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Split the pair! 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

For Sale: 1994 Honda RVF750R RC45

Update 10.19.2012: Relisted again for $35k. Maybe he offers a layaway plan for Christmas delivery! Links updated, -dc

From sunny Miami, Florida comes this very rare RC45. You might think that the pictures look familiar, and you would be correct: This seller originally tried to sell off a RC30 and a RC45 together in a single auction (see that post here). The original bundled price started out at $99,999, then dropped down in steps to $69,999. But just because today’s RC45 represents only 50% of the pair, don’t think that the price has dropped by a commensurate amount….

The RC45 was a homologation machine – in that Honda built just enough street bikes of the model lineup to qualify it for Superbike regulations. Much has been written about these legendary steeds (search for RC45 on RSBFS here) and there has been much argument about whether the RC45 is “better” than the RC30. When you look at race wins and success at the track, there is really no contest. But there are those who prefer the more rounded look of the RC30 versus the more modern appeal of the ’45. Either or, I’m not cryin’ if one shows up under my Christmas tree.

From the seller:
Up for sale is A 1994 RC45 #20 OF #50 made….6842 miles, AMERICAN SPEC!!!! these R NOT EURO MODELS!!!!!




When this auction originally launched with both bikes, I was curious about the interest level – after all, these are rare collector bikes. But the sky-high pricing didn’t win any bidders. Now that just the RC45 is on the block, pricing is still an issue. I’m pretty sure Honda did not create the code names of the bikes by setting a price, but this RC45 is a whopping $45,000. Hmmm, with pricing like this, maybe it’s time to sell my R65LS – first $65k takes it!

After seeing the pair of bikes so often on RSBFS, this lonely RC45 is starting to look like Garfunkel without Simon. For more info, check out the auction here. What do you think a minty RC45 (one with nearly 7k on the clocks) should go for? If rent or morgage were not a concern, what might you be willing to pay? Share your thoughts!



  • Great bike but priced way too high.

  • WAYYY over priced! The 45 should be around $25K and the 30 about $20K…..

  • Sorry Mario – I have to disagree just a little bit with your comment on price levels. “Minty” condition 45’s bring low to mid $30k’s and RC30’s of the same condition are more common in the mid to high $20k’s now-a-days. Both those V-4 birds are pretty rare and finding clean ones without a ton of miles on them is getting tougher by the year. JMHO on the two Honda models.

  • $45,000 auction and couldn’t be bothered to change auction description from previous (refers to plural bikes).
    Not surprising still for sale.
    If he can’t be bothered to spend more than a minute doing his sales pitch I wonder how much time would be dedicated to any buyer.
    Spending a few bucks and getting a professional write up would work wonders.

  • Point taken Jeff…they are MINTY….

  • I’d pay $25-27.5k for the RC45. Maybe thats below market at the moment, but thats my willingness to pay.

  • Use EXTREME caution when dealing with Rodrigo, the seller. I have inspected one of his RC’s up close, and there were some very nasty, undisclosed surprises underneath the bodywork of his “mint” bike. You have been warned.

  • Crazy Dave u r a piece of work,u have never ever seen any of my bikes! I have no clue how the fck u r! U really have nothing to do do u? U r just a loser an a liar! Again u have never even meet me or seen my bikes!

  • […] brought you the other half of this original auction with the 1994 Honda RC45 that was once offered in a bundle pack with this RC30 you see here. They didn’t sell for $70k as […]

  • These bikes have been for sale way too long, the prices are crazy high, thats why he cant sell them, seems like a poor investment in my opinon.

  • “Crazy Dave u r a piece of work,u have never ever seen any of my bikes! I have no clue how the fck u r! U really have nothing to do do u? U r just a loser an a liar! Again u have never even meet me or seen my bikes!”

    Mr. Procharged: You scare me even more than the pricing of this motorcycle. When trying to sell a motorcycle it is advisable to deal with people professionally and with a modicum of courtesy even when you may not like what they say. It matters not if CrazyDave is incorrect. People that will consider your RC45 are, most likely, professionals and want some assurance they are dealing with someone of a similar standard. Using expletives and flying off the handle are sure-fire ways to seal this motorcycle’s fate as no-sell. Your bike is probably worth around $30k if you are really looking to sell it. For $45k this bike is going to stay there rotting away in the salty Miami air. People should be asking to see some high quality images with the bodywork off. 500×375 pictures on eBay are a perfect way to hide all the crusty bolts and deteriorating finish. If the bike is perfect underneath then please prove it. For $45k it is the least you could do. You may want to consider having an actual description of the bike in your next auction when it is re-listed. It is also highly recommended to avoid the use of caps and texting lingo. Both are as unprofessional as swearing when dealing with the types of people you are attempting to attract.

  • bill, regarding crazydave he has never meet me or seen my bikes so for someone that has not meet me or seen the bikes an goes on the forum to say to bware of me an that my bikes have nasty undisclosed surprises,wtf? so yes it matters if crazydave is correct or not! its my name hes trying to bash for no reason ,again i have never meet him an he has never seen my bikes! EVER!

    Regarding what price i ask for my bikes its up to me, usually on ebay u have an asking price an people makes offers, jst cause im asking $45 or whatever it is dosent mean that a byer cant make an offer.

    people that will consider spending this kind of $ most likely will come down to c the bikes.

    bill my question to u is where do u get that the rc45 is worth $30? have u seen any to compare? the last one i saw on ebay was a 9 mile bike out of a honda dealer in texas it got to $45k an reserve still on.

    (crusty bolts and deteriorating finish) no way

    Bill i invite u to come c my bikes for urself i reaslly dont need to prove anything to anybody.
    but if they r not what i say then i will pay for ur flight back home.

  • The funny thing is that if someone thinks the bikes are over priced then don’t buy them…Pro wants a certain amount of $ and if he gets it then that’s great…if not then that’s the breaks!
    I just sold a BSA Thunderbolt and had many people tell me it was too much $ for it….well I did sell it for asking price..just too a couple of weeks….

  • […] The RC45 in Florida is back. Price is down ten grand to $35k. Getting closer…. Original Post. […]

  • If I had 35k, I’d buy it but I’m not a very sensible guy.

  • I also have a rc45 1996-rs with 9,234 miles i was offerd 27k so i do all so think that is a little to much.

  • Marcus, what is the country of origin for the bike you have? Post a picture fo the VIN plate – It will be interesting to see if it is a 1994 bile simply shipped and registered in Europe in 1996 as a suplimental homologation unit.

    And with regard to #20 in this thread, if the price drops much more it will be an omen that I need to buy it back 🙂

  • Anyone in the US come across an RC45 that has a one off titanium exhaust, wrapped, with a kevlar exhaust can? (That I got from HRC directly…) Should have 2 sets of wheels, stock and Marchesini mags, and have the wire mod done on the ecu. Had a few thousand miles on it when I foolishly sold it a loooong time ago.

  • And that friends is why I sold off all my RC30s and stick to VF1000Rs theses days ! Too many bullies on the playground !

  • Rodrigo is “selling” his RC45 again!!!!! It’s now been on the market for over 4 YEARS!!!! His old pictures and poorly written and hyped up descriptions are awesome!!!! But I don’t believe his brilliant marketing is working!!!!

  • What a country we live in, where a simple man who can’t spell, punctuate, or string expletive-free sentences together CAN afford such fine machines.

  • #20 is at $35K now.

    If it drops below $30K I may have to fire up the trusty panel van and head to Florida with a pocket full of cash and buy her back.

    Considering I am the only person to have ridden the bloody thing any meaningful distance, that may be the best fate for the old girl.

  • I’d give 15k max. Just nothing really that special about a f#cking Honda, no matter how you slice it.

  • RC30FREAK. Your posts,both past and present regarding the RC30 and RC45’s,suggest you either bitterly regret selling your RC30,or you sold just prior to the price boom that gives no indication of ever receding.There was a time when you could buy a clean RC30/45 for twenty-odd thousand dollars.But those days are long gone!!

  • I’m glad I got mine years ago before the price hike, so I can enjoy sweet RC45 goodness.

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