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Ducati November 28, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing: Very Clean 2001 Ducati 748S for Sale

Update 3.6.2018: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Update 11.27.2017: The seller has renewed the Feature Listing for this very clean 748S and has dropped the price to $4,950. Thanks for helping to support the site Brett and good luck to potential buyers! -dc

2001 Ducati 748S R Side Glamour

America is the land of Golden Corral, the endless buffet, a place where "more is better" and we often shop by the pound. Do we really need an endless pizza buffet? Of course not, but wow, what a deal! And in that world, a bike like the Ducati 748 makes little sense. I mean, for just a couple grand more, wouldn't you rather have the 916? If you finance it, it's just like $40 more per month. But people who subscribe to that reasoning really will never understand the 748.

2001 Ducati 748S R Naked

It’s a situation where less really is more. Sure, the 916 came first, and the 996/998 are definitely more powerful. But the frame and suspension were identical, and the 748 came with a narrower rear tire that gave the bike sharper handling and better turn-in while that smaller engine was sweeter, revvier, and still made a solid 95hp. The bike needed to be worked just that much harder to get the most from it and, since the entire 916 series was a complete disaster when not being properly caned, it’s not like you’re really missing out on a relaxed experience the package never provided anyway.

2001 Ducati 748S Engine

Today’s featured listing isn’t some zero-mileage garage queen, and about 13,000 miles have rolled under the wheels since 2001. But while there may be examples out there with fewer miles on them, there aren’t too many that are cleaner. And even better, this one is yellow.  I realize that many purists will disagree, but I actually prefer yellow to the more traditional red. There aren’t too many motorcycles that look good in yellow, but this is one of them.

2001 Ducati 748 Rear Clutch

From the seller: 2001 Ducati 748S for Sale

While it may not be as collectable as a 748 ‘RS,’ or ‘R,’ - it is in excellent shape.  And the 748 S, while not sporting a number badge, is a series of Ducati that can be hard to find nowadays,  if you’re looking for a lower mileage, supremely clean, professionally maintained, and nearly OEM example.  There are plenty of monopostos out there, but not as many actual ‘S’ series – with the proper TiN Showa suspension, adjustable steering head, grey frame, and grey 5 spoke Marchesini wheel upgrades. 

The Termignoni exhaust is a professional repack and has under 500 miles – the canister carbon is in amazing shape.  A lot of the carbon on the Termis turned amber from years of heat.  Not this set.  These are now very hard to find in good shape.

Also: Carbon fiber clutch cover, cowl, and rear wheel hugger. 

Like the 749R that you provided the featured listing for, this cycle has been ridden constantly, about 850 miles per season. Never in the rain, never on a track. Dedicated mechanic. Kept in a heated garage. 

Timing belt replacement and complete tune and safety inspection less than 1000 miles ago by ECS in Middletown, NY.  Less than 500 miles on Michelin Power Pilots.  Cover and Pit Bull stand would go with the cycle.

2001 – 13,200 miles.

Asking price is $4,950.

2001 Ducati 748 Exhausts

As the seller mentions, the S model isn’t as collectible as the more desirable R, but you do get the very nice Showa suspension front and rear, including the titanium-nitride forks, along with very stylish five-spoke Marchesini wheels that I prefer to the earlier three-spoke items. And you can’t go wrong with the glorious noise generated by a classic set of carbon Termignoni cans.

Certainly, you can find a 748 for less than the seller is asking, but you probably won't find one better and I think this represents a very good opportunity for fans of the Tamburini superbikes.


2001 Ducati 748S R Side

Featured Listing: Very Clean 2001 Ducati 748S for Sale
Ducati February 16, 2016 posted by

More Better – 2000 Ducati 748S

A little more oomph enticed the owners of this 2000 Ducati 748S to bore the cylinders out to 94mm and upgrade camshafts.  Along with some more usual mods, the result is a nicely spec'ed 853 cc machine.

20160215 2000 ducati 748-853 right

2000 Ducati 748S for sale on eBay

Built from 1994-2002, the 748 was the 916's kid brother, and reviewed as somewhat friendlier for street riding.  The 748's shorter stroke resulted in ( and required ) a slightly higher rev limit, but the chassis and overall build were very superbike.  With the grey trellis frame peeking out from red  bodywork, a quick look at the 748 passes for a 916.  Showa dampers front and rear, and forks have gold-colored nitride coating.  Dual underseat exhaust and excellent Brembo brakes courtesy of the bigger bike.

20160215 2000 ducati 748-853 front

The 748 offered here has been treated to some very special engine mods, as well as the more usual ( but pretty nice ) rims, levers, double-bubble windscreen, and mufflers.  Adding 6 mm to the cylinder bores results in an 853 cc engine, and intake and exhaust cams were traded for parts from up-rated Ducatis.  No power output is claimed, though tuning must've included some dyno time, it should be in the 105 hp area.  Other driveline parts have been upgraded with lightweight flywheel, slipper clutch and Supersprox listed.  Titanium mufflers from Leo Vinci and Marvic magnesium wheels were also added.  From the eBay auction:

This is an opportunity to own a unique Ducati 748S/853. It started it's life as a 2000 748S. In 2010 with 9,792 miles on the odometer it was built out to an 853cc. The following modifications were completed in this build. 

748R inlet camshafts, pair
996 sps exhaust camshafts pair (last set in the US)
Full Big Bore kit
Aluminum flywheel
Pistal pistons 94mm 748-853 HC pair (the manufacturer of pistons for Ducati race bikes)
Bored and replated cyls
Supersprox sprocket and chain (lifetime guarantee)
Ducati front and rear Penta 2 magnesium wheels, gold.
CRG folding clutch and break levers
Ohlins adjustable rear shock
Ducati slipper clutch w/ceramic coated pressure plate 12t
Leo Vinci titanium mufflers 
All the work was performed by a Ducati factory authorized and trained mechanic, (former head mechanic at BCM Motorsports when Bruce Myers was the owner.) All service work since the Big Bore build has been performed by Clubhouse Motorsports, NH. This bike is a dream to ride and is competitive with 996's.
20160215 2000 ducati 748-853 cockpit
With the engine done by a motorsports shop and other nice updates, this should be a special 748S.  Would've liked more and better pictures, but this bike as modified deserves more attention just as it is...
20160215 2000 ducati 748-853 rear
More Better – 2000 Ducati 748S
Ducati August 21, 2015 posted by

Senna Commemorative – 2002 Ducati 748S

Made since 1994 as a kid brother to the 916, 996, and 998, the Ducati 748 has generally been the more streetable member of the Ducati Superbike family.  No denying its fraternal relationship with the top of the Ducati line, though the shorter stroke and lower gearing made the bike more fun under 100 mph.  Ducati has made several models in the metallic gray with red wheels commemorating the life of Ayrton Senna, the Formula One legend killed at Imola in 1994.  This final-year 748S is one of the most beautiful.

20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna right

2002 Ducati 748S Senna for sale on eBay

20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna right front

The 748's bore and stroke are slightly smaller than the 998, making it a little easier revving and delivering 97 hp.  The silver trellis frame encloses the Desmoquattro with dry clutch and 6-speed transmission.  Two-into-two exhaust is under the seat with Termignoni mufflers.  Adjustable forks and monoshock are made by Showa.  Twin 320mm floating disks with Brembo 4-piston calipers are at the front, with 220mm rear brake.

20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna triple clamp detail  20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna right rear

One of the final iterations of Tamburini's iconic superbike design, the fairing has air intakes under the headlights and vents behind the monoposto seat, which has a white accent similar to a number plate.  Quarter-turn fasteners ease access to the engine room.  Wheels on the -S are lightweight Marchesini alloys.

20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna clutch detail  20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna right grip detail

The 748S offered here appears substantially stock, with a few updates - carbon mufflers, open clutch cover, adjustable footpegs, aftermarket turn signals and grips.  No word on maintenance or damage history, though the matte gray bodywork looks excellent.  The owner also lists additional modifications in the eBay auction:

Sought after gray (senna) 748s in great condition.
Termignoni exhaust
Speedymoto clutch
Carbon intakes

20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna shock detail  20150820 2002 ducati 748s senna right detail
An oddity in 2002, the matte paint is mainstream these days, the gray over red now a classic Ducati color scheme.  Though available in 2003, 748's from that year were likely built before the tooling change for the 999/749, making 2002 the final year of 748 production.  Ducatisti have made many dedicated track machines out of 748's, but this one appears too nice for that...


Senna Commemorative – 2002 Ducati 748S
Ducati June 3, 2011 posted by

Panning for Silver – the Neiman Marcus 748L

It's Saturday night -- well past closing time, and you and your mates decide to see who can come up with the rarest of the rare Ducatis; specifically, the Tamburini Ducatis.

"That's easy," says one friend; "The 998 S Bostrom."

"No, no, no," says the other. "The 916 Senna."

You nod; the Senna is rare -- and fabulous. But no, you know that's not it, and anyway, the Senna was never officially available for sale in the US -- not that you even specified that criterion, but it's late, so anything goes. The two go back and forth for a while, one says the 996R, another says the Matrix 998 (which was supposed to be a 996). The 748 R and RS come up, and you think, "Now, we're getting somewhere..." You wait for the moment, and finally, like a flasher in an airport, you open your trench coat and ask in your best Graham Norton voice, "What about this, boys?"

You spring upon them, the for-sale-by-Neiman-Marcus-catalogue-only, 748L.

At first glance, you might think, "Wow, 1998 was a good year for silver in Bologna..." The 900SS/FE, the ST2, and this 748L -- to say nothing of various and sundry M900 iterations. But this one really is special.

Capped at just 100 units, the 748L was essentially a 748S Bip with silver paint, and available only through the Neiman Marcus catalogue. Clearly, its intentions of being a bike capable of offering its captain a good rogering aren't hidden in any way. But aimed at this particular segment, the 748L was targeted at Roger Moore, as well as Roger Marshall.

From the seller:

The 748L
features Mercury metallic paint, carbon fiber front fender and chain guard. Mechanically it was a 748s with the additional parts and paint.
As of current the bike has 14,610 miles. In addition to the standard features several additional parts have been added to this bike.
Micron carbon fiber exhaust cans with ECU re-flash
Carbon Fiber Radiator Guard(stock painted included)
MPL reservoir covers,
Samco hose's put on at 14k with a full desmo(belts and adjustment) and fluid service(3 new rocker arms), preformed by Motorcycle Performance in Madison.
Custom Cut "Ducati" Clutch Cover (additional Stock unit included)
Included with the bike are also a Pit-bull Single sided swingarm stand, Complete factory tool kit, Display mat, Haynes Manual.
feel the bike is in excellent condition both mechanically and cosmetically. There is one small scrape that I have touched up which is pointed out in a picture below.

The list of goodies is a nice one, without going over the top. The three rockers that were replaced are fairly business-as-usual for a Desmoquattro of this vintage.  '98s, especially, were known for flaking rockers, and as recently as 2006, Ducati USA were still replacing some under warranty. Bottom line: it's nothing to worry about.

Your friends with whom you were having the argument, have nothing. They crown you the winner of the day for this one. If you pick this bike up for six grand you're the real winner, because quite frankly, it's ridiculously reasonable money for such a rare gem.


Ducati February 3, 2010 posted by

2001 Ducati 748S With 960 Original Miles!

This is a 2001 Ducati 748S with only 960 original miles!  Located in Escondido, California is a completely stock 748S looking to be in perfect condition as it should with this low mileage.  The bike comes with the original bill of sale, a clean title, owners manual, and service manual.  As standard, this bike has the five spoke Marchesini wheels, Showa suspension, the motor is a derivative of the earlier SPS motor, and the "S" line features a different exhaust system.  The asking price is a very fair $6,000.  It would be possible to ride this bike for five thousand miles and still loose hardly in depreciation.  As long as regular services have been done--If you wish to ride it--I say this bike is a win!  See it on Craigslist here.