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OW01’s (yep, plural) and an RC30 For Sale Soon!

This is a quick teaser for some future listings I’m working out the details on with my new super hero, Jeff. He’s thinning his collection of homologation sport bikes and sent along this picture of some of the stock that may be for sale soon:

Yamaha OW01 FZR-R 750 For Sale

He says he also has an RC30 that will need a new home as well. I’ll be getting details soon on all the bikes for sale and will post back soon!



  • Jeff is thinning out his collection?! Wow – better keep an eye out – he’s got some A-MAZING bikes in his collection!!!

    classifieds :: Motorcycles for Sale :: 0W-01 Yamaha FZR750RR

    0W-01 Yamaha FZR750RR
    Seattle, Washington, 98144
    Yamaha homologation special. All original and unmolested condition with low miles. Optional race parts and additional 0W01 kit parts and spares also available in the sale. Selling off a few of the spare bikes in the collection to make room for new machines. Also have a Honda RC30 coming up soon. The quickest contact method is to email me for machine details and photos. Thanks for looking at The Soup Classifieds!!
    Jeff Shults

  • WOW!!! That is an amazing pic. 😐 I have a 1975 Canadian Female available for trade for even just one of those

  • I will give you $500 for the RC

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