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Bimota posted by

Relisted: 1998 Bimota V Due in Arizona with 48 Miles [Video]


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Update 12.28.2012: After being relisted in early December, the seller has contacted us with a new listing and a revised reserve. Good luck to buyer and seller! -dc

We originally posted this V Due in a block with 3 other Bimota’s from the same seller. This bike is being relisted after a winning bid of $19700 was accepted but the deal fell through. Opening bid is $18k reserve not met with less than 3 days remaining on the auction. Make sure to note the seller’s requirement for wire transfer with 72 hours as the only accepted method of payment.

1998 Bimota V Due For Sale on eBay

from the seller:

This Vdue is being relisted due to a buyer that could not understand my payment requirements. Please read and understand them as I do not bend on these requirements. At all.

1998 Bimota Vdue 500 Iniezione

78 kilometers (48 miles). On 1st title (AZ) from the MSO. Never registered/plated.

Completely stock/original. No modifications. Fuel Injected. FI has not been touched/tuned.

I won’t go into all the details of a Vdue. If you are interested in this bike, then you already know what it is. There are no stories with this bike, It is very straight forward. It has 78 kilometers (48 miles). It has a clean Arizona title. Only titled, never registered or plated. It starts and runs as it should and all functions operate as designed. I have included a short video of it starting and idling. You are more than welcome to come and inspect the bike & listen to it run. No test rides though. All inspections must be done before the auction ends.

PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE BIDDING. PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE NON NEGOTIABLE. Payment via direct bank to bank wire transfer only. No other forms of payment accepted. NO PAYPAL, no cash, no money orders or cashiers checks.



  • Wire Transfer… huh (#3):


  • While I’m a 2 stroke guy at heart I definely wouldn’t buy an injected model. They did sort them out with carbs eventualy. Still had some cylinder issue’s though if I remember right. http://www.vdueusa.com/index.htm

  • What a truly beautiful motorcycle!!! Shame it has so many problems !!! Be careful of the injection models, you will have trouble if you are buying to ride it !!!
    Still , it is 2-stoke eye candy 🙂 But over 19 grand? How bad ya want look at it!!! 🙂

  • I thought the injected ones were a real bother , but at least it runs!

  • So, in trying to get his money in 72 hours, seller loses a sale, will have to relist, has no guarantee it will reach the same price, or even sell at all. Maybe having normal payment terms instead of the shady ones listed is a better idea…

  • Thank you for the responses here guys, but you seem to be missing something. I am not and have never asked for a “fast wire transfer payment method” as suggested in the first response here. I do not accept payment via western union or the like. I only accept payment via direct bank to bank wire transfer through your/mine bank. If you take the time to read ebays rules and suggestions, you will find that a direct bank to bank wire transfer is actually a recommend and suggested form of payment.

    I have sold over 1/4 million dollars worth of vehicles on ebay…all via direct bank to bank wire transfer. Having had cashiers checks reversed after the sale I no longer accept them. I do not care to accept cash on a deal over $10k, I can’t understand why this is considered shady??

    Yes, I like to close out deals quickly. Rather tired of buyers taking weeks to close a deal when it really should take no longer than a day. And yes, ebay DOES allow me to request payment in 3 days. I do not have to wait 7-10 days. I can not open a claim until 10 days, but I am certainly within my rights to request payment within 3 days. No reason it should take longer than that anyhow.

    I understand this sounds harsh, being typed out and not said in person…but the truth of the matter is, why should a deal be drug out. That is my only concern with the payment requirements. If you are truly an interested buyer, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    I am glad to speak to each and everyone one of you that would like to discuss it further. I am very straight forward and there is nothing here to hide. I am just done playing games when it comes to payment.

  • Would you turn down someone who wanted to show up in person with cash or a check just to be sure YOU were legit?

  • 1st . , wire transfer is no big deal guys especially for a bike as rare as this ! Do it all the time!!! Anyone who would bid on this I would hope knows all about it and its so called troubles and has called the seller to discuss it all !!! Look this is truly one beautiful machine and I bet will only go up in price as the years go by! ***So cut the seller slack ,bid if ya want to invest in eye candy that will have a bigger return then any stocks you will invest in!
    Would love to add it to my collection just no room at all right now!!! BUY IT ,put the carb kit and re-map on it and enjoy one cool ass 2-stroke super toy:))). 2-stroke passions!!!!
    Happy New Years to you all:).

  • OK I love this bike, but you can only use it as a “nick nack” on the coffee table, and the little lady will not permitt that so it sits in the garage. Dont ride it unless you win the powerball because the bills will be very expensive and it still will be un-reliable. The wire transfer thing seems fair to me though.

  • Such a sexy bike & I am not even a two-stroke guy . Then they go and spoil it with the ugly way the pipes finish up at the end …….

  • Greetings Martin:

    I would not turn them away, in fact I would welcome them to come in person, inspect the bike and see its all legit. But I still would not accept the cash or a check in person. They can do a wire transfer from their bank to mine or if they have the same bank they can certainly deposit into my account. But I will not take cash on any deal more than $10k and under no circumstances will I accept a cashier check anymore.
    I have nothing to hide and no time to scam anyone. I have just sold off 6 of my 9 Bimota’s, this and the DB2 Tri-color are all that is left for sale, the SB6 stays. Not to mention the 100+ other bikes I have sold in the last few years. It’s pretty straight forward actually…some one pays me, they get a bike. Just reading my feedback will tell the story. I can even store them, inside and covered until they are picked up. Or deliver them within reason. I am not a dealer, just a private collector, just like most of you.

    Thanks and regards;

  • […] […]

  • I just purchased two bikes this year and the transaction was done completely by wire. Both sellers felt the same way as Tony. I have to agree with him and had no issues. My bank actually preferred it as well and the fees were minimal vs. peace of mind.

  • seller seems legit to me. not sure where the hostility or skepticism is coming from. i certainly wouldn’t accept western union and i’d never be comfortable transporting $20k in cash. my last bike purchase was $10.5 in cash, and that shit was awkward… it’s just too much. if i chose to buy a v-due, i’d buy one from this guy, no problem.

  • Why the dislike for cash? $20K in $100 bills is stack a little over 10″ tall.

    I am the opposite. I do ALL my bike/car purchases/sales in cash only.

    Take wad of cash, get on the plane, fly in, see the goods – hand over cash, rent U-Haul and drive home.

    And just as a point of fact here, anyone (seller included) claiming a bone stock FI V-Due with only 48 miles is “running as expected” is really selling a ‘display not ride’ bike.

    At 48 miles the bike has never been ridden and will display all the ills of the FI V-Due if it is ridden.

  • […] the seller of the V Due is this very rare Bimota DB2 tricolor. 32 were produced in total and just 12 imported to the U.S. […]

  • Tony, I apologize that my post implies an issue, anyone who reads the link should see that you are correct about the payment method.

    That said, I guess I question the red-letter agressiveness of your advertisement. I would imagine that any buyer serious about affording any bimota would be a reasonable person, as would anyone selling one. A less in-your-face mention of your preferences would be more well received, seem less ‘scammy’, and attract more interest.

  • Riot:

    Understood. But I actually had to do that because the “buyers” that I have been getting are not reasonable people. I have backed it down a bit, but haven’t taken it away. A lot of buyers have the “I am the king, I have the money, you will do what I say” attitude. Quite simply….no, no I won’t. I don’t have to sell these bikes, but I would like to. With that said, they will be sold under my terms, not the buyers.

    Today’s market is rather different than it has been in the past. For many years my auctions simply said “payment to be made via direct bank to bank wire transfer within 3 days of the auction end.” That simple, no red font, no bold letters. But then about a year or two ago, then started changing..the buyer would ask for my mailing address so next week he could send me a cashiers check, or I would get an email that said “hey, I won your auction. I’m out of town for the next week, when I get back we’ll meet up and I’ll look at it and pay cash if I like it.”

    I hope you understand my thought process here. I do truly understand yours, but unfortunately the current market of “buyers” warrants it. For me at least.

  • With this attitude, ““I am the king, I have the money, you will do what I say” attitude. Quite simply….no, no I won’t. I don’t have to sell these bikes, but I would like to. With that said, they will be sold under my terms, not the buyers.” out of principal I would not buy from you. No matter what you where selling.

    And having spoken to a couple of other folks I know they say the same thing – and this is reflected by the fact you need to relist the bike.

    I would go further to suggest that in today’s BUYERS market, sellers need to drop the attitude. 🙂

    But as you say, you are a wealthy punter that neither needs the money nor needs to sell the bike – so you enter the market and write your own terms.

    Good luck with the sale.

  • $20k in 100 dollar notes is no where near a 10″ tall stack of bills. When in my hand, it was barely more than 1″ high. Just sayin.

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