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Second Time on RSBFS? 1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1


I spotted this bike last night and a quick image search of the site reveals that this bike was first shown back in 2011 when Doug was still a contributor on the site. The first picture is the same one used in the original ad. It is now on the east coast, has a few more miles, and a much higher asking price than 4 years ago. Check out the original post and then check out the current auction.


$_57 (1)

1996 Kawasaki ZX 7RR N1 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

I have for sale a 1996 zx7rr, zx750n , this is number 71, they are very rare, this bike has 5839 miles on it, the bike is in very good condition for its age, the bike starts right up and rides great,
I got it out of an estate sale ,
The motorcycle is registered in my name, title in hand, I have the stock fender, turn signals, brake light.

I have a buy it now ,please make reasonable offers , the first reasonable offer will take it


  • If you want $14,000 for your collectible bike, for gods sake please include some decent pics in the ad!!! Why is this too much to ask for???

    Did the market get that much better for these in 4 years? In 2011 the economy still wasn’t that great… but come on this seems a bit high for this one to me.

    • Hey , sorry man , I put some more pics on today

  • Not that rare. 4 for sale this month, wildly optimistic price. Pump and dump!

  • I am the guy selling the bike, I found the old ad and I’m using those pics ,and my pics to show that the bike is exactly like it is in the pics of 2011 , every nick is just the way it was back then, when I got it , it had exactly the same mileage on it too, it was Sitting in a museum in Wisconsin, I put gas in it and started it up and rode it down the road in my neighborhood a few times, cause I had to see if it was running , obviously,
    Any questions u can email me or call my number, but right now it looks like it’s sold, but ask away

  • I had the opportunity to inspect this bike over the weekend. It is a nice bike but there are a few things a collector will need to take into consideration. Most notable being that the right side fairing has been repainted. The tail section has rubbed through a small spot in the paint of the gas tank on the right side. There are a few nicks, one on the upper fairing and one on top of the gas tank. Overall a nice bike but I do recommend inspecting the bike in person.

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