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Spondon Framed 1981 TZ500

Spondon Framed 1981 TZ500

I apologize in advance,  I sat on this one and the auction is nearing its’ end.  This isn’t a museum piece and it isn’t original but that is what I like about it.  It has been modernized a bit and is ready for your local track.  To be truthful this could have been put together with tape and I would have posted it, I’m just a sucker for those snake like chambers that grace the TZ500.  Another benefit of not being a collector type TZ500 is that it is affordable for a much larger range of people.  Maybe it is still overpriced since no one has taken the BIN price.


There they are!  Someone from Georgia (it’s located in Canton, GA) please buy this thing so I can try to bum a lap on it.  I’m truly intrigued by what it would be like to ride a race bred 500cc two stroke.



The seller didn’t include much info:

1981 TZ500  Spondon Chasis  marchisini wheels   JPK motor   titanium pnumatic power valves  New pipes  spare set of pipes as well.     LOTS of spares


Question, questions.  Anyone heard of JPK that did the engine work?  How about the power valves:  titanium and pneumatic?  Someone please explain that mod to little ole me.  Who has a guess what the swing arm was stolen from?


It just simply looks like fun.  The sound of the damn thing might be worth the price.

It ends soon, click away.







  • I’m with you, man; these things just make me weak in the knees. About the only thing that tweaks me more would be a TZ750, but I’m not sure I could ever get the nerve up to actually ride one.

  • I think the swingarm might be a modified mid 90’s TZ250, but no pics of the right side?
    A very rare piece for sure. I think the racing 2 stroke bikes are really going to gain in value soon as they all disappear into collections.

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  • This is a scam. I wanted the bike but he wanted to use E Bay prootection scheme where the purchaser pays EBAy who hold the funds until delivery,I asked what type of starter it had and he said an electric starter and he used the bike on the street. And so it went on. E Bay informed me its a scam Phishing site you are lead to.

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