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Fools need not apply: 1998 Ducati 916 SPS


While the Ducati 916 was a styling bombshell, the standard/Strada versions only really come on the power around 7000 RPM which meant they need to be flogged a bit to get going. Ducati first attempted to resolve this issue by installing lighter internals and high lift cams to create the SP/Sport Production edition. Unfortunately even with the mods, the SP model still had a torque curve with most of the power at the top, resulting in tough riding around town and in traffic. So in 1997 Ducati tried again by taking their new 996 engine and putting it into the 916 frame. The result was the 916 Sport Production Special (SPS).

The primary reason behind the 916 SPS being built was to homologate the new 996cc engine for Superbike competition but fortunately for bike fans, the installation of the 996 engine into the 916 setup produced a bike that was described as “legendary”, “astonishingly good” and “a true superbike”. Reviews of the 996 powered SPS declared it to be something quite special, with some testers being able to crack 170 miles per hour with the Termignoni exhaust and ECU kit fitted, a pretty stunning speed for a twin with “only” 120-odd horsepower. The new engine gave a much wider power delivery band but this together with neck-snapping torque was enough to push the limits of the chassis. The 916 models in general did not respond well to ham-fisted riders, so it is not surprising that the SPS and its significantly wider powerband resulted in a bike that could be dangerous for even skilled riders.

1998 Ducati SPS for sale on ebay


Despite its somewhat dangerous reputation the SPS was still smexy as hell with a sound like the apocalypse, especially if the termi pipes were installed. Price tag new was around $24,000 USD, a significant amount above the $16,500 Biposto and nearly double the price of a 748 model. Most reviewers declared that despite its dangerous nature it was worth the extra investment and there was a lot of demand for the SPS but since these bikes were built for homolgation, only 404 examples were built and only a small number of those brought into the USA.


Here is what the seller has to say:

Homologated for racing, only 50 were officially imported into the US.This one is California registered. Bike features a factory tuned 996cc motor with dual injectors, Titanium rods, oversized valves and crank, strengthened engine cases and frame. It includes an Ohlins rear shock and steering damper, carbon airbox and front fender. The factory provided two sets of pipes including the off-road Termignoni carbon exhausts and matching ECU currently installed.

Bike has been modified to include Ohlins forks with billet lower triple clamp and Ohlin factory SBK valving. Front brakes are Brembo Narrow Track GP calipers and rotors with Brembo radial master cylinders. The oil cooler was replaced with an oversized Ducati Corsa unit.It also includes carbon air intakes, vented clutch cover and lightened flywheel.

Cosmetically the bike is in good condition with flaws typical of a bike of this age.There is a scratch in the gel coat on the lower left panel, a very minor dent in the tank on the left side and surface scratches on the tank in front of the saddle.
The carbon fender, airbox and exhaust canisters have faded to a matte finish.

I have additional aftermarket parts available for purchase separately including Marchesini mag wheels, new carbon airbox and front fender, billet racing (reverse shift) footpegs, an unpainted sharkskin fiberglass race body and most of the original stock parts that were switched out.

This motorcycle has had a recent complete service at Desmoto Sport in San Francisco which included valve adjustment and belt replacement. Tires are in near new condition.


So what’s this one worth? Well its not pristine and it has actually been ridden with current mileage at 15,600. While these bikes have appeared previously on RSBFS occasionally, it is still certainly a rare piece of 90’s Ducati tech and the seller indicates the major services have been done which is always a good sign. Another plus is it’s a no reserve auction and starting bid is actually smack in the middle of KBB Trade-in/Retail values. Personally I think this is a hell of an opportunity, given that the the SPS was probably the ultimate Desmoquattro and the best Ducati you could buy until the 2001 996R.


Fools need not apply:  1998 Ducati 916 SPS
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1999 Ducati 996SPS #388 Available in California

Update 3.1.2014: We first spotted this SPS in October of last year and it’s back 6 months later for spring. Links updated. -dc

1999 Ducati 996SPS for sale

If the 998S Bayliss posted on Saturday gets you fired up over it’s looks, perhaps something more subdued like this 996SPS fits the bill. The SPS was the top dog in 1999 and some of it’s upgrades include a stronger motor, uprated suspension, solo tail, and of course the 5 spoke rims. This one has been relisted once with no sale but wears a mere $10,500 price tag. And it has a video to go with, see below.


1999 Ducati 996SPS for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This is a very clean and original example of a ’99 Ducati 996 SPS with only 16k miles on the clock (I am the second owner). Recent valve and belts service with new Bridgestone Battlax 016 tires — I have only ridden the bike 50 miles since I got it late last year. The fork and shock have also been serviced.

This is a straight and original 996SPS with big CPU box, carbon fiber air box and bigger generator only found on the SPS models. The VIN number also indicates it as a true SPS, I had it checked out with Ducati USA before I bought it. The 996SPS also came with a special race motor package making more power than the other models — this was as good as from the Ducati show rooms back in ’99! Chances are if you’re looking at this bike, you know what it is.



1999 Ducati 996SPS #388 Available in California
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1998 Ducati 916SPS #850 For Sale in South Carolina

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

For some reason we rarely see the “good stuff” in this part of the country, but if you’re in the area, or willing to ship, this might be a good opportunity. It’s a 916 SPS with under 2400 miles that has been in a climate controlled collection. SPS cliff notes: 996cc, upgraded EPROM, bigger valves, a lighter crank, two injectors per cylinder and stronger cases to hold it all together to make about 20hp more than the standard 916. The only upgrade I can spot is the Marchesini rims, which certainly look the part! The auction ends on Sunday.


1998 Ducati 916SPS for sale on eBay


from the seller:

If you are looking at this ad chances are you know the shear uniqueness of this bike, if not visit this site 1 of only 100 that was imported into the United States this is #850 of 1058 that was built for the world. This bike has been in a private collection in a climate controlled storage facility since new and has been in storage since 2001 and not ridden. I know that some people will cringe at a bike that has been sitting that long but special preparations were made as the collector never intended on operating the bike again, but rather just admire the perfect lines of this nearly one of a kind. As soon as I recieved the bike I had a complete service done on the bike including all fluids, timing belts(due to age) new battery, and air filter as well as the leaking clutch pressure cylinder by Touring Sport Ducati BMW Triumph(see invoice in pics) As you can see in the pictures the bike has almost been placed in a time capsule due to the way it way stored. The only thing the Ducati dealer recommended that I did not install was new tires due to I wanted to keep the bike as original as possible. The bike does have a clean, clear title and has been registered for street use in the state of South Carolina.




1998 Ducati 916SPS #850 For Sale in South Carolina
Aprilia May 16, 2013 posted by

Month in Review: April 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged 60 bikes in April and here is a review of 20 of them, most having sold. In fact 4 of them sold to our own readers. Lowest sale price was $1900 and highest was $64k!

Congratulations to April’s buyers and sellers!


This Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike failed to sell even though it was bid up to $8100.

Lucky Strike Suzuki

From the Michigan collection, this 1996 Bimota DB3 Mantra did end up selling after one relist for full price of $16900.

Bimota Mantra For Sale

This 2002 Ducati MH900e with under 1000 miles sold for $22900.

Ducati MH900e For Sale

The 1983 Honda CX650T Turbo sold for $15100! These really do have quite the following!

Honda CX650T For Sale

The 4k mile Honda RC30 failed to get much love when first listed with spares at $30k and then relisted without it failed to sell at $17600.

Honda RC30 For Sale

This adorable and exceptionally clean 1983 Kawasaki GPz 305 sold for just $1625!

Kawasaki GPz 305 For Sale

The first of two 86 Honda NS400R’s that would sell this month, this one sold for $10099!

Honda NS400R For Sale

The second NS400R sold for just $6100 in comparison.

Honda NS400R For Sale

This 1987 Honda NSR250 looked pretty tidy and sold for just $3800.

Honda NSR250 MC16 For Sale

At $4000, this has to be the cheapest RVF400 we’ve seen sell. Congrats to the lucky new owner!

RVF400 For Sale

This little 1983 Ducati 350 Desmo sold for only $1900, which is probably the cheapest Ducati we’ve ever seen sold either!

1983 Ducati 350 For Sale

Here’s the 1983 Suzuki GS550ES which sold for $3450.

Suzuki GS550ES For Sale

Sold to one of our readers, this 1998 Ducati 916SPS sold for $12900.

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

Also sold to one of readers was this 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight for $9200.

Ducati Superlight For Sale

This stunning 74 Ducati 750 Sport, original and unrestored, sold for an eye popping $64k!

1974 Ducati 750 Sport For Sale

Back to the blue smoke, this 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup sold for only $5300.

Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

This 1985 Honda VF1000R sold for a tidy $8000.

Honda VF1000R For Sale

A good month for classic Honda’s as this 1983 CB1100R sold as well for $23600.

1983 Honda CB1100R For Sale

Sold to one of our readers was this very handsome 1997 Aprilia RS250 for $8100.

Aprilia RS250 For Sale

Finally, this 85 Yamaha RZ500 sold to one of our readers for $14500.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale

Bimota September 16, 2012 posted by

The Week in Review: 2nd Week in September 2012

Welcome to your Sunday week in review! Below we have bikes that we are reporting on close values on or highest bid when there has been significant activity. A short summary this week but some interesting results.

Have a good week,


This 916SPS with an extremely low 900 miles sold for a bit over $20k with 43 bids. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Ducati 916 SPS For Sale

With 7 hours to go, this DB1R factory racer is still available for just $70k. Live Auction | Our Post

Bimota DB1R For Sale

This 1985 Yamaha RZ500 sold for a tick over $10k according to eBay, though comments indicate that the buy-it-now was exercised for $13k. Closed Auction | Our Post

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale


Aprilia September 4, 2012 posted by

Set Your Budget and Sale Prices: August 2012 Review

Hey guys,

I’ve been meaning to be better about catching everyone up on close values and winning bids, so here is everything we have a factual close or high bid pricing on from eBay. Adjust your sale price or target price accordingly!

Enjoy the short week,


This Ducati 888 SPO with only 430 miles failed to sell the first time at $12,600 and a second time at $12,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

888 SPO for sale

This lovely Honda RC30 failed to sell at $26,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda RC30 For Sale

This Vance & Hines FZR600 has been listed several times since our original post and it has failed to get a single bid at $3400. It currently listed for $3200 in the latest relist. Current Auction | Our Post

Vance & Hines FZR600 For Sale

The RC45 in Florida that was originally for sale in the same auction with an RC30, has been relisted a few times and is currently available for a buy-it-now of $35k. Current Auction | Our Post

Honda RC45 For Sale

As a few of you noticed, there was a rare sighting of an actual close to a Lance Gamma RG500 auction! This lovely sold for $17,920. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Lance Gamma RG500 For Sale

This gorgeous Ducati 750 F1a failed to sell at just shy of $10k. Closed Auction | Our Post

1985 Ducati 750 F1a for sale

Here we have a 2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO that was listed with a buy-it-now of $14,500 and failed to sell the first time at $12,300. But it was relisted and was sold for $14,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

MV Agusta F4 AGO for sale

A fan favorite, this 1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 sold for $3650. Unfortunately the sale fell through and the bike was available again briefly before being pulled as ‘no longer for sale’. Closed Auction | Our Post

1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 for sale

This 95 Honda NSR250SE MC28 sold for $10,400. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda NSR250SE MC28 For Sale

This 2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS was originally listed with a $18k buy-it-now and failed to meet reserve at $15,100. It was relisted and sold for $17k. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS For Sale

This Ducati 916SPS failed to sell twice at $11,500 (classified) and a third time only reaching $7800. Closed Auction | Our Post

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

This RG500 Gamma failed to sell with zero bids starting at $10,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

1986 RG500 Gamma For Sale

This plated 2000 Aprilia RS125 sold for just $3850. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

2000 Aprilia RS125 For Sale

The 1980 Vetter Mystery Ship Turbo received 19 bids to $11,200 but failed to meet reserve. Closed Auction | Our Post

1980 Kawasaki KZ 1000 Turbo Mystery Ship

This sharp 93 Honda VFR400 NC30 sold the first time for just $5000. Closed Auction | Our Post

1993 Honda VFR400 NC30 For Sale

Mike posted this 2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Edition that he titled “medium rare”. Failed to sell the first time for $10k, but the relist sold for $9500. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol For Sale

The Ducati Sport Classics are hot right now and this 2006 Ducati Paul Smart follows the same path selling for $14,500 the first time. Closed Auction | Our Post

2006 Ducati Paul Smart For Sale

This sexy little Cagiva Mito failed to sell with 12 bids up to $5400. Closed Auction | Our Post

Cagiva Mito For Sale

This very clean 91 GSX-R 1100 received 38 bids and sold for $6500. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

1991 GSX-R 1100 for sale

This fantastic 1982 Honda CB1100 R has now sold with 24 bids totaling $16,900. Closed Auction | Our Post

1982 Honda CB1000 R For Sale

This 96 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23 was originally listed last November and has now sold for $10,150. Closed Auction | Our Post

1996 Suzuki RGV250 SP (VJ23) for sale

This Aprilia RS250 Cup we recently listed sold for $7500 but must have fallen through as it’s relisted for $7200. Current Listing | Our Post

Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

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(1997) Ducati 916SPS/Fast By Ferracci 1026 In Oklahoma

This is a 916SPS fitted with a FBF 1026 stroker kit!  Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma is a Ducati 916SPS that has been fitted with the Fast By Ferracci 1026 kit.  The seller makes no mention of a year or mileage (other than that it is low) but, I’m going to assume it is an early SPS because of what look to be Showa front forks.  If this bike is built to the same spec as the FBF display bikes it has:

  • FBF 1026 big bore kit
  • Titanium connecting rods
  • FBF stroker powercrank
  • FBF ported cylinder heads
  • Oversized vales
  • Custom stage 3 EPROM
  • FBF 54mm full exhaust

The bike is also fitted with early Dymag carbon five-spoke wheels.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it doesn’t have the FBF carbon bodywork and tank judging by the original looking bodywork but, I could be wrong, this is all speculation.  The full kit probably, originally, ran the seller just under $10k and resulted in just under 150hp.  These 916SPS bikes appear to have stopped depreciating and, I’ll bet, this seller is probably looking for a lot more than a stock SPS.  See the previous 916SPS’ we’ve posted here.  See the Craigslist post here.


Bimota November 27, 2009 posted by

Exciting Exclusive: Collection of 17 Rare, Exotic, and Low Mileage Bikes Soon to be For Sale

Update 1.8.2010: Rory has sent us an update on the remaining bikes. Please contact Rory at for further information about the remaining bikes available for sale in the collection.

Rory and his business partner have contacted Rare Sport Bikes For Sale to alert of us of a collection of 17 bikes that will soon be for sale.

His message included the following details:

My business partner, Lee and I are trying to help his neighbor sell the bikes owned by her late husband. The 17 bikes that are left to sell are primarily sport bikes and they are all somewhat special in one way or another: Limited Editions, grey market, low (or no) mileage, etc. It’s taking some time for the widow to have the bikes re-titled in her name, but we are now getting to the point where we need to figure out how to find buyers looking for the somewhat unusual bike.

And here is the list I was given:

Bike Model Year Mileage Notes
Honda V45 1983 9.8
Norton 810 Dunstall 1972 1983
Ducati 888 SPO 1993 2031
Yamaha FZR 750 RR km 1052
Benelli TRE 2004 2
Yamaha R1 SE 2006 0
Ducati 851 Tricolore NA
MV F4 2000 426 Serial number 10000
Ducati 916 SPS 6059
Yamaha R1 2001 18137
Bimota Tesi ?
Ducati F1 km 5234
Moto Guzzi Daytona R 1996 km 21421
Yam RZ500 1984 5571
Honda RC45 3718
Yamaha R7 3646 km
Yamaha (R1?) 2005 17 Race prepped

Clearly a collector with discerning taste, and pieces that match our theme here perfectly. Please leave a comment below if you’d like to see a particular piece of this collection processed sooner than later.

Thanks for contacting us Rory. Looking forward to seeing this collection go to new homes! I’m wish I was reckless enough to consider a second mortgage and the penalties on draining my retirement to get in line for some of these!