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Brand new 2008 Bimota 3D Carbonio down under

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Brand new 0 miles 2008 Bimota 3D Carbonio for sale in Australia.

I guess we have to stop calling these “rare” as this is the 4th Bimota Tesi 3D that we have listed in a month! Thanks to our reader Leigh for pointing us to this brand new Tesi 3D Carbonio that will be auctioned off in Australia:

This is a “regular” production (as opposed to the limited edition first production series) Tesi 3D in all black “carbonio” or naked carbon colour (if it’s ‘naked’ would it still be called a colour?).  I have written extensively about the Tesi 3D before, so you can read all about it by checking out previous Tesi 3D listings.

There is no additional info provided on this specific Tesi 3D other than model year and mileage, but if you are interested, I would suggest getting in touch with the auction house to find out how to place a bid.  Click HERE to jump to the listing.


Viva Italia! 2009 Bimota DB5R for sale in Seattle

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2007 Bimota DB5R with only 2000 miles for sale in Seattle.

This motorcycle is being offered to discriminating buyers who appreciate fine Italian craftmenship. This outstanding example is a 2007 Bimota DB5S [looks more like a DB5R to me – ph] with only 2000 total miles. These motorcycles are very rare and if you are looking for something exotic and out of the ordinary, than you need to at least give this example consideration. Some of the key features are items like: Full carbon fiber bodywork, Ohlins front and rear suspension, Ducati 1000cc dual spark engine, Frame and steering components hand crafted from billet aluminum, OZ Forged Racing Rims, Weighs in at only 368 lbs. Retirement forces sale and price is not negotiable (this price represents $11,000 dollars off the original MSRP).

The Bimota DB5 was the first “new” Bimota after the successful and accomplished Italian entrepreneur Roberto Commini took over the then bankrupt Bimota and revived the brand.  It was designed by Sergio Robbiano who, in a bit of irony, also penned the beautiful but engine wise flawed V Due that bankrupted Bimota in the first place.  The DB5 also won the Sergio the MDA’s (Motorcycle Design Association) Design Award and other prestigious titles when it was launched.

Based on the DB5, the DB5R features the following upgrades:

  • full carbon fiber fairing
  • light weight forged OZ wheels
  • Zard titanium silencers (although not on this specific bike it seems)
  • tricolore paint scheme

Here’s some more info on the DB5 and DB5R.

The DB5, while not the most powerful bike in the world with the Ducati 1000DS air-cooled engine, is renowned for its superb ride and handling.  Combined with those sexy lines (some say the best of the ‘new’ Bimotas) and tricolour paint scheme, who can resist? The only turn-off may be the $19,900 asking price…

Like most Bimotas, this one has been rarely ridden with 2000 miles (what’s the matter with Bimota owners?!) and has most likely been pampered more than my baby daughter has.  DB5 don’t come up for sale often – we’ve only had two previous DB5 listings – so if this bike is speaking to your heart (why else would you buy an Italian bike?) and you are still standing after reading the $19,900 asking price, click here to check out the ad.


Simon Andrews’ (who?) Kawasaki ZX-10 race bike for sale!

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Now here’s what I call a once in a lifetime oppourtunity – not a Desmosedici, not a RC30 or RC45, not even a NR750 (although it’s close) – but a true British Superbike front runner race bike, Simon Andrews’ ZX-10 and only for 25,000 pounds (around US$40,000):

Update: Nov 20, 2010 – Simon Andrews came 4th in the 57th Macau GP motorcycle race.

British superbike front runners,MSS Colchester Kawasaki, are selling Simon Andrews‘ BSB bike.

The bike – Andrews’ actual 09-10 race bike – cost in excess of £70,000 to build and many more thousands to develop – but is up for sale for £25,000. Apart from a 60-plate registration the bike also comes with treaded tyres, a starter motor and generator and a specification list worthy of next year’s start line.

Here’s that list in detail:

  • Ohlins FGR 800 Forks – latest spec & recently serviced Ohlins
  • TTX Rear Shock Ohlins
  • Side Mounted Steering Damper
  • Billet Brembo 2 pad pinless mono bloc calipers (top spec pre-lithium)
  • Staubli Dry Brake Couplings (Front & Rear)
  • Brembo Master Cylinder
  • Renthal Bars
  • Kit Quick Action Throttle & Cables
  • Goodridge Brake Lines
  • Brembo 320mm Front Discs
  • Adjustable offset triple clamps – 3 bolt bottom clamp and stepped top
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Adjustable swing arm pivot
  • FTR modified swing arm with factory spec bracing
  • SBK QD rear wheel
  • FTR billet one piece chain adjusters and caliper carrier
  • FTR Subframe
  • FTR Battery Box mounted by front sprocket
  • Marchesini forged magnesium wheels 3,50 x 16.5 and 6,25 x 16.5
  • Floating Rear Disc, Brembo 2 piston GP Rear Caliper
  • Valter Moto Footrest Assembly
  • Factory Arrow one-off Titanium Full System (2010)
  • FTR Alloy Fuel Tank under seat with Q/D Filler Cap, (Newton)
  • F-Hot MSS Spec Tank Cover inc. Carbon support
  • F-Hot MSS Spec Rear Seat Unit (sml race type)
  • F-Hot MSS Spec race fairing with Skidmarx screen
  • Carbon Factory Type Air Box
  • DC Mil Spec Loom
  • Kit ECU with MSS programming inc. traction control/launch control/improved rev ceiling etc etc
  • Kit Tacho & Tacho Support
  • Kit Gearbox
  • Reduced Fly Wheel Kit
  • Full Spec Motor: Kit Rods/Kit Pistons/ROO45Q10’s cams
  • Slipper clutch
  • MSS/GB Racing Engine Protection Covers
  • Samco Camo Hoses
  • Various Spares: Sprockets, Chains, Wheels, etc

If you’re interested, contact Ian Stewart at Colchester Kawasaki on 01206 860006

Sure, $40,000 is a lot of money in these times, but hey, what are the chances you’ll find another proper BSB front runner race bike for sale anytime soon?  And just check out that list of race parts: Ohlins FGR800 forks and TTX shock, Brembo billet monoblocs, carbon this, carbon that, factory one-off full titanium exhaust, kit ECU with traction control – oh I could go on!!!  I think just all the parts alone are worth the asking price!

And if you’re trying to be REALLY sneaky, just slap minimal lights on and some tiny mirrors and – BAM! – you got a proper pukka (it’s a British thing) racer for the road and you’ll be giving that $60,000 Desmosedici (plenty of those around anyway) a very good run for its money (IF the Duc can even keep up)!

If you’re ready for some serious shopping and Duc huntin’, jump over to the blog listing here.  Hmm…do the girls come with the bike?  Quack quack!


Can you tell it’s Friday? 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D Limited Edition #28 of 29!

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Bimota Friday is BACK!  And to kick it off we have a 2008 Bimota Tesi 3D Limited Edition – #28 of 29 – with only 60 miles (what?!) on it!

Up for sale is a MINT condition, pretty much brand new,Bimota Tesi3 D Limited Edition number 28 of 29 ever produced. This bikes retail price is over 36K…and good luck finding one of these Limited Edition models for sale…let alone…finding one with only 60 miles on it.  The Bike is located in California.  The buyer is responsible for handling all shipping!

It’s not everyday that you come across a Bimota, and even rarer still if it’s a Tesi.  Just check out that fabulous engineering on that hub center steered front end.

A quick bit of info on the Tesi: before working for the exclusive Italian marque, ex-Bimota chief engineer Pier Luigi Marconi wrote his Mechanical Engineering degree thesis on the hub-center steering concept.  While at Bimota, Marconi applied his thesis design to create the Tesi 1D (‘Tesi’ meaning ‘Thesis’ in Italian, and ‘D’ indicating that it has a Ducati engine – a Bimota modified 851 motor – inside) – Bimota’s first alternative front end design.

After the Tesi 1D was introduced in 1990, there came the Tesi 1D SR (slightly larger engine displacement than the 1D), the Tesi 1D EF (Edition Final), Tesi 2D, and now the latest incarnation, the Tesi 3D.

The Limited Edition refers to the very first production series of the 3D, the it has carbon tie rods, CNC machined fluid reservoirs on top of the triple clamp, and a wet clutch, as opposed to steel tie rods, plastic fluid reservoirs, and a dry clutch for the later production series.  I am not so sure about the seller’s claim of “29 ever produced” as some other countries – such as Japan – also had a limited edition first production series as well.

Personally, I would say the LE is definitely the best looking of all the 3Ds, especially with the machined fluid reservoirs sitting oh-so-pretty on top of the triple clamps (which coincidentally echo the same design on the 1986 Bimota DB1).  The starting bid of $30,000 – while significantly cheaper than MSRP – is still a bit high considering that another similar Tesi 3D LE sold for quite a bit less earlier. Click here to see other Bimota Tesis previously listed.

In any case, the Tesi 3D is definitely the jewel in the current Bimota lineup (yes, more so than the DB7 in my opinion), so if you are lucky enough to be in the market for one, I’d say go for it.  Besides, how many Bimota Tesi 3Ds have you seen lately?  😉

document.write('');Click here to jump to the listing


2000 Bimota SB8R in Dallas

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2008 Bimota SB8R for sale in Dallas with 9932 miles – $10,900 only!

I have never been a big fan of the SB8R with that bulbous front end, but the Suzuki TL1000R v twin engine is a charmer and the carbon / aluminum hybrid beam chassis always make good conversation fodder.  And here’s one for sale in Dallas:

2000 Bimota SB8R. This hand-built limited production Italian motorcycle uses the Suzuki TL1000R V-twin engine. This bike has ONLY 9932 original miles! The fairings are carbon fiber/composite and the frame is aluminum and carbon fiber. Accessories include: PAIOLI suspension, Brembo brakes, Ohlins steering damper, Arrow carbon fiber/titanium exhaust installed, factory exhaust (included) Factory rear stand.

Now I don’t want to give the impression that the SB8R is by any means a lemon, it’s just that personally I find it less exciting than the other Bimotas such as the SB8K or the DB series.  Having said that, Motocorse (Japanese Bimota importer) has a long history of offering their own version of Bimotas for sale, and the SB8RC (‘C’ stands for Corse) is one of the sexiest Bimotas ever.  Check out the following video of it:

We have listed quite a few SB8R and SB8RS (Special) in the past, so that should provide some good price reference info. Click HERE to see all previously listed Bimota SB8Rs.

Click HERE to jump to the ad or just give Kyle a call.


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2000 Bimota SB8R in Chula Vista, CA

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2000 Bimota SB8R with 2852 miles located in Chula Vista, CA listed for sale on ebay.

It’s Italian, has a v twin engine (although this one comes from Hamamatsu, Japan) inside, and it’s generously endowed with carbon fiber bits, Paoli forks, and CNC machined parts.  It can only be the Bimota SB8R (well, it could also be an SB8K, but those come up later):

Gorgeous Ultraspecial Machine. Collectors or serious Bimota fans only, please

This beautiful handcrafted italian motorcycle sold in very small numbers (+/- 150 units produced). This is one of the few opportunities you will have to get your hands on one with very low mileage and impeccable condition. Carbon fiber, titanium, Paioli suspension, Antera wheels. Only the highest quality components were used by this boutique italian manufacturer of dream machines to produce this highly exclusive work of rolling art.

It has been ridden occasionally, always maintained at the local Bimota certified dealer, and displayed with pride. It has never been raced. No damage, no modifications, no accidents. Ever.

It looks and feels like nothing else because there is nothing else quite like a Bimota.

*** Offers above $11,000.00 get a new (never installed) set of custom built race exhaust pipes ***

I only accept communication from prospective buyers, no publicity requests are welcome.

I’m slightly confused about the last sentence – so does listing it on RSBFS qualify as a “publicity request”? If you are the seller and are reading this and have a problem with this listing, please let us know. Seriously. =)

OK – back to the bike.  The SB8R, with a Suzuki TL1000R engine inside, is a fab bike no doubt. And this one, I would wildly guess, probably has a reserve price set at $11,000, which also buys you a set of custom built race pipes.  Most of the SB8Rs have been floating around this price range.  Here’s a list of previously featured SB8Rs.

The beauty of the TL1000R engine is that it gives you Japanese reliability with the best of Italian motorcycle handling.  Some have even said that the Suzuki v-twin engine is better than ones from Bologna (shhh…don’t let the Ducatisti hear this)!  In any case, if you want an Italian v twin without all the Italian “personality” traits, give this one a go.  Oh, did I mention that it’s a Bimota (which is one-up on a Ducati) as well?  document.write('');Here’s the listing on ebay.


Mint Bimota DB4 i.e. – for $1!

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That’s exactly what the title says – and yes, it got my attention too!  In any case, here’s a fuel injected Bimota DB4 i.e. with BST carbon fiber wheels and plenty of titanium and magnesium goodies for sale in Cincinnati.

VERY RARE only 9 Imported to the USA. 950 miles. $15k in BLING. BST Carbon Fiber Wheels, All Bolts inside and out are Titanium. Lots of Magnesium and Titanium Factory Race parts. I have new OEM take off parts also. Way to much to list. Car trade 911, BMW M3 M5, Audi TT, Mazda RX 8. I am a 43 year old Ducati Bimota Tech. I built this bike for my self. It is in MINT PERFECT CONDITION. Should weigh in at @ 320 pound and never on the race track.

The DB4 i.e. (only made for one year in 2000 I think) differs from the from normal DB4 in that the i.e. is fuel injected and is a biposto. Normal DB4s have been running around the $8-10,000 range, so this one with BST carbon fiber wheels and titanium and magnesium race parts should be in the $13-15,000 range.  Normally I am skeptical of “race part” claims, but I have dealt with the seller in the past and almost purchased another DB4 from him, so I know he is legit.

Personally, I prefer the original DB4s tricolore colours, but at a claimed 320 pounds and with all the go-fast goodies (BST carbon! Titanium! Magnesium! Race parts!), this one sounds like one heck of a fun ride.  Here’s a list of Bimota DB4s that we have featured in the past for your reference.

If you’re interested in this DB4, give Dean a call and he’ll set you up right.  Oh, here’s the ad on Craigslist.


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Mint 2006 Bimota SB8K in Los Angeles with 177 miles!

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Mint (as in 177 miles!!) 2006 Bimota SB8K for sale in Los Angeles.

The SB8K is one of my favourite Bimotas, pairing the charismatic v-twin engine from a Suzuki TL1000R with a hybrid carbon (check out those carbon chassis side plates)/aluminum beam frame from Bimota.  document.write('');Here’s the ebay link:

Bimota has been making exquisite hand crafted road and race motorcycles for almost 40 years, true functional pieces of rolling art. This factory original Bimota SB8K SantaMonica is derived from the same race platform that Anthony Gobert won the World Superbike race in Phillips Island. It uses the same incredible composite frame with twin aluminum spars. This beautiful frame is graced with 43mm Ohlin forks with radially mounted Brembo brakes. Power is provided by the wonderful Suzuki TL1000R V-Twin motor that produces 143hp. Just as the chassis utilizes the most advanced materials of its day, the engine boasts important technological advances as well. The most noticeable and striking feature is the radial motion of fuel injectors that perfectly mimics the movement of the butterfly valves. This innovation maximizes performance by ensuring a perfect fluidity and consistency of the power delivery over the complete RPM range of the engine. Carbon fiber is also used for the fairing and the fuel tank. The attention to detail is a hallmark of all Bimota motorcycles. This bike is in showroom condition and has only travelled 177 miles from new, perfect in every way.

Aside from the usual expensive lashings of Ohlins suspension, Brembo radial calipers, CNC machined bits, carbon fiber fairings and fuel tank(!), the most innovative feature of this bike has to be the overhead “shower” radial injectors perfectly mimics the movement of the butterfly valves.  Here’s a video of the injectors in action (although it’s not very clear):

Here’s a brief write up on and a past article by Roland Brown for Fast Bikes. My only nit pick about the SB8K is that it looks like a first gen Suzuki SV650s from the front – other than that, this is one exotica that hopefully will find its way into my garage some day!!