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Oh, the Memories- ’88 Honda Hurricane 600 (CBR)

Location: Wausau, Wisconsin

Mileage: 15,900

Price: Auction, with reserve

Put this bike into the Red/White paint scheme in 1988 and you have my first bike. Sure, I spent lots of time on my buddy’s dirt bike and a variety of mopeds and scooters growing up. But my first real bike was one of these. I bought it in college after riding my friend’s ’89, and I loved both of those bikes. I have had a soft spot for the CBR line ever since. Was is too much bike for me at the time? Probably. But the reason why this bike ruled was because it was both potent and compliant. Fast and refined. It was all about Honda build quality. The same feeling I get on my VFR now.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Very clean one owner 1988 Honda Hurricane 600. 15,9000 original miles. Newer Tires with less than 150 miles on them. This bike is in great shape for its age and runs excellent. I am the original owner and have the original bill of sale. I guarantee that it has never been laid down, Never did a brake stand and never did a wheelie with it. There are some small scratches on the bottom of the fairing from getting knocked over one time in the garage while doing maintenance. You have to look for them to notice them. This would be a great bike for a collector or for someone who just wanted a good classic bike. 

And a few photos-

The seller is the original owner and describes the bike as stock. There is apparently some minor cosmetic scratches that you may want some close up photos of. The mileage is not too bad and the seller says the bike runs well. I don’t see any major issues from the photos.

By today’s standards this bike doesn’t have the performance stats to keep up. But I remember the bike being pretty damn quick back in the day. The Hurricane (dropped to just CBR600, which remains a mysterious acronym, in ’89) shocked the world when it debuted from Honda, being a giant leap forward. It’s a legendary bike in my book, beyond just my own personal attachment.

This is a good opportunity to own a game changing bike. If you’re a collector, Honda fan or just want a classic sportbike, you’ll want to check this bike out!



  • First sport bike to ever grab my attention – I always thought it was name like the Ninja – Katana – Genesis (yamaha) and honda had the Hurricane! I always thought of it as badass the bike is so fast it gobbles up the road like a hurricane – that or someone at honda america really liked the scorpions – i don’t think they was sold under that name cept for the us market?

  • My first sportbike was the 89 red/white/blue with the sport cowl and Kerker White Tip. It was a wonnderful machine…easy to maintain and would scream to the ton easily…great fairing heat management kept all off of legs. This model had 7 more HP also. Traded in on 96 F3..another good one.

  • Even a ninja hides from a hurricane.

    These were great bikes. A 89 red/white/blue was my first road bike.

    I will allways remember the top end rush that this had and the lasting impression that it had on me.

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