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Right Off the Bat – 2008 KTM RC8 Limited Edition

KTM’s first superbike was introduced on the 2005 show circuit using the 999cc Duke engine.  When production began in late 2007 the 1148cc LC8 was ready and though it was updated the next year, the bike was a success and the factory has campaigned it in AMA and World Superbikes.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right sun

2008 KTM RC8 Limited Edition for sale on eBay

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right

KTM developed the 4-valve 75-degree V-twin in record time, and it provides 152 hp and 88 ft-lbs. torque.  The engine is almost 10 kg. lighter than comparable powerplants, which helps the WP ( a KTM subsidiary ) upside-down forks and monoshock do their job better.  Brembo radially mounted calipers hug 320mm front disks and 240mm rear.  The styling separates the RC8 fans from those who make parenthood jokes about the angularity and color schemes.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition dash

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right engine

Number 42 of a Special 2008.5 Edition of 50 ( Red Bull and Akropovich editions didn’t come out until 2010 ),  this monochromatic treatment has a lot of carbon as well as exhaust and chip.  A surprising combination of 2250 miles and new tires, also a new lithium-iron battery, it’s a beauty to behold.  From the eBay auction:

This is the rare 2008.5 model in stellar condition, #42 of 50 imported into the US. Numbered Plate (metal) included.  

Brand new Michelin Power Sport 3 tires.

It has the Power Commander on the bike, with a custom map from England tuned to the QD Exhaust, a big investment. The bike runs flawlessly with stellar throttle response and power..

All the Akropovic flat carbon bits are perfect as well. The entire tail piece, front and rear fenders, clutch guard are all Akropovic matt carbon. The original tail section is included, immaculate also.

It has orange anodized KTM billet covers installed for clutch, and both brake reservoirs. Then, CRG levers; orange silicone coolant hoses, as well as front and rear axle sliders. Includes R&G tail tidy, and KTM genuine accessory bag, it is made for the RC8 by KTM and plugs into the two holes you see in the tailpiece, which are controlled by the seat latch. Lastly, gorgeous R&G rearsets from England.

The carbon tank shield is from Australia.  I replaced the seat with a carbon fiber pattern-imprinted leather beauty from Corbin. Perfect fit and nicely parallel orange stitching. Original included with sale.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right front wheel

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right rear wheel

The flat white, black frame and carbon look cool, with signature KTM orange playing peek-a-boo.  Outstanding digital dash and centralized-mass exhaust is better resolved than many.  Real-world ergonomics have slightly larger seat and higher bars than you might initally expect, but very adjustable, and the bike tested quick and comfortable.  Performance was substantially equal to a Ducati 1098S, their inspiration and competitor.

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition right tank

20151227 2008 ktm rc8 limited edition tank

Nicely accessorized by the owner with tankbag and cover, there’re also no cam belt worries on a KTM, using a gear and chain system.  This Austrian upstart looks ready to go for some post break-in miles !


  • too bad the CEO of ktm cajones shriveled up and dropped off. liter bikes are neither too fast nor dangerous. tsk tsk for being a sheeple and buying into the nanny state bs.

  • I think the KTM exec realized that engaging in the race for speed and power, while investing stupid money in electronics development to calm the power down is foolhardy–especially for a firm not involved in WSB or motoGP.

  • My bad. Didn’t realize they actually are returning to MotoGP for 2016. But they will benefit from a standardized electronics package.

  • I think the RC8 is a stellar bike, maybe was a little expensive when it came out but now a days they could be had for less than $8k. I like what Ktm had dome with the Adventure and Superduke, now i can’t wait to see the Superduke GT,seems to be a perfect compromise between looks,performance and functionality .

  • Also realize there are many countries (Germany and France, dunno about Austria) that either prohibit >100hp or highly tax them. Focusing on smaller and lighter bikes below this threshold made sense to them.

    • Well shame on Germany and France for enforcing this nanny state mentality.

  • I use to live in Germany, they have a pretty smart system how to bring new drivers into driving and what vehicles to drive, also the premium charged for the high power vehicles(cars and motorcycles) has to do more with the income and experienced drivers but I promise you it works, the manufactures sell lots of smaller, more affordable bikes and cars and the drivers are very educated and experienced by the time get their license.Also the law is very strict when comes to mods, everything has to be approved, inspected and mentioned on the registration. Here in the states is the opposite, any 16 years old could go get a permit and operate any vehicles, regardless the power, Maybe a little too friendly of a law for your drivers

  • Sorry, I meant too friendly of a law for young ,inexperienced drivers

  • sounds like total bunk to me. people dont need the government to hold their hand when it comes to what they drive.

  • Nice bike too bad its underpowered. If they make a 1299 super bike in the near future then all RC8’s instantly depreciate.

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