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Supply vs Demand: FOUR Ducati MH900e examples for sale!


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

These Ducati MH900e models are popular collector bikes, given the low number of miles that seem to accumulate on them (the first bike on this list is the rare, er, the RSBFS exception). By all standards, these are not mechanically unique rides. The Ducati two-valve, air cooled L-twin has been a rock-solid performer since bell bottoms were hip and disco ruled the airwaves. Overall power has not quite kept up with the times, but reliability, ride-ability and real-world torque abound. So mechanically there is no reason why these should not all have more mileage, but the collection factor (rare, individually numbered machines) and the bent towards aesthetics versus practicality yields what is essentially a gorgeous, mobile torture rack. It is not often that we find four of these bikes available simultaneously. If you are looking for a MH900e, it’s a buyers market!

2002 Ducati MH900e with 7,677 miles in Ohio


From the seller:
Here is my Mike Hailwood. Clearly you know what this is. Mine has been ridden 7677 miles. It has never been down. It has been modded with the aftermarket clutch plate, clutch cover, and GP levers. I do not have those stock parts, fortunately I believe they are easy to come by if you so choose. The bike comes with its plaque in the case, two keys, and manuals. It has recently had the belt service as well as a new chain and some general love. The pictures are representative of its condition. This is a nice example that spent the winter in my living room and that I enjoy riding. I am selling to get a two-seater as I enjoy riding with my girlfriend. Naturally, as the bike has been ridden it will command a lower price than a zero mileage NOS example.

2002 Ducati MH900e with 1,784 miles in Texas


From the seller:
This motorcycle is in showroom condition with 1,784 miles on it. The vin for this motorcycle is ZDM1LA4N72B001.
Aftermarket parts included:
-Ohlins Shock
-Vented Clutch and Belt Covers
-DP Levers
-Staintune Exhaust
-Carbon Rear Fender
-Bike Cover

2002 Ducati MH900e with zero claimed miles in Georgia


From the seller:
If you are landing on this page you clearly know what you are looking at. You are bidding on a very special early 2001 MH900E with “100” miles. The reason for the quotation is because this bike has 0 miles on the odometer. My understanding is that the dealership has to pay additional fee’s if they sell a brand new vehicle with “0” miles. Thus I believe it was recorded as “100” miles instead of “0” The title and registration (which has been paid for 2014) will reflect 100 miles on the bike. The bike is immaculate. The paint and body have been professionally detailed with mezerna polish and swissvax wax so the the bike looks better than the day it came off the dealership.

Bike comes with:
MH900E Stand
MH900E Numbered Shirt
MH900E Commemorative Numbered Plaque
MH900E Manuals
MH900E 2 Black Keys
For any collector, these items are a must to be included to retain top value for the bike.

2002 Ducati MH900e with 1,425 miles in Arizona


From the seller:
2002 Ducati MH900 Evoluzione. Very Rare and a Collector Bike. only 2000 Made. Like New. Ready to be Ridden. All factory, This 2001 MH900e Mike Hailwood EVOluziorve has only 1425 miles on the odometer – beautiful and works great. Numbered 1595 of only 2000 manufactured. (Only 500 or so made it to the states). Hard to believe it’s almost 13 years old – Michelin Pilot Tires, all fluids checked/changed, new batteries, runs great. Overall I would rate the condition of the bike as excellent.

Well there you have it – four examples of the most collected model in (recent) Ducati history scattered across the US. Prices range from $16,800 to $25,000. If this is your bucket bike, then now is the time to buy. Good Luck!!



  • Bid low bid often!

  • Those bikes just look….weird to me. I don’t like ’em.

    The Paul Smarts and the Sport Classics appeal waaay more to me.

    Too funky for this monkey.

  • Agreed. Ducati “limited edition” marketing at it’s most crass and commercial. They haven’t aged well, especially the cartoonish tail section/exhaust area. Dishonest design: I despise the concept of a bolt-on fake cast aluminum oil sump intended to look like a bevel drive case. Intended from the start to be marketed as a collectible, hyped initial internet sales only. Bad mojo, too- Mike Hailwood’s family sued Ducati over the unauthorized use of his name on this model, which is why it was changed to MHR. Yuck.

  • so many are available right now…people bought them as investments and now realize they are not appreciating in value the way they thought….and pierre terblanche design over function attitude proves the adage of “more money than brains”.

    Ironically the price people paid for these they could have probably found a 70’s SS which is so much cooler.

  • Yuk x 4

  • Yuck. Design by Pee-Air Terriblelunch. What more needs to be said?

    • Just one thing more needs to be said about Pierre: Ducati Supermono…

      Seriously though, I actually like his designs quite a bit: technical and modern. I think the 999 is a really good-looking bike, I just don’t think it’s a particularly good-looking DUCATI, if that makes sense. The opposite of the 1098, which I think has more elegant lines, but is just a styling update of the 916, and not a particularly imaginative one.

    • These bikes in no way, shape or form remotely resemble a Supermono. Pierre should have quit while he was ahead!

  • The MH900e is 10 times more comfortable and fun to ride than a Paul Smart. Both look great, but I give the experienced and professional nod to the MH900e.

  • well if could donor my left arm or leg for any of these I would XD

  • To the editor…I really enjoy seeing your e-mail from your site everyday. Exceptional work. Keep it up, and thanks !! HRP

  • What some of you probably don’t realize is that this bike was never intended to be manufactured. It was a design exercise that was received so well by the general public that they decided to build it. It ended up being the first of the “Sport Classics”. If you have never seen one in the flesh, its a completely different bike. I actually ride mine.
    Take a look at this short video. It might change your views on PT.


  • Even though the R1200S borrowed heavily from Terblanche’s design, I’d still take the Bimmer.

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