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Bimota May 15, 2017 posted by

Afterparty – 1999 Bimota SB8R

Up for auction just after its appearance at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, this signature Bimota didn’t trophy but is still quite special.  Developed to help Bimota out of a near bankruptcy, the SB8R was Suzuki V-twin powered with a gorgeous hybrid chassis.  Generally one of the more affordable Bimotas, the SB8R is still a rare sighting with total production of only around 150 machines.

1999 Bimota SB8R for sale on eBay

Bimota had quite a bit of experience with milled aluminum parts, but used the SB8R to showcase their carbon fiber design.  The twin aluminum spars are keyed to carbon frame connectors, and the carbon seat sub-frame is self-supporting.  The big carbon air intakes deliver to 59mm throttle bodies and shower injectors, helping the 8-valve twin generate 133 hp and 74 ft.-lbs. torque.  The fairing reviewed with great protection for the rider, and the Paoli / Öhlins suspension and ISR / Brembo brakes are not just along for the ride.


With just under 7,000 miles, this SB8R was selected to appear at the Quail ( see the photo by RSBFS’s Marty – here – ) and the owner states proudly in the eBay auction:

I have done all the heavy lifting, replacing seals and clutch cover.  There are absolutely no fluid leaks.  Operating temperature is normal under regular riding conditions, as this bike is equipped from the factory with 1 main and two auxiliary radiators with electric pull fans.  The tires are aged but I leave the rubber preference to the new owner, as tire selection is quite a personal thing.  My bike starts and runs great.  The sound of the twin through the Arrow Racing exhaust is intoxicating.  Evoluzione engine management system with infinite on the fly adjustment will keep performance at optimal levels during riding.


Though exotic European show bikes often need a lot of TLC, the Suzuki drivetrain should make for lighter maintenance, and the the owner says beside tires, it’s ready to ride.  With its low-volume fabrication and carefully executed improvements, the Bimota SB8R delivered the riding experience that the Suzuki TL-1000 only promised.  This particular SB8R could either ride or show, or better yet be ridden to a show…


Afterparty – 1999 Bimota SB8R
Ducati August 19, 2016 posted by

Reverse Ten-Footer – 2002 Ducati 998

Occupying a short window before the 999 was prepared, the 998 was the last machine of Massimo Tamburini’s 916-996 generation.  Routinely described as way too much for the street, it was a sweet handling machine at speed, with 123 hp.  Subtly updated, the suspension and body have been substantially worked, and it looks better the closer you get.

20160818 2002 ducati 998 left front

2002 Ducati 998 for sale on eBay

20160818 2002 ducati 998 right front

20160818 2002 ducati 998 binnacle  20160818 2002 ducati 998 right muffler

The 998 used a brand new Testastretta engine, and similar to the 996R where it was first used, it made gobs of hp and 71 ft.-lbs. torque.  The narrow-head engine had revised valve architecture and the adjustment intervals were increased to 7,500 miles.  Not much of the trellis frame is displayed on a 998, but this one is a rather unusual black.  It goes well with the DesmoPro-tuned suspension, and refinished Brembo calipers over the Galfer wave rotors.  The black theme continues with the semi-gloss alloy wheels.  But carbon is the real story on this 998, a lot of sweet factory and Shift-Tec carbon, so well matched in weave and finish that the carbon Termignoni mufflers look almost out of place.

20160818 2002 ducati 998 front

20160818 2002 ducati 998 rear  20160818 2002 ducati 998 left grip

Good that the pictures are high quality, because there is too much to list, as the owner says in the eBay auction –

This 998 is one of a kind. Tons of carbon fiber, suspension upgrades, new and upgraded parts. The list is too long to mention.

2002 was the only production year this bike was made and is a collectors item. I ride it every weekend I can but the bike looks like a garage queen. It will feel equally at home as a daily rider on display in someone’s office, shop or Living Room. The bike has been meticulously cared for and maintained by renowned shop Motocorse in Pompano Beach, FL.

Please look at all the photos to appreciate the extensive carbon fiber body work and other pieces. This alone is worth over $6K. I am selling it because I don’t have the room for three bike in my new place and at least one bike must go.

20160818 2002 ducati 998 right engine

20160818 2002 ducati 998 right front wheel  20160818 2002 ducati 998 left shock

The 998 had a short run but kept the classic superbike looks with a more modern powerplant.  The cooling system was an area of concern on the 998, and while it had dual fans, the fairing is tight and a manual fan override would be a sensible addition.  This example’s quality upgrades are camouflaged in peek-a-boo carbon and black powder coating, and while the ask is fairly serious, the bike doesn’t shout about it…


20160818 2002 ducati 998 left rear wheel  20160818 2002 ducati 998 right fairing

20160818 2002 ducati 998 cockpit

Reverse Ten-Footer – 2002 Ducati 998
BMW July 21, 2016 posted by

Featured Listing – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left

Mid-2000’s BMW knew the air-oil cooled line had to come to a close, and developed a brilliant 4-valve engine to cap their 90-odd years of boxer twin development.  Though the engine was built into an enduro and supermoto model, the HP2 Sport received the most overall development and every detail of the bike is superlative in design and construction.  Featured here is an excellent low-mile example with some significant upgrades.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport right front

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left cockpit

One of the very few air-oil cooled four-valve engines for the road, the HP2 has a respectable 130 hp available, and the 85 ft.-lbs. torque makes the Sport a road weapon.  The blue steel trellis frame supports the Telelever front end and Paralever shaft drive rear, both with adjustable spring dampers.  Brembo monoblock brake calipers are radially mounted over 320mm front disks and 265mm rear.  Stainless two-into-one exhaust makes its way to an underseat canister muffler and stays out of the way.  Carbon-fiber fairing and seat console provide their own monocoque structure requiring no tubular sub-frame and helping keep the dry weight under 400 lbs.  Completing the sport picture are a full-featured digital dash, forged alloy wheels, and shift-assist system, the first time such a system has been factory equipment on a road bike.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left front

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport right fairing

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport tank

The 2008-11 production only resulted in a few hundred machines here in the states, many of those only intermittently ridden.  This one has just under 6,000 miles, and is without any road or hangar rash.  The owner has made some nice improvements as well as kept maintenance up to date.  A lightweight battery pays dividend every time you ride, and the rear monoshock protector is a nice touch for the road.

From the owner:

For sale is my meticulously cared for 2008 BMW HP2 Sport, Non-ABS model. Very few imported into the United States between 2008-2010. 5925 miles, second owner. Always garaged and covered, with regular maintenance carried out by regional BMW dealer.  Engine oil, final drive oil, as well as brake and clutch fluid changed frequently. Never dropped or tracked. All stock with some exceptions: LED turn indicators, Ultrabatt ultra-light lithium battery, and Öhlins rear shock cover installed.  Also included in the sale are a few items seen in the photos: A very nice Baxley front sport chock; a Wunderlich rear paddock stand; a very handy HP2-specific small removable tank bag (great for phone, keys, etc.); a brand new standard BMW battery, and a BMW cover for the garage. Also included are the original owners manual, one ignition key, and one bench seat key (to remove security torx bolt on seat for battery access, etc.). Will be happy to answer any other questions by email or phone.  Asking $14,500.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport dash

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left rear wheel

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left airbox

Reviewed as BMW’s ultimate canyon carver, the HP2 was developed in the crucible of European endurance racing and single-marque series.  Though the brand focuses more of the touring side of sport-touring, this HP2 strongly favors the sport side, and leaves no details un-planned.  A very special project by a leading manufacturer, the HP2 Sport could be the pinnacle of their boxer motorcycles, and this particular bike is a very fine and well-tended example.  Riders know it’s a plus that the bike is currently ridden and well maintained.  The owner asks $14,500 and can be reached here.

20160721 2008 bmw hp2 sport left


Featured Listing – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport
Ducati July 11, 2016 posted by

Supersharp – 1993 Ducati 900 SS Superlight #826

Seeking to continue the excitement on the SuperSport side of the showroom as well as try carbon fiber components on a limited production model, Ducati introduced the Superlight in 1992.  Though just a few gallons of fuel lighter than a standard 900 SS, the Superlight had some nice tweaks, flashy colors, and a neat name.

20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl right

1993 Ducati 900 SS Superlight for sale on eBay

20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl left

20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl right fairing

The SS/SL’s 904 cc desmo mill resulted in its usual 78 hp, with two-valve air cooled simplicity and generous torque band.  Under 1000 were made in any year, and all stateside shipments were speed yellow.  The white trellis frame and magnesium-hubbed Marvic wheels were built lighter, and carbon mudguards provided a small reduction.  The factory mufflers were aluminum, though most have been upgraded to stainless or carbon, swept a bit higher to match the solo seat fairing.

20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl right front

20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl dash

Looking excellent for its 16,188 miles, the SL presented here has the Staintune exhaust, and has been treated to a nice Corbin seat.  Recent heavy maintenance and tires are a strong indication of value.  From the eBay auction:

Offering up my rare, elusive, and MINT condition Superlight.  If you’re reading this then you know what it is.  Only 300 of the imported to the USA in 93′. No reserve!

Recently serviced and dyno tuned at AMS Ducati Dallas, belts included.  BMC filter, stock carbs, polished Staintune exhaust, Marvic wheels, carbon fenders, Michelin Pilot Sport tires almost new, Corbin seat, tinted screen.  Runs, looks, sounds, and rides fantastic.

20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl left front

20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl right front wheel

Most sources show less Superlights were manufactured in 1993, and the factory took some of the lighter parts out of the build.  This bike shows number 826 and is nicely equipped, so it may have been built late in 1992 and shipped in 1993.  However it arrived, it’s a bike that gets to the core riding mission, a no-baggage grin generator.  The starting bid is toward the top of the range, about on par with the condition and preparation of this Superlight…


20160712 1993 ducati 900 ss-sl cockpit

Supersharp – 1993 Ducati 900 SS Superlight #826
Ducati July 6, 2016 posted by

Islander – 2007 Ducati 1098S

Back to a more classic Ducati Superbike look after the 999 years, the 1098 revitalized sales and led to a WSBK win and Bayliss replica.  The -S model has upmarket dampers, exhaust, and wheels, and the EVO testastretta engine and revised cooling system were welcome updates.  Nicely farkled, this 1098S looks ready for a boat or plane ride.

20160706 2007 ducati 1098s right

2007 Ducati 1098S ( Puerto Rico ) for sale on eBay

20160706 2007 ducati 1098s left front

With 160 hp and 90 ft.-lbs. torque, the 1098 reviewed as too much for the street, even as the desmodromic valve adjustment intervals increased.  The chrom-moly steel trellis frame, here finished in red, has top line Ohlins at either end, with forged and machined Marchesini alloys underneath.  Brakes are car-sized Brembo monoblocs, the billet calipers fitted to a street-legal bike for the first time.  Waving goodbye to the underseat canister muffler, the 2-into-1-into two system with Termignoni carbon mufflers.  Digital data-logging dash has track-oriented functions.

20160706 2007 ducati 1098s dash

The 1098S presented here has been recipient of much love beside the obvious carbon fairings, and the owner provides a long list in the eBay auction:

  • Full Termignoni Exhaust System (Including Computer 1098 Racing compluter)
  • Michellin Super Power 3 tyres (200 miles on them )
  • Carbon Fiber (Rear hugger, Swing arm protector, Side panels & Frnrt Fender (Small crack on a corner, nothing mayor).
  • Speedy Moto adjustable clipons & Tripple Tree
  • Italian Gear Display Sreen.
  • Racing CLutch pressure plate springs and open cover)
  • Italian Moto GP clutch and front brake swivel levers.
  • Smoked front windshield 
  • Black-Leather non slip seat cover 
  • LED/HID Lights system (triple capacity compared to stock)
  • Front Ducati Course mirrors (Signal lights not working, maybe a blown  fuse)
  • Rear smoke light with signals integrated
  • License plate rear assembly(Low profile)
  • Sato adjustable footpegs.
  • Front & Rear Wheel slider kit
  • Complete Engine cover slider kit protects (motor& Water/oil pumps.
  • Racing rubber grips.
  • Handlebar sliders
  • New Radiator
  • Red Radiator Silicone Hoses
  • Super high capacity gel battery

20160706 2007 ducati 1098s right front

The seller has either been a regular at the Ducati shop in suburban San Juan, or might be a skilled hobbyist – just wish they’d taken more pictures.  Since it’s a territory, bringing the bike over from PR shouldn’t be troublesome, though shipping might run into a little money.  The owner mentions some maintenance but not a cam belt change / valve adjustment, which should’ve happened already.  A distinctive looking red and grey, this -S will need more pictures or an in-person inspection, but appears to be a lead worth pursuing…


20160706 2007 ducati 1098s left front

Islander – 2007 Ducati 1098S
Ducati April 19, 2016 posted by

Carbon Copy – 2007 Ducati 1098S

Ducati Superbikes have been the subject, and sometimes the victim, of many different customizations over the years, sometimes making a substantial change to the bike, more often a fashion statement.  Starting with a fairly collectible 1098S, a Florida owner has done a full carbon makeover, a subtle statement from 30 feet but wild within arms length.

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon left

2007 Ducati 1098S for sale on eBay

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon right

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon right grip

Returning to a more recognizable Ducati look for 2007-08, the 1098 was styled in-house by Giandrea Fabbro.  Major improvements were under the fairing, where the EVO engine’s additional 100cc’s and revised valvetrain layout resulted in a more reliable 160 hp and 90 ft.-lbs. torque.  Elsewhere were more standard Ducati superbike features, trellis frame, Öhlins forks and monoshock, giant Brembo brakes this time radially mounted, and underseat exhaust but now with separate mufflers.  Nice touches on the S include forged Marchesini wheels and Öhlins steering damper, and all 1098’s got a great digital dash.

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon dash

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon right peg

Evidently the principal or now major investor in a carbon bodywork fabricator, the owner of this 1098S has re-imagined every fairing panel in large-weave carbon fiber, and smaller accessories in the tighter fabric.  The frame was powder-coated to match the wheels, appearing to be close to the factory gold but hard to tell.  Well-pictured in the auction, fit looks good and finish is to a powerful clarity.  The fuel tank might be the most complex piece, sealed and lined with fittings for filter and pump.  Other more routine upgrades have also been done, such as the seat, levers, and foot controls.

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon left mirror

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon rear

And from the eBay auction:

2007 Ducati 1198S full carbon fiber. This bike has full exhaust, ECU, frame is powder coated, has rear sets, Ohlins forks, shock, damper, forged Marchesini.  This bike has many extras.  Just had it serviced.  SEE PICTURES.

  • Carbon mirrors
  • Carbon V
  • Carbon Solo Seat
  • Carbon Rear Section
  • Carbon Belly
  • Carbon Sides
  • Carbon Front Mask
  • Carbon Battery Cover
  • Triple Tree Powder Coated Black
  • Black Clip Ons
  • Carbon Tank Cover
  • Carbon Air Intakes
  • Carbon Front Fender
  • Carbon Rear Fender
  • Carbon Termignoni Full Exhaust 70mm

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon clutch

20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon right front wheel

The 1098 was a milestone for Ducati, their Superbikes now simply too much for street riding, and many picked the 848 for that purpose.  But it was brilliantly light and quick, and brought two WSBK championships home.  This lightly used 1098S shows off the factory’s design and the fabricator’s abilities, but doesn’t scream.  Eyebrows aren’t raised from across the street, the walk slows within ten feet, and the oohs and aahs start.  The reserve and buy-it-now don’t seem out of hand for an -S, and this might be a great collection starter or a unique bike for a super fan.


20160419 2007 ducati 1098s carbon left rear

Carbon Copy – 2007 Ducati 1098S
Bimota March 1, 2016 posted by

Carbon Unit – 2000 Bimota SB8R

Update 3.1.2016: Previously bid to $7,100 reserve not met this past November, this SB8R is back on eBay and reserve is currently met at $7k. Good luck to buyers and seller. Links updated. -dc

Emerging from the V-Due induced bankruptcy, Bimota produced a master stroke, a beautifully designed monoposto based on the exciting Suzuki TL-1000 twin.  With only 150 built, they show up on the market with surprising frequency, but an appearance by the big twin is always exciting.

20151101 2000 bimota sb8r right

2000 Bimota SB8R for sale on eBay

20151101 2000 bimota sb8r left rear

Based on the 996 cc V-twin, Bimota produced their own fuel injection system and exhaust for the engine resulting in 135 hp and 78 ft-lbs. torque.  Some street rideability issues emerged and many SB8R’s have aftermarket controllers fitted.  The chassis is an art piece, twin aluminum spars mated to carbon frame connectors.  The seat sub-frame is also carbon, as are the fenders and fairings.

20151101 2000 bimota sb8r right frame connector


20151101 2000 bimota sb8r right front wheel

Suspension front and rear is by Paioli and fully adjustable.  In the braking department, top of the line Brembo 320mm front disks are followed by 220mm rear.  Reviewed as a bit of a hodgepodge, the full fairing has a wide presence for a tandem twin, the Suzuki headlight flanked by large ram-air intakes.  The carbon fiber intake tubes dominate the flight deck, at least until you’re under way.

20151101 2000 bimota sb8r cockpit

20151101 2000 bimota sb8r left rear wheel

On display for several years after 8,000 miles, some renovation work has been done, but the bike still needs tires before riding at speed.  Looking good except for a scrape on the right swingarm and a craked left mirror ( might be tricky to replace ).  From the eBay auction:

This Bimota was recently serviced and a new battery installed.  It starts immediately and runs strong, with a very deep & throaty exhaust note.  The cosmetics look good overall, but there is some evidence of minor scratches and flaws (and a crack in one mirror base) that indicate that this bike probably saw some track duty early in its life.   Since this bike has been on static display for some time, the tires should be replaced for safety if it will be ridden regularly.

20151101 2000 bimota sb8r right rear

Bimota’s of any year are exotic and rare, but the later bikes have technology that was leading edge then, merely special and expensive today.   The company had a factory race team in 2000, and Anthony Gobert won the Australian GP after having the bike for only 5 weeks.  Sadly, the sponsorship crumbled and the team folded halfway through the season.  Well-engineered as a make-or-break bike for the new partners, the Bimota SB8R is one of those keeper bikes, but ride it for a bit before you put it on display…


Carbon Unit – 2000 Bimota SB8R
Ducati February 18, 2016 posted by

Emotional Detachment – 2003 Ducati 999

With a light update to the relatively new Testastretta engine, but a comprehensive re-design to the frame and fairing, the Ducati 999 turned a lot of heads.  Styling was radical after the 916/996/998 years, and though the fairing did a great job of protecting the rider, some Ducatisti weren’t able to look back until the 1098 arrived in 2007.  But the 999 went out and won the WSBK crown in 2003, ’04, and ’06, and this Pierre Terblanche-designed bike has been treated to some nice updates.

20160218 2003 ducati 999 right

2003 Ducati 999 for sale on eBay

20160218 2003 ducati 999 left rear

Under the controversial bodywork, the trellis frame has 43mm Showa forks up front and fully adjustable monoshock out back ( though these have been updated to Ohlins ).  The radial mounted Brembos are some of the best brakes in the business, 320mm fronts and 245mm rear.  Beside the  140 hp from the desmoquattro, the 999 is notable for adjustable levers, footpegs, and steering head, as well as the seat console being movable forward and back.  The underseat exhaust ends in a canister catalyst / muffler which also generated some unfavorable comments for not being so racey.

20160218 2003 ducati 999 odometer

20160218 2003 ducati 999 right clutch

The red fairing on this 999 has been updated with carbon lowers, side scoops, and trim panels, and looks  great for its 8,300 miles.  Factory Showa dampers have been updated, performance clutch, and the exhaust is now Termignoni.  Spares include an ECM, mirrors, and a full set of bodywork.  From the eBay auction:

Red with half carbon fiber fairings, full titanium termignoni exhaust, öhlins suspensions (front & rear), brembo brakes (front & rear), lots of carbon fiber trim pieces, exposed dry primary clutch, well maintained (second owner), tires in good condition,  always stored under cover in garage.
Comes with everything shown in photos.
  • front & rear wheel stands
  • custom Ducati 999 cover
  • repair manual 
  • spare ECM
  • second full set of fairings
  • extra set of mirrors 
  • spare rear spring for riders over 200lbs
  • spare passenger seat (red)
  • two black keys, one red key 

20160218 2003 ducati 999 left sprocket

20160218 2003 ducati 999 spares

And that spare bodywork might be a clue to how this special superbike found its way to eBay.  While it’s a blast to update a fun bike and personalize it, unless you’re an expert rider or doing a follow the leader day ( sometimes even then ), the track is a scary place to take your creation.  Maybe the owner thought better and is looking for something that won’t be gut-wrenching when the inevitable happens…


20160218 2003 ducati 999 right front

Emotional Detachment – 2003 Ducati 999