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Bimota July 19, 2021 posted by

The Budget Supermono: Bimota BB1

Anyone that is a true fan of lightweight exotic sport bikes has surly heard of the Ducati Supermono.  Those bikes were purpose built for a racing class and only 65 examples were made.  If you wanted the riding experience of a quality single cylinder sports bike from that era your options are severely limited.  It is a rare opportunity to be able to suggest any Bimota as the less expensive and more common option to any bike, but when talking about Supermono the BB1 is just such an example.

Decoding a Bimota model name can be slightly confusing.  Since Bimota does not traditionally use an inhouse engine, they are always a combination of Bimota frame and another manufacture’s engine.  The first B stands for Bimota, the second B is for Bimota and the number 1 simply meets this is the first time this combination has been offered.

The BB1 is powered by a Rotax built, BMW branded 650cc single producing about 50 horsepower.  Just 524 BB1 were made across all of the production years, and only 148 were the more practical 2 seat versions.  With all the recent press around the Aprilia RS660 line up being a “return to basics” one might be tempted to ask if this BB1, at half the price of the Aprilia, is a better option.

The seller lists that this recent import from Japan has about 800km on it, or about 500 miles from new.  The pictures show that the motorcycle could benefit from a good detail, but no signs of any damage or misuse can be seen.  In the listing there is some talk about the bike waiting for a new fuel pump.  Presumably this is related to the overall lack of use.  Bimota are often thought of as being hard to source parts for, but there is a Bimota Classic parts department that is staffed by some extremely helpful and knowledgeable people.  It really makes the ownership experience much better then other orphan brands.

What more could someone want?  Italian design, German engineering, low production number all wrapped up in a surprisingly affordable package that is actually usable?  The current asking price of $7500 is fair based on other data points.  This could be a great chance for someone to score a very rare and interesting motorcycle for their garage at an appealing price point.

From the Seller’s Listing:

Bimota BB1 Supermono Biposo. Nice condition w/ 800 original kilometers. Recent import. Clear WA title.

Pending new fuel pump – should be back in action soon.

The Budget Supermono: Bimota BB1
Bimota June 24, 2014 posted by

Singles Club: 1995 Bimota BB1 Racer


Earlier this month, we posted a zero mile Ducati Supermono. That bike failed to sell at $122k+, and is currently back for another round at auction. The point is that singles – especially race pedigree singles – are hot. Want a purposeful single for the track but don’t have a spare $125k jingling in your pocket? Then check out this beautiful Bimota BB1 racer instead. With looks that could kill (depending upon your appreciation of the color palate chosen), this rare Bimota is ready to rip it up at your next track day – wherever that may be. There are plenty of details to list, but first let’s enjoy some eye candy.

1995 Bimota BB1 Racer for sale on eBay UK




From the seller:

The standard bike cost £10,000 back in ’96 and you can see why! It is beautifully made with lots of CNC and billet parts and feels very light for a bike of this size (BMW 650 engine)

It was built at great cost by the Japanese importer to contest their Supermono championship and still has a number of scrutineering stickers on the frame. It sounds amazing, like a modern Manx but picks up revs very quickly, the race team reported the engine is very strong all the way to 7,000 rpm. Mods carried out by the team include:
Aluminium 5.3L fuel tank
Re-location of electrics, coils, cdi etc.
Carbon front and rear fenders
Fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock
Adjustable Tigcraft front fork internals
Stainless oil hose
(A beautifully made full Tigcraft exhaust system with carbon cans is available separately – please see other auction)

You will definitely stand out at the track with this gorgeous bike. Besides starting it and a short ride around the paddock to check clutch and gears I have not checked or tested it so it is up to the purchaser to check everything carefully for their own safety before riding.


While Bimota BB1 models are nowhere near as rare nor dear as a Ducati Supermono, the concept is the same. The resultant package is lightweight and very potent. The benefit of the Bimota is powertrain parts availability – based on the BMW F650 engine and transmission, there will be spares and upgrades available for a long time to come. If you have been looking for something different, perhaps this is the time to start acting. This particular stunner is avialable via eBay in the UK. Check it out here. Good Luck!


Singles Club: 1995 Bimota BB1 Racer
Aprilia July 19, 2013 posted by

Month in Review: June 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged a record 60 bikes in June and readers purchased 14 bikes in total.

Lowest sale price: $2900
Highest sale price: $19800

Congratulations to June’s buyers and sellers!


Let’s get it started with this 1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that had a buy-it-now of $3600 and sold after one relist for $2950.

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

This Yamaha YZR500 replica build in the UK was first listed for about $22,600 but ended up selling for $20,500 after two relists.

Yamaha YZR500 replica

In Arizona this 2002 Aprilia RS250 MKII sold for a shade over $9k.

2002 Aprilia RS250

This red-headed Moto Guzzi V11 Rosso Corsa sold for a very reasonable $5500.

2003 Moto Guzzi Rosso Corsa

Here was a sharp 1997 Yamaha YZF750R that sold for a mere $3700.

1997 Yamaha YZF750R

Next is this 1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane that sold for $3950.

1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane

A cult favorite, this 1985 Yamaha RZ350 sold for just $5000.

1985 Yamaha RZ350

This 1982 Ducati 900 Supersport pulled in $17,100!

1982 Ducati 900SS

After being relisted once, this 1996 Bimota BB1 is going to sell for $5444.

1996 Bimota BB1

With one relist, this Yamaha FZR400 sold for $3450.

Yamaha FZR400

Combining items in a single auction almost never works, but in the case of this lot with a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 and 1987 GSX-R50 sold for $13,100.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Here’s an ugly duckling that sold for just $2900.

1996 Yamaha FZR600

In the Pacific Northwest, this 1990 Honda NSR250R (MC21) sold for a mere $4825.

1990 Honda NSR250R

While not a Formula, this 1999 Laverda 750S sold for just $4550.

1999 Laverda 750S

And this nearly new 2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss sold for an astonishing $19,800!

2002 Ducati 998S Bayliss

At the other end of the spectrum, this 2001 Ducati 996 with just 1100 miles sold for $7500, which I think might be the best Ducati of the month.

2001 Ducati 996

Another 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100, and this one sold for $5400.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Month in Review:  June 2013 Sales Report
Bimota June 11, 2013 posted by

Bimota BB…Yes that’s right BB1! (UK)

This isn’t Big Brother, quite the opposite. This is a tiny Rotax mono engined Bimota. Apart from the single cylinder, everything else is classic Bimota. High level components, hand made frame, beautifully put together and endless attention to details. In terms of styling it is similar to the SB6 series, just scaled down. I am slowly getting more and more intrigued by smaller bikes. Am I getting old ? Maybe. The thing is, where I live there aren’t race tracks and so, I do all my riding on the twisty mountain roads.

Bimota BB1 in UK just 3666 miles for 4250 GBP


As I still like using all the rpm range and as many gears as possible, I am recently looking for smaller bikes. This one-and-only BMW Bimota, is supposed to have quite a lazy engine. This was the same as fitted on the BMW F650, which means the same as fitted on the Aprilia Pegaso. It is a reliable engine  if kept in order.


What is more exciting though, is the overall weight of just 145 kg and that beautiful frame. I reckon that despite the non glorious reviews this bike received at the time (much better appreciated was the even less powered Gilera Saturno mono), this could be great fun.


It should be ridden hard, not to be the fastest, but simply to enjoy “pulling the neck of it” as we say in Italy…If interested, check out the eBay ad below. This very rare BB1 is available in Uk. It has a low mileage and the motor had a few tweaks for a bit better performance and a very nice sound (I bet).


Here’s a few words from the seller:

Bimota BB1 Supermono, BMW engined Bimota 376 world wide, 1 of only 3 in the uk, ( Mega rare bike that will turn heads and grab attention any wear you go. The engine on this is from a BMW 650 single and produced around 48 bhp standard, however this has had a full custom hand made exhaust system fitted by PDQ performance in 1996 and has a K&N air filter fitted, then has been set up on the rolling road, This would of cost around£1500.  The bike is exceptional quality with oval aluminium tubing frame and billet aluminium foot peg hangers, the bike has full magnesium maveric wheels and paioli adjustable suspension with brembo brakes. The bike weighs only 145 KG with the fuel tank in the belly pan to help lower the centre of gravity . It is obvious on viewing the bike it is built as a race bike as the quality of it is second to none. The sound of the bike is also a fantastic sound and will guarantee to turn heads were you go. The engine is a BMW/rotax dry sump 650 single, liquid cooled, with twin carbs and exhaust ports With this been 1 of only 3 in the Uk you will not see another one of the road as currently the other 2 are not registered, in 1996 this bike cost £9000. The extras on this bike would of made the bike to around £12000 as there is a full custom exhaust and there are many carbon fibre bits such as front and rear mud guard and many other bits. This bike is listed else were so it may be removed at any time. silly offers will be ignored and the bike is only been sold due to lack of space otherwise I would keep as this is a bullet proof investment and I am sure it will be worth a lot more in the future, for any more information or photos please email me at or contact andrew on 07973319291 for more information, thank you for looking and please check out my other motocycles for sale as I am having a clear out. I will not ship this bike to africa so do not bother to ask, please see my other listings.


What should you expect from a single cylinder ? Lots of torque and a very direct feel. Just be careful when downshifting, better let the clutch slip a bit on the way out after you pushed down the gear lever !


Bimota BB1 in UK just 3666 miles for 4250 GBP


Bimota November 18, 2012 posted by

Bimota Supermono BB1 Available in Scottland

Mike writes us, “Bimota BB1 in Scotland! I’m a regular reader/occasional commenter on your posts. I thought I’d bring your attention to a bike that I’ve just listed for sale, in a vain attempt to encourage some additional publicity :-)” I had never even heard of this model and with such flattery I had to oblige! He also has a great description of the bike quoted below.

1996 Bimota Supermono for sale on eBay UK for £3,900.00 (~$6200)

from the seller:

An interesting little bike this. It’s not of mass appeal, but I’ve had a fetish for single-cylinder bikes for some time, and looked for ages to find a good example of its kind. When I got it about two years ago, it arrived with the original tyres that it left the factory with. Probably with the air of Rimini still in them too, I’ve serviced it, and had a lot of fun on it. It’s not the fastest bike out there, but it handles and is extremely light. You’ll have fun trying to keep momentum through the corners with the throttle pinned.

The engine is a single cylinder from the BMW F650, built by Rotax. The frame is an aluminium alloy, machined in a typical Bimota style.

Although it’s extremely light in it’s factory standard condition, I see a lot of potential for losing a few more kilos. If I were to keep it, I’d be looking at getting a new exhaust made up to save a few kilos. But alas, my garage is full at the moment, and I’ve got yet another bit of vintage exotica on its way, so something probably ought to go (in the interests of marital harmony, you understand).

As you’d expect for such a low milage (4803km), it’s in factory fresh condition. The bodywork is in excellent condition. It’s one of the monoposto bikes (I never really understood why they bothered with a biposto version)

It’s a rare wee beastie too – only 148 of these monoposto versions were made (making them rarer than the biposto version, of which 228 were built). So long as you’re not teaming up with the guys from, you can be pretty confident that you’ll not bump into another one in the petrol station.

And, it’s worth explicitly pointing out – this is a single-cylinder bike. With lots of vibration and lots of character, you get a rare opportunity to really explore the limits of engine and chassis on those twisty backroads at a speed that will limit the potential damage to your license, and challenge your ability to handle a bike, rather than simply relying on the throttle to power you down the straight bits.

Simply put, this won’t appeal to multi-cylinder high capacity sportsbike riders, unless they have a good appreciation for what this wee thumper is about 🙂

It’s probably the wrong time of year to be trying to sell this, but I’m in no particular hurry, as I’ve got a very flexible arrangement with the next one arriving. Daft offers won’t be entertained, but if you’re interested, get in touch and we can chat. The bike is in West Lothian in Central Scotland, right next to one of the train stations on the main Edinburgh/Glasgow line and very close to Edinburgh Airport for your convienience.

MOT expires in June 2013, and it’s currently on SORN.

Transportation within the UK is possible.

Good luck with the sale Mike!