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Four Bimota’s Available in Arizona: Vdue, DB4, YB10, and YB11

Tony emailed us to alert us to his stunning Bimota sale on eBay. While the Vdue is obviously the standout here, the others are all in excellent condition as well and ready to be included in your collection. Check them out:

1998 Bimota Vdue 500 with 0 Miles For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

1998 Bimota Vdue 500

0 miles. On 1st title (AZ) from the MSO. Never registered/plated.

Completely stock/original. No modifications. Fuel Injected. FI has not been touched/tuned.

As close to buying a new example as you can get.

1999 Bimota DB4 with 360 Miles For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

360 miles. Clear AZ title.

Corse kit, which includes Ti exhaust, Keihin FCR Flatside Carbs and proper tank.

1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

5179 miles. Stock, unmodified.

Has a few cosmetic issues, as shown in the pictures. Paint ships, yellowing, minor cracking, seat foam is starting to tear.

Tires are cracked on the side walls, ready to be replaced.

1997 Bimota YB11 For Sale on eBay

From the seller:

1470 miles. Stock, no modifications.

Clean example, getting hard to find in this condition.

There you go Bimota fans! Start your collection instantly and enjoy some sun in Arizona when you pick up. Good luck with the sale Tony,



  • Zero mile Vdue ,you’ll never see this again I bet!!! Shame these really never worked right(anyone who knows this model knows this) but I don’t care I want it just to look at it!!! This would fit right in with my 2-stroke collection of RZ’s,Gamma’s and hybrids . Thinking hard on this one 🙂 Need it? NO. Want it ,of course – always :). 2-stroke passions.

  • Vdue sold for $19,700.00

  • Oops, it didn’t sell ! Reserve not met.

  • No, it sold. $19,700. Reserve was met. YB11 sold. Dieci and DB4 still available.

  • Congratulation on the sales Tony!


  • The Vdue buyer never came through. Lots of stories and no money. He actually said he wanted to do a test ride before he paid!!! Zero miles bike…sorry, that isn’t going to happen. I will be relisting the bike. I will have a short video of it starting and running included.

  • […] originally posted this V Due in a block with 3 other Bimota’s from the same seller. This bike is being relisted after a winning bid of $19700 was accepted but the deal fell through. […]

  • […] this bike looks familiar you’re not seeing double. It is the bike that was sold off in this 4 bike sale in Arizona last November. Except now it has fresh oil and filter, and a fresh battery. It’s ready to […]

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