natural view of the rider, but this one sticks up into the windscreen bubble where you can keep tabs on the revs without looking away from the road.

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Petronas FP1 for Sale

You are bidding on an all original, very rare, 2003 Petronas FP1 motorcycle at no reserve. The bike comes originally equipped with rear view mirrors, odometer, blinkers, headlights, and taillights. As originally intended, the bike has everything you need to drive it one the road; however, this motorcycle is not street legal in the United States, due to regulations and further testing that needs to be completed.

This motorcycle is number 108 out of 150. It has around 70 factory miles on it and comes with all the accessories that were with the bike, would Petronas have decided to sell them, including:

  • Authenticity Certificate
  • Digital Service Manual
  • Digital Owner’s Manual
  • Digital Workshop Manual
  • Parts Catalogue: Chassis
  • Parts Catalogue: Engine

2003 Petronas FP1 Dash

If you’re not familiar with the bike’s recent legal drama, it’s worth a quick browse of the internet. Suffice to say, these were never going to be common, and examples in private hands, especially here in the USA are going to be very, very rare at the moment. The photos aren’t the best, but I’m still smitten. With those distinctive colors and the noise coming out of that three-lobed pipe might make it worth a purchase just for the noise alone.

With a starting bid of $52,000 and no takers as yet, the seller might be aiming a bit high. While this is every bit as exotic as Ducati’s Desmosedici, its mediocre racing history and relative obscurity are probably working against it here.

Also, aside from that self-supporting tail section and distinctive paint, it does look an awful lot like my Triumph Daytona from the front…


2003 Petronas FP1 R Rear

Malaysian Exotic: 2003 Petronas FP1 for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale August 17, 2015 posted by

Rare Sport Bike PARTS for Sale: Signed Carl Fogarty Racebike Fairing

1999 Ducati 996 Race Fairing Carl Fogarty1Well this is a cool bit of racing memorabilia, World Supberbike superstar Carl Fogarty’s race-winning Ducati fairing, hand-signed by Foggy himself.

Not only was Carl Fogarty one of the most famous riders in World Superbike history as well as the most successful, this bit is from the bike he won his very last race on, to lock in his fourth championship for Ducati. The very next year, he was involved in a career-ending crash although he was later active as a race team owner and manager.

Famous for being ruthlessly competitive and very outspoken, you can also see he was very… left-handed from that signature’s slant.

1999 Ducati 996 Race Fairing Carl Fogarty2

From the original eBay listing: Carl Fogarty’s Championship Winning Ducati 996 Hand Signed Fairing

Up for auction is a very unique and interesting piece of motorcycle racing history!

Carl Fogarty won 4 World Superbike Championships and this is the fairing of his Ducati 996 after he clinched his 4th WSB title at Hockenheim in 1999. It is hand signed and still has the bugs from that final race plastered all over the fairing.

Foggy retired in 2000 as the winning-est rider in Superbike history with 59 wins, 109 podiums and four world championships.

Good luck…

The starting bid is $6,9995 with no takers as yet and 4 days left on the auction. I’ve really no idea if that’s a fair price or not, since it’s not the kind of item that comes up for sale too often. Certainly, Carl Fogarty is one of the biggest names in the history of WSBK competition, and the signed fairing from the bike he used to win his fourth championship title is something any race fan would want.

This is the second time the fairing has been posted on eBay, and the first ended with no takers as well. Is the seller asking too much, or has it just not found the right buyer yet?


1999 Ducati 996 Race Fairing Carl Fogarty3

Rare Sport Bike PARTS for Sale: Signed Carl Fogarty Racebike Fairing
Ducati January 23, 2015 posted by

Foghat: 2002 Ducati Monster S4 Carl Fogarty Edition


Of all the “limited edition” Ducatis marketed over the years, this one has me scratching my head the most (well, next to the Needless Markup 748, that is). There is no doubt that Carl “Foggy” Fogarty, demi-God to the knee dragging masses and Ducatisti faithful in general, deserves a limited edition tribute bike. But somehow one would think that Carl, the most successful Superbike racer of all times in terms of numbers of wins, would be honored by an honest to God, fire-breathing sport bike (emphasis on SPORT). While this Monster is pretty rare (only 300 stamped out) and has some good sporting creds, it seems somewhat lacking in race track credibility. Hell, Foggy could beat the world on a clapped out Ninja 250 if he wanted to, but I wouldn’t exactly line up to spend big bucks on a tribute model. Marketing. Sigh.


2002 Ducati Carl Fogarty Edition Monster for sale


From the seller:
This Ducati is still in near new condition with no dings, scratches or abrasions. It has been lovingly cared for, always garaged and maintained as detailed from the factory. Recently had scheduled maintenence done. Tires in very good condition. Very limited #135 of 300 built.

Am I being too hard on this bike? I can’t fault the seller who provided a nice number of quality pics, nor can I overlook his altar of Foggy worship. It’s all a good thing. What I can’t justify is the purpose of the bike, and whether I would want one in my garage. In full disclosure there IS a Monster varietal in my stable; I just don’t see the draw in this tribute model. Regardless, this is a rare and potent machine with the 916 Desmoquattro motor, carbon Termi cans and factory ECU upgrades. Check it out here, and revel in all things Fogarty. Then hit the comments and tell us if this qualifies for the site. Good Luck!



Foghat:  2002 Ducati Monster S4 Carl Fogarty Edition
Yamaha December 31, 2013 posted by

Fogarty Connection? 1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 for sale

Today Dennis from Denmark forwards us this modern sportbike legend, the the Yamaha OW01 homogolation special. Produced in limited numbers it featured a very peaky 5 valve 750cc engine that breathed through huge flat-slide carbs and was mated to a close ratio gearbox. Ohlins rear shock and fully adjustable suspension up front made it one of the best on the track. Power output stock was a claimed 119bhp and it weighed just over 400lbs.

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01


This particular example was recently treated to a restoration and featured in the November issue of Practical Sportbikes. The seller goes on to describe a story associated with this particular bike and that it may have originally been given to Carl Fogarty by Yamaha. While the seller notes he has not been able to credibly verify this information, it’s seems plausible. What I do know is that offered for £11,995 (~$20k USD), this sounds like a great buy even if shipping is required.


from the seller:

1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01 following a 2 year fastidious detailed restoration which is fully detailed in Practical Sportsbikes’ magazine article and ride test of issue 37, November 2013. One of an original run of only 500 bikes produced worldwide to homologate it for the new World Superbikes series, this example is really stunning.

The bike has had an extensive and detailed restoration over the past two years costing thousands of pounds and taking many hundreds of hours. It’s now complete and has a current MoT for UK riding, long road tax and comes with the elusive genuine toolkit and owners manual.

The work done has replaced every seal, bush, bearing and consumable on the chassis and those requiring replacement in the engine. This includes chain, sprockets, all caliper pistons and seals, wheel bearings, brake lines, Ohlins shock rebuild, hard chroming and fork rebuilds, brake disks, you name it, it’s been done and the bike is immaculate as can be seen in the PS magazine article and the photos here.

In addition, when I bought the bike I was told it has history relating to Carl Fogarty although as I haven’t yet been able to substantiate these claims, treat the information as “interesting” for the time being. Having said that there are some changes on the bike from standard that are very intriguing and may lend more weight to the story of brief ownership by Foggy.

The story has it that before the 1992 TT, Yamaha gave Fogarty a road based OW01 to familiarise himself with. Carl at that stage of his career would sell everything a sponsor gave to him, and so the OW01 was alleged to have been sold on to a member of his 1992 pit crew.

Fogarty Connection?  1989 Yamaha FZR750R OW01