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Ducati May 6, 2019 posted by

Featured Listing: 1998 Ducati 916SPS

Update 5.10.2019: SOLD IN 4 DAYS! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

In the heady days of the late-1990s, people were buying sportbikes left, right and center and roadracing was so popular that there were two all-in series in the U.S. alone. If you couldn’t get a superbike ride in AMA, you could turn your attention to the madness that was Formula USA for another shot.

For bike buyers, that meant not only was there an endless variety of nearly race-ready machines coming out of Japan and Europe in small batches, but manufacturers had an incentive to update them every couple years to stay competitive. Enter, the 1998 Ducati 916 SPS.

When the ever-evolving Ducati 916 SP reached its pinnacle in 1997, with bores so large the barrels were prone to stress cracks, Bologna added stouter cases, to punch the mill out to a 996 and Ducati 916 SPS was born. The trick SP forks, Ohlins rear shock, Brembo wheels and lightened frame carried over from the SP. With the standard set of race-only Termignoni cans, the bike made somewhere north of 125 horsepower. The exact figure varies with who you ask.

This 1998 Ducati 916 SPS is about as nice an example as you could ask for, though it is much better suited at this point to a museum. Number 853 in the production run, it appears to have all its original parts intact, down to the chain and tires.

From the seller:

1998 Ducati 916SPS
Up for sale from my collection is a rare low mileage Ducati 916SPS. Moving forward with higher specification of the 916. In 1997 Ducati introduced the 916 SPS to replace the 916 SP.
If not familiar with rarity and performance of the 916SPS, please read the article by Odd Bike.
Of the 916SPS produced this is the last model year! The SPS was a homologated model so that Ducati could stay competitive with rule changes. In addition to many motor upgrade and changes, the 1998 model featured the following upgrades over the 1997 model. Newer lighter frame, Ohlin adjustable steering damper. updated brake calipers and Titanium connecting rods now standard equipment. This bike was purchased and imported by me from Centre Hamel Honda Montreal in 2014. I’m familiar with the fact that Ducati never sent the 916SPS to the U.S as a road going bike, but for race purposes only after signing a waiver, however upon registering the bike I received a clean Washington State title that allows the next owner to road or track the bike as they choose. The bike has very low miles on it and is in like new condition. I collect bikes for investment and do not ride them. Yes, the guy you love to hate
until your looking for that low mileage, rare, unmodified bike of your dreams.
With just 123 miles showing on the odometer, other than a scratch behind the steering damper (shown in pictures), the bike is like new! No modifications, no aftermarket parts. When the bike was with such low miles, it did not require and service work. Since the bike has been sitting in my collection since purchased, preventative maintenance service would be recommended before riding. Bike comes with the original tool kit, keys and manual.

916SPS were rare and special when new, and are becoming increasingly harder to find in original condition. This 916 SPS is truly a collectable, museum quality piece!

Since it’s been so well maintained despite being dormant, the options for this one are nearly endless. Throw some tires at it and make a (very) occasional cruise night hero or race weekend campsite candy. Or throw it on a piece of carpet in your living room and never worry about a TV subscription again.

Featured Listing: 1998 Ducati 916SPS
Ducati October 16, 2018 posted by

Hen’s tooth: 237-mile 1998 Ducati 916 SPS

As homologation specials from Italy go, the 1998 Ducati 916 SPS isn’t the rarest of them all, though the seller claims only 50 were ever “officially” brought to this country. As a matter of fact, this is the second of the 1,098 1998 916 SPSs that we’ve featured this week. What sets this example apart is the claim that it was originally imported to the U.S., and the fact that it hasn’t even covered its break-in miles yet.

1998 Ducati 916 SPS for sale on eBay

The 1997 and 1998 Ducati 916 SPS was the bike with which Duc introduced and homologated the stronger 996cc version of the 916 engine for World Superbike competition. It had more compression, new heads, bigger, stronger cylinders, titanium connecting rods and a lighter crankshaft. High-lift short-duration cams meant the motor still revved freely, notwithstanding its new midrange shove. Street friendly it was not.

The machine carried a lightened frame, Ohlins shock paired with a Showa fork and the close-ratio gearbox from the 748.

Despite this example’s low mileage, there is rash on one of the mirrors, the brake lever and lower mounting point of the carbon fiber front fender, which indicates that those first few hundred miles got pretty exciting. The seller doesn’t mention the rash, but it’s there. Beyond that, the bodywork, gauges, wheels and exhaust look like new, and the bike appears to have been treated to a new front tire fairly recently.

From the eBay listing:

You are purchasing a










The Buy-It-Now for this bike is set at $39,000, which is aspiration even considering the mileage. Even if this is one of just a handful officially imported here, you can find very nice street legal SPS bikes for less than half this ask all day long.

Hen’s tooth: 237-mile 1998 Ducati 916 SPS
Ducati November 4, 2014 posted by

Fools need not apply: 1998 Ducati 916 SPS


While the Ducati 916 was a styling bombshell, the standard/Strada versions only really come on the power around 7000 RPM which meant they need to be flogged a bit to get going. Ducati first attempted to resolve this issue by installing lighter internals and high lift cams to create the SP/Sport Production edition. Unfortunately even with the mods, the SP model still had a torque curve with most of the power at the top, resulting in tough riding around town and in traffic. So in 1997 Ducati tried again by taking their new 996 engine and putting it into the 916 frame. The result was the 916 Sport Production Special (SPS).

The primary reason behind the 916 SPS being built was to homologate the new 996cc engine for Superbike competition but fortunately for bike fans, the installation of the 996 engine into the 916 setup produced a bike that was described as “legendary”, “astonishingly good” and “a true superbike”. Reviews of the 996 powered SPS declared it to be something quite special, with some testers being able to crack 170 miles per hour with the Termignoni exhaust and ECU kit fitted, a pretty stunning speed for a twin with “only” 120-odd horsepower. The new engine gave a much wider power delivery band but this together with neck-snapping torque was enough to push the limits of the chassis. The 916 models in general did not respond well to ham-fisted riders, so it is not surprising that the SPS and its significantly wider powerband resulted in a bike that could be dangerous for even skilled riders.

1998 Ducati SPS for sale on ebay


Despite its somewhat dangerous reputation the SPS was still smexy as hell with a sound like the apocalypse, especially if the termi pipes were installed. Price tag new was around $24,000 USD, a significant amount above the $16,500 Biposto and nearly double the price of a 748 model. Most reviewers declared that despite its dangerous nature it was worth the extra investment and there was a lot of demand for the SPS but since these bikes were built for homolgation, only 404 examples were built and only a small number of those brought into the USA.


Here is what the seller has to say:

Homologated for racing, only 50 were officially imported into the US.This one is California registered. Bike features a factory tuned 996cc motor with dual injectors, Titanium rods, oversized valves and crank, strengthened engine cases and frame. It includes an Ohlins rear shock and steering damper, carbon airbox and front fender. The factory provided two sets of pipes including the off-road Termignoni carbon exhausts and matching ECU currently installed.

Bike has been modified to include Ohlins forks with billet lower triple clamp and Ohlin factory SBK valving. Front brakes are Brembo Narrow Track GP calipers and rotors with Brembo radial master cylinders. The oil cooler was replaced with an oversized Ducati Corsa unit.It also includes carbon air intakes, vented clutch cover and lightened flywheel.

Cosmetically the bike is in good condition with flaws typical of a bike of this age.There is a scratch in the gel coat on the lower left panel, a very minor dent in the tank on the left side and surface scratches on the tank in front of the saddle.
The carbon fender, airbox and exhaust canisters have faded to a matte finish.

I have additional aftermarket parts available for purchase separately including Marchesini mag wheels, new carbon airbox and front fender, billet racing (reverse shift) footpegs, an unpainted sharkskin fiberglass race body and most of the original stock parts that were switched out.

This motorcycle has had a recent complete service at Desmoto Sport in San Francisco which included valve adjustment and belt replacement. Tires are in near new condition.


So what’s this one worth? Well its not pristine and it has actually been ridden with current mileage at 15,600. While these bikes have appeared previously on RSBFS occasionally, it is still certainly a rare piece of 90’s Ducati tech and the seller indicates the major services have been done which is always a good sign. Another plus is it’s a no reserve auction and starting bid is actually smack in the middle of KBB Trade-in/Retail values. Personally I think this is a hell of an opportunity, given that the the SPS was probably the ultimate Desmoquattro and the best Ducati you could buy until the 2001 996R.


Fools need not apply:  1998 Ducati 916 SPS
Ducati August 10, 2012 posted by

Ducati 916 SPS, Take Your Pick

916 SPS Cliff Notes: the SPS features a motor that actually displaces 996cc’s, Ohilns rear shock , Brembo calipers, discs, pads and braided lines, two injectors per cylinder, bigger valves, a lighter crank, stronger cases and an EPROM chip which all combine to give an additional 20hp over the stock 916.

If you’re in the market in North America, you’re lucky enough to choose from 2 that are currently available:

1998 Ducati 916 SPS #909 available on eBay for $11,500 buy-it-now

Complete service history, and sales receipts, and signed waiver (original buyer promising not use it on public roads–yeah, right ), along with owners’ manuals. Clear title. 12,675 miles. Last full service on 5/29/09 at 9,812 miles at MCC Ducati in Villa Park, IL by previous owner. Outstanding mechanically and cosmetically. Original SPS bodywork except tank, which was rashed on the track (Sharkskinz were mounted, so OEM fairings were safely in my storage area). The only blemishes are two miniscule marks on the frame/steering damper mount from the right clip-on breaking (pictured). Everything else is outstanding. New Pirelli Corsa III’s. 520 conversion–top of the line DID ERV3 chain and AFAM/Renthal quick change carrier w/15T front/40T aluminum rear. STM crankcase breather. CF airbox, V-piece, fender, license plate mount. Arrow 50mm titanium exhaust w/titanium cans. Billet rear caliper mount.

1998 Ducati 916 SPS #817 on

For sale my beloved 1998 916SPS, ca 15,000 miles. All services done by a certified Ducati mechanic.

All carbon bodywork by Carbon Dream, painted flat red (by a Mercedes cert. body-shop Gilson Autobody, Sparks Nevada). The flat finish is from the Mercedes paint book. Have the original monoposto SPS tail (comes with). Custom leather mono seat.

Discacciati brake and clutch billet master cylinders, custom double brake lines. 1098 Brembo monobloc, narrow band rotors. (these brakes have monster stopping power)

Ohlins forks (R.&T.) and rear shock with traxxion control valves and 190lb (rider) spring. Cyclecat top triple (the original with plaque comes with)

Magnesium Marchesini wheels, carbon fenders (M.S. Production rear and a German made front) Carbon M.S. Production light bucket.

New 54mm Full F. exhaust system (just installed, I switched the stickers to Termis because I like it that way), makes it sound “arrabbiata”, carbon cans.
Ducati Corse Magnesium “cut-out clutch housing with Barnett steel lined clutch basket. Not a “garage queen” but a well appointed example nonetheless.

There is more stuff that I am probably forgetting, but there it is.
1998 Ducati 916SPS $ 10,000


Ducati May 31, 2011 posted by

Rare and Italian-Part Two:1998 Ducati 916SPS #354

Location: Lino Lakes, Minnesota
Miles: 10,600
Price: $9,350

Here’s a rare and interesting Ducati. Rare because of the limited production (#354) and interesting because of numerical designation of the bike. It’s called a 916 but what lurks underneath the fairing is a 996. Outside of that little anomaly, what you get is one beautiful Italian 90 degree L-twin homologated race bike with lots of tasty carbon fiber and fully adjustable suspension and a stellar race pedigree.

This one is not without some modification however. From the seller:

1998 916SPS – one of 1058 made worldwide and one of 100 imported into the USA. It is number 0354 and sold new for $21,250.00. It runs excellent, corners like it is on rails and the engines pulls strong through the entire RPM range. It has never been dropped, although there is the normal road wear on the fairings. I have meticulously taken care of this bike. The bike has about 10,600 miles, I did the maintenance on it. I flushed and replaced clutch, front and rear brake fluid and the radiator. I also checked the valve clearances, they are to specs. The current belts where replace just prior to my purchase in 2009. The tires are Pirelli Diablo with 400 miles on them. The oil has also just been changed.

The bike is mostly stock. The upgrades are: a AFAM quick change carrier (I am running 15 X 38 sprockets), a power commander, a 1098 clutch (weights 2 lbs less than the stock SPS clutch), tapered head bearings and carbon fiber air runners. I had the MS Production carbon fiber clear coated; fender, v-cowl, air box sides, chain guard, license plate holder and the exhaust heat shield. That really improved the looks of the bike. The battery mount has been upgraded to fit a maintenance free battery. I also updated regulator by running 12 gauge wires (to match the size from the regulator) from the stator to the new weather proof regulator connectors. free battery. I also updated regulator by running 12 gauge wires (to match the size from the regulator) from the stator to the new weather proof regulator connectors.

More photos:

Although not many of these will come available everyday, this one does appear to be at a reasonable price considering what it is and what it cost new. Modifications on bikes like these tend to be frowned upon unless they are common to the bike and generally considered an upgrade. These mods appear to fit the bill but you will have to make your own call on what you think in this case.

Make the jump to the listing!


Ducati March 5, 2011 posted by

1998 Ducati 916 SPS

For Sale: 1998 Ducati 916 SPS

While a 916 remains a timeless classic, it is not exactly a rare breed. The SPS version, however, adds considerable performance and value to the equation. For starters, the motor displaces a full 996cc (think of it as the precursor to the 996), has bigger valves, a lighter crank, two injectors per cylinder and stronger cases to hold it all together. Throw in the performance EPROM and you are looking at approximately 20hp over the stock 916.

On the chassis side, consider the top-notch componentry such as Ohilns rear shock, Brembo calipers, discs, pads and braided lines, and a healthy dose of carbon fiber accents.

This particular bike has some very tasty add-ons to improve performance even further. Note the upgraded clutch cover, showing off the Evoluzione slipper clutch.

From the seller:
Limited Production 916sps. #245.

996cc engine with limited production race homologation components from the factory. Only 3546 miles…This motorcycle is amazingly “new” for 1998. You will not find a better specimen. The bike has been meticulously maintained. It has all of the fantastic components that the SPS model is famous for plus the following extras:

Ducati Corse crank.
Ducati Corse primary gear set.
Ducati Corse light weight flywheel.
Ducati Corse magnesium clutch side engine cover.
Evoluzione 48 tooth slipper clutch.
Evoluzione Cyclesports New Volt Ignition Amplifier.
BMC Air Filters.
Casoli clutch cover.
Casoli front chain ring cover.
Casoli carbon rear hugger.
CRG adjustable clutch and brake levers.
Harris adjustable rearsets
Marchesini magnesium wheels.
Lightened rear brake rotor.
Upgraded front and rear brake pads.
New fuel filter and internal hoses.

Vimori Racing lightweight fiberglass bodywork with full belly pan, zues fasteners, and high corse style windscreen. Built with openings for lights and kickstand.

All original bodywork and wheels included. Street legal in less than 5 minutes…just reinstall the plate holder and plug in the rear lights.

All paperwork and service records included.

Never been down. All mechanical work has been performed by Chris Boy of Motocorse Performance in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Runs beautifully and reliably.

Many more pictures available.

AIM Lap Timer available for additional cost.

Clean, nicely upgrade and very low miles all on a very desireable platform. This sounds like a RSBFS winner right here! This auction is active right now, and the current price is at $9,750 with reserve not yet met. Prices on other SPS versions posted here ranged from $12,500 through $20k (!) – although this one will likely fall closer to the to the lower end of that scale. For more info on this bike, click on the link and . Good luck!


Ducati May 6, 2010 posted by

1998 Ducati 916 SPS With 1,800 Original Miles

This is an unmolested 916 SPS with 1,800 original miles!  Located in Bloomfield, Michigan is a 1998 Ducati 916 SPS with 1,800 original miles and looks to be completely stock.  The seller states that they have $30,000 into this bike suggesting that it may have modifications but, none that can clearly be seen in the poor quality photograph.  The seller only states that this bike is in showroom condition and they may be interested in two, late model, SeaDoo GTX’s for trade–very convienant if you just so happen to have two and are looking for a SPS!  If you don’t have some SeaDoo’s, the asking price is $20,000.  It’s hard to judge the price based on what we’ve seen before but, I’m going to guess that the seller is probably going to budge a bit on the price if this is going to move.  $20k is what we’ve seen for a sub 1k mile example and we’ve seen a 4.5k mile example with an asking price of $12k suggesting that the mileage on these bikes is very important to the overall value.

As we’ve mentioned before, over the standard 916, the SPS features a motor that actually displaces 996cc’s, Ohilns rear shock (Did the ’98’s feature Ohlins forks or the Showa units of the ’97?), Brembo calipers, discs, pads and braided lines, two injectors per cylinder, bigger valves, a lighter crank, stronger cases and an EPROM chip which all combine to give an additional 20hp over the stock 916.

The SPS bikes will always be special regardless of mileage so make sure you know what you’re intentions with it are before you purchase one.  See this very nice example on Craigslist here.


Benelli January 8, 2010 posted by

Update on Bay Area Collection For Sale

Here is an update from Rory on the remaining inventory in the collection — with pictures!

Update 1.20.10: I got another update from Rory, and he tells me the RC45 and 888 are both sold now.

We’ve been a bit surprised by the great response through your site and been scrambling a bit to keep up with the inquiries. Invariably, people have been asking for details on bikes that we haven’t pulled out of storage to work on. And, as you already know, a real enthusiast from the East Coast struck a deal for 5 of the bikes, redirecting our focus for a time. A fellow drove up from LA on Christmas Eve to take the Ducati F1, and we have someone coming from Reno today to look at the Honda RC45.

We’ve at least rolled all the remaining bikes out to take photos and determine general condition and mileage. Anyone can contact us directly for more info.

Here is what is remaining as of January 5th:

’04 Benelli Tornado Tre – This bike has only 2 miles showing on the odometer and looks as though it has never been on the road.

’00 MV F4 – 426 miles The VIN# on this bike ends with 100000. While we can’t be absolutely sure, I spoke with someone at MV USA who believes that this probably the first F4 in the country.

’98 Ducati 916 SPS – 6059 miles. I’ve ridden this one around the block – great bike.

’93 Ducati 888 SPO – 2031 miles. Next on our list to get running.

’06 Yamaha R1 Rossi replica – 17 miles.

’06 Yamaha R1 Special Edition – 0 miles. No photo, but it’s the traditional Yamaha yellow and black paint scheme.

’99 Yamaha R7 OW02 – 3646 km.

’94 Honda RC45 – 3718 miles. Has two 1” diameter paint scuffs on side and rear panels but otherwise good shape. This bike is running now.

’72 Norton 810 Dunstall – 1983 miles. A very nice example and also now running.

Please contact Rory at for further information about the remaining bikes available for sale in the collection. I’m still tempted to get a second mortgage and get a big trailer for most of them!

If you have a special bike or collection that needs attention, email us at We’d be happy to consider your submission for regular posting, or we can provide a feature service for a small fee that will promote the listing on every page of our site.